Only 20% of the South African Blacks are backing the ANC of Nelson

Mandela...why then did the western world make such a fuss over Mandela???


   Jesse Jackson..

   Always he seeks headlines, and now he is crusading for D.C. Statehood.

He has opened an office in the Capital's Adams Morgan section, and this

Statehood office is the headquarters for the new nation-wide pro-state-

hood effort.

   Ted Kennedy is backing this drive, and Ron Brown Democratic National

Chairman promises this will be on the Democratic platform in 1992. Jesse

Jackson thinks this strategy will keep him in the limelight. If D.C.

becomes a state it would be the first state with a majority of African

Americans. He is breeding Racial divisiveness by saying that this is a

Civil Rights Issue.

   If Jackson is elected Senator from the non-state of Washington D.C. then

as Senator from the 51 state he is in fact throwing down the gauntlet to

White America, and a predominately white congress. Don't forget that our

Capital city is engulfed in the Black tide.


   The Liberal left is out to defeat Jesse Helms as he is to conservative.

   'The Trans Africa'...a pro-marxist lobbying organization receives

funding from Castro's Cuban government has been running full page newspaper

ads in North Carolina claiming that Senator Helms...'Shames your flag and

your nation'.

   'People for the American Way'..this powerful multi-million dollar left

wing group that opposes School Prayer, and the death Penalty is running

full page ads with this message:..'Isn't it time to ask Senator Helms why

he is tolerant of hate??'

   'The Human Rights Campaign Fund'..and the 'National Political Action

Committee of the Lesbian and Gay Community' has run mean newspaper ads

attacking Senator Helms. Perhaps this will boomerang as people seem to be

waking up to who is doing this.


   A Soviet graduate cannot understand why Gorbachev is so popular in the

west. Most of the Soviet people say they were better off five years ago

then they are now. For 70 years the Soviet people were told by their lead-

ers they had to sacrifice, but it would lead to a better world. Today they

are told they must sacrifice more and more. The people now realize that the

Soviet Union is a society of Power relationships, not a society of laws. No

wonder the people are turning to Yeltsin.


   The Black author Thomas Sowell tells us that the 'Affirmative action

policies' are a world wide disaster. The 'Civil Rights' movement sought to

achieve a 'color-blind' society. After segregation was eliminated the move-

ment decided that 'Equal Opportunity' was not enough, now it had to be

'Equal Results'. This has failed dramatically, and has only fueled racial

tension, because it is unjust.

   After all, these 'race based' policies had been tried in India,

Pakistan, Malaya, Sri Lanka, and Nigeria...all have failed there as well.

Dr. Sowell thinks it is time to return to our older goal..'a belief in

Individual Rights, and achievements, not that of groups.

   Jesse Jackson is on the opposite track, he just wants to be the head of



   The Crisis in the Gulf.........

   Enviromentalists are to blame for much of our trouble in that crisis.

They have gone off balance from facts and are working on emotions. Do we

care more about birds, fish, and animals then we do about our young men and

women in the service of our country? For every teaspoon of oil which a pro-

ducing well in the U.S. Waters has spilled in the last 15 years, a sea

going Tanker has spilled several barrels. Every time we refuse to let our

own companies drill in our waters those tankers bring in more oil from

elsewhere spilling it from time to time.

   Importing oil increases our trade deficit, creates unemployment, and

adds to the budget deficit by reducing tax revenue from oil production

operations. Wake up America, for the last two decades we have been closing

down our home grown energy supplies in the name of preserving the enviro-

ment. Having gotten rid of the stultifying price controls of the seventies

we are still stuck with these restrictions on exploration for and

production of petroleum.

   Oil is so plentiful in the National Wildlife range on the north slope of

Alaska that it literally is seeping out of the ground. Off the coast of

California it is the same story. It is estimated there is 32 billion

barrels of oil located off America's coastline, but access to this is

banned by government regulations.

