Another bad earthquake..this time in the Philippines. One disaster after

another this year. And then this from Dr. Kai Loh Chan at National Univer-

sity of Singapore, Associate Professor of Zoology:..'Prepare to leave

America soon, after all America is Great Mystery Babylon'..(quote and un-

quote)  If America is Babylon then why are so many people trying to get in



   The Church of Scotland deletes the Virgin Birth from Doctrine. Direct

reference to the Virgin Birth was omitted from the Church of Scotland's New

Publication 'A Statement of Faith' as to avoid potential division

among the church members.


   Wilson Ark.,---A northeast Arkansas school district is taking a forecas-

ters prediction to heart and has tentatively planned an early December Ear-

thquake break. They will not hold classes in District 57 on Dec. 3 & 4., in

diference to the prediction of a major earthquake along the New Madrid

Fault during that time. Iben Browning claims to have accurately predicted

last fall's Northern California Earthquake within one day. He also says he

predicted the 1971 Quake in the San Fernando Valley, and the one in Nicara-

gua in 1972, and Mount St. Helens volcano in 1980.


   From Buchanan's News Letter:.....

   Liberalism in New York is tapped out intellectually, moral, and financi-

ally as is Marxism in Eastern Europe. There is nothing left in the 'Old Kit

Bag'. Everything has been tried, affirmative action, quotas, setasides,

bussing, the most lavish welfare state in the world, and nothing has work-

ed. Racial animosity endures, racial peace recedes, as no more excuses, no

more alibi's work, after all Ronald Reagan and the Conservatives are long

gone. Why then did Liberalism fail Black America? Because, it was built on

the MYTH that the last great impediment to Equality in America was 'White

Racism'. This are rich and I am poor therefore my problems

are your fault...YOU OWE ME.

   As soon as Lyndon Johnson's programs were in place, all the riots, the

crime, violence and hate were to disappear. Yet here we are a quarter cen-

tury later deep into the 'Great Society' with a government near bankrupt,

taxes and social spending at a record level, yet further from Racial Peace

than ever.

   The root cause of this crisis is that the old character forming, con-

scious forming Institutions of Family, Church, and School collapsed under

the relentless secular assault. We therefore need to look at the facts...

who took down those ancient walls of a civilized society? Who taught us

that easy Divorce was a mark of Social Progress? Who taught us that Reli-

gion was Superstitious, that Welfare was a 'RIGHT' that law and order were

'CODE' words for 'RACISM', that poverty caused crime; that Black Rage was

justified because the Blacks had been victimized; that the road to the

'Promise Land' lay through marches, demonstrations, Civil Disobedience and

Politics? Who fed the American People these lies?

   Black America believed these lies, and has paid the price. Oh, there are

a few black Mayors in such cities as Washington D.C., Detroit, New York,

Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Baltimore, but it is the Hispanic Americans and

the Asian Americans who embraced Ronald Reagan's value of work, family, and

Faith who marched in great numbers out of poverty, and into the middle


   What the black poor need more than anything else is a dose of truth:..

Slums are the product of people who live there. Dignity and respect are not

handed out like food stamps; they are earned, and won. Whether it be in the

arts, athletics or Academic fields, success is a product of sweat, there is

no free lunch.

   Now:..Racial demogogues have a vested interest in feeding this false-

hood, just as the Media has a vested interest in promoting it. When old ra-

cial barriers came down millions of black Americans marched out of poverty.

That was a tribute to them, and to this country. The road lies open to the

rest, but no one can walk it for them. If people are dedicated to work,

family, and Faith only the most repressive system can keep them down, and

that is not America.


   Being an old Time Conservative I could not help agree with Pat's asses-

sment of events. This Bill of 'Reparations' for Black Americans may be the

sleeper issue of the 1990's, and perhaps finally open eyes.


   Mandela has come and gone..his visit raised about 7 million dollars here

in the United States, and the cost of the trip was about 1.5 Million

dollars which is covered by 'Trade Union' donations. Mandela will hopefully

return to the United States to work with the 'Indians' for their freedom.

In Ireland Mandela praised the Terrorists of that nation, and always in

each nation he visited he used the raised clenched fist for a symbol. Whe-

ther he know it or not Mandela is being used, and when he can no longer be

used he will be killed to try to make a myrtry out of him as they did

Martin Luther King.

