NEWSLETTER......JUNE OF 1991......E.M.


   The National Health Service Corps..Scholarship program from Insite...

   The idea was for the Federal Government to pick up a substantial amount

of a medical students bills in exchange for a promise that the young Doctor

will serve in poor areas short on Medics. This is how the program worked

for one doctor..Sheila E. Carroll. By the time she was through school the

taxpayers were the tune of $94,000.00 for expenses at Georgetown

Medical School.

   The trouble then was that Dr. Carroll was assigned to an Indian

Reservation to work, and she did not care for that location. She chose a

poor urban area in New York, or Washington D.C.  These areas would be

within commuting distance of some of the nicest neighborhoods, where

Doctors live such as Scarsdale N.Y., or Rockville Md.

   Dr. Carroll did not care for the idea of paying back the loan plus

interest, and being free from the program, so she took her case, and her

$100,000.00 annual income to Bankruptcy court, but the Judge dismissed the

case calling it an abuse of the Bankruptcy code.

   Now; the good news is that Dr. Carroll owes the taxpayers $719,000.00.

The bad news is that there are more than 500 former medical students in

default on loans like this.


   From Buchanan on the Right.

   The Great Society handouts led to permanent dependancy, and permanent

resentment. The Great expectations of the Civil Right Revolution, and the

Great Society were wildly oversold. The Government could remove barriers

and did open doors, and for millions of blacks the world opened up. They

became Doctors, Lawyers, Journalists, Generals, and Governors, and T.V.

Anchors, but for millions of others who lacked the skills or capacity to

keep up in the most competitive society on earth, then there was only the

Great Society handouts to try to raise them to the same positions, and it

did not work. Demonstrations do not bring self-esteem; and while dignity is

something a government can take away, it is not something government can

give back with a green check. This keeping track or scorekeeping on how far

behind the Afro-Americans are in Income, as also the Hispanic-American is

scored has been seized upon by racial demagogues and hyped to portray the

blacks as victims of society. All these have led to this startling number

of stories in the press today as to racial conflict in the U.S.  We are

thus heading for big trouble in the U.S.--we seem to now be divided into

two countries. And those who have subsidized this program of The Great

Society are growing weary of throwing money at a problem which does not

seem to end. Jack Kemp used the figure of 2 Trillion dollars for the cost

of all Great Society..War on poverty programs over the last quarter

century. And what did it buy for us??--Look at the cities, the inner cities

of this country today for your answer.


   From Insite Magazine:.......

   Infant death rate in the U.S. is dropping but not among Blacks. Buried

under Political Orthodoxy, are troubling indications that the major Federal

programs aimed at helping the children are not working, and may even be

undermining child welfare.

   The 2.3 Billion Federal Food program for women, infants, and children

reaches 1/3 of all babies born in the U.S.  It has now been determined that

the behavior of the mothers...smoking, drinking, using drugs during

pregnancy is more important than inadequate nutrition. Louis W. Sullivan,

Sec. of Health and Human Services, says the top 10 causes of premature

death in our nation are seriously influenced by present behavior and life-

style choices. This seems to be the opinion of most reviewers.


   What Kitty dragged in, by John Podhoretz........

   Speaking of the book unauthorized Biography of Nancy Reagan, is like

taking a bath in a Dumpster. Last year the publishers Simon and Shuster

cancelled the Publication by Bret Easton..Ellis's novel 'American Psycho'.

Having read both books John Podhoretz said:...without reservation Kelly's

is far more shameful...the people who run Simon and Schuster should be

genuinely ashamed of releasing such a defamatory piece of trash. After all

there is no back way to the White House, and especially during the security

days of the Reagan Presidency after the shooting of the President.


   Insite Magazine:............

