NEWSLETTER.......DECEMBER 1990.......BY: E.M.


   The time table for January 15, 1991 is fast running I write

this Saddam has refused to budge...who knows what he will do as the dead-

line approaches for the UN Resolution.



   Christopher Columbus landed in the New World October 12, 1492., and over

the Centuries the Celestial observations which he recorded have been dis-

puted and discounted but now recent investigation indicate that all along

Columbus was right.

   Christopher Columbus made many references to Astronomical observations,

and because of the belief that people of 'His time' in history did not have

such knowledge, then those findings were discounted. In our modern world

personal computers make it easy to reconstruct the skies of January 1493.

   There were four events taking place in the sky in a 24 hour period

starting on January 17, 1493. Since Columbus knew on January 13., what

would occur four days later then he must have carried an almanac with him

which told him to seek a safe harbor, to wait out this storm which was in-

dicated. Today the so called 'intellectuals' are acknowledging that there

was such an Almanac available to Columbus showing him that the Sun in oppo-

sition to the Planet Jupiter would cause strong winds on earth. Opposition

in the Celestial means that these two...the Sun and the Planet Jupiter were

both closer to earth than at other times in the year. Columbus also saw in

this situation the opposition of Saturn with Mars which signaled heavy

weather. (Saturn is the symbol of the Soviet Union, and Mars is the symbol

   of War.) There is no doubt that Columbus carried an Almanac, perhaps the

one published in 1481 which promised heavy rainstorms, great lightening,

and strong winds on this date.

   To Columbus it seemed that the most important Celestial event in 1493.,

was this opposition of the Sun and the Planet Jupiter which would create

those strong winds. The average time between successive oppositions is

about 13 months, thus in some years such as 1492 and 1990 there is no Jup-

iter opposition and generally the year proceeding has a December event

while the year following such as 1493 and 1990 has a January opposition.

Thus January 17, 1991 will see this same Celestial scene...Jupiter

(Yahshua) and the Sun (Yahweh) now in opposition (together nearest to

earth) retrograding near the Beehive in the cluster of Cancer...similar

then to the Celestial scene observed by Christopher Columbus 500 years


   The other events that follow this great tempest, in this same 24 hour

time period are also very interesting. You will see the Opposition of the

Moon (Israel) and the Sun (Yahweh-Yahshua), both nearest to earth now

coming together (conjunction) the Moon (Israel) and the Sun (Yahweh-

Yahshua) come together, and then last you will see the conjunction of the

Moon (Israel) with the Planet Mercury (USA).

   There is a copy of perhaps this same Almanac which Columbus carried in

the Library at Seville, Spain. Later historians have tried to change this

lineup saying that it was Mars (War) in conjunction with Mercury (USA) on

January 17, 1493, (but this may have been simply the wish of those who

control the One World Government program.) There is however high tides,

storms, strong winds, a great tempest (unrest) in this picture of the

middle or later part of January.

   As early as 1484., there was an addition to the story and this turned up

later in the Harvard College Library, and in this addition it showed the

picture of a triangle followed by the symbol of Mars and Mercury, but the

correct interpretation of this triangle means 'trine' of 120 degree separ-

ation between Mars (War) and Mercury (USA), not a conjunction.


   Isn't it strange that January 15th., was picked as the 'time' for the

U.N. before the permission was given to use other means to dislodge Saddam

from Kuwait??? As we watched the developing picture in this past month of

December 1990 many explanations were given by the Press which we sometimes

discount. One event that I noticed in particular occurred on December 5,

1990 when Texan...John Connally showed up in Bagdad then brought out the

Texans with him. You will remember that John Conally was Governor of Texas

when President J.F.K. came to Texas, and was killed. The Texas Governor was

also shot that day but he did not die. Perhaps not too many people will re-

member that President Kennedy threatened to take the U.S. Monetary System

out from under the control of the Federal Reserve System so as to stabilize

and stimulate the U.S. Economy. We believed at that time that the orders

for that shooting came straight from New York City, although the managed

Press tried to blame it on the 'Right Wing' or the Communists.

   Remember also that as Richard Nixon became President he called for John

Conally to be his Secretary of the Treasury, but before Connally took the

job he asked President Nixon...what about a young man named George Bush?

Then President Nixon named George Bush as the U.N. Representative. Since

John Connally was a Democrat he had no trouble being confirmed as Secretary

of the Treasury. Later you will remember that John Connally ran for Presi-

dent of the U.S., and then made the remark that the Jews had too much

control over our nation. The Press then set to work and John Connally

dropped out of the race. When President Reagan nomnated John Connally for

Secretary of State, then the Democrat controlled Congress, now under great

pressure no way...allow this.

