In view of the fact that the African National Congress (ANC) came out so

strongly for Saddam Hussein before the Gulf war, surely the U.S. will not

continue to support financially this terrorist organization any longer. Is

the American public aware of the fact that shortly before the war broke out

that the ANC burned the American flag??? Actually this should not be so

surprising since from the first the ANCN had communist connections with

Moscow. Way back in 1927 as the elected general secretary of the ANC

traveled to Moscow, he was given a hero's welcome and in return..Gumede

hailed the USSR as..'The New Jerusalem.' Even today as Communist ideology

is on the ropes throughout most of the world, still Lenin's useful idots,

are unfortunately still very much with us here at home.


   General H. Norman Schwarzkopf Jr. spent part of his boyhood in Iran,

where his father was an Army General in W.W.II.  The Iranians greatly

admired General Schwarzkopf Sr.  Perhaps this was one reason why the

Iranians kept a low profile in operation 'Desert Storm', where this man's

son was commander?

   In VietNam 'Storming Norman' acquired two purple hearts, and 3 silver

stars and a MARKED DISTASTE for the way the war was run. Loving his

soldiers as he does brought out his famous temper at the way men were sac-

reificed instead of using American technology and weapons. He came home

convinced that the U.S. Military did not lose the VietNam the

country suffered a political defeat. In operation 'Desert Storm' he was

determined that this would never happen again, and the Commander in Chief

turned him lose to make this a military victory. Now; the big job is to win

the Peace, and not lose there to a Political defeat. As we have said many

times, there will be no Peace in that area until the Israeli question is

settled. This is the hard question and will demand determination on the

part of the Administration before progress can be made.

   In typing up the Old Book of 1813., which we have mentioned before, I

came across the following pertaining to the River Euphrates which has fig-

ured in the events of the past, and now also in 'Desert Storm'. As to the

Scriptural meaning of 'The Drying up of the Euphrates' this is of course a

symbol of a great power which was to be dried up and according to the Old



Did we see some of this fulfilled in 'Desert Storm' as the Aryan influence

moves back into that old area? Remember that this is not a region of True

Mahometan religion anymore, only man made splinter groups of religious be-

liefs, and Saddam Hussein is a confirmed atheist.

   The Euphrates River starts in Turkey-Armenia, and along its banks today

the majority of the population is now termed Muslin. However at one time in

History the people located there were Aryans. We learn also that Ezra

8:15., knew where the Israelites were for he sent into the Caspian

Mountains, and invited some of them to come to Jerusalem and help in the

rebuilding of the city and the Temple.

   As we viewed the carnage of the retreating Iraqi's we thought of the

passages in Ezekiel 39, and according to the old book, the word 'Isle' has

been misused in interpretations, since it signifies any place there is

water. There also was no city or town in old Palestine by the name of

Hamonah. Saddam Hussein would not come to bury his dead, he did not respond

to requests to do this, and British troops and others two weeks after the

retreat did this burying in a mass grave.


   One of the Museums which was ransacked and destroyed by the Iraqi was on

Faylakah Island, and here was held a collection of antiquity which was very

rare. This was the site of the easternmost establishment of the Empire of

Alexander the Great in 321 B.C.  These items of course are irreplaceable.

Iraq took all of value and the more perishable they destroyed along with

burning of the building when possible. In Kuwait much of the fragil Jewelry

and glassware dated from the 7th., century, and were probably damaged in

the moving. However 114 pieces from this Museum out of 7000 were on exhibit

in Leningrad at the time of 'Operation Desert Storm' and those articles

were saved, if the Russian's return them.


   The Supreme Court is now asked to settle the dispute as to wheter a

prayer can be part of a graduation exercise. Will America stand for this?


   The Calendar says it is time for the start of a Presidential election

campaign. The Media is spoiling for a fight, but the missing ingredient as

yet is an issue to challenge, and of course a candidate. From events lately Racism again to be an issue??? Using Video Cameras which can move so

fast that the eye can hardly this what we are now seeing as ways

to take over cities???


   In the Political field watch the Louisiana Governor's race. Buddy Roemer

a democrat has switched over to the Republican side. Prior to Roemer's

switch, Republican activists were worried that David Duke a Republican,

might win the run-off position in October, and then possibly capture the

State House in November. From the Grass-roots it looks as though Roemer is

an opportunists, he is denounced by the Conservatives as a 'tax and spend'

Governor, and the picture is not complete as yet for Republican Rep. Clyde

Holloway, has been exploring a race for governor since his land slide elec-

tion last fall. We do not think that Roemer will come over to the

Republican side of the Affirmative action hiring goals. Duke appears closer

to President Bush and the National GOP on this issue than Roemer. As of now

Congress is trying to ram through the congress the Ted Kenedy backed 'Civil

Rights Restoration' Bill which imposes quotas in the guise of advancing

affirmative action. This practice is seen as putting white males out of

jobs and giving those jobs to minorities, and quietly, behind the scene

there is anger brewing. Louisiana's governors race may see some of this

anger explode and we will get a feeling for how much there is out there.


   Can Syria's Assad be trusted is the next question coming out of the Gulf

war. Syria seems to want to be taken off the Terrorist sponsors list, per-

haps for an access to western credits. This is just one more headache for

the Administration as it tries to win the Peace, which seems to be so





                    Until next time......May YAHWEH BLESS.