Michael Heseltine (Labor)..on the credited with bringing down Mrs.

Thatcher, but he could not have done this without some help from within her

own party. It is conceded that Mrs. Thatcher as Prime Minister took Britain

out of the 'Welfare State' which Heseltine's party had placed her, and

moved Britain away from Socialism, and in the process since the choices

were hard...she acquired the nickname.....'The Iron Lady'.


Behind the scene was the problem as to whether Britain would join the New

Unity of Europe. It is said that Mrs. Thatcher did not approve of this

Great New One World of Europe, and would not take Britain into this organi-

zation. Besides this Mrs. Thatcher was said to rub the 'Ego' of some

members of Government the wrong way. After all they said:...She was only a

Shop Keepers daughter. Then too, she was no colorless...'Yes Minister', no

groveling 'Yes Minister', thus she had her enemies.


The financial side of this picture plays a great role in what has happened

since behind the scene the ECU (European Currency Unit) was putting great

pressure on the British Government to join the European Common Market

(ECM). Mrs. Thatcher was said to have dug in her heels and was gazing back-

ward at history, as if with enraptured nostalgia while the ECU is moving

into the future with the courage of their own convictions, if not with any

sure idea of the final destination.


The ECU for a moment has won, and Mrs. Thatcher steps down although all

agree that she did what she thought was best for British Sovereignty. She

however left office with all the Grace, Style and Wit that has characteriz-

ed her 11 1/2 years in office, the longest tenure of a British Prime

Minister. Then just as the Left was rejoicing over her downfall, the young

man she had groomed for her replacement was elected Prime Minister instead

of Mr. Heseltine who conceded defeat on the second ballot. May this young

man find the strength to keep Britain a Sovereign Nation.


The election over...other strange things are taking place. The Press tried

to make of this past election..a national one which it was not. The Repub-

licans lost 3 governorships in the South, and gained three in the frost

Belt. In Kansas the Governor lost because of the Reappraisal which he did

not start but which the people voted for. In the National scene the incum-

bents were not thrown out. The defeat of the Martin Luther King holiday in

Arizona, the 44% rolled up for ex-Klansman David Duke in Louisiana, the

victory by Jesse Helms on the strength of late ads slamming affirmative

action demonstrates that a tough stance against 'racial favoritism', and

'preferential treatment' is a winner for the GOP, at the time when this

same party has been driving away the 'Reagan Democrats' by abandoning its

opposition to new taxes. The Press predicted that the GOP would pay a big

price as their President vetoed Ted Kennedy's Civil Rights Bill, or Quote

Bill. And the Big Green of the Political Left made Pete Wilson Governor of

California. People coming out of the voting booths voted no as to Mario

Cuomo for the next President, who will also have to raise taxes in 1991.

They also said Jesse Jacksons Candidacy.


I believe that Pat Bucannan is right when he says that the nominating

process of the Democratic Party will drag their Candidates to the Left

which is the historic kiss of death. When the democrats endorse Liberal-

ism they rescue the Republican Party and build it up again.


When Congress gave Dr. King a Federal Holiday putting him on a par with

George Washington, the father of our country, this was the case of what

happens when an Affirmative action program gets out of control. For years

it has been well known that Dr. King, altho a Civil Rights Leader, and a

powerful Orator, was a very flawed man. His demagogery caused millions to

see him as a very divisive figure on the Left. At one time he attacked

America as the Greatest purveyor of violence in the world. In 1960 Presi-

dent J.F.K.'s attorney, General Robert Kennedy, and even LBJ thought that

Dr. King's fraternization with Communists justifed wire tapping and F.B.I.



Even the Washington Press Corps which uncovered Dr. King's many faults as

womanizing, plagiarizing and racist attitude as well as being of a dubious

moral character now turns to demand that Arizona 'bow the knee' to Football

politics. Actually Arizona has a King Holiday...just not a Federal one, but

moving the State of Arizona out of competition for the 1993 Super Bowl be-

cause the State voted down a Federal workers paid holiday for Dr. King, has

now injected football into Politics and politics into football injuring

both. There are many Americans out there who will never bow the knee to the

Liberal Idealogy of being a bigot if you do not set the King Holiday as a

National event, when on the other hand they would knock out the celebration

of every thing Christian in our nation.


