From 'Human Events:'...Young Joe Kennedy likely to be the next Governor

of Massachussets after Dukakis...on his way up the political ladder. There

has been no question as to his being too young..etc. After all he is a

Kennedy not a Quayle.


   Chief of Staff Sununu will face a great Media Challenge, maybe the

American people choose Mr. Bush over Governor Dukakis but the Major Media

did not. Their Problem..the key question much damage they can do

to the Bush Administration in the next four years. After all Vice President

Quayle like President Bush has a constitutional 4 year term from which he

can be detached only by the process of impeachment which is to slow, thus

they plan to cut this administration to pieces. And John Sununu who is

Chief of Staff is the target of destruction for his going would cause the

most damage to the Bush Administration. So watch for them to start picking

on him.


   Now; I read much about President Bush, and much is not very complimen-

tary, and I do not think his plan of compromise with Congress will work,

but I am willing to set back a bit and see just what YAHWEH has in mind as

we are in this time of...'going to Great Babylon'...World Government..and

then we will be delivered. Did you notice that Barbara Bush held the old

Bible that George Washington held as well as their family Bible as George

Bush took the Oath of Office of President of these United States. This

George Washington Bible was that old Masonic Bible which Washington ordered

delivered to him to use as he took the oath of office.

   Did you notice that while they were getting ready for the Inaugural that

the Government behind the scene was meeting? On one side of the table sat

David Rockefeller and by his side Kissinger. On the other side of the table

was Gorbachev. The picture flashed on T.V. was too fast for me to recognize

the other seated gentlemen. They were meeting somewhere to plan strategy

were they not??? Then right away the Tower nomination was in trouble...

after all Tower believes in a strong America. Did you notice what Barbara

Bush had to say about this difficulty of conformation of Tower? She was

trying to keep her mouth she said..but she just couldn't quite do

it. As I have said before...Washington is going to have a time keeping the

press away from her for she is too outspoken to please them.


   The Oliver North farce still goes on. I am hoping it would fall in the

trash can soon. After all is it worth the 12 million dollars already spent

to prosecute Lt. Oliver North, so far, because he put a security fence

around his home to protect his family?? The new line used in argument now

is:...'Can any man be above the law?' But we would remind you that when

Oliver North supposidly lied to the Congress about a convert operation,

perhaps he had in mind certain 'LEAKERS' in Congress such as Senators

Leaky, Durenberger, and Jim Wright. But isn't there a law against reveal-

ing Classified information? The two most serious charges have been dropped

against Col. North, and only a bunch of Mickey Mouse charges are left, but

look at the lost years for the North family, the unbelieveable court ex-

penses, and a 12 million tab so far from the taxpayers to pursue a

political vendetta.


   Ronald H. Brown takes over the post of leader of the Democrat Party. He

worked for Senator Kennedy at one time, and studied law under Mario Cumo.

He managed Jesse Jackson's campaign in Atlanta, thus his ties are to the

extreem left of the Democrat Party. Since he is a black man this is a

historical event.


   Jesse Jackson was in Luanda, Angola in the middle of January,

demonstrating solidarity with Jose Eduardo Dos Santos the Marxist Dictator

...and then he went to the Soviet Union...who supplied the money for these



   The Quayle appointments have been pretty well hidden but many are very

satisfied with those appointments of Bill Kristol as Chief domestic

advisor. Then chief of staff for Education is Bill Bennett, and these two

men work well together and speak out on such controversial topics as 'Right

to Life'..Teenage promiscuity'...racial quotas' as even 'aid to the

Contras'. Then Carnes Lord is Quayle's National Security advisor...and he

was a former staff member of the first Reagan term, and is considered a

solid, clear-headed specialist on foreign policy and defense matters.


   From London, England:...The Sunday Observer newpaper...Photographs of

the body of Rudolf Hess suggests that this 93 year old man may have been

murdered. (Remember we told you this some time ago). The photographs were

part of a post-mortem report by Wolf-gang Spann of Munich, Germany. This

report suggests that Hess died by the result of deliberate STRANGULATION,

altho it was first reported that his dath was suicide by hanging. Dr. Hugh

Thomas who earlier examined the prisoner said these photographs show Hess

was murdered. If a person hangs you expect the line of the cord would be

diagonally across the back of the head. The photos show the line straight

across and continues around the front of the neck.

