GLOBAL WARMING...Enviromentalists warnings may be built on 'hot air',

and the cost of their programs will ruin the Industrial base of our Nation.

This is the consensus of the experts, as we watch these people scream and

cry about different things. For instance:...take this scare about 'Asbestos

'...the truth of the matter is that Asbestos is better left alone in the

school buildings. It is considered less of a threat than if it is torn out

at a tremendous cost. Then there will be more in the air, and there will be

a much greater risk of fire which the children will face. Actually, much of

this hue and cry is all a part of the new age tactics, to bring you to the

worship of 'Mother Earth' instead of God Almighty.


   A North Carolina Judge, H. William Constangy is being sued by the

American Civil Liberties Union, on behalf of five Attorneys, because he

opens his Courtroom each session with these words which they call a Prayer:

..'Let Truth be heard, and wisdom reflected.' They call this a violation of

Church and State. How rediculous can you be? The Supreme Court opens its

Sessions with these words:...'God save this honorable Court.' Will they try

to change this also?


   Now:..Lithuanis was forcibly incorporated into the Soviet Union in 1940,

and this was an illegal act, but now Gorbachev is trying to force this

little nation to remain under this doctrine which says:..'What is mine re-

mains mine, and what is yours is up for grabs'. This was the old Brezhnev

doctrine...when any nation forced into a different role tries to move to-

ward restoration of what they once were then you see the rise of concern of

any Communist nation because they only know about the use of force to main-

tain themselves. However the little nation of the Baltic states is forcing

the Western press has been so enamoured with.

   The Soviet Union does not want a unified Germany, if Germany remains in

NATO because that organization is considered a part of the Western World.

Peace at this time is then far from being assured in any of the nations

behind the Iron Curtain. As they struggle to be free this same Satanic in-

fluence rises to try to stop them, which is simply this same old struggle

which has been going on for so long.

   *********FROM HISTORICAL REVIEW*******

   The Myth of the extermination of Jews by the Germans in W.W.II., is now

tottering. But these far out stories have lasted for all these years. For

instance at the trials at Nuremburg for American investigator

,Kirschbaum, introduced a witness by the name of Eistein to prove that this

certain German Officer on trial had murdered Eistein's brother, yet the

brother was actually sitting in the Court room. The Prosecutor scolded

Einstein saying:...'How can we bring this pig to the Gallows if you are so

stupid as to bring your brother into court?' And yet this German Officer

was convicted and killed.


   The truth of the Katyn Massacre is now admitted by the Soviets. It is

now in the papers and on T.V., and there is a good discussion of this in

the 'Readers Digest', however the total truth has not as yet come out,

altho some of the commentators have admitted that the Western World knew

this massacre was not the work of the Germans. The United States President

was so informed but he would not try to stop the killing of the Germans for

this crime, because his advisors did not want to disturb our good relations

with the Soviet Union:...and our involvement with Joseph Stalin at that

time. The complete story has yet to come out.


   Profiles of the news media is deceiving the American


   Two years ago a group of moderate Black Clergymen from South Africa came

to the U.S. to oppose the 'Sanctions Legislation'. They could get no pub-

licity on Network T.V., or in the major Newspapers. These Ministers claimed

to represent million of Black South Africans, far more than does Archbishop

Desmond Tutu, who regularly appears on American T.V.


   Twice last April and in May ABC's World News Tonight featured an Oregon

business man named Richard Brenneke implicating the top aide to Vice Presi-

dent Bush in arms and drug smuggling deals. He claimed he had flown arms to

Nicaraguan Freedom Fighters and then drugs back into the U.S.  That he took

orders from Donald Gregg, who was at that time the National Security

Advisor for Vice President Bush. ABC put Brenneke on the air twice and he

gave a sworn deposition to a Senate Committee headed by Senator John Kerry

of Massachusetts on the matter. Most journalists knew that Brenneke's

stories did not hold water. Accuracy in Media protested but the excuse for

using the story was that Brenneke had given a sworn deposition to a Senate

Sub Committee. Two years later Senator Kerry admitted his staff had been

unable to verify Brennek's charges. However ABC T.V. News refuses to issue

a correction. In 1989 on May 15., a Federal Grand Jury in Denver Colorado

indicted Richard Brenneke for perjury, for having lied under oath in making

his wild charges against George Bush.  (Wonder who paid him to do that?)