   The National Council of Churches presented Mandela with a check for

$200, 000.00 while he was here. The money went into the Tax Exempt Mandela

Freedom Fund. Now; there is talk of giving Mandela the Peace Prize this



   A Dutch Astronomer...Kurt Lockefeer has been tracking a Meteor since

1986. He now predicts that it will slam into the Moon no later than Janu-

ary 7, 1992. Some Astronomers predict this will have a big impact on the

Moon, maybe destroying part of it. Others think it will just dig another

crater. It is agreed by all that it will impact with the Moon. The conse-

quences of this impact on earth are also argued, because we know that the

Moon plays a roll in controlling the tides on earth. It could be that the

Coastlines will be effected here on our Earth. This will be something in-

teresting to watch.


   Well! Well! Ted Turner has a new girlfriend...Jane Fonda. When Gorba-

chev was in the United States, Jane and Ted were invited to the Soviet

Embassy to a Celebrity Luncheon for 38 American Intellectual and Opinion

Leaders. This is a fitting tribute to Jane Fonda who had done the bidding

of the Soviet Union for 25 years. As for Ted Turner...he is the one who

said:..'Christianity is a religion for losers...I do not want someone to

die for me'...then he added:..'I'v had a few drinks, and a few girlfriends

and if that is going to put me in be it'. Turner made this re-

mark after he had just returned from Cuba..praising Castro. Then he came on

CNN and apologized for his remarks because they were getting lots of flack.

But he and Jane Fonda made a good twosome.


   As Germany rises to her place in History drawing the 'Tents of Judah'

together, we see the Mid-East as always on the brink of war. All prophecy

however will come to pass. Helmut Kohn is the leader of a now United

Germany...the man of the hour. This has also been his lifetime dream and

Germany will remain in Nato, a partner in the west, where she belongs. But

all is not smooth sailing for the Eastern Block Nations struggling for

their freedom. The Soviet Union is hurting but the Red Army has at its dis-

posal the most powerful military machine in the world, and remains in com-

mand of the situation in most places. And the Soviets are turning out

Nuclear Powered Submarines like sausages...wonder what for if they now

stand for freedom???? 600,000 Soviet Troops and 40,000 tanks are still in

teh Warsaw Pact countries including 380,000 Soviet Troops in East Germany

alone. They say they do not have the food or housing to take them home.

   The reason the Soviets cannot let Lithuania go is because the borders of

Lithuania is the largest nuclear weapons stock pile, a medium range misle

base, two jet interceptor bases and an entire army division...this is the

Soviet arsenal..what would they do with that?


   Adm. John Poindexter was convicted and sentenced for lying to Congress

...but no communist nation was left established on our southern doorstep as

occurred in the Cuban Missle Crisis. The truth about that affair is beginn-

ing to hit the headlines. Dean Rusk in 1987 broke the 'Code of Silence' in-

stalled at that time..but only slightly..the Media is still silent.


   In the argument between the environmentalists and the Loggers there is

this to remember..There are an estamated 2,000 owls in the old growth

forests of Northern California and Oregon and Washington. On the other hand

there are perhaps 25,000 loggers whose jobs could be wiped out if the owl

is officially designated as an endangered species, and logging in the

region is banned. The enviromentalists come down squarely on the side of

the Owl..wonder who buys their bread and butter????


   A Judicial Judge has set aside Oliver North's convictions, in the Iran

Contra Affair after the spending of millions of Tax Payers money in a po-

litical move to try to bring down a President. We believe that the special

prosecutor should be fired and the spending of tax payers money ended. This

decision will also effect the Poindexter sentencing.


   No I do not think that Gorbachev and Bush met with Maitraia...the head

of the New Age Movement..but some would like for you to believe this, how-

ever you also don't make deals with those who do not believe in your God.


   Boris Yeltsin left the communist party, then two prominent radicals, the

Mayors of Moscow and Lenningrad turned in their party cards. Until then

Gorbachev it seemed had pulled off another of his political highwire acts

out maneuvering the right and appeaseing the left but keeping the Communist

Party intact. Now Yeltsin is probably 4 steps ahead of Gorbachev instead of

one or two steps behind.


   Norwegian defense sources are concerned that a Soviet Arms build up in

Scandanavia is being ignored by the other Nato allies. In May it was dis-

covered that 40 Soviet Mig-27 fighter bombers removed from Hungary had been

transfered to the Kola Peninsula, which is already one of the most heavily

militrized in the Soviet Union. By transfering arms to the Northern and

Trans Caucasus theatres, the Soviets may avoid limitations on conventional

forces in Europe now being negotiated in Vienna. Land based Naval forces

are not in the scope of the Vienna talks.


   We have a new nominee for the Supreme Court...this sort of pulled the

rug out from under the press.




                     Until next time........May YAHWEH BLESS