NEWSLETTER........MAY OF 1990..........E.M.


   Gradually the cover-up of Sandanista election violations by Ex-

President Jimmy Carter is being revealed. United Nations officials said

they could only hope that on Election Day Carter would tell the world the

truth. He could hardly do anything else that day. Remember that it was the

Carter administration that helped the Sandinistas come to power, even tho

they proclaimed Marxist tendencies.

   According to behind the scene reports it is the Contras who deserve the

credit for forcing the election even tho the U.S. Congress under pressure

from the Internationalists in our nation, cut off aid to the Contras in

1988, thus giving the Sandinistas hope. But the Contras did not quite fade

away as was hoped, for on February 14, 1989 at the meeting of the Central

American Presidents in El Salvador, Ortega agreed to hold elections by

February of 1990 in exchange for Contra demobilization.

   After the nicaraguan elections Castro..should be worried but Washington

D.C. seems to be reluctant to press Gorbachev to stop sending supplies to

Castro..the fear was that he might turn on Eastern Europe as they try to

come out from under the Communist yoke. Now that Gorbachev is using

Lithuania as a lesson for all the other countries, perhaps Washington will

react differently. Remember the Kennedy-Khrushchev agreement gave Cuba to

the Communist...accepted the fact that Cuba was to remain a Communist

Country int the Soviet orbit. Did the Carter administration quietly do the

same with nicaragua?

   The Reagan Administration never accepted the idea that Nicaragua was to

remain in the Communist orbit, thus trouble erupted in Central America. And

the Administration was tested in Grenada.

   As you probably noticed Jimmy Carter and Elliot Richardson..both listed

as International Advisors went to Nicaragua, and gave the green light for

Ortega to hang on to power. But the people spoke, they talked one way and

voted another in private. As you noticed Jimmy Carter was still with Ortega

as he went after the elction for his meeting with the new elected officials

and here he urged that the Sandinistas retain control of this large army

which Ortega has built...for terrorist acts in other countries. Before the

new leaders take over control of the nation it is expected that the

Sandinistas will dump a 5 year supply of weapons into El Salvador.

   As we have always said:...the program of communism has always been...two

steps forward and one back if necessary, but always they win. Today we are

locked in a great drug war in the U.S. and in Central and South America,

but do you realize that one of the arms of the Communists has always been..

..THE DRUG TRAFFIC? Thus Castro was recruited early as was Ortega, and even

the rulers of Panama. The Comintern...of Communism is a world wide network

of Guerrilla Terrorist groups. Mr. Gorbachev and his policy of Openness... no way effects the Communist drive for world domination, and

especially is this true in Central and South America which effects the U.S.

   In El Salvador their operations are the same as in Nicaragua for the

same Soviet official runs both. The greatest success of this operation

comes from the misrepresentation of the Salvadorian situation in the U.S.

and for this they use the controlled Press of our Nation. The Sandinista

FSLN is a part of the Comintern...Jimmy Carter understands this, but re-

member he works for the Internationalists, always has, thus advocates a ONE

WORLD GOVERNMENT. They offer you peace if you do not oppose their program

of Global conquest. But, my friends, Peace or Freedom is not free it is


   The Lady who won the election in Nicaragua faces an uphill task. She

must take control of the army and reduce it to the size necessary..only to

protect her nation, and she must also disband the FSLN this...Group which

works out of Nicaragua to spread Terrorism and Communism to the other

nations of Central America. We feel that only with the help of the Almighty

will she be able to do this, for the Press of the U.S. is not going to help

her in any way.

   Men who have traveled in El Salvador and Nicaragua and report the other

side of the story as they did in Viet Nam tell us that the Comitern

scenario for victory in Latin America calls for more of the same..attacks

by guerrilla bands..false information, pressure on the U.S. to reduce aid

to both these countries, then eventually they believe that both of these

small nations will be in their camp.

   As for Panama...these men report that the Panamanian government and most

of the people were happy with the American Invasion, and want troops to

stay in their nation, and even suggest that by 1944-45 they ould be ready

to make an agreement that the Panama Canal remain under U.S. protection

with troops stationed there. This is completely opposite from what we hear

on T.V.

   Mr. Gorbachev allegedly told Mr. Bush in 1988 that he would send no

further weaponry to Daniel Ortega, yet those supplies increased instead of

decreasing, and yet the U.S. Congress which was briefed on the matter

threatened to cut off aid to El Salvador like they did with the Contras.