   As we have told you before...Hess was one of those men who held the

knowledge of the Secrets of the Holy Lance and its place in Destiny, so who

wanted this old gentleman to stay in prison, isolated from the world, and

then killed as he was soon to be free.??????


   From the Will Loy letter:.......

   The so called 'Ozone hole' is an outright lie, to get federal spending.

The so called 'Green House Effect' is also another outright lie. Both have

been exposed for what they are by many responsible scientists. But the

Congress and the Major Media go on their way as if these two outrages are

proven facts.

   In the United States we are in an Era of Great Extreems, and these

Extreems for instance are in Morality...which would be totally unbelievable

to anyone waking up out of a 20 year sleep. Look at the Health Care costs..

..Executive salaries, Federal spending, even extreem weather and geological

activities such as earthquakes. But all Extreems must come to an end, and

finally balance out. How this will be accomplished is not quite clear. But

we have told you that this will be the worst Congress in the United States

history, and yet the President wants to work with them. The Biggest chall-

enge facing Congress and the President will be avoiding the financial

disaster brought about by the Greed and Graft in the Savings and Loan

system and the Banking industry. After the Congress brings about this dis-

aster can we hope the Bush Administration will be able to handle the sit-

uation so that it does not develope into a financial nightmare.

   Mr. Loy tells us that the Journal of the American Medical Association

has published a scientific study that proves that prayer helps heal those

who are sick. Not just the prayers of those who are themselves sick, but

also the prayers of others. Mr. Loy sees this as a very small step in the

direction of the new 'Spiritual Science' that he forsees in the distant

future. You know takenly believe it ought to be. Thousands of years from

now....most people ALIVE today are going to look back and feel awful


   Mr. Loy also predicts a fairly nice spring then an extreem summer. I

think he is probably right on target with that prediction.


   The U.S. Trade deficit only gets worse....could it be that the United

Stated now has nothing, or almost nothing to sell??


   The Vatican has now praised the political changes in the Soviet Union.

It looks as tho the Vatican is now ready to open negotiations with the

Soviet Union. The hour of Destiny thus is coming closer. You will now see

the Soviets flexing their muscles in the waters around Japan and the Phil-

iphines as the trouble with the west in Europe dies down.


   Again from the 'Human Events'...Just when we thought that Congress would

be so emeshed with the program of trying to get their wages raised without

losing their Honorariums, it seems they are about to O.K. a proposal to

spend 15 million dollars on the study of American Sexual behavior. The

proposed two year survey will ask 20,000 Americans about their sexuality,

including homosexual contacts, numbers of sexual partners, sexual practices

and preferences. As well as the frequency of Orgasm, sexual abuse and other

topics. We are wondering if they will only take their survey in the Wash-

inton area and say this represents the American people? I noticed that

average Americans are saying they are sick of all of this focus on sex, and

if given a choice they choose love and marriage over sex anytime.

   As to the Congressional Pay Raise now voted down, but which will be back

on the table soon, why did President Reagan and then President Bush favor

this 53% raise? President Reagan said:...Why not? What better way to awaken

the American people, after all they keep voting these same congressmen back

into power...time after time.

   As of February 1987 there are 390 current Congressional retirees who

also benefit from such manipulation and planning. Annual Pensions for

retirees cost approximately $15,900 dollars per year. We have paid out so

far...per retiree...485 million dollars and their average contribution to

their pension fund has been 35 thousand dollars. These men get their

pensions even tho some went to jail on one charge or another.

   The Standard of Conduct (Ethics) committee has decided to 'white wash'

House Speaker James Wright's misconduct. Just the week before 3 more of

Wright's Savings and Loan Patrons of Texas were indicted by a Federal Grand

Jury in Dallas, Texas for alledged illegal Corporate contributions to a

Political Action Committee set to pump $109,000.00 to rescue Wright's Crony

Representive Jim Chapman (D. Texas) in the off year election. Chapman has

been repaying Wright ever since. Last fall the Ethic Committee reportedly

heard testimony on how Jim Wright the Speaker of the House of Representi-

tives repaid the S and L Industry by intervening to stop disciplinary

action, by demands to fire tough bank examiners and generally slowed down

the Administration effort to shut down the looters thus raising the bail

out costs from 50 to 70 Billion dollars.

