Lake Baikal is the oldest and deepest lake in Siberia, it is said to be

more than 25 million years old. Heat was now found rising from deep in the

earth through vents in this lake bottom such as occurs in an ancient sea-

bed. This is the first time such a discovery has been made in fresh water.

The find was one result of a ..JOINT..project of U.S. and Soviet Scien-

tists. Tourists this year were wash ones face in the Lake's cool

water is to become 5 years younger.


   Remember the DUCK BOOK and Bob White? And that crusade against those in

government who were more interested in being re-elected than in what is

good for the U.S.?

   As the President of the 'Sound Money Investor' magazine and Newsletter

carried on Bob's work, they have now discovered that the so called Conser-

vative Organization has been infiltrated and is no longer 'Conservative'.

Well! Well! Sure took a long time to find that out, but this editor also

thinks that this 'New World Order' being talked about may be used to stop

the rise of the ISLAM RELIGION. He says we are entering the beginning of a

struggle between the Western World, and the Arab World.

   Now; the Duck Book is now just a magazine based on money investment, and

you know who controls the economy of the world? I believe that before this

situation is completely settled in the Mid-east that Israeli will be forced

to get in line with the other nations of that area or lose her support in

the we will see who is right. I believe that the 'One Worlders'

will even help do this for a chance to grab control of the Mid-east oil. I

believe that this is the reason why the Soviet Union is now being projected

as a major player in the Gulf. Gorbachev has managed to continue to supply

Iraq's army after the invastion while urging the western powers not to

attempt a military solution in the Gulf Crisis. So who then is manipulating

Gorbachev? I think you know.

   In November of last year Gorbachev quoted V.I., Lenin:..'Peace is a

Weapon'. He then raised this Leninist Maxiam to an art form by saying: 'We

are returning to Marxist Leninist roots and Creativity developing it, and

moving ahead.' The American people are looking for a New World Order under

the control of our God, not under communist philosophy, but there are men

pushing for this very goal. We still think this is all now in the hands of

the Almighty as events come to a climax in the Gulf. We just point out

different moves in their plan then wait to see what is allowed. I always

recall:..'Blindness in part has happened to Israel'..and this includes the

coming to their fullness of the Nations of Israel..In an old book about

Ancient Egypt it is suggested that perhaps the final secrets to be found in

Egypt will be found by America. Perhaps..since America is the last Great

Nation of HIS Kingdom. This is an exciting time...and we expect trying

times, but we also expect a great Victory by the Emerging Kingdom.


   Pat Buchanan:

   The President traded in his 'no new taxes' pledge for a budget deal but

Congress rejected the deal and he didn't even get his 'mess of pottage'.


   Remember Dr. Kinsey who brought the Sexual Revolution to America? A new

book is coming out this month entitled:..'Kinsey, Sex & Fraud'. This book

is written by Judith Reisman and Edward W. Eickel, and is edited by John H.

Court and Dr. J. Gordon Muir. The conclusion of these four is that Kinsey

had a great impact on our society. His findings shaped our attitudes about

sexuality, especially homosexuality, and the Sexuality of children, the

basis of what is taught in the schools of today as 'Sex Education'. In his

work was propaganda masquerading as science, and Al Kinsey was a deceitful,

unethical, Montebank.

   Example:..Dr. Kinsey's most famous judgment was that 10% of the male

population in America is more or less exclusively homosexual for at least 3

years between the ages of 16 and 55 years. From that it was decided that

fully 10% of the population of the U.S. was Gay. Where did Dr. Kinsey get

his statistics? From interviewing a sample of the male populace 25% of

which was prison inmates, ex-cons, and sex offenders, even his researchers

were chosen for their bias. One applicant who confessed he felt adultery

harmful to marriage, homosexuality to be abnormal, and beastiality ludi-

crous was personally black-balled by Kinsey himself.

   In 1964 Kinsey's ex-associate Gershon Legman revealed that his patron's

hidden purpose was 'Propagandistic' to 'Respectabilize' homosecuality, and

certain sexual perversions. Other Kinsey goals give Social sanc-

tion to all forms of sexual expression, establish bisexuality as the norm

and to introduce sex between adults and children as legitimate.

   How could Kinsey get away with this scientific fraud for 40 years? First

a vast industry has been erected on his 'Research' that will defend to the

death its founding father. Second most scientific frauds come to Light when

similar or identical research is done. No researcher can repeat Kinsey's

experiments on children without facing indictment and a prison sentence for

sexual abuse.