   Donald Kagan, Yale's dean of under graduates stands at the heart of a

raging storm on America's Campus's. A battle over the very essence of

Academic freedom now rages. Kagan a respected scholar who sees Universities

as a marketplace of ideas, has met the limit of his vision. He finds

himself an enemy of the PC (Politically correct) self styled progressives,

who vie for a place where words offensive to certain people will never be


   At the opening of the school year when the new students (1,400 freshmen)

with their parents were gathered, the second speaker was Donald Kagan. He

called their attention to the fact that Yale University once was an all

male schook, but now has a student body that reflects American variety more

than ever before, and said that Yale's diversity is a source of strength,

and should be a source of pride as well.

   Then the Dean moved into a more dicier territory. He urged the students

to study Western Civilization, since this was soemthing they had in common,

and that the West had developed democracy, and established laws to protect

individual freedom, and was the source of scientific revolution which made

life easier for everyone. He also acknowledged that there was a down side

to Western Civilization such as slavery, still we must not fail to learn

the great traditions that are the special gift of Western Civilization,

which is the main foundations of this University, and our country.

   Racist..Sexist..screamed the students in response to the Dean's speech.

Black student leaders denounced Kagan's remarks as 'obnoxious' and called

for a complete review of Yale's 'racist curriculum', to root out any

vestiges of WHITE superiority, and hegemony (a favorite word these days).

The womens groups were also very vocal.

   The Dean was accused of emphasizing the West at the expense of the

World's other cultures..but 'no one has a monopoly on the truth'. The Dean

had violated two of the most closely held taboos on Campuses today:..'Thou

shalt never say anything good about the West; and also never suggest that

students study such a thing.'

   This battle began as you know in the 60's; its goal remains the same, to

make Universities conform to leftist notions of Utopia. In otherwords to

transform American Universities so they will be places...'Safe for women

and people of color, where WHITE men no longer set the rules.' Many of the

groups profess to represent the Radical Feminists, Gay Activists, and those

who claim to represent African-Americans, Asian-Americans, and other ethnic


   The P.C. wants a University that creates an atmosphere in which they

will never hear a word that offends them, (racial or sexual epithets for

example), but where they are free to be themselves. This of course is not

education, it will not prepare them for the real world. An assistant Dean..

..Melvin Wade who is director of the African-American Yale Cultural Center

had this to say:..(quote) In the Eighties I realized that sometime at the

end of the next century, people of color will be a majority in this

country. What is called for then is a total educational experience in

living together, in the classroom, and out of it. Multi cultural education

is thus the answer, it will help Americans to learn to live in the next

Century. (unquote)

   Today we find that Yale is beseiged by high crime rates. One student was

murdered in February, and rape is common. Conservative and moderates find

it hard to voice an opinion, so great is the contempt for those who will

stand for the P.C.

   Actually this group of P.C., activists is not large only about 200 or

300 students out of 5,100. But they are so vocal, they can count on the

vague assent of a majority of the students. They can count on a large seg-

ment of the faculty as well, especially those fields such as social

sciences, humanities, or area studies; African-American studies and Women's

studies and so forth.

   With this in mind it is not surprising to find a Witches Coven at Yale,

with memebership of about a dozen who under a full moon wander across

campus as the Spirit moves them to explore thier deepest feelings as Women

...according to their publication.

   Dean Kagan has stood firm against approving openly..'Gay Counselors' for

freshmen. ROTC is also no longer on Campus, and last year several students

tried to bring ROTC back to the Yale Campus but posters went up and Gay

activists and their sympathizers objected because the Armed Forces refuse

to allow Gay men and women to serve in the military. In fact the Gay

activists may be the most strident of all with their chapters on campus...

the ACT-UP, and the Queer Nation..the most vocal and radical Gay groups in

the U.S. scream about inadequate government funding for AIDS research and


   In spite of its many successes P.C. is not as vigorous and potent at

Yale as it is on other campuses, such as Duke University, or at Amherst

(Massachusets) or the University of Connecticut. The reason, more faculty

like Donald Kegan will not bow. The President..Schmidt, also stands firm in

favor of free speech, and those like Kagan back him up.