   In the meantime George Bush became head of the CIA, and then Vice Pres-

ident under President Reagan. And to write 'finished' to the name of John

Connally, he was broken financially, and they even sold off household items

which is not usually done in Bankruptcy cases. Then George Bush went on to

the Presidency and now we have the Gulf Crisis and on December 5, 1990 John

Connally from Texas showed up in Bagdad with enough power to bring home the

Texans stationed there in the oil business. As John Connally was later in-

terviewed on 'Prime Time' we find that after being broken financially still

John Connally in his '70's' went back to work, and is now making a decent

living. He knew men of power all over the world, and of course he also knew

Secretary of State Jim Baker, and President George Bush, all Texans, and

surely they knew that John Connally was going to Bagdad?


   In the Soviet Union, the failure of the Soviet Hierarchy to 'let go' of

Marxist ideologies is causing that political and economic turmoil to

deepen. Despite Gorbachev's rhetoric he is still by hiw own admission a

communist at heart, and uncer communism the necessary reforms will never

come. The United States has over the years been supporting both the Soviet

Union and the little abortive State of Israeli, when in actuality the

program of the enemy has always been for Israeli and the Soviet Union to

start the Holocaust in the Middle East.

   We believe that it will be YAHWEH as YAHSHUA who will have the final say

in this great upheaval in the Middle East. We see the Bush Administration

trying to retreat from the total committment to Israel, and now even supp-

orting the U.N. resolution denouncing Israeli for her deportation of Pales-

tinians. Arab diplomats call this a major step forward in achieving Inter-

national protection for the Palestinians, but remember that Israeli always

retaliates for any move made which they think is against their interests,

and they were very disturbed by the U.S. backing of that U.N. Resolution

just recently. Then comes December 23, and we find the tragedy as U.S.

Troops are returning to their ship off the coast of Israel, after a rest

and relaxation period, and now at least 21 U.S. Sailors are dead. A Coin-



   We see that Armand Hammer the great Financier whose father started the

Communist Party in the U.S. is now dead, and then Shevurdnadze who is said

to have worked so well with the west has now resigned as Foreign Minister

of the Soviet Union, saying that he sees the Soviet Union slipping back-

ward under Dictatorship. We have also seen the Israeli Government and the

Soviet Union coming closer together in their relationship in the past year,

and now with the Soviet Union retreating then they will become more rest-

less with the U.S. buildup in the Gulf.


   We remember that only when man is at Peace with his God is he complete.

No wonder that Children taught Humanism instead of the 'Word' of God are so

disturbed in our nation and over the world. As we walk...outside of HIS

WORD we get into all kinds of trouble, and events now seem to be coming to

a climax wherein only God Himself can straighten them out. We see different

environmental groups trying to grasp for power, to dictate what we the

people shall do, or not do and who will pay for what they term environmen-

tal cleanup. It is only in these United States that they are pushing for

this power thus we suspect a different motive than that proclaimed. People

are getting tired of this passing of laws when the price far exceeds the

potential value. People are also questioning this love for Gorbachev that

has gripped the West for some time now. Secretary of Defense Dick Chaney

and Vice President Dan Quayle who have questioned Gorbachev's staying power

have been routinely played down or dismissed as downright unhelpful. Will

we see that they were right after all as this Gulf Crisis unfolds? The

former Chief of Staff, marshal Sergei Akhromeyer of the Soviet Union has

warned of the U.S. Military MENACE as demonstrateed by the buildup in the

Persian Gulf.

   The reason given for the outpouring of help from Western Europe to the

Soviet Union this winter is the fear that unless they feed the people there

will be a massive migration into Europe and this the people of Europe can-

not stand without being overrun. The Soviet Union is a backward nation in

everyway except for their military, and the only modern refrigerated ware-

house in the whole of the Soviet Union of any size is the one owned by

McDonald's. It is the lack of distribution and transportation which hampers

the people from getting food, but a hungry people also brings trouble and

this the Western Europeans hope to prevent.

   Whether the signs in the sky on January 17th., will simply remind us of

our Faith and its promises, or will be the beginning of different events...

only time will tell...we still say that we do not walk around such trouble,

we only go through it, and under the Outstretched Wings of the GREAT EAGLE







                     Until next time may YAHWEH BLESS.