Well, the war started with a rush! We sitting on the sidelines are

wondering just which type of a One World Government will emerge from this

Crisis in the called Desert Storm?? On the Diplomatic front,

Saddam has the easy path, he is a Dictator and that nation speaks with one

voice, while on the other front is a Babble of voices with some still try-

ing to bring down a President by a political process, while others are

trying to steer a course that will result in a One World Government under

the control of the Anti-christ, while some just want to talk and build

their ego, knowing little of the true situation.

   As to the Message in the Heavens we note that Jupiter blazes with Glory

through the month of February, Jupiter is in Cancer, and under it is the

Head of Hydra. February 5., Mars (war) and Mercury (U.S.) are close togeth-

er, but still Jupiter is the stronger message and we see Saturn is growing

faint and weak, and with Jupiter above the Head of Hydra (the Serpent) this

is very encouraging.

   This war is not like the VietNam War. An American General is at the head

of our troops, and in charge of the operation called 'Desert Storm'. Yes,

we have a U.N. Resolution..but not a U.N. Commander as we had in VietNam

whereas the enemy knew every move you were going to make, same as in Korea.

General Scharzkopf the American General, is 56 years of age and has been in

the Army for 35 years. Technically Prince Khalid of Saudi Arabia is joint

Commander, but in practice no one questions the Generals authority. He has

practiced careful diplomatic cooperation with the Saudis, there is no

trouble between these religions, traditions and armies in spite of what the

Media would have you believe. The General is married and has 3 children,

ages from 13 to 20 years. As Hostilities broke out he called his wife and

family and said:...'Hang in there'.

   Did you notice that as Hostilities broke out that once again it was the

Arabs who moved to protect Ancient Aryan symbols? The Pyramids in Egypt are

now off limit. No longer can anyone go inside, and only so close to the

Pyramid and the Sphnix. They of course also guard the tomb of Abraham and

those buried in that tomb. We have another old book with some interesting

things in it, and it is about 100 years old, and in it the Arabs are said

to believe in the Resurrection, and their place in Paradise with their

brethren. When I get this hand to working better will hope to bring some of

those things to you.

   Communism may be a dead faith but the Soviets are using the Gulf con-

flict to add to their war machine of tanks, missles, planes, and ships. If

the people of the Soviet Union want their freedom bad enough to fight for

it, to try to liberate their Republics from the old Stalinist Empire there

will be Civil War in Russia. Gorbachev, while giving lip service to the

U.N., demanded that Iraq leave Kuwaitt still continues funding Anti-U.S.

Mid-east Propaganda. He continues according to Human Events...funding those

organizations controlled by the Soviets and the Communist Party such as,

The World Peace Council, which is a major International Soviet front. The

World Federation of Trade Unions is another, and it has condemned the

actions of the U.N. led by the U.S.   The Christian Peace Conference is

another International Soviet Front spouting the same Middle-east propa-


   Another Soviet sponsored event is this drive to find Soviet Wives for

American men. This program seems to be going quite well. It seems that if

American men can put up the several thousand dollars, they can go to Russia

and spend some time with..a beautiful young Soviet girl, and if they get

along well, then they can get married and the girl can then come to the

U.S.   No one says whether she will stay married after coming to the U.S.

as now an American citizen.

   A cute cartoon showed President Bush talking to the Israeli Premier and

he said:...the Coalition wants to thank you for the magnificient restraint

exercised during this most trying time. You have greatly assisted our

efforts to secure the whole region. The Premier replied:...Goot! You owe us

13 Billion Dollars.


   When Iraq plundered Kuwaitt there were 107 Priceless Art works here on

display in America, and they are still here.


   If you are unhappy about the seemingly bias of the Press as they report

the story of 'Desert Storm' just consider the source, and who owns the

Networks. Also remember that Ted Turner went to Cuba not long ago and

praised Castro and made some remarks about Christianity which he later

apologized for when he began to get too much flack about it. Remember also

that he and his intended bride..Jane Fonda..recently went to the Soviet

Uion for an extended visit. Remember her part in the VietNam waar, and the

trouble she caused our prisoners of war at that time.

