NEWSLETTER FOR DECEMBER...........1989.......E.M.


  October saw one catastrophe after another. They have continued thru Nov.,

to a lesser degree, yet the U.S. is still trying to make a pact with the

World Order. This program seems to be right on track, in fact some people

are suggesting that we borrow Billions of dollars in an attempt to SAVE the

Soviet Union until she does not have to cut her defense budget altho of

course in the process America is to cut our defense spending.


  Jim Taylor (U.S. Naval Reserve Officer) has been touring the U.S. trying

to outline facts for our people. He is telling his audiences that when the

new President of Iran..Rafsanjani decided to arrange the release of the

American Hostage..Terry Anderson..who had been held the longest in an

attempt to gain a better understanding with the U.S. Government the Israeli

government went into high action. The Zionist leaders were seething with

rage..this must not be allowed to happen. Why? It might lessen the bitter

hatred so carefully built up in America against Iran and the Arab world.

The Zionist have a confidential saying that any act that helps anyone else,

including their benefactor the U.S.A. automatically harms Israeli. It is

thus the duty of all Israeli's to make certain that turmoil and bitterness

continues in payments to Israeli. American hostages, or lives are of no

consequences, the Statis Quo must be maintained unabaited. Bitterness and

hatred must remain in American hearts against everyone in the Mid-east ex-

cept Israeli. In other words as long as American hostages are held..more

billions can be extorted from the American tax payer.

  The Israeli officials now publically admit that their kidnapping of Obeid

would place the American hostages at risk..Rev. Jacobsen said his sources

told him that the kidnapping of Obeid did not only prevent the release of

Terry Anderson, but also triggered the hanging of Lt. Col. William Higgins.

Everyone in Lebanon knew that Col. Higgins was a trained agent for the

Israeli's...this was the reason for his fate.

  It is also known that the Israeli's have been training hit squads for the

infamous Medellin Cartel of Drug runners of Columbia. When some were caught

they were called by both Washington and Israeli Press as Mercenaries acting

solely on their own, but the Israeli's not only trained them but taught

them to kill Columbian Judges and anyone who advocates stopping the Illegal

drug traffic. These Israeli officers in Columbia have not been identified

on Israeli T.V., but the U.S. Media...also tightly controlled tries to

surpress their names as well and the depth of their involvement.

  The latest victim of Israeli torture was only 14 years old. His name is

Hussein Jibril. His parents took him back to their native Palestine and the

West Bank for a visit, and he and they were all U.S. Citizens. After a

prayer meeting, young Hussein and several Palestine youths about his age

were arrested and beaten and carried away in an Israeli army jeep. when he

failed to come home the mother went to the Israeli occupation headquarters

to inquire for her missing son. She was told that because her son was an

American citizen with a valid American passport, he had been released

without charges. She did not believe them and went to the American Embassy

and there was told he was never arrested.

  A reporter for the New York Times was told that the boys body was found

in a ditch by his cousin..a U.S. Vietnam Veteran..many of the boys teeth

had been pulled out and some of his fingernails. His skull was mashed, and

his body covered with ciggarette burns and marks of electrical shock

torture. His left eye had been removed surgically...while he was still

alive. This an autopsy showed. The British Reuters News Agency said the

boys death was probably by Palestinians trying to incite anti-Israeli

feelings in the U.S.  In America it is a vicious crime if an Arab or

Iranian kills an American. But if an Israeli tortures an American citizen

it goes under the label of patriotism...of protection of Israel.

  Col. Taylor tells us that at Universities he has been ridiculed for

telling the truth. Both the controlled U.S. News Media, and the contro-

lled government have played the Anti-Arab mind game until the murders of

Americans by israeli's is overlooked without a murmer.


  The National Sales Tax bill known as the 'Deficit and Debt Reduction Act'

of 1989 is quietly introduced by Senator Ernest F. Hollings..on Feb. 23,

1989 yet you have not seen it spoken of on T.V. or in the Financial Press

as yet. This National Sales Tax Bill however is quietly moving thru the

Congress, and they expect it to be passed if not this fall then next year.

It would raise 60 to 80 Billion dollars per year. Would it be used to re-

tire the Budget Deficit?...Don't count on it.