Pressure from this behind the scene Internationalist group remains very

very strong on the Congress and Administration.


asked by Dr. R.G. Breene Jr., as he writes for the American Educational

League. (Quote) Mr. Gorbachev is a lifelong, if clever, political hack

whose agility and personality have brought him to the top of the Soviet

Communist Political heap. Because Communism is the failure which it has

proved to be, he has to reintroduce an often used tactic always successful

with the West....'Mellowing'. This time it is called GLASNOST-PERESTROIKA

(glasper). This 'glasper' first appeared in 1920 as Lenin's so called new

Economic policy, then in 1936 as the Great Soviet Constitution, then in

1956 as de-stalinization...thus we now have Glasnos and it is designed to

wring economic support from a myopic west while a 'mellowing Soviet' girds

its loins for what it feels will be its final assualt on what remains of

the Free World. The evidence could fill volumes; space allows us to boil it

down to 3 points...ONE..the Communist Party Hack Gorbachev is Constitution-

ally incapable of modifying Leninism, altho he is striving to do this which

is precicely what his boosters want us to believe. TWO..Gorbachev has con-

tinually avowed his devotion to Leninism since he became General Secretary

of the Central committee, Communist Party of the Soviet Union on March 12,

1985. THREE..Leninism is simply WORLD CONQUEST.

   Gorbechev began his career in the young Communist League first as

Stavropol city First Secretary with important assignments thrown in. By

1962., he had worked his way up through the party apparatus to head of the

C.P. Agency Department for the Territory. During the next 8 years he worked

his was to First Secretary of the Stavropol Territory Party Committee, the

springboard for his membership in the CPSU Central Committee in 1971. He

became Secretary of the Central Committee in 1978., a full member of the

Politburo in 1979, to the New Secretary General on March 11, 1985...and now

today he is the leader in every chief post of that nation. Do you think

that this party hack, nurtured in the luxury of Communism's 'New Class' is

going to change and 'MELLOW' Communism?

   In the Aesopian language of the Communist...'Peace' is that condition

which prevails only after Communist conquest. Later on 1985...THE DRAFT


Gorbachev's program appeared in Pravda in October. In translation it runs

25 pages and should be pursued by any poor soul in the Free World who

believes that there is anything 'New' about Gorbachev.

   However this new version marked the beginning of an irresistable process

(which now requires Free World Financing). The replacing of Capitalism with

a new Communist Socioeconomy formation.

   In his speech June 1988 so widely hailed in the Free World as the dawn

of a new era of 'benign Communism'...Gorbachev actually pledged himself as

absolute ruler of Russia to Lenisn's conception of the Communist Party as a

political vanguard of society. Lenin knew as he took power that Communism

must either succeed in World Conquest or disappear. He immediately began to

apply the revenues of the Russian Government to World Revolution, and each

of his successors has done the same.

   Toward the end of last year, Gorbachev wrote to President Bush, pledging

an end to military aid to Communist Nicaragua, yet President Daniel Ortega

admitted on Sept. 20, 1989 that a Soviet shipment of three torpedo boats

and four mi-24 choppers was on the way to him. This shipment was observed

by a U.S. recon-satellite.

   The Free World awakened from the euphoria invoked by Khrushchev's

'Mellowing' labeled..'Peaceful Coexistance' to find that the Soviets had

overtaken and passed the Free World in every form of armament from missiles

to submarines, twice as many in fact as the U.S. for example. Each time the

Communist have cried 'Mellowing' we have awakened to the reality that the

position of World Communism has been immensley strengthened and is stronger

than ever. From one of these dreams of 'Peace' there will be no awakening.



   We still suggest that only as YAHWEH-YAHSHUA guides this situation will

the West be protected. We have reached the point of blindness that does not

allow us to lead, but there will be an awakening.


   An Ancient Pearl has been found by Archaeologists. They have unearthed a

Pink Pearl believed to be at least 4,000 years old, on the Persian Gulf

Island of Bahrain. The Pearl is 4 millimeters in diameter and is from 45 to

50 centuries old..back in that time this Island was a major trading center

between Mesopotamia (modern Iraq) and the Indus Valley of West Asia

(northern India).


   From the Boston Herald...Feb. 1, 1990....Jennifer Casolo, this woman

recently described by the Media as a 'church worker', was expelled from El

Salvador late last year because of her un-ecclesiastical work, and the

items found buried in her backyard. She was released because the government

of El Salvador decided it was not the time to put an American on trial.

This lady now back in the U.S. is on an extensive nationwide speaking tour,

speaking of 'right wing' repression, and calling for an end to aid to the

Cristiani government. Her campus appearances have turned into mini FMLN

rallies. She is quite cool in her appearances and ould have us abandon the

Salvadoran government for the good of the people. The blessings that the

Liberals brough to South East Asia they would now bestow on Central

America. However Jennifer's halo is said to be slipping, if she is ever

depicted in a stained glass window, it probably will be brandishing an

Ak-47 in one hand, the other pointing toward the promised land of the

Marxist Millennium.






                     May YAHWEH BLESS....until next time.