NEWSLETTER.......JULY OF 1990............E.M.


   May 20, 1990..Kelso Washington:...Scientists are now warning that the

volcanoes of the North Western United States which had been silent for so

long before the eruption of Mt. St. Helens in 1990., are now rumbling.

Mount Baker, Mount Rainier in Washington State as is Mount St. Helens, and

Mount Shasta in California are showing some signs of activity such as minor

steam eruptions and bulging. Mt. Rainier is perhaps the most dangerous of

the volcanoes in the Cascades because of its potential for destruction of a

huge area of Puget Sound Lowlands.

   It is noted that 21,000 deaths occurred in a Columbian village when a

volcano blew there a few years ago. Population centers are flourishing

today in the paths of flooding and mudflow of these American volcanoes.

Perhaps Mt. St. Helens was only a warning??

   Scientists are now warning that the next eruption of any of these vol-

canoes could have six times the force of the 1990 eruption. Tom Pierson, a

United States Geological Survey Geologist as the Cascades volcano Observa-

tory in VanCouver, Washington give this warning. He thinks that Mt. ST.

Helens is the most likely to erupt soon but is watching these others as

well for the Cascades run from Northern California to Southern British



   As we have said for the Environmentalist stories... in

everything as they push for the wrecking of the U.S. Economy and way of

Life. From profiles of Deception:...comes this clearing of the air. Remem-

ber the scare of Alar sprayed apples? The program '60 minutes' carried the

story Feb. 26., then the Donahue show got into the act. It turns out that

both T.V. programs seized on a sensational report put out by a Liberal En-

viromental group called 'The Natural Resourses Defense Council'...this

story was based on faulty data that gave a wildly exagerated account of the

risks posed by Daminozide...this so called ALAR.

   Dr. Ames the famed University of California biochemist and others

devised a widely used test to measure the cancer causing potential of

various substances. They rate Daminozide and its derivative UDMH as below

chlorine treated tap water as a Carcinogenic risk. Tap water is rated 1.0

while Peanut Butter is rated at 30 and Beer at 2, 800.


   From Institute Magazine:

   Atheists target statue of The Christ...The Florida Civil Liberties Union

has agreed to represent the American Atheist Chapter in a lawsuit seeking

the removal of a Statute of The Christ on Federal Parkland. Now; this

'Christ of the Deep' is three miles off shore under 20 feet of water, a

memorial to people who have died at Sea. It is in the Key Largo National

Marine Sanctuary, a park frequented mostly by snorkelers and Scuba Divers.

   Tom Gardner executive director of the Florida Department of Natural Re-

sources suggested in a letter to the Civil Rights lawyers that those whom

the statue might dismay need never see it...don't go to that spot. We would

think this was good advice.


   Global Education...Brainwashing our M. Gregg Cunningham a

staff writer for the Denver regional office of the U.S. Department of Agri-

culture has this to say:...An important phenomenon is sweeping America's

schools, its's significance cannot be overstated. The concept is known by

many names, but the most commonly referred to one is...'Global Education'.

The rate at which it is being 'infused' into the Curricula is rapidly

accelerating. Globalism is not a course..rather it is a new way of teaching designated to present all course material from an International point

of view. One point of view stressed is that world poverty is caused by in-

adequate United States foreign aid.

   Other aspects of this study is that children are told to project their

own deaths, read funeral notices, write their own wills, design their own

gravestones, reject the concept of Biblical creation, and the rights of

unborn children.

   When heat is applied to this curriculum, it distills into a hard left

policy agenda. Their avowed objective is radical political change. And they

intend to achieve it by turning America's children into activists. The re-

sults is to direct the students attention away from patriotism and Americas

traditional values, toward pacifism, surrender of sovereignty, acceptance

of a permanent welfare state, and end to private enterprise, economic opp-

ortunity, and skepticism toward religious faith.

   One Essay in the CTIR Nuclear Conflict Text proposes to fully impress

the President with the magnitude of his intended actions. He onot be per-

mitted to resort to Nuclear defense until he has killed one of his own

aides with a butcher knife. It also suggests that students do not need to

understand the global political situation or the details of an arms race..

..just give up blaming and find a Russian and get to know her or him.


   Confessions of Robert Novak:...I was wrong about Communism. It is not

God after all who is dead...but Marx and Lenin.

   He goes on to say:..We must not give in however to the expectations that

the Cold War is over, that evil is vanquished, that Communism is entombed.

The struggle continues yet around the world. But in the 1990's let us

gather under the Right Banner of Freedom, this time with Faith that Liberty

under God will indeed triumph.