   A mountain of research and detail of this book should lead to final de-

molition of the dreadful Dr. Kinsey. Today America is living with the terr-

ible consequences, from Aids to family collapse, of the sexual revolution

that he launched. It is past time we took a hard look at the character of

this man we hear yet hailed as a great revolutionary. From the pen of



   Phyllis Schlafly:

   The N.E.A. (National Education Association) is moving to control

children and crowd parents out. The Annual Convention adopted dozens of

radical left wing resolutions, some of them are:...

   1. Getting all children into the Public Schools by the age of 3, and

making Kindergarten compulsory for all children.

   2. Subject all Public School students (not just those who need help) to

Psychiatric experimentation beginning at the pre-kindergarten level.

   3. Sexuality classes for all grades, and the distribution of contracep-

tives to all minors without parental knowledge or consent.

   4. Opposition to home schooling, parental choice in education, tuition

tax credits, vouchers, and any parental supervision of the schools.

   5. Taxpayer-funded abortion on demand through out 9 months pregnancy.

   6. Homosexuals teaching in the Classroom, even if they have Aids, and

Counseling of students by Homosexuals.

   This is just a very few of the ideas that the N.E.A. has for the

manipulation of our children.


   Remember that all hidden things must be revealed and some of the things

coming out today are hideous aren't they? Only then will our people awake

to what is going on in our society. After all who was Dr. Kinsey, and why

did we allow him to change our life style when it seemed so wrong?


   The other side of the S. & L. Hall of Shame:....

   Senator Cranston of California was one of the men who intervened in 1987

with the Federal Regulators on the Lincoln Savings and Loan behalf. As late

as April, Cranston was hectoring Regulators to approve the same of Lincoln

Savings and Loan to a group of Charles Keatings employees...why? Senator

Cranston owed a political debt to Keating. A Voter-registration group that

employed Cranston's Son received $400,000.00 from Keatings American Contin-

ental Corporation. And Senator Cranston solicited $450,000.00 from Keating

for other voter registration groups, and he received $35,000.00 in Campaign

donations from Keating and cronies.

   Jim Wright former speaker of the House was also deep in the S. & L. Hall

of Shame. The biggest contributor to Jim Wright's rise and fall was his

cozy relationship with the S. & L. operators.

   In 1986 the Reagan Administration was working to head off further S.& L.

problems by recapitalizing the Federal S. & L. Insurance Corporation

(FSIC). The plan would have provided 15 Billion dollars by premiums on the

S. & L. themselves, so FSLIC could pay off depositors and close down bad S.

& L.'s.  If the bill would have passed in 1986 the cleanup would have cost

Billions less. But JIM WRIGHT interceded with the Bank board officials, and

was able to hold off this bill until he had changed the minds of about 3 or

4 individuals. Wright then resigned to take his pension rather than to have

his Ethics problem aired.

   Besides the Congressmen who were deep in this mess were other individ-

uals as well, one of them was Bob Kerrey who while Governor of Nebraska...

was a partner in an Investment put together by State Security Savings. He

stalled an investigation into his own envolvement. Former Representative

Freddie St. Germain was another one, and his ties to the S. & L.'s allowed

him to take junkets to Industry convention in WARM CLIMATES. The disgusted

Rhode Islanders finally threw him out of Congress...but the tax payer still

has to foot the Bill.

   Senator Donald Riegle has a memory loss when it came to his invovement

in the S. & L. crisis. This goes on and on...more are to blame for this

mess than the President's son...which was set in place so as to influence

the President to promote this New World Order. He may think of a different

New World Order but the powers behind the scene only think to control the

world, and especially these United States.


   By the time that you read this the Election will be over and some of the

Propaganda will die down...this has been a dirty political election and we

are glad to see it overwith. Remember that the Budget agreement has also

set in place the beginning of another powerful Government is an

opening in the door to government control of the Day Care Centers.

Communism is dying in other places but they are pushing these ideas here in

this nation...pushing hard.


   Don't be misled....Always it is the Middle Class which carries the load

when it comes to the hue and cry of tax the Rich. This is all just propa-

ganda used to get elected. From 1981-1987, 90% of Americans paid 10% less

while the top paid 20% more. Besides idexation was contained, helping the

middle and lower class of people thus the Reagan Tax Plan did increase the

tax on the rich and reduced the lower end of the scale.




                Until next time................