   Professors however teach a feminist-marxist interpretation of such as

Shakespear's an anti capitalist parable. MacBeth according to

this interpretation is a play the Historical dawn of present

self-centered Capitalistic culture. But the P.C.'s are worried that Kagan

is out to make changes in the achievements they have won in the last recent



   The Associated Press:........

   Three Archaeologists crept over rocky precipices, past dozing rattle

snakes and through rooms deep in the wilds of Arizona to make the first

discovery of American Indian Catacombs. One of the Archaeologist says:...

'it is absolutely mind numbing. These underground chambers dating back to

800 years ago include tombs, and graves along with massive ceremonial

chambers. It will change a lot of what we believed about the Indians in the

South West. (Ha) They may have been far more advanced than we believe.'

   The idea of a very elaborate form of Ceremonial chambers being built

underground hundreds of years ago is surprising to those (who do not

realize there were Aryans who came out of Mexico as we have outlined for

you before.)

   This 15 acre settlement known as Casa Malpais was discovered about 100

years ago. It was known to have a 3 story masonry Pueblo, a large complex

used for religious ceremonies, stone staircases and sacred chambers.

Several hundred graves have been found, including some under the floor,

under stone cairns, and in wall tombs. Hohmann said none of the burial

sites will be disturbed. Perhaps this is best for if it was discovered

these were Aryans buried here these Catacombs might be destroyed. We say

leave them a little longer until our own people awake.


   It is becoming more clear every day that the program of the One World

Order manipulators was to pull back Saddam Husseins forces which they knew

could not stand before American leadership and Allied forces. Then as we

moved toward Bagdad the civilians would be used as a shield before the

salvaged Red Guard. The Helicopters and Planes saved back would be used to

deploy the Chemical warfare, and civilians and Allied forces would be wiped

out in that Valley of death along the Euphrates River. The Soviet Forces

have no place to go as they leave the eastern European countries, there is

no food or homes for them in Russia. What better place for them than to be

thrown in on the side of Iraq, and perhaps in Iran and American troops

would have been trapped. Could it have been YAHWEH who convinced the

President to stop the war when he did, even though he knew not?? The Press

then began to blame the President for the plight of the Kurds, ignoring the

fact that they had ignored the plight of the Kurds before. As you watch

this situation, think back to the history of this old land as it pertains

to Scripture. When the Right God was followed in the beginning...what a



   I think that the story that linked the President to the Iran-Contra

affair at the time that Jimmy Carter was being denied a second term in the

White House is going to die on the vine. Politics is dirty, this we know,

but this story was simply built on inuendoes and heresay, as a desperate

gamble that it might produce fruit.


   Guess who Kitty is going to write about Human Events says.

Kitty who wrote the story about Mrs. Reagan is now said to be planning on

writing about Teddy about that? She will be busy with that

story for some time I would think. Some of the Kennedy's friends say that

they are encouraging him to stop drinking, it appears that he is going to

have to do something to win another election, maybe this will be the route

and then sympathy will win the day.


   By Dan George..Associated Press Writer:.........

   Athens Tenn:...This Tennessee church drops Baptist heritage to study

Judaism. Rev. J. David Davis looks and sounds like a typical Baptist

preacher, but when he steps to the pulpit he is discussing passages from

the Bible as they relate to Judaism. He believes that the Talmud's seven

laws of Noah contain the core of God's intended religion for non-Jews. This

Emanuel Baptist church which he heads has abandoned its fundamentalist

heritage to seek spiritual guidance in Jewish thought. The congregation

known as Children of Noah, their pastor says that in 1986 they came to

grips with the fact that Christianity is Paganism. Thus they now reject the

concept of the Virgin Birth of Jesus, and the idea that He raised Himself

from the Dead. They believe that Jesus was just an important Rabbi. They

removed the Church steeple and cross in 1989 calling them pagan symbols,

and removed the words Baptist and Church from the sign in front.

   This movement seems to be growing. There are informal study groups in

Houston, Kansas City, Mo., and Minneapolis, as well as in Belgium and

England. Every month Davis mails out hundreds of newsletters and cassette

tapes to an increasing number of inquirers.