NEWSLETTER  FOR OCTOBER  1990..............By: E.M.

            As I write this Newsletter, the date is August 24,1990


   Congress passed the 'Disabilities Act' called a majestic piece of Leg-

islation..but they also worded it so that it does not apply to them. Thus

they will never face a Federal Court if he or she is said to have discrim-

inated against the disabled.



   Remember how a short time ago the Press screamed that the Iron Lady was

on the way out because of this new tax? Actually the truth of the matter is

that under her the areas controlled by conservatives the tax is

$5.00 per person less than in a Labor controlled area. Without this program

property owners, especially Home owning pensioners living alone would have

been saddled with exorbitant 'local tax' bills, while young students and

aspiring Yuppies renting flats would pay little or nothing for their local


   Since now each council sets its own rate, local politicians must artic-

ulate prior to election what kind of services they will offer, and how much

they intend to charge the local tax payer. No longer can the promise of the

Moon and Sixpence elect politicians, as a result of Mrs. Thatchers tax plan

seems to be catching on as the British public is seeing more clearly the


   Simply put, the leaders of these areas are now inclined to seek Competa-

tive bids on road work, garbage collections, sewer maintenance,and gardners

who keep the parks tidy. This lowers the charges per head and as you know

it means votes. Mrs. Thatcher moved quickly to cap 21 of the highest and

most provocative charges in Labor controlled areas so Labor could not over-

charge citizens and cause an outcry that would destroy the program before

the people fully understood. In conservative operated areas the tax is

#327.00 per year per average family and all is seen clean and beautiful.

Whereas in some areas of Labor districts the taxes are $845.00 and there is

overflowing garbage cans and littered parks. The betting is now on the Iron

Lady in the 1992 elections.


   Now; the Mid-East..........

   In the early beginning of this crisis I saw a report just once on CNN

news, which said that the Saudies were reminding the U.S. as to what they

had told President Roosevelt at one time. The newsmen were wondering what

that was, but I remember that the Saudi Leader told Roosevelt that the U.S.

and others of our Race were the Israel of the Bible and they...the Arabs

were of Ishmael. Dr. Swift told us this a long time ago, and you will also

remember that when Pres. Roosevelt returned to the U.S. and then reported

this to Congress...that he was soon dead.

   Now; we believe that when the Kingdom Administration starts coming to

power that the U.S. will be leading the Western world. This is after all

the land of the Eagle, and this is also the Air Age. Just remember that

World Government controlled by the Children of Darkness ends as the final

battle of the Armageddon begins, for the Kingdom Administration will then

start to rise, whether we realize it or not.

   Now; I also see signs that the Press is trying to manipulate this situ-

ation to influence the coming election, but in this same situation remem-

ber that Nicaragua, Granada, and Panama are not the threat they once were

to our back door while we are busy in the desert of the Mid-East.

   This we also know..the Soviets sent a high ranking army man to Iraq. He

is Col. General Albert Mikhailovich Makashov...just one week before Iraq

Dictator Saddam Hussein Invaded Kuwait. Then here today we find Gorbachev

publicly warning Saddam which our government didn't comment very favorably

on, as though they do not believe him, and we don't, he has also been

stalling in the U.N. to slow down U.N. sanctions of stopping the ships

bound for Iraq.

   Just remember that the United States went to war in the Mid-East on the

side of the Arabs, not Israeli's and they also warned the Israeli's that

this will not be a conventional war, but a war on all fronts at the same

time. You will also have people here who will be betraying this nation as

we are at war, and many of them are in the U.S. Congress and other high

positions. After all they cannot do any thing with an INCORRUPTABLE SPIRIT

but they can influence the consciousness of people and play on their feel-

ings until they do stupid things. Some day they will say thanks Father for

letting me learn the difference...I will never forget again.

   Now; it is reported that the Walls of Old Babylon there in Iraq have

been rebuilt, and it is said that Saddam's name appears on the bricks. Who

then is pushing this man to think of himself as a sort of Genhis Kahn of

his time, hoping to unite the Arab world and then threaten Israeli thus

bring in the West to protect Israel and then destroy the west...who would

do this...and notice it did not work for once the U.S. seems to be on the

Right side. Saudi Arabia has always been an important supplier of energy

needs. They have also furnished important aide to American supported Free-

dom Fighters in Afghanistan, the Contras in Nicaragua, and Jonas Savimbi's

'Unita' in Angola. In 1981 the Saudi's funded a Jordanian purchase of arms

in order to prevent King Hussein from turning to Moscow.