   The Monkey Wrench is the symbol of one group of the new Age earth

worshipping groups called the Gaia Liberation movement. These people have

even welcomed Aids as they want to cut the world's population by 90%. In

their environmentalists zeal they want to stop all logging, to collecti-

vize the U.S. and return us to a primitive standard of living even going

without shoes. To live at a subsistence level as the animals do. Now;

really few of us could survive in the wilderness of Yellowstone Park for

any length of time. Nature is not inherently friendly to man. 20 years ago

on the first Earth Day environmentalists claimed that we faced global

cooling, and a new ice age unless the Government spend billions of dollars

as they thought they should spend. Today they claim the globe is heating up

and will melt the polar ice caps. President Bush in his new budget projec-

ted $375 million for 'Greenhouse Research', yet ten years...long after...

the satellite study shows no evidence of global warming. If we did have

global warming many Scientists say it would lengthen the growing season,

and make earth more liveable and forestall a future ice age. One environ-

mentalist says that the U.S. must tax our citizens to share this burden in

the interest of the entire World Community.

   From Patrick J. Buchanan..Newsletter:.....

   Earth Day was celebrated by no mean a coincidence...on April 22., which

was also Lenin's Birthday. In Holy Scripture God told us to fill the earth

and subdue it, and rule...over the fishes of the sea, the fowls of the air,

and all living creatures that move upon the earth. We were created in HIS

Image and with Incarnation...the Creator of the Universe became as a child.

Thus any philosophy that equates man with animals and plants or subordin-

ates him to nature is a heresy of astounding proportions.


   G.K. Chesterton...who converted to Christianity when he discovered the

mistake of Nature worship said:...It is not natural to see man as a natural

produce, as an animal. It is not even sane. But then Common Sense perishes

except where there is Christianity to preserve it.


   By Llewellyn H. Rockwell Jr.

   On a Saturday morning I did what every parent should do once in a while.

I sat down with my nine year old daughter, Alexandra, to watch one of her

cartoons. The villian...a Mr. DeForest wanted to cut down trees on his

property and build a Lakeside Hotel. He was portrayed as a thug, whereas

the characters who deprived this man of his property rights, and preventing

the establishment of a business that would have improved the life of every

human in the area were shown as thugs.


   Representative Gus Savage (D. Ill.)...his amendment to put the needs of

America above the wants of Israeli....was defeated in the House of Repre-

sentatives...418 to 2......on April 3, 1990.


   The True case of Mandela:.....

   9 men were arrested on a sprawling farm in Rivonia, a suburb of Johan-

nesburg, and they were charged with plotting the violent overthrow of the

Government. Later during the trial, Nelson Mandela confessed before the

court that the charges were true. Of these men arrested...five were so

called whites, and they were Jewish leaders of the Communist Party. Their

names are Dennis Goldberg, Lionel Bernstein, James Kantor, Arthur Gold-

reich, and Harold Wolpe. The Attorney defending the group was Braam

Fischer, himself a secret leader of the Communist Party.

   Their trial opened October 9, 1963 with Mandela being accused of forming

a terrorist organization called 'The Spear of the Nation'. He named his

plan operation...come back Africa. The others charged in the case escaped

by going underground. One of those was Joe Slovo who went on to become the

Chairman of the Communist Party of South Africa today. He was a lawyer in

Johannesburg but after his escape to Zambia remained the director of the

Communist Party from exile.

   This group had war material, and a weapons factory and a 'safe house'

where fugitives could hide, as well as a command headquarters. And Mandela

was the only one who went to prison. Today Joe Slovo is back in South

Africa as a member of the delegation meeting with the White Government of

South Africa. International finance is planning an important role in this

process. Seymour Reich the multi-millionare head of B'ni B'rith Interna-

tional has pressured F.W. DeKlerk into the position he now holds. And Jews

in both the U.S. and South Africa are standing 100% behind DeKlerk.

   The plan for South Africa if the country bows to Black rule is Redis-

tribution of wealth of the white people of South Africa. After all that

which we are seeing in the Soviet world still makes no difference when it

comes to South Africa. For the Internationalists want to reduce the people

of South Africa to the same statis of destitution.

   Now; you understand who Mandella is representing...surely he has been

well paid over the years as he served the prison term for all. There will

be much interest in South Africa as this situation reaches a climax, for

many of the Black people who have gotten ahead in South Africa do not want

to see Mandella and his crowd come to power. This is one more instance of a

situation reaching to its fulfillment.



                      Until next time...May YAHWEH BLESS