Yes, it was a bomb which brought down flight 103...Terrorism in action.

Of course did you notice that right away the T.V. tried to suggest that it

was a PLO group which did it? We expected that the New Administration is

more pro-Arab...could this be true? I am also reading that the power of the

CFR is also abating.


  From the Will Loy Newsletter:......Mr. Loy sees great catastrophic

changes coming in 1989 and on into 1990 that will totally change the world,

our Nation and our lives. He also thinks these changes are survivable for

those who prepare themselves...How do you do that? In the way you think and

believe. Therefore in 1989 begin to change, adopt a new attitude, don't

continue doing things the same old way just out of habit thinking the years

just ahead will be just like they always have been. In otherwords the year

1989 could be the last year for certain things to be...AS IS. But remember

also that being a survivor is not running away but preparing to go thru the

coming events as we have also been telling you.

  Mr. Loy also thinks this New Congress will be the worst Congress in our

history. They will pass terrible new laws, make some terrible decisions and

really mess things up in a bad way, but then remember that people voted

them back into they asked for it. We tell you that this is just

a sign of the times.

  Mr. Loy also thinks this year of 1989 will be a very critical year for

the Soviet Union as well as the United States.

  Mr. Loy forseen that Congress will be unable to keep their hands off the

Social Security reserves that are  now building up to take care of the

coming rise in people elegable for this retirement. Congress will propose

all kinds of schemes to further tax...cut or revise Social Security in 1989

so that they can tap this build up of funds. If they do then the fund will

be right back in the shape it was in 1980, and we would say that this will

stir up a Political firestorm.

  Mr. Loy suggests that the Major News Media is expected to call 1989 the

'Peace Year'. We remind you that the powers that be are moving to estab-

lish a One World situation in Europe by 1990. Mr. Loy says that 1989 can be

a wonderful year if you put aside temporary problems and are interested

more in spiritual reality. We would then think that more and more knowledge

will be coming forth but it will take a change in your thinking to be able

to absorb it.

  Mr. Loy thinks that Vice President Quayle will be much in the news during

February of this year. We can now tell you that there are plans in Washing-

ton D.C. even among some of the more liberal Republicans to help discredit

the New Vice President. According to 'Human Events'..Dan Quayle can have

the last laugh if he can build a record of serious contributions to a

successful Bush Administration. Bush was reaching out to the so called

'Baby Boomers' when he picked Dan Quayle. These are the younger people just

coming into their 40's. They are the wave of the future...Dan Quayle is 42.

But the older...entrenched Congressmen feel threatned by these younger men

coming tothe front in political life. In Congress they have managed to keep

them in check, but with one as Vice President, and felt to be a conserva-

tive in his thinking, a man believing in America first in Defense then Dan

Quayle is seen as a big threat. After all he might be in line for the

Presidency in time, at an early age...thus the thinking of the Eastern

