NEWSLETTER FOR JANUARY...............1990...........E.M.


 Astronomers have discovered a 'Great Wall' of Galaxies stretching across

the the nothern Hemisphere. It is said to be composed of at

least 2000 very bright stars..or Galaxies. They have also discovered that

there is a vacant region in that area of the Northern Heavens. They are

finding that there is bigger and bigger things out there in the heavens

where it would take 'TIME' to build. This is said to disturb the 'Big Bang'

Theory, and once more they are did the Universe get that way??

Even if we told them would they finally believe????



 Another story or rumor surfaced..this reunification of Germany is very

disturbing to some people. They have even resurrected the story that Hitler

is still alive. He is ow 100 years in the mountains of Chile

with the Indians who treat him as a God. A respected anthropologist is said

to have found evidence that proves that Hitler and Eva Braun came to Chile

in a U Boat. Nazi memorabila was supposidly found in this hut where Hitler

had lived for 44 years, but he was not there. The Indians claim that he is

now very frail, but has a clear mind. Hitler is said to have been a great

doctor to the Indians, and they care for him, and supposidly carried him

away when white men were coming to the hut, and will fight and even kill to

protect him.



 A new Chapter was unearthed in the story of the Mayan Civilization of

Central America when Archaeologists identified a large center of Mayan

civilization and extended the time factor back many more years before the

birth of The Christ..back at least 400 to 600 years before the birth of the

Christ child. This site lies about 350 miles from Guatemala City. The exca-

vations revealed thousands of artifacts, tombs, temple structures, some of

these ranging from 40 to 60 feet in height and even some estimated to be

150 feet in height. One discovery shows a sculpture ten feet high with two

individuals in Royal clothing who are facing each other. One has his hand

extended..pointing to a diety between them. Now from further information we

find that they are now saying that maybe this area in Central America may

be the source of the Gold of Ophir which Solomon is said to have found.



 Will America in time be just a part of this great one world of Europe?

Many are worrying about this for over the years we have read of how a group

of International financiers, politicians, and utopian dreamers were plott-

ing to turn the world into One Super State..but mostly people just scoff at

the idea of an Conspiracy. Yet today we are seeing this great Super-State

set in place in Europe. There is to be a boundryless Europe and some are

saying that this will destroy all their forefathers fought and died for.

But we believe there is more to this idea than has been suggested so far.

Will have a tape on his lateer this spring. For now watch this development

for this is the program started way back in history. The New World Order

due to become official in 1992 will coincide with the American Presidential

election. We find old familiar names listed in this planning such as Willy

Brandt..former Chancellor of Germany. Michael Dukakis, Teddy Kennedy, Allen

Dulles, Averill Harriman, Henry Cabot Lodge, Henry Kissinger, the Rockefel-

ler brothers, Kuhn Loeb Bank and a host of others, but those listed you

might easily recognize. Today we now know that even the famous Marshall

Plan was for the purpose of eventually bringing to pass this One World of

Europe which America will supposidly be pushed to enter. Thus we also ask:

..was not the program of 'Foreign Aide' an International scheme to even-

tually blackmail America if she doen not willingly join this One World

Order. The Atlantic Institute merged with the Trilateral Commission in

1971, and by January of 1986..the Trilateral Commission controlled over 60%

of the world's wealth, thru banks, Presidents of Multi-Nationals, Politi-

cians, and University authorities. Since June of 1989 Trilateralists hold

'all of the center' and 13% of the Socialist section of the European Par-


 In September of 1988..a call went out for a single money system, a single

Central Bank, and toleration of national parliments only as bodies empower-

ed to ratify ONLY what the European Parliament decides, and this is to be

accomplished by the end of 1992. The first phase will start on July 1,

1990, with European Community Finance Ministers requesting the governors of

National Central Banks to cooperate. The moneys of member states will be

merged into a European Monetary system (EMS) within the framework of exist-

ing institutions.

