NEWSLETTER .....JULY OF 1991........MRS. E.M.


   Interesting Tidbits:.....

         Dr. Swift:...

   THE SIDES OF THE NORTH....refers to the 4 Archangels called Gabriel,

Michael, Raphael, and Lucifer as the sides who revolved around the center-

The Master-YAHWEH-YAHSHUA--Himself. When Lucifer came out of the Sides of

the North in rebellion, then YAHWEH took over his portion so as to main-

tain the balance.


   The Peak of Mt. Zion..the holy stone, probably once the base of the

Temple Altar of Burnt Offerings is enclosed by the Mosque of Omar, thus

guarded by the Arabs as is the Tomb of Abraham and those who are buried



   The Spirit of God is not going to come in some Evangelistic meeting. The

Spirit of God is going to stimulate the inside consciousness of the soul,

cause the mind to work, to see the Blue-Print of God's plan.


   'The last shall be first'

   Those the World Order would make last, are first in the eyes of God

because of the truth they carry.


   Another result of Communism......

   From the Baltic to the Black Sea runaway industrialization with no

thought to the environment, no pollution control, has turned the rivers

into death traps, for not only people, but the forests as well. Now western

thinking men must try to assess the damages and modernize the plants to

stop this great disaster.


   Phil Gramm;....

   Conservatives must never forget that America is a great and powerful

country not because the most brilliant and talented people came here to

live, America is great and powerful because it was here that ordinary

people like you and me found more freedom, and more opportunity than any-

boy ever had before. Using that freedom and opportunity, ordinary people

have done estraordinary things. Even in a world where the Lion lies down

with the Lamb, the U.S. must the Lion.


   Dictionary of Symbols:...

   How could a legend be kept alive and perpetuated if each generation had

not 'intimate reason' for believing in it? Symbolist meaning of a phenomen-

on helps explain those reasons, since it links the instrumental with the

spiritual, the human with the cosmic, disorder with order, and since it

justifies a work like...UNIVERSE.


   Human Events:....

   Some who are so critical of Dan Quayle's youth aren't really bothered by

his age. Its his ideology which bothers them, for he is a solid conserva-

tive with an established set of values, that is what mainly irks his



   Dan Quayle has been trying to cut excessive Government regulations since

he is Chairman of the Council of Competitiveness, and has been side track-

ing the regulatory Zealots at the Enviromental Protection Agency.


   Afro-Centered even being snickered at by some Black

students, however the process of re-writing School Study Plans, in the

field of the Distortion of History goes put Africa as the very

center of Knowledge.

   In this study the Ancient Egyptians were of course Black, and it was

from them that Greece received her philosophy, Mathematics and so forth.

This study is said to be a big help to Black Students, who are said to be

having problems in school.

   If you disagree with this new study you are a racist, for remember that

even Plato and Aristotle are said to have derived their entire thought

patterns from Black Africans.

   Professor Molefi Kete Asante Chairman of the African American Studies at

Temple University said that he tells his Black Students to take two sets of

notes in class. One set to pass the examination, another to keep their


   A few outspoken Black Instructors say that this study along race lines

is very troubling. It will not help a young Black man succeed in American



   Buchanan Newsletter:.........

   Pat went with a tour group to the Baltic States. This group confirms

what we have always believed...Moscow is determined to hang on to the

Baltic States while at the same time seeks a U.S. led western bailout of

their economy. Moscow is always stirring up resentment among the different

minorities in those countries, saying...this group or that will be second

class citizens.....should the Republic break free.

   Pat tells us that you are impressed as a traveler as to how important

ethnicity is for everyone knows what percentage of the local population is

Lithuanian, Lativian, Russian, Byelorussian, Ukranian, Jewish and so forth.

Some political movements are based openly on Ethnic Identity, privileges,

and rights.

   These Baltic Republics are so saddled with vast Bureaucracies left over

form the Soviet era, that any amount of western aid will be absorbed by the

Imperial Bureaucracy, so that one day it may restore and regather the


   In Poland many of the 'New' Entrepreneurs are actually old Bolsheviks.

They had the money, they just resigned from the Bureaucracy and then bought

up the new enterprises, and now these so called 'ex-Marxists' are looking

for western partners for their joint ventures.

   Remember that for 70 years the Communist Party was the only road for the

talented to achieve anad advance in society, and now are doing quite well

as 'new Capitalists'. The common people after all these years under Commu-

nist rule, are so dependent upon welfare, they are fearful of giving it up.

   Patriots in the Baltic Republics urge the U.S. not to bail out Mikhail

Gorbechev...they say:..this is an sick Empire, let this monster fall apart.

   Spiritually the Soviet Union has lost the Baltic Republics forever. In

the west they see a common home, and Christian heritage, freedom,

efficiency and prosperity. They at least are on the western radar screen,

but if they are to be free the west must play a role.

   There are two ways to kill the Communists is a bloody

revolution, the other is to slowly starve the monster, by depriving it of

the Imported Capital it needs to service the monster, then see what emerges

from the rotten corpse. This hope of feeding the dying monster in hope it

will reform and become a peaceful partner in the New World Order is a

Forlorn hope.


   What is wrong with the Public Schools?

   Failure is not punished, rather it is rewarded with more money. Every

Liberal reform has been imposed on the Public Schools, and see what a mess.

If we were to impose the Ideology of Molly Yard, the NEA, and the American

Civil Liberties Union on the Military, we would never win a war. Without

them we can recapture our schools. Dumping more money into institutions

which have abandoned their former beliefs is a waste.


   Henry Kissinger seems to be coming to the fore as an advisor once again,

in this power struggle of World Affairs. Of course he played a part in the

selecting of Zionist Robert Strauss as new Ambassador to the Soviet Union,

and we are told that the Soviets were delighted. Well..after all, who had

run the Soviet Union perhaps from behind the scenes, as well as the U.S.

and most of the World, as they try to set in place their One World Govern-

ment. They are still working hard to hold Communism in place even tho it

has been proved to be such a failure. This was of course a political ap-

pointment and part of this situation we are in today. As this battle

between the Children of Darkness and the Children of Light draws to a close

it seems that you cannot tell one side from the other. But you are to re-

member that 'Blindness in part has happened to Israel'...for a purpose...

and only YAHWEH Himself can change this. This is also part of the reason

why you saw Billy Graham going to the White House just before the President

announced that the Gulg War had started. He has been an advisor to

Presidents for years so as to protect the interest of little Israeli.....

Blind leader leading the Blind.

   Many Patriots have moved out to try to correct this blindness in our

nation, but after a time they fall, and the blindness remains over a large

portion of our people. But only YAHWEH, HIMSELF, can lift that blindness,

and He will in His time, not as the Patriots wish. He scattered Israel from

her inheritance in the promised land and moved them all over the world,

which has proved to be a blessing to the world, for they took their know-

ledge of ONE GOD, one set of Divine Laws with them. Their return to ack-

nowledged identity in HIS Time Table will bring even greater blessings to

the world. No matter what men plan even though they are very dedicated to

their cause, still all things work according to HIS Program, and if you get

ahead of that plan then there are chastisements that you did not plan on.

Always remember that everything which hinders the kingdom will go. Remember

that this is the last Great Nation of God's Kingdom and He allows what He

plans, and for a purpose, someday we will come out from under this control

of the Children of Darkness but it will be according to His plan and not

the wishes of Patriotic men. So hang in there...we are going through this

time of trouble, not around it, but we will win in the long run.




                    Until next time.................