  Believe it or not...but yest it is true..Investment firms have refinanc-

ed 4.8 Billion dollars in Israeli securities at low interest rates. And

these securities are Guaranteed by the U.S. Treasury. These firms using the

U.S. Treasury to loan money to Israel on which they will collect interest

are:...Shearson Lehman and Co. Inc...Chaste Manhatten Capital Markets corp.

...Merril Lynch capital markets...Salmon Brothers Inc. among others.


  So the Japanese are buying what...considering who owns it

now. The Japanese bought Rockefellar least controlling intrest.

But behind the scenes the International One Worlders have targeted Japan

with the BLESSING of a multiracial society as they have already accomplish-

ed in America.


  Miss Kitty...Amanda Blake of Gunsmoke fame died of Aids. And since Aids

does not seem to be killing big numbers of the right kind of people New

York's Mayor Ed Koch's plan for solving the Aids crisis in New York is to

move those Aids victims to low profile areas of Middle America. Some sect-

ions have already been selected for this program and an area stretching

from Greenville South Carolina, to Ashville North Carolina, and west to

Waynesville North Carolina then South to Clayton Georgia has been selected

to start with. Most of those Aids patients being transfered are either hom-

osexuals or negro drug addicts. This makes the election of the New Mayor of

New York all the more interesting since Ed Koch and Governor Como were

pushing his candacy and were so happy when the black man won. This is

Biological warfare on the part of your enemy, has been from the beginning

because 'Aids' is a man made disease as we told you some time ago, and now

have it confirmed once more.


  Ted Turner the T.V. mogul says he does not even need Jesus the Christ...

he has become a millionaire and has had several girl friends thus he does

not need anyone to die for him. Well, we tell you he may have amassed a

fortune and had his many girl friends...but I know who is going to win this



  The Berlin coming down??? Remember that the enemy always takes

two steps forward then if necessary one step back, thus you see that they

always win. The One World Government of Europe makes this move necessary.

As you watch and listen to the World Order (T.V.) you see brought back on

the scene the old so called Liberal..Intellectual crowd of the Kennedy

days, who see this as a wonderful development. Jimmy Carter was also hosted

and toasted in Washington D.C. and there also the new winners of Tues.

election were in the limelight. When asked if he were still President what

would he do about racism in America today, Mr. Carter replied:..'If I were

still President today there would be no Racism in America. Perhaps you

should re-read Washingtons Vision to see what is building up for this stru-

ggle in the U.S.A.  Also be sure to read the results of that Struggle..for

we believe that you are seeing prophecy fufilled...which also brings us

closer to the day when 'The kindom of Darkness becomes the property of Our

Saviour and His Saints. This is all a part of the fall of Great Babylon

altho the enemy has not as yet given up, and is not expected to give up at

this point. At the same the Pacific..the Soviet Ships are shooting

Laser Beams at American pilots and blinding them altho they do wear protec-

tive covering for this has gone on for some time.


  From Will Loy letter:...

  Remember when Mr. Loy gave the vision (June 88) of the large Bear and the

Eagle sitting at either end of a table. The Eagle was skeptical about

walking down the new road of Peace together with the Bear, so the Bear

offered to go first? As the Eagle followed it noticed a large Zipper down

the back of the big Red Bear and when the Zipper is pulled there is another

bear inside that is totally different. This Bear is half red and half blue.

Mr. Loy now thinks this vision is coming to pass. The Soviet Leaders now

think they are very clever in deceiving the U.S. into taking this new road,

but they have no intention of changing from furthering their own goals of

World Conquest. However Mr. Loy believes that after the next turn in the

road the Soviet Union will never be the same again.


  I believe that since he wrote that letteer that the break thru the Berlin

Wall was that next turn in the road and I believe that the Almighty had a

hand in this because the time of that captivity ended. However the Soviet

Union and even China altho they are in for changes still they cannot stop

their march for One World domination..only the Almighty will stop that,

they will try to consolodate in the Pacific area and will still be fighting

to change the Faith of the Christian west up until the time when Great

Babylon is totally fallen.



           Until next time......May YAHWEH Bless.


  P.S....We wish you happy Holidays. We have many things to be thankful for

and yes we believe that we need to keep the spirit of Christmas alive even

tho this is not Christ's Birthday. We need to keep His Name before the

world lest people forget even more.