NEWSLETTER........FOR APRIL.......1990......E.M.


   The election is over in Nicaragua...the last Domino in the Carribean.

Castro of Cuba must be worried as to what is next.

   Did you notice that Ex-President Jimmy Carter was in Nicaragua a month

before the election, and then up thru the election period and even after-

wards? He reported to the press every so often, as he had done before this

in Panama. He was with Ortega when Ortega visited the winning UNO Head-

quarters. He seems to be acting as an advisor for Ortega, but remember that

Jimmy Carter works for the unseen Rockefeller Government not for America.

The press pretends not to know this, and give him credit for much that has

been accomplished in that part of the world. It may be that the ONE WORLD

GROUP has sort of suffered a setback but remember they never give up and

are always a danger. They will be an obstacle to the Government of Nicara-

gua as the new leader takes over, and Jimmy carter will be their out in

front man, trying to blind your eyes as to really what is going on.

   The National Endowment of the Arts has funded one 'outrage' after

another in the past few months. For instance the Veteran Porno Queen...

Annie the midst of her so called 'artistic' endeavor joked

...'Unusually I get paid a lot of money for this but tonight its govern-

ment funded.' Another Porno Queen...Johanna funded from the

$500,000.00 annually for the NEA. Karen Finley who bills herself as the

Queen of Dung Dynasty...her act staged at the same kitchen Theatre where

Annie Sprinkle performed...received $60,000.00 last year from NEA (National

Endowment of the Arts). The picture depicting CHRIST as a drug addict was

also funded by $15,000.00 from the same NEA. The picture was called:

'Tongues of Fire'.  Does your Congress want to trim expenses? They never

see such as the above or question the funding do they?


   From Pat Buchanan's Newsletter:...30 years ago the District of Columbia

was a terrific and white to be sure, but today it is a corrupt

city, the end results of America's decades long Urban experiment in Secular

Humanism and liberal politics.

   Why are they celebrating the unbanning of an African National Congress

whose leaders are addicted to the very marxist idea that ruined every

African country where it has been tried? In 1960 Africa was a going

concern. 30 years of Independence has brought Despotism, tribal massacres,

Starvation, Disease, and Civil War? There is nothing 'racist' in this

question only facts.


   Eastern Europe..The Communists may be down but they are not as yet out.

In every country in Eastern Europe the struggle is still there to get the

Communist troops out of their land. Why should our President be trying to

negotiate the removal of those troops...stand aside and let the people

drive them out. If this be the work of the Almighty as we believe, then

don't get in the way!


   Human Events:....The Environmentalists are going after Sununu, the

Presidents right hand man. They do not like his influence over the

President as he tried to expose their 'far out' ideas. He is to conserva-

tive for the Far Left. We always thought they would go after Mr. Sununu

since they opposed him from the beginning, but this is one position that

Congress cannot control. They say that he has a violent temper, but he

seems to be able to handle himself in all situations.


   The latest word from West Germany tells us that the late Werner Nachman,

head of West German Jewry for quite a time..embezzled upwards of 16 million

dollars of the 'Reparations' extorted from the German Taxpayers, and

destined for 'Holocaust Survivors'. Well after all, that was quite a temp-

tation was it not???????


   Researchers are telling us that they have found clumps of galaxies

occurring in an apparent regular pattern over a vast distance, a finding

that clashes with the current understanding of the Universe. Gravity would

not have enough time since the birth of the Universe to produce a pattern

over such a huge scale, thus the find may be a 'fossil imprint' from the

very early say the experts!

   Well!  Well!  do you suppose they will in time have to give up the 'Big

Bang' theory one of these days and admit that YAHWEH has been creating for-

ever....and they were just not able to even imagine such a thing??


   What do you think of this?...from George Nicholson?

   Astronauts at Green Belt, Maryland were checking the position of the

sun, moon, and planets, as to where each were or would be later on so that

Satellites being sent up today would not bump into something later on in

their orbit. The computers were used, back and forth they ran over the

centuries, when a red light suddenly appeared meaning something was wrong.

Actually the computers said there was a day missing in space in eclapsed

time over the last several thousand years. How could this be...the sun does

the same things every day and so does the moon?

   The Scientists were puzzled...then someone suggested that one time in

Sunday School they talked about the Sun standing still. They brought out a

Bible and went back to the Book of Joshua (10:8) and they read:..Joshua

spoke to the LORD and he said in the presence of All Israel, stand still, O

sun of Gibeon, stand still in the vale of ajalon'. And the sun stood still,

and the moon halted, for ALMOST a whole day. Surely not? They checked the

computers...this was close, the missing time back in Joshua's Day was 23

hours and 20 minutes. They still had 40 minutes to account for, and they

called in his guy they considered a 'religious man' and he was able to re-

member another instance..II Kings 20., when King Hezekiah was sick, and he

wanted a sign (20:9-11) and 'The Shadow went back 10 steps'. Ten degrees in

the rotation of the sun and the earth is 40 minutes by the clock. This

would fill in the missing day in the Universe for the scientists.

   No matter what explanation....the time is surely coming when the

Scientists must forget their theory of 'Evolution' and the 'Big Bang' and

realize there is a higher power who has been out there all the time.


   Have you noticed how hard the press works to keep the people stirred up

all the time? Something is wrong with our enviroment, or we are being cruel

to minorities, and on and on? We feel this is just a ploy to keep people

from really knowing JUST WHAT IS GOING ON. But we tell you to hang on, we

are going thru this time of trouble and we will come out of it in victory matter what the enemy plans as their next step in this war against

the Kingdom of YAHWEH here in the earth.


        Until next time......May Yahweh Bless.....E.M.