   Before Congress left for vacation, they voted to slash just what our

troops now need in this Crisis and when the Gulf erupted in crisis these

same Congressmen wanted to declare war on Iraq. The very ones who screamed

cut the military and spend the money on people programs-the Cold War is

over, turned completely around in their screaming. The President said he

did everything he could to help solve the Budget deficit including breaking

his pledge of..'no new taxes' and still the Democrats stiffed him, failing

even to come up with an alternate budget plan. Further more Congress has

already passed 10 appropriation bills, way over budget...eight of them ex-

ceed the Presidents request for spending by 14 Billion dollars and the re-

quest was already 25 billion higher than last year.

   The House of Representatives owes the Postal Service 5 million dollars

as of now for over spending their Franking Budget this year, and it is ex-

pected that as the year ends they will be 35 million in the who is

to pay for that but the Taxpayers.

   The Senate is also asking the taxpayers for 150 million dollars more...

just to finance the election campaign of Congressmen. The President has

promised to veto this one.

   This is Babylon confusion...when Congress returns to

work after Labor Day we expect politics to take over instead of worrying

about our men and women in the Desert and other far flung places on the

Globe. Some say the President should pull our troops out of Europe and

Korea and send them to the Mid-East, but I do not think you can trust the

Soviets and the Administration doesn't seem to trust them either. We think

back to the days of the Deposing of the Shaw of Iran, the man who seemed to

be able to control that volatile area of the world. We remember the politi-

cal manipulation that deposed him, and now look at the results..first Iran,

and now Iraq, but remember that the United States went into this situation

on the side of the Arabs. I also noticed that one of the young men who had

volunteered for his military serivce did not want to go and they put him in

another job, sort of like Giddeon did so long ago....he sent them home.

   Now; lets consider for a minute...Old Babylon......

   Who built it, and why did God destroy it?  The Bible refers to Baby-

lonia as the land of the Chaldeans (Isaiah 13:19). This was a land between

two great rivers, the Tigris and the Euphrates. As we understand today the

Aryans came into this land and built a great civilization and reigned for

many years. These Aryans are also called Semitic people, and we know them

as Hebrews-Adamites. Under the rule of this race the city of Babylon became

a great city with a code of laws, for it was understood that no kingdom

could stand that was not ruled by justice coupled with Wisdom and humanity.

   The Aryans are said to have introduced the horse to this land, and as

with the Hyksos in Egypt, the horses made them mobile and they became

masters of this country olden times..Mesopotamia. By the time

of Abraham, then other people were in this land and their influence was be-

coming great, and the worship of other gods was gaining in practice. God's

people were being buffeted by the Children of Darkness until this great

civilization they had built became corrupt and was to be destroyed. The

knowledge that the Aryans taught of Astrology, Architecture, Writing, Re-

cords extending back, back over the years was destroyed. Only in later

years have the archaeologists been digging and establishing these ancient

facts, to confirm that what brought down Babylon of the Chaldees was the

fact that it became a type of One World Government denying...Almighty

YAHWEH as God.

   Who then would you expect to find behind this drive to rebuild old

Babylon, and do it with the wealth of the oil in the Middle-East, and from

there try to rule the world? Who then is behind Saddam...who has been push-

ing him to do what he has done??? YAHWEH has promised to take you to Baby-

lon and then you will be delivered (Micah 4:10), but He has also promised

to destroy completely this rising of Great Babylon. There will be no com-

plete One World Government but the Administration of the Kingdom of God in


   With these things in mind we watch the development of this...'Crisis in

the Gulf', and pray for our service men and women and May we find YAHWEH on

their side.

   ************************* Mikhail Zaraev..from the 'Monitor' for August.

   (perhaps this will answer some of the questions as to this man) QUOTE:..

Yeltsin is a rather massive man with grey hair and a strong willed face,

the features characteristic of Russians...a mixture of Slavic, Finno, Ugric

blood, high cheek bones, small piercing eyes. He has none of the Jewish

traits which old time Russians despise. He is close to 60 years of age, was

born in a village in the Ural Mountains and received his education in the

Sverdlovsk Polytechnic Institute. He moved up slowly in the political field

in the engineering class, until he became responsible in the Administrative

field for all construction in his division of the Soviet Union. He did not

as did Gorbachev and Shevardnadze take the path through the Communist

Party7s youth organizations for a career in the party. Gorbachev was born

the same year as Yeltsin but each took a different route to the top. He

viewed the Brezhnev period of starving towns and corruption, and priviledg-

es for the Elite, and contempt for the people.

   Corruption flourished in the republic of Georgia for example which for

many years was headed by Shevardnadze. Gorbachev came to power in March of

1985, in April of that same year Yeltsin was also brought to Moscow by the

Party. Obviously before Gorbachev's accession to power. Yeltsin had caught

the attention of men at the top. He moved into a new large apartment build-

ing on a quiet street not far from Gorky Street. These apartments were con-

structed for the Elite and had large rooms although they could say they

lived in a three room apartment.