   There are many Black Americans serving in Operation Desert Storm, and

you are hearing complaints about this. But those people went into the All

Volunteer Army to gain their eduction and lift themselves out of poverty,

and they seem to be serving their country well. The problem we have with

the negroes is that they have been used, they have been told by the evo-

luntionists advocates that white culture and knowledge of architecture and

so forth came from Egypt...that of course since Africa was always Black it

had to come from Negroes. No one then asks...where is the history of the

negro losing this civilization, which they now expect to be given to them

once more?????


   From Rome:...Archaeologists have discovered an Etuscan Tomb with un-

usual Statues that could shed new light on the Empire that dominated Italy

before succumbing to the Roman Empire, news reports said.

   The Tomb, near Cortona in central Italy, is believed to date to the

sixth or seventh Century B.C.  The regional archaeological superintendent,

Francesco Nicosia, told the Italian press ANSA, that the discovery was of

'unimagined dimensions.'

   The Tomb has seven rooms and is flanked by a terrace with steps decor-

ated with two statues. One shows a Sphinx fighting with a warrior, and the

other depicts a Sphinx crushing a man. These are the only such Etruscan

Statues know to exist, and could shed new light on the Etruscans contacts

with other people. The Etruscans were known for commercial flair, and

elaborate religion, and a brilliant Artisan tradition.


   Now; you know that there are two factions in this fight in the Mid-east.

We have the mighty Anti-christ force (which we call Zionism) that plans to

rule the world with their idea of a One World Government. This is a power-

ful force in the world here in the west as we, a blinded people, also try

to do God's Will and build His Kingdom. Nord Davis Jr. has his outline of

this situation done very well. This we in Identity have known for some

time, and we see the enemy gaining in many ways. It now remains to be seen

if this Mighty Force can pull the wool over the eyes of the U.S., and the

Arabs to help them set their dream in place. Somehow I do not think that is

going to happen. I guess I am just hoping to see this Great Kingdom of

Almighty God set in place as the only total One World Government. We here

under the Outstretched Wings of the Eagle, are still hopeful that this be

the time. Since we believe that this is the Last Great Nation of HIS

KINGDOM, then I cannot quite go along with all the dire predictions for the

outcome of this war in the Desert. I know that all efforts will be made for

the U.S. and Arabs to lose in some way but never before have we seen this

kind of cooperation between the Arabs and the U.S., and much of the world.

Yes, I know that some say that the Blacks of Africa are on the side of

Saddam, and so are the Palestinians, but I think the Palestinians also need

a new leader, I have never felt that they had the right one. We also feel

that there will never be peace in the Middle-east until the Palestinian and

the Jew question is finished. But look....who is working so hard to bring

the Israeli's into this conflict??? It is Saddam and of course behind the

scene the Soviet Union. Iran would then be in the conflict as well...and

yes, we are now protecting Israeli and the Big Evangelists are advising the

President that we should be doing this, and it seems to be a very mixed up

situation, but I am backing Our Heavenly Father in this matter for He knows

what is to happen, and that is what I am counting on.

   Remember this....Our people are a blinded people, they do not as yet

know who they are, and they have been following the wrong line at times,

but remember who blinded them, and for His purpose, and He can wake them up

at any time that He wishes. This is something that the predictors do not

take into account as they write their predictions as to what is to happen,

also they have no idea that there is to be a One World Government but under

YAHWEH and His people, thus they only see that other side as it struggles

to set their dream of a One World Government in place. I do not know just

what the President has in mind as he talks about a New World Order, but one

of these days we will have one, and it will not be the one which  the

Zionists have been planning for all these years. There will be an awakening

and all these things will be seen clearly, that is what I am waiting for.

Until then...'What will be..will be'. And I pray that YAHWEH will take care

of our Forces over there in the Gulf. This is out of the hands of the

regular citizens of this nation, as of now, and we can only pray for our

Forces over there, in this different situation from any that we have gone

through before.






                  Until next time........May YAHWEH Bless.


   P.S.   My left hand is beginning to work better once again so may be

able to catch up with my typing and with less mistakes. This has been

rather trying but not earth shaking for anyone else, so bear with me and I

may do of these days. Ha.----