Times Magazine has finally told us that F.D.R.'s Administration was filled

with Soviet Agents. The most important being Harry Hopkings in the White

House, Algers Hiss in the State Department, Louchline Currie in the White

House, and Duncan Lee in the office of Strategic Services (the Predecessor

to the CIA), Henry Morgenthal as Treasury Secretary and Harry Dexter White

helper who gave the KGB the ingraving plates and ink, so that the Soviets

could counterfeit the U.S. money thus giving a massive subsidy to the

Soviets by way of the American Taxpayer.


It is also now exposed that the movement of Drugs into the Western Christ-

ian civilization and especially these United States was a planned offensive

by Red China and then the Soviet Union. Castro of Cuba was ordered to build

routes for this chemical warfare upon the youth of the West. It was a deli-

berate program, knowing that Drugs would be a demoralizing influence not

only on the family life of America, but the moral, military life as well.

Henry Kissinger and General Haig are mentioned in the book 'Red Cocaine' as

being the ones who persuaded Presidents to ignore the Drug threat when

reaching out for Detente with the Communist Nations.


One way to end the Fiscal nightmare of the U.S. Government...Remember that

Congress after 'Watergate' passed the legislation called the '1974' Congre-

ssional Budget and Impoundment Control Act'. This legislation gave Congress

more control over the Budget, and limited the Presidents ability to curb

spending. In this process 535 members of Congress, each secure funding for

pet projects, and duck the blame for the resulting deficits. Since 1976

Congress has inflicted on the U.S. Taxpayer one fiscal wound after another.


Federal Revenue has nearly doubled but spending has increased double the

rate of inflation. Because of their inability to produce a budget ON TIME,

the Congress has passed 46 Emergency stop gap spending bills forcing the

President, either to sign the bill or shut down the government. Driven by

special Interest demands for increased funding, and an abiding passion for

re-election, Congressmen cannot say 'no' to more Federal spending. They

took away the line veto power available to every President from George

Washington to Gerald Ford, and now see the results.



Being planned for 1995 by a new company headed by Armand Hammer is in the

works. The Soviets would build the airframe, the U.S. would supply the en-

gines, and Israeli would supply the electronic equipment known as Avionics.

In the planning is links between the U.S. giant corporation and other coun-

tries with an International Labor Organization to control Labor. Thus the

One World Planners are at work.



applies to all public schools since all receive some federal money. Under

this new law which President Bush signed into law, Dec., 12, 1989, it is

now required that you must teach students..not just about drugs, but teach

them that the use of illict drugs and the unlawful possession of Alcohol is

wrong and harmful. No later than October 1, 1990 the Drug Prevention

program must be taught in all grades thru the 12., grade of every federally

assisted school.


The current 'Drug Ed' course in schools is not actually Drug prevention

courses, rather no-directive and psychological. If your school will not

show you the drug educational material, or if the material is not teaching

that drug use is wrong, then report this violation to........

Mr. William Wooten,  Drug Free Schools, and Task Force U.S. Department of

Education, 400 Maryland Avenue, S.W. Washington D.C. 20202.

According to Phyllis Schlafly if we can make the schools obey this law and

finally teach our children that something is wrong, we might then be able

to teach them that illicit sex is wrong. Eagle Forum will take up this

crusade once more, perhaps this will be a turning point in the drug war in

the schools.


America the only power in the World today that is a

political power, and economic power, and a cultural communications power

with Global reach, and Global impact. As we win the cold war can U.S.

Leadership win World Peace with the Rising Kingdom of God taking over from

the Powers of Darkness and the Kingdom of Light although our people hardly

seem to realize this.


I notice as I read many publication that the Identity people are not

calling attention to the fact that the Arabs are our 1/2 brothers in this

Gulf Crisis, they call them Barbarians and so forth. We believe that

America has now found her place as the only Super Power, and is the Air Age

Leader. Yet none see the Emerging Kingdom and yet they call themselves

Identity. We feel that America must rise as the leader of this emerging

Kingdom. Perhaps I am looking for fulfillment of prophecy instead of just

identifying the crimes of the Jews. They are only doing what you would ex-

pect them to do, and we need to point out what we should be doing as the

Kingdom Rises. Perhaps I am dreaming the Impossible Dream, but I am looking

for that Stone Kingdom not made by hands, to rise and rule.





                    Until next time.......May YAHWEH Bless.