   On May 17, 1989 Bryan Gumbel...NBC's Today Show Host talked with Randall

Robinson, head of the Lobbying Group..'Trans Africa', which is pushing for

immediate Black Rule in South Africa. However the methods this group and

even of Archbishop Tutu do not reflect the wishes of South African Blacks.

Bryant Gumbel did not ask about the poll released by the South African

affiliate of Gallup International...where in 82% of the Black's polled had

said that Sanctions were a bad idea. 55% rated unemployment as one of the

most serious problems facing South Africa compared to only 21% that sited

Apartheid. These Blacks realize that South Africa has the highest standard

of living, and highest Black per capita Income of any African Nation. But

the eagerness of our media to give the impression that Tutu is the foremost

spokesman for South African Blacks was demonstrated by the treatment he was

given by ABC's Ted Koppel...on 'Nightline'.

   *********************** to this worship of Nelson Mandela, he was in England but would

not meet with Mrs. Thatcher until he had been shown on T.V. as being greet-

ed by great crowds of Britains. But last year when the South African Gover-

nment reported the 172 lynchings of Blacks in three months...the Press

screamed as steps were taken to halt the killings by a Nation Emergency

measure. They also failed to report that Mrs. Mandela had encouraged this

lynching. On April 13, 1986., she is reported to have had said:...according

to an AFP Dispatch:...'Together, hand in hand with our boxes of Matches and

our necklaces (lynching tools) we shall liberate this country.' This was

also not sited when she was given an honorary degree by the John Jay

College of Criminal Justice in New York City.


   Pat Buchanan.................

   After spending 20 million dollars, federal prosecutors managed to

persuade 12 political illiterates in a jury box that Admiral Poindexter

misled Congress about what the White House was doing to keep the Contras

alive and to win the hostage's release. As communism is rolled back then

history is close to a verdict that Ronald Reagan was the true hero of the

cold war...this the left does not want. The heart of the doctrine was the

Contras...keeping them alive when the Congress sought to ditch them as it

ditched the brave army of South VietNam. Reaganites maintained the force

that with 100 million dollars in military aid in 1986 would keep pressure

on Daniel Ortega until he would accept the free elections which brought

down his reign.

   Poindexter was not charged with violating the Boland Amendment because

this was a Civil matter, not a criminal statute, and it did not apply to

the National Security Council. History thus repeats itself...what the left

by use of the Iran Contra Affair tried to do to President Reagan is what it

did to President Nixon using the WaterGate Affair. This was to break a

President it could not defeat at the ballot box. This Trial of North, and

Poindexter was purely cover the 'Sell out' of Central

America. We will see more of these show trials until Republican Presidents

learn to defend the Office from the Political assualts of an embittered

left that has no other way of overturning a Conservative Mandate. Special

Prosecutor Lawrence Walsh is under extreem pressure to recall to the Grand

Jury all Reagan officials connected to Iran Contra..including the ex-

security advisor to then Vice President Bush...the purpose is to smear if

possible the President of the United more time.


   Cicero....(quote) Those who have no knowledge of the past must remain



   The Israeli's have as yet not killed John Demjanjuk the 70 year old

American who is supposed to die for operating the diesel engine which was

said to have supplied lethal gas to the Treblinka 'gas chamber'. On Feb.

25, 1990  CBS on the program 60 Minutes devoted a segment to this case and

reported that certain people had been prevented from testifying at this

trial that Demjanjuk was not the man...'Ivan the Terrible'. One was the

woman who had been on intimate terms with the man...Ivan the Terrible...

and she stated that Demjanjuk was not the man. The case against this man is

goundless and a travesty of American and Israeli Justice if there is such a



   On Feb. 26, 1990 on the Jerry Williams show, Boston Mass., 2 IHR members

squared off against Michael Slovich (JDL) as they proved that so far no

evidence had been produced to prove that there was an extermination of

Europe's Jews, and that the losses of such during W.W.II., has been highly

exaggerated by modern historians. The JDL man rummaged desperatley thru his

prepared notes to produce something, as 100,000 viewers took it in from

live Prime T.V.  The IHR also has a VHS copy of the Telecast.






             Until Next Time......May Yahweh Bless......E.M.