The year 1989 was an eventful year and 1990 started with a bang. We saw

Ceauscescus of Romania tried by Military Court and executed along with his

wife on Christmas Day. We are now learning of the many evil things that he

did in his 25 years of Dictatorship. Remember that 3 Presidents of the

United States starting with Richard Nixon seemed to think that he was doing

such a good job.


   Communism is going down all over the world where the Soviet Union had

employed this type of political blackmail. The area of Central America

needs to be cleaned out. It is reported behind the scenes that Gorbachev

promised President Bush at their last meeting that they would begin to

close down the pipeline to Cuba within a three month period. Is that one of

the reasons that Dictator Noriega did not run to the Cuban Embassy instead

of the Vatican?


   Will the Dictator of Nicaragua be the next Dictator we will have to

topple? They had threatned not to let our plane carrying supplies for our

Embassy to land...January 11, 1990. Haven't head anymore about it but I

remember that many of our Congressmen have helped and abetted this little

Dictator to do his job.


   As you watched the the Panama Invasion did you think of the

setting in place of the necessity for this action...just a little over 10

years ago as the President and Congress took the steps which would require

this sending of American troops to rectify...only ten years later?


   Some people are still worrying about a reunified Germany. The Pentagon

tells us that we will likely face in the 1990's a Europe shaped as much by

German economic influence and military potential as by Russian influence.

Destiny we would say is inevitable.


   Phyllis Schlafly tells us why the Feminists are so bitter:...According

to Feminist ideology of Gloria Steinem, and Betty Friedan, and others...

Husbands especially are awful creatures, and a wife is just an unpaid ser-

vant and mistress. Yet all the time the rest of us believe that Most

American Men are descent, and honorable, working long hours to provide for

a wife and children.

   After much research Paul Johnson has uncovered the reason for the

thinking of these leaders of the Feminist movement. It seems they take

their examples from such men as Karl Marx, Jean Jacques Rousseau, and Percy

Bysshe Shelley for their ideas as to what husbands are like. These men kept

illiterate Mistress's, were worldly promiscuous, treated their wives shab-

bily, and did not support their own children. Karl Marx for instance made

his wife's life a nightmare, kept her and the children destitute while he

would not work and even seldom bathed. He denied his daughters an education

and thought them only suitable for menial jobs. He kept a female slave in

his home from the time she was 8 years old, never paid her a wage, and used

her as a mistress, and refused to acknowledge their child. She was the only

member of the working class he ever knew well, and his alleged research

about this so called proletarian was a fabrication. We could go on and on

with examples but stop and consider the background of these people, and you

see that there was men in the background that were merely using these

people for a distinct purpose...which was the 'tearing down' of the Christ-

ian West. The Ms. Magazine 'The Flagship'., has shut down, a sign that

Feminism is no longer saleable. Founded 17 years ago by a little group of

friends, this magazine always featured anti-male, anti-family notions. The

Feminists taught young women that marriage was a cage, divorce brought lib-

eration, and child care was a burden, that abortion was a woman's right,

and devoting themselves to their careers in their 20's and 30's would bri

fulfillment. Now they are learning that as they want a family in their 40's

that it is not always possible. This was but an attempt to change human

nature, and to wreck the family life picture of a prosperous America. This

was also to bring about the cry for public or government controlled baby-

care, and we are hearing that cry today in the Congress.


   Massachusetts is now the nations undisputed economic basket case. A

product of all these years of Liberal Left policies.


   David Horowitz has now turned full circle. He now writes of the Devasta-

ting Legacy of Americas Liberal Left. He was of course born into a house-

hold where both his parents were members of the Communist Party. He marched

with the Liberal Left of America under such leaders as Senator McGovern and

Tom Hayden. They were for Civil Rights for Americas Blacks but actually

wanted to use the Blacks as a battering ram to bring about a Socialist

future for America. In the course of their efforts they managed to break

down America's traditional values and institutions. The results is.... we

have a drug ruled crime wave. We are suffering from the most devastating

epidemic of sexually transmitted diseases in our nation's history..Over one

million Americans are infected with the Aids Virus. We are now beginning

once more a racial tension, affirmative racism which is a perversion and

betrayal of the civil rights victory with which the 60's began.

   Mr. Horowitz now says that Vietnam and Civil Rights and their defolia-

tion in the 80's has changed his views. He sees these Ultra Liberal forces

firmly entrenched in the Democratic Party. These forces still seek to

weaken America's defenses and to betray its values, to set rich against

poor, men against women, race against race. Mr. Horowitz may be as a rat

leaving a sinking ship, but he also lays out the causes of many things

which now must be corrected as America is freed from the grasp of the World

Order so as to fulfill her Destiny.


   The Black Reparation Bill now making its way through the Congress is a

good one...Since Congress voted to pay surviving Japanese for their impri-

sonment in W.W.II., now it is thought that America must pay any Black

person who can trace his ancestory to slaves. The amount...$20,000.00 each.

The 600 billion to bail out the savings and loan will be only a drop in the

bucket in this scheme.


   Mr. Will Loy promised to tell us a secret about the Soviet Union in this

letter.  Here it is:...Gorbachev was recruited and trained by the British

Secret Service. He then was taken over by the Soviet Union and became a

double agent. Thus he works for both the British and the Soviets. In fact

as the Soviet Union breaks up Gorbachev will flee to England.


   I would put it this way....:Gorbechev works for the men behind the

scenes in both nations as well as ours. These mighty men saw the break up

of communism coming and they hoped to restructure their control into a more

dangerous threat. Call it Socialism if you will but it is still economic,

political, and religious control, for their type of One World Government.

Here in the U.S. we have lately seen them trot out the same old Ramsey

Clark and McNamara, and such to try to cut the defense position of the U.S.

again until this new system is in place.


   Mr. Loy believes that the Invasion of Panama has forestalled the coming

war in Latin America. It was the right move, at the right time, and could

save millions of lives. I am inclined to agree with him.

   ......Headline:..Will Loy...A shocking development connected with

illegal drugs will soon shake the United States.

           MAY YAHWEH BLESS.......E.M.