NEWSLETTER........FOR MAY OF 1991.........E.M.


   Now; I sit me down in school,                                   

      where Praying is against the rule;

   for this great nation under God

      finds public mention of HIM odd.


   Any prayer a class recites,                                 

      now violated the Bill of Rights,

   any time my head I bow,

      becomes a Federal matter now.


   Teach us of stars, or poles, and equator,

      but make no mention of their Creator;

   tell of experts in Denmark and Sweeden,

      but not one word of Eve or Eden.


   The law is precise,                                    

      praying out loud is no longer nice;

   praying aloud in public hall,

      upsets believers in nothing at all.


   In silence, alone can we meditate,

      and if God should get credit;

   well that is great; this rule however has one gimmick in it,

      you have to be finished in less than a minute.


   So all I ask is a minute of quiet,

      and if I feel like praying then maybe I'll try it;

   if not OH! LORD, this one plea I make;

      Should I die in school, 'My soul you'll take.'

                             Author Unknown


   The Associated Press:........

   New religions and immigration from the far east and Arab world have

barely dented the overwhelming Christian composition of the U.S.


   A survey found that 86.5% of American identified with Christian

Denominations...26% Roman Catholic, and 60% Protestant. It was found that

the Muslin religion only represented 0.05% of U.S. population, or 1.4

million. It was also found that 1/2 of the Arab-Americans either have

Christian origins, or have converted in America. About 40% of the Muslims

are black, but only 2% of the black population surveyed are muslins.

   This survey also found that most Asian-Americans are not Muslims,

Buddhist or Hindus, they are Christian, and also those with Irish ancestory

are mostly Protestants.

   It was also found that the so called New Religions were much smaller

than the survey had anticipated. About 20,000 ADULTS described themselves

as adhering to the New Age spiritual movement, which combine's mysticism,

psychology, and holistic healing.

   This survey was taken in 1990, and it found that Jews make up the

largest Non-Christian group at 2% with more than 3 million adult adherents.

   The findings also conclude that although the New Age group are very

vocal and get lots of media attention, and have high book sales, still even

though a lot of people in the Christian category that flirt with 'New Age'

and other esoterical...are still at heart Christian which is the basic

religion of these United States.

   There are thus in North America which includes the U.S. 21.7 million

Agnostics. There are 1.2 million Atheists, in North America, and in the

U.S. alone there are 7.5 million Buddhists, 5.9 million Jews, 4.6 million

Muslims, 4.2 million calling themselves...Normans. 750,000 Hindus, Sikhs

number more than 250,000, Quakers are numbered at less than 200,000. The

Bahai are numbered at 110,000 and the Unification Church has a membership

of about 30,000.

   Actually when all counted, there are 3,000 belief systems in the U.S.,

but the Protestants are listed at 79.3 million, and the Catholics at 57

million, thus why should Christianity be done away with in these United

States to please a small minority of people. (Wake up America, and stand up

for your rights, for your inheritance.)


   The T.V. Documentary by Ted Turner, on Castro's Cuba was biased, in

favor of the Soviet Union, and it blamed the U.S. for the failed social-

istic policies in Havana, and Moscow. It said that it was the American

trade embargo which led to the downfall of the above. However Ted reported

that after 30 yeaars of reliance on the Soviet Union that Cubans are said

to have more to eat, are better educated, have better medical care, and

better prospects for meaningful work. Nothing is said however about the

thousands who have been fighting and dying as Mercenaries in Africa, or

those so called 'free people' who have fled their Island on shaky rafts, no

mention either of the Christian churches which have been closed, and con-

fiscated, their Clergymen jailed or killed.


   If the Supreme Court were to rule in favor of the ACLU and others who

are pushing to stop the mention of God in any prayer at any graduation

exercise, then the next move will be toward the 'Pledge of Allegiance',

since it also mentions..'In God we Trust'. Once again..why should these

United States bow to a minority voice and hide our religions preference

trying to appease, rather it is time to sound the alarm..and stand for our



   Senator Biden and Senator Kennedy have been leading the pack to smear

Judge Ryskamp, the only charge against him seems to have been that he would

tip the court into the Conservative camp, as they the 'Reagan

court.' President Bush nominated Judge Ryskamp last year, and Senator Biden

delayed the hearings until the year ran out. Then the President renominated

him in 1991, the fight was then on for it was believed that if Judge

Ryskamp was confirmed it might stop the ultra Left push for a New Religions

standard in America. The amazing thing is that it was Rabbi Gutterman's

inovation which led to this court fight as he prayed..'Oh, God, we are

grateful to you for having endowed us with the capacity for learning which

we have celebrated on this joyous commencement.'

   Judge Ryskamp was not confirmed by the Senate, thus Biden and Kennedy

won, but how far left can you go??????


   Human events:..Pat Buchannan, a CNN commentator, and columnist stated

during the Persian Gulf war that if President Bush believed that CNN

reports out of Bagdad were harming the Allied War effort he should have

called on CNN to pull the plug on Arnett.

   It turns out that Bush had personally warned CNN President Tom Johnson

to keep his reporters out of Bagdad, before the bombing began. Johnson

ordered his reporters out, but was overruled by CNN owner Ted Turner, who

said:...'we have a global job to do, and we ought to do it.'

   It seems the U.S. did not want to risk the lives of U.S. and Allied

pilots to take out Saddam's communication facilities then have CNN fill the

void and bring the Iraqi dictator into 103 countries. The Al Rashid Hotel

where Arnett and other journalists stayed was a Command and control

facility of the Iraqi military. The journalists now in Iraq are still doing

the same work in that internal struggle.


   As the reporters are pushing for help for the Kurdish people, who they

have ignored for so long, do they also have another purpose, which is to

get the U. S. bogged down in a never ending struggle. One Kurdish woman

said:..'we as a people have lost our circle of return'...did many people

catch or understand that remark? They lost it by breeding outside of their

race, and now you see the consequence. We gave you a picture of that circle

some time ago, if you will remember.



                          YAHWEH Bless.......E.M.