 The three arms thru which the European Parliament will exercise control

over the financial economy of the World will be the European, American, and

Asian Trilateral Commissions. Margaret Thatcher alone opposes this plan in

defense of National Soverignty. Therefore the Laborite Campaign has started

to destroy her. The Great unknown is where America will stand when the

attack on her money and Soverignty comes. This my friends is where hose who

issued the directives to the 'Ford Foundation' have brought us while

Americans scoffed at the idea that a conspiracy existed. We here will be

watching to see how far our Heavenly Father will allow this situation to

develope before it is brought down. Our enemy is banking on the blindness

of our people to hold until they have sprung the trap. We tell you that

eventually Germany will be united and the German, English, and American

flags will fly side by side in the Kingdom of Our Father. We are just to

occupy and wait for the end results of this Mighty Struggle.


 According to Scripture everything is going to be revealed. Here is just an Scott Shane of the Baltimore Sun.

    In the 1930's children swam in a pond next to a graveyard, and they

were prone to hide and watch as truck drivers arrived and uniformed secret

polic officers in high rubber boots and long rubber gloves grabbed naked

corpses of men and women and threw them into a pit. Other workers then

shoveled sand over the bodies. This went on year after year, and night

after night and the children returned to watch, and saw corpses with bullet

holes in their skulls. They saw how rainstorms washed the sand away and

revealed legs and arms. The children watched stray dogs which lived around

the meat plant next door descend into the piit and dig. The children remem-

ber the great portrait of Joseph Stalin at the meat packing plant all

lighted up with lights at night. These children are now grown and the his-

torian Milchav..age 58 is trying to record the memories of these children

to preserve the truth of this terror while it is still possible. A group of

journalists and historians are working to uncover the grisliest secret of

Societ History. Mass murder on a scale larger than the Holocaust is

reported to be. These men are digging up skeletons, and demanding long

secret records from the KGB. Historians estimate that 40 to 60 million

innocent people were arrested under Stalins rule.

 Even under this reformist regime of Michael Gorbachev..publically about

the imprisonment, torture and massacre of innocent people by the state is

politically volatile. But while some of the witnesses are alive they are

working to expose perpetrators of terror, some of them are still alive and

it is remarkable they have exposed as much as they already have.


 Several U.S. Congressional Missions are now in the Philipines and they

headed by Representative Patricia Schroeder (Democrat of Colorado). Look

for her to help to try to remove the U.S. bases from that Island. She is

also on the advisory board of the Nicaragua network..a sandinista front

raising money for the Sandinistas. In 1979 she participated in the Commun-

ist dominated Women's..'Strike for Peace'..Press Conference. She has always

worked in the Left Wing camp.


 So the Japanese are buying Jewish owned property in the U.S. Are the

wealthy Jews in the U.S. getting ready to run from our country?


 The conflict over the Convent outside of Auschwitz, Poland will soon be

solved. Work on constructing a new Convent will be started next year.... so

says the Jewish leaders in America.


 Mr. Will Loy...has been telling us for some time that he knows more than

he has said about the Soviet Union..promises to tell us more next month. He

also sees this year of 1990 as a great struggle..but an Economic War a

shooting war. I would agree with him in this, since the behind the scene

plans seem to be for this Economic War to start July 1, of 1990. Mr. Loy

also sees this action of Congress of sneaking in their pay raise at the end

of the session as starting off a great inflation stampede and this could

also be a part of this Economic War which would make it look as tho America

is losing at first. As to the new leadership he has seen coming the Soviet

Union for some time..Mr. Loy thinks that Gorbachev is just a front man for

this secret group of New Leaders coming to the front in the Soviet Union.

Gorbechev was chosen for this part of the 'Puppet' leader by this group who

are at the head of this 'Physological Warfare Complex' in the Soviet Union

today. Mr. Loy also thinks the News Media will be totally taken in by this

puppet leader, and that seems to be the case.


 We have always believed that the plan would call for a Socialist govern-

ment for the New by the same people who are behind all the

planning. What will be interesting is to watch just how far the Almighty

allows this to is all in his hands, for we cannot help our-

selves out of this mess.





                      Until next time.....May YAHWEH BLESS