Vice President Quayle and his advisors are turning into the major players

inside the Administration supporting the SDI Program. Brent Sxrowcroft is

clearly the most important staffer against the SDI. This is to be expected

of course. Also Arnold Kanter whom Scrowcroft recruited from the Rand Corp-

oration is also against SDI. President Bush is said to be undecided, there-

fore it is up to Quayle and his advisors to bring their influence to bear..

on the thinking of the President. No wonder the Press is still against the

Vice President, and belittles him whenever possible, altho the President

seems to be trying to educate the Vice President to fill the bigger shoes.


What is the truth behind the development of what is called 'Cold Fusion'?

Will Loy thinks, and I agree, that there seems to be a big cover up...Big

money interests will do anything to stop the development of this 'Cold

Fusion'...Why? becauase this is an inexhaustable power source with very

little radio active waste, and no pollution. Big names are discouraging the

belief in this source of power, just as nuclear energy was discouraged. It

is a political football today with no thought as to what the cheap source

of power would do for the company and the people of our nation.


Mr. Loy thinks the Battleship 'Iowa' was a victim of Sabatogue. WELL, there

has now been three so called accidents in a row. Mr. Loy suggests that the

KGB has mistakenly believed that the United States had something to do with

the sinking of their experimental Submarine off the coast of Norway just



The rise in gasoline prices was not caused by the oil spill in Alaska,

there are other reasons behind this rise in price. One is to feed inflation

so as to destabalize the Bush Administration.


Col. North was convicted on three counts...which was a disappointment to

many people. But the North Conviction is a very complicated political

affair. It will be years perhaps before the court will settle if ever this

question...did the Congress infringe on the Presidents power for forming

foreign policy? But this Colonel Oliver North...a dedicated..first class

fighting man..with purple hearts on his Khaki breast..a Bronze Star..the

Silver Star..that was his role in life..He served his country to the best

of his ability. But if his vengeful and vindictive foes have their way, he

may never wear his uniform and ribbons ever again. They would like to see

him imprisoned,..a felon..deprived of the pension he has earned.

Col. North was convicted on count Six for 'aiding and abetting' in the

obstruction of Congress. On count Nine he was charged with illegally des-

troying documents of the National Security Council in 1986. But you should

remember the nature of these documents, for they involved Intelligence

sources; they involved other nations that responded under a pledge of con-

fidence. In the hands of the Presidents political enemies the documents

amounted to abandoned weapons. Then there was count Ten..this hurt the

most. This was the charge that Col. North accepted the $13,800.00 Security

Fence for his home in suburban Washington. This was foolish, but was it

criminal? Was it the kind of conduct one should be sent to prison for? His

wife and children remember were in great danger, he understood this, and

also on his Marine salary he could not afford such security WHICH HIS

GRATEFUL GOVERNMENT FAILED TO PROVIDE. Remember also that 'Obstruction' of

leaks to Congress is a way of life on Capital Hill. Oliver North never

pocketed a dimes worth of personal enrichment, but look at the 'Skimmed

Off' Royalties..for instance of the Speaker of the House of Representatives

and Yes, there will be appeals, further trials, further appeals, all are

enrichment for the lawyers, possibly a renewed investigation by Congress

since key Democrats are lusting to get at President Bush. The Prosecutor

who compared Oliver North to Hitler says this demonstrates no man is above

the law. It says to me that this prosecution is on the wrong path.

We now learn that the foreman of the jury which convicted Col. North is the

cousin of the Secretary who works for the Prosecution. Judge Gerhard Gesell

held a hearing on this matter...but the record of that proceeding has been

sealed...Why? We wonder then did Col. North receive a fair trial by his

peers??? We think not.


Will President Bush pardon Col. North?  I doubt it. Why? Because today we

have a single party House of Representatives and because of the arrogance,

seconed by Colleagues, they are using this power to destroy the office of

the Presidency of the United States. If Reagan had pardoned Col. North then

Dukakis would be president today, for the Press would have made this

happen. The same set up is still in place today. There is much hypocrisy in

this situation, while congressional speaking fees are supposed to be the White House they are outlawed. While Congressmen endlessly

badger regulatory the White House every phone call must be

explained. Mike Devers, and Lyn Knofzizer were convicted of crimes that

would have been proper contracts had they served Jim Wright's House rather

than the Reagan White House. Yet it is from this same House of Representa-

tives where one hears the loudest cries of 'Ethical Sleaze'. The tragedy

here is that now the House of Representatives seems to have deteriated into

a Cowardly-Corrupt Bureaucracy. Some day this must end and great will be

the fall.