   For the past decade no new major oil refinery has been built in the U.S.

and more than 100 old ones have been shut down because the enviromentalists

say they are polluters.

   Nuclear Power is not the danger they have claimed and natural gas is

plentiful but every step of the way to tap into these sources of energy are

blocked by self styled ' Friends of the earth', and kept out of operation

by the Enviromentalists. Since we do not develop our own abundant supply of

energy we have to rely on the volatile middle-east.

   Now; we believe the Soviets are playing both sides of the fence. This is

their opening into the Persian Gulf and they want it. Iraq in 1956 had a

pro-western Monarchy which was overthrown by the influence of the ONE WORLD

Boys. In 1968 ties to the Soviets were sealed when the Baath Arab Socialit-

ist Party ceased power and an Iraq-Soviet alliance was sealed in 1972. Then

Saddam came to power and he killed off the Communist Party in his country.

In 1980 Iraq invaded Iran and the Soviets saw a way to become friendly with

Iran but did not succeed in this instance. They saw Iraq turning to the

west once more, thus they moved to help Iraq, not as friends, but for a

foothold in the Gulf. It is a fact that the Soviets knew that Iraq was

going to invade Kuwait. Many who should know believe that Saddam was urged

to do what he did and is still doing. When he has accomplished this purpose

he will be abandoned, and you see this beginning to happen.

   Actually the program called for Saddam to take Saudi Arabia and thus the

Soviets would be in control of 40% of the worlds oil reserves. The work of

the Enviromentalists in the U.S. would have then been done. Their worship

of 'Mother Earth' would have served its purpose. Today we stand on the

threshold of seeing if the U.S. Congress will continue to support the

President, or will they deprive him of the tools needed to put Saddam back

in his cage.

   Remember back just a short time ago when the Liberals in the Congress

such as Senator Dodd, and Jesse Jackson on the outside did not think that a

Communist take over of Nicaragua, or Panama or El Salvador posed a threat

to our security? All of a sudden they are now urging the President on in

the Persian Gulf. Could it be that since the collapse of Communism and the

cold war that Liberal opinion has shifted? Actually we believe they were

only opposed to military intervention...when it came to resisting Communist

before he jumped, and he would have had the full weight of the Liberal Left

on his side???

   The Palestinian people are asking Saddam to roll back the Israeli's from

the territory they took from the Palestinian Arabs, and the situation in

the Gulf gets more dangerous. The U.S. Congress has been asked to approve a

massive sale of arms to Saudi Arabia and the Israeli Lobby is up in arms,

will see if they as always are able to stop this in the U.S. Congress.

   The ONE WORLD Boys think they are setting in place their idea of what

that ONE WORLD Government should be, and we are just sitting here waiting

to see what YAHWEH allows, to see if this is the final situation which

brings things into their final stages.

   We believe as do others that western civilization is suffering because

the Anglo-Saxon West adopted the idea that the Divine Law was done away we are just under this theory of 'Love Everybody'. The modern

church of today wants to play no part in preaching..a nation-state under

Divine Law. We believe that the Sacrificial law was fulfilled by the

atoning death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ, but we still remain under

the Divine Law as a way of life or you would be under lawlessness. We

believe that this idea of 'Love Everybody' has abandoned this world to

Satan and restricted the Gospel of the Kingdom to obscurity. After all, the

Anglican Church based on the Holy Scriptures and The Creeds of Christendom

has now eliminated the 'Book of Common Prayer', and by this move the church

has been set adrift in respect to the affairs of God's Kingdom in earth,

they will not take part.


   JIMMY CARTER the best known Peace Maker in the World.

   So said the headlines, but remember he has always worked for the

Rockefellers..the One World Boys. It was David Rockefeller who picked him

up and made him President of the U.S. by picturing him as a 'Born again'

Christian, and has financed and used him every since. Carter was int., on

CNN Sept., 16...after listening to this interview we would say that the One

World Boys are backing this situation in the Gulf hoping to use it to

obtain their goal. He went as far as to suggest the option of all out war

may be necessary. Ramsey Clark is playing the Protest Card again so as to

keep that pretense going.


