The shooting war of 'Operation Desert Shield' is about over, let us pray

that we do not allow the powers behind the scene to cause us to lose the



   Ten members of the 26 members of the Congressional Black Caucus either

opposed or voted present on the resolution supporting President Bush and

the troop battling in the Gulf. On February 16-House Speaker Tom Foley

played fast and loose with our National Security by filling 4 out of 5

vacancies on the Super Sensitive House Intelligence Committee with members

from the FAR LEFT WING of his party. He named them to a six year term on

this panel, and one of them especially was Ron Dellums of California who is

considered as the biggest risk by our Security experts.


   Daniel Ortega of Nicaragua flew to Bagdad just before war broke out to

show his support for Saddam Hussein, as did Black Muslim leader Louis

Farrakhan, and of course Jesse Jackson who was paid $125,000 for his inter-

view with Saddam.


   Peter Arnett who represents CNN in Bagdad the Vietnam War a

reporter who was very Anti-U.S.A.  Was this why he was chosen to remain

behind in Bagdad?


   According to U.S. News and World is the Soviet Union that

has been providing Iraq with critical gulf war intelligence. Soviet advi-

sors still in Bagdad have advised the Iraqi as to when and where the

Satellites travel and how the on-board Camera's work. Thus helping them to

hide their Scud Missle bases...yet even this did not help them to victory.


   From the magazine is being called the philological scandle

of the century. We are talking about the controversy still raging around

the Dead Sea Scrolls. In 1947 a vast library was found in the Caves near

the Dead Sea which provided invaluable insight into the nature of Judaism

and Christianity, two religions and the people who proclaim them.

   In these 40 years since their recovery, Religious Scholars trying to

study them and publish their findings have been side-tracked. Since the

Israeli took Old Jerusalem in their six day war in 1967 with Jordan, the

Scrolls have been almost inaccessible to Western Scholars.

   Now; the allegations of anti-semitism has been added to this contro-

versay. John Strugnell of the Harvard Divinity School and also...the Editor

-in-chief of the Scroll Project gaven an interview to the Israeli


   In this interview of October, 1990., Strugnell, a 60 year old Roman

Catholic orginally from Britain, had worked on the Scrolls Project since

1953. However he had never made a secret of his position to Zionism, and

finally he spoke out. This is just a bit of what he had to say which now

brands him as Anti-semetic. (quote)

   'Judaism is a Horrible Religion, it is racist and should have disap-

peared long ago. The the Jewish reporter he then said:..we have not managed

to convert, and we should have managed long ago. Then he went on to say

that he deplored the existance of Israeli as a State because it is founded

on a lie.'  Uquote

   Needless to say John Strugnell was dismissed from his job, and was then

quietly hospitalized in Boston Mass. They say he was ill when he did the


   In all, about 800 Scrolls, most of them leather, and parchment, and one

of copper are written in Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek of those found in

Quamran. In 1952 more Scrolls were found, and two more caves remain to be

explored. John Strugnell in his interview stated that he had tried to buy a

previously unknown Scroll from a Kuwaiti Merchant.

   It seems that those working on the Scrolls have staked their reputa-

tions on the untenable hypothesis that the Scrolls make up the library

thought to be of a Jewish sect, but the TEXTS DO NOT FIT INTO THIS SEC-

TARIAN particular..namely because they represent things not

known...from the Bible understanding of today. These were the Scrolls

assigned to John Strugnell for study, and none of his findings have been


   To explain thesee unpublished Scrolls, it has been suggested that these

texts represent the writings of the Jewish people as a whole in an age when

Judaism was undergoing change, rethinking, and often turbulent developments

,but this explanation also does not satisfy a multitude of people.

   Robert Eiseman professor of Religious Studies at California State Uni-

versity of Long Beach, has also been critical of the Scroll team. In 1989

he threatened to sue for access to those Scrolls, in the Israeli High Court

of Justice. These later Scrolls are said to be of events which happened in

the 40's and up through the 60's...and to revolve around the character

known in the New Testament as James the brother of Jesus.

   The worrysome question today is what will happen to these Scrolls as

Israeli now says they have more concerns to think about such as life and

death from their enemies, therefore the question of the Scrolls and who can

see them is put on hold. The question of the use of these Scrolls by

Scholars of Christendom is now buried.


   Many of our people seem to think that President Bush and the Coalition

partners are trying to help the Zionist set up a One World Government in

little Israeli...this they say is Bush's New World Order. The Scripture

says that there will be a New World Order....based on LAW., and that this

will be set in place even while the enemy is trying to establish their One

World Order, which seems to be collapsing. I do not think that most people

realize how much we have been under that One World Government of the enemy

for some time. The U.N. of today is now under control of the U.S. and the

Western World along with most of the Arab Nations, which is a big switch

since in the beginning it was controlled by Communists of the Soviet Union.

Thus we watch events with much interest.


   As finally the stories of the atrocities come out then we think that the

people will get a better picture of what has been happening at the other

end of the Old Promised Land, and will understand better what is going on.

As this 'Arch of Triumph' built by the orders of SADDAM is revealed, as

well as the other 'Totalitarian Kitsch'...called 'ART'...then people are

going to realize that this was simply propaganda which tells a lie, cele-

brating a non-existant victory...and if this man remains in power the

Soviet Union will have at least scored a small victory..after all he is

their puppet, although he does not obey orders all the time. Still he was

the man to accomplish what they had in mind.




                     Until Next Time.......May YAHWEH BLESS