   In 1985 Yeltsin became Central Committee Secretary for construction, but

not for long. As of December 1985 Gorbachev moved against corruption and

the first Secretary of the City Commission was removed from his post and in

December of 1985 Yeltsin took his place. The contrast was striking, here

was a man ready to act. He turned up at city wide meetings of propagandists

and he spoke as one who was free, dynamic, not one who only talked the Com-

munist Party line. He quoted not Lenin, but Heroclitus saying:..It is im-

possible to enter the same river twice.

   Some people watching and listening to him compared him to Huey P. Long

in the United States. He seemed to be a throwback to more than a hundred

years ago when the Russian Intelligentsia was swept up by a movement called

'Populism' in English.

   Yeltsin targeted first the shortage of fresh fruit and vegetables in

Moscow and he sacked all kinds of officials, put the most corrupt behind

bars. This produced some results as fruit and vegetables became more abun-

dant and their prices a shade lower. He received representatives from the

organization 'Pamyal' which proclaimed itself the guardian of the National

Past against incursions of no Natives (a code word for non-Russians..esp-

cially Jews). Yeltsin listened to their demands.

   In the nearly two years that Yeltsin ran Moscow, he changed 40% of the

leading officials, even designated new men to run the city units of the

Police and the KGB. As he did this he let the people know just why these

people were removed. The heirachie of the Communist Party then began to

hate him, and he was prevented from doing many things he wished to do...

prevented by the Elite of the Party. Gorbachev was always watching this

man, for he did not dare go that far in criticizing the Party himself even

tho others tried to stop him. At this meeting then Yeltsin spoke and he

threw down the gauntlet to his colleagues, he criticized the policy of the

Communist Party, spoke of violations of Democracy and Civil rights. He

warned that when one individual wields all the authority of a Party he

stood beyond criticism. He then asked to be released from his duties as a

Candidate member of the Politbura, and as far as his position as Moscow's

first secretary, he asked to let the City Commission decide.

   Those present were thunder-struck by his speech which was not published

until 18 months later, however when published he became a bold critic of

the regime, not caring that he gambled his position and his career. The

Elite tried in all ways to discredit this fold hero, and his election in

March of 1989 was of a 90% victory. He came to the U.S. in 1989 in Septem-

ber, and Moscow television showed his meeting at John Hopkins University,

as a man slurred of speech and deliberate movements, made as though he was slowing down the tape as it was played. The U.S. news did not

carry it at all.

   Gorbachev tried then to distance himself from all this criticism and

negative reporting. Then as all of this boomeranged people burned the

'Pravda' paper on the streets and canceled their subscriptions. In 1990

Yeltsin was elected again and now called for the abolition of all privi-

ledges for the government officials, and suggested dividing the Russian

Federation into seven independent regions.

   In May of 1990 he was elected President of the Russian Republic and now

Gorbachev began to show his irritation as tho Yeltsin was getting far ahead

of where he (Gorbachev) wanted to go, and he threatened to block Yeltsin's

future Political activity.

   Now; 150 million people of the Russian Republic expept Mr. Yeltsin to

fill the empty shelves in the food stores. He has promised to do this is

500 days. After 2000 days of Gorbachev's reforms efforts the country has

reached an economic dead-end. What a terrible burden this man Yeltsin has

taken on...we will see how he fares in his clash with the Communist Party



   Now; back to the 'Crisis in the Gulf'....August 26, 1990.


   Today we saw the beginning of the drive for the Internationalists...One

World boys to take over the situation in the name of PEACE. And of course

their point man is Henry Kissinger the double agent. He is calling for an

International settlement...this will get Saddam off the hook after the same

individuals put him there. This is again one of the those moves...TWO STEPS

FORWARD...take one back if you fail in your first try. This would get the

U.S. out of it and put the United Nations in their place and you know how

that works? Again we will have to wait to see just how YAHWEH allows this

to is a dangerous stiuation for our fighting men and women

and we worry about them...but we also know that 'WHAT WILL BE, WILL BE'...

so we watch and wait, knowing that we do not always get the correct infor-

mation from the Press and T.V., and we wait for behind the scenes reports.


   The United States now has other things to think about as the Tornadoes

hit in Illinois, and the killing of the girls at the school in the south.

Wonder what next? This is supposed to be a time of trouble like we have

never seen before...and with now the 'Crisis in the Gulf' also I would not

like to be the President of these United States for he will have to take

the blame for so many things, since people never see that they themselves

are doing anything wrong that might increase the troubles we have as a

nation, and as a people.



                   Until next time......May YAHWEH Bless.