   The point man also in Jim Wrights power used to shoot down this damaging

evidence was Representative Charles Pashayan (R. Calif.) who has been

shilling for some reason for Jim Wright ever since 1984.

   With their lush congressional pensions already insured, if they had

allowed the pay raise to go thru then Jim Wright's pension would have

increased to 1 million dollars per year and the average congressman by over


   This is one example of the con game in Washington D.C. where there is a

98% incumbency victory rate. The only way to break this deeply corrupting

cycle of incumbency is not a pay raise, but a substantial pay cut to force

these birds to leave their feathered beltway nests and migrate back to



   Now; as to the question....what about the face on Mars? Well, remember

it is a mile long object, it and other nearby structures show a symmetry

and precision hard to dismiss as only freak phenomenons of nature. As we

have told you before the government knows much more than has ever been

admitted about 'things' from space. Dr. Swift told us much about many of

these things, but the Identity ministers of today mostly think that Swift

was totally off his rocker. We have also told you before about the disc-

shaped aircraft which crashed in the New Mexico desert and the secrecy

which surrounds this incident. Mars was as you know once the base of

Lucifer in the time of his rebellion, before he was finally driven to earth

and confined. For a time we think that Lucifer could perhaps go back as far

as Mars in our Solar system but no farther into the heavens. We have also

told you before the difference in these space craft, and how some dive into

the sea, and how pilots describe those who fly them. Now; as to whether you

believe in UFO'S really doesn't matter, but I believe our Destiny lies in

space, and I believe that as a nation we should keep up our exploration of

space. Some day when this cause is finished here in earth we will reach out

to embrace our Destiny in Space.


   From the World Intelligence Review:...Indirectly linked to the not so

mysterious plane crashes in Germany is the not so mysterious deaths of the

Scientists in England who are working on contracts involving the SDI

program. 25 deaths have occurred so far, the weapon used...Microwave

Radiation. It appears that KGB hit squads armed with hand held Microwave

guns are loose in England and other parts of Western Europe. Their targets

....scientists working on key projects such as SDI. So far this year 21

Nato military aircraft have been lost in West Germany. Accidents?? not so.

.....and not human error. The Soviets are testing their Radiation weapons

which will be used if Western Europe does not peacefully become One Nation

by 1992. Our officials are not telling the people even tho one of our

safest..almost crash-proof planes became a target. Eye witnesses said the

plane became surrounded by a glow...a sort of halo...yet officially this

was called....Pilot error.

   We would tell you that if the American people were to learn these things

from our government they would be in a panic. But since we are moving in


We believe that you watch and see HIM deliver.


   An Indian committee from 5 different tribes met with the Senate specail

committee on Investigations. They were requesting investigation of the

Indian Affairs, how handled and so forth. Daniel Inouye left the hearing

early after asking each Indian member to define the word Soverignty. It

seems the Indians believe they own the land. Russell Means spoke first and

he was asking for 'Self Determination', as to citizenship in only their own

tribe, and if they prefer then dual citizenship, but they learned that only

Israelie has that right. The Indians were claiming that the money goes to

the Bureau of Indian affairs, and not to the people. I doubt if much will

be done on that claim of corruption either...but it just shows the state of

everything in our government.


   The Bible on which he placed his hand as the Vice President took his

oath of office was on an 1890 Bible which belonged to his Grandfather. It

was opened to the 29th., Psalm....the last verse:...'THE LORD WILL GIVE




   It would certainly help a lot of our people really understood who the

people of the BOOK really are, then they would be able to sort out the

happening of today and come up with different answers. We read that Israeli

is in a state of turmoil. If Israeli goes into another round of war with

Lebanon, then Syria will attack Israeli, for the balance of power has now

shifted in favor of Syria. Key American strategist are said to be saying

that Shamir is not popular anymore, which is a definite shift in opinion.

So again watch...see what happens, but keep your eye on the Light at the

end of the Tunnel.

          Until next time:....May YAHWEH Bless.