   The National Council of Churches is hard at work blaming the West and

Christianity for the ills of the world. They say that Columbus invaded...

not discovered the Western Hemisphere, and that the coming of Christianity

was a terrible thing, it marked the beginning of slavery and genocide, and

economic captivity for the people already in residence. On the subject of

family violence they stated that the most dangerous place for a child to

grow up in is the family, that the most dangerous place for a woman is to

be in a relationship. Ladies and Gentlemen the World Council of Churches is

now what it was set up to be in the beginning...A World Council for the One

World Government ...without God. They say that the Asians coming into the

U.S. are being put in labor camps and poverty...but they do not explain why

so many are trying to come into the U.S.


   Patrick Buchannan...From the Right.

   The War Party has lost, the President has resisted the insane counsel of

August to mount immediate air strikes against Iraq. If we had followed the

shrieking hawks of August then U.S. Troops would now be in full scale land

war on the Arabian peninsula. If the President stays the course...squeezes

with the embargo...make it work then we will not go to war...the President

needs our support and our prayers.


   Why did Abe Rosenthal charge Pat Buchanan with Anti-Semitism and a

'blood -liber' against the Jews?? Remember that Pat Cuchanan was from the

days of Richard Nixon squarely in the Israeli and's or but's.

Then lately in the McLaughlin Report, Patrick buchanan made this so called

'infamous statement'...'(quote) 'There are only two groups that are beating

the drums for war in the Middle-East. These are the Israeli Defense

Ministry and its 'Amen Corner' in these United States.'  (unquote)

   Pat Buchanan then went on to say that:...the truth is, Israeli has been

beating the war drums for weeks. Every major Newspaper including Abe

Foxman's (ADL) has reported this. Mr. Rosenthal whom the liberal 'Nation'

calls one of Israeli's personal messengers to the New York Times has been

leading the war cry. What Buchanan implied was nothing more than what

Richard Cohen said flat out:...'The problem with those who argue for a

quick military strike is that they seem to be arguing from an Israeli's


   Pat Buchanan goes on to describe Anti-Semitism as : (quote) 1. an

imbeded hatred of Jewish people, manifested in writing and conduct. As such

it is a grave sin, a disease of the heart, a variant of racism.

   2. A word to describe the branding iron welded by a tiny clique, to burn

horribly heretics from their agreed-upon political Orthodoxy. It is used to

frighten, to intimidate, to censor and silence; to cut off debate, to smear

mens reputations that no one will listen to them again; to scar men until

no one looks at them again without saying...'Isn't he an Anti-Semite?'

   American journalism is now waking up to this contemptible attempt to

stifle debate, especially on the issue of Americas relations with Israeli.

However up to now decent and honorable men have had careers damaged, and

reputations seared.

   Now; what changed Buchanan's mind? 1. the manipulation of the traitor

Pollard to systematically loot the secrets of the most generous friend

Israeli ever will have. 2. the brutality used against Palestinian old men,

old women, teenagers, and children. 3. The Good Friday land grab at the

Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem. 4. The shipment of cluster bombs to the

Stalinist Mengistu regime in Ethiopia. 5. the caustic, cutting attack on

the Catholic Church and the Pope from Israeli, and from the 'Amen' corner

in the U.S. 6. finally the hate mail, and the different columns every time

a new fight breaks out. (unquote) finally if that report be true that the

Massad knew in advance about the truck bomb which was to be used to kill

our Marines, and deliberately did not warn us then Congress ought to turn

over every rock before Israeli gets another dime.


   In California on the ballot is Prop. 140...all state officials holders

from the Governor on down would have their terms in office limited. Per-

haps this is the method to be used to drive out every corrupt political

machine in the U.S.  Watch this for we may see the beginning of the end of

crooked politics in these United States. It is said that 70% of the people

in California are for Proposition watch for this result.



                YAHWEH Bless........E.M.