John aide to the House Speaker Jim Wright, resigned from his

$89,000.00 per year post, after the newspaper recount of the details of his

brutal attack on a Virginia woman 16 years ago resurfaced. Speaker Wright

did not insist on his aide remaining in his job for this publicity was

hurting Jim Wright who is now under questioning for wrong doing. Even the

fact that John Mack was a brother of the man married to his daughter at

that time came out in the press, so the Speaker was probably glad to see

him go. Jim Wright has now hired a battery of high powered lawyers to see

that he is not removed from his position as Speaker of the House of Repre-

sentatives. Since the President has not pardoned Oliver North there is a

better chance that Jim Wright may be forced out of his powerful position.

This may also explain why a Presidential Pardon has not come. Some way must

be found to re-balance our three houses of government, for the nation is in

bigger trouble than it already seems to be. We hope the American people

continue to financially help Col. North with those bills for lawyers fees,

and perhaps the appeals will tell a different story.


How long....How long??? will the Almighty allow such things in this HIS

Great Nation? I am thinking of this photo of the Crucified Christ submerged

in Urine...and this being declared Art. The Rockefeller Foundation, the

Equitable Foundation, and the National Endowment for the Arts were the

founders of this Award in the 'Visual Arts' field. This so called artist

was given the sum of fifteen thousand dollars of tax payer's money for this

so called 'Art'. Andres Serrano...the artist said he immersed an image of

the Crucified Christ in a glass container of urine he had collected from make this winning photograph. ...I have news for this artist

...He may think he is mocking our Saviour, but we do not have a dead

Saviour...we have a Living Christ..a Resurrected Christ.. he is only

playing with an image.


Now; remember Watergate??? Then further back when Richard Nixon was a young

Congressman, and how he was exposing Communists in the United States? Not

only did he identify Algers Hiss as a communist, but also Alfred and Sylvia

Bernstein...the parents of Carl Bernstein who figured so large along with

Woodard in the Watergate story. Revenge was obtained as President Nixon was

brought down. Today Alfred Bernstein is a fund raiser for the National

Conference of Christians and Jews in the Miami, Florida Office. Richard

Nixon is kept very much in Retirement.


Why the fury of Khomeini toward Rushdi..the writer of the book..'Satanic

Verses'? As we thought Rushdi is not a Moslem...his parents are of the

Beni-Israel-Indian Jews, one of the older branches of Jewry. This accounts

for the fury of Khomeini and also the ultra protectiveness toward Rushdi

adopted by the Western governments...does it not???


Mrs. Aquino of the Philippines is going to visit Moscow as part of the plan

to kick the U.S. out of its vital military bases in the Philippines. Then

soon you will see the Philippines establishing diplomatic relations with

North Korea, then later Red China. It is reported that Kissinger has gone

to Moscow to assure the Soviets that the U.S. plans to reduce its military

presence in South Korea. Thus our unseen government is busy trying to set

up their one world government.


As to the elections in Panama...Jimmy Carter even saw the way things were

working in Panama. However he thought it would be wrong to try to do away

with the Panama Canal treaties which are such a fraud. But now the people

who forced these upon the United States want to get rid of the Dictator

that they set in place and he doesn't want to roll over and play dead. He

has much against many in high places and he will not go easy...time will

tell the outcome of all this.


When Politicians pass 'Codes of Ethics' to beat up on the other parties

Politicians, then the problems in our Congress were out of hand. This the

Congressional Democrats decided to do back in Post-Watergate days. Today we

see the results...we have now a Speaker of the House who many say is as

oily as, and as murky as the Exon slick, one who thinks he should wield as

much power as possible, and bring home to Fort Worth, as much Federal Pork

as possible. He has been in Congress since 1955...perhaps has outlived the

Public contribution Media loves scandels and loaths especially those so

called 'Conservatives' and are always happy to help in the bloodletting...

and they helped from Richard Allen down thru Ed John Tower. This

moment created for a purpose has now turned on the Creators, and we believe

before this is over there will be a Cleansing of the Congressional Houses

for the good of the Nation. Perhaps we need a limit on the amount of time

they can serve.-------------



           May YAHWEH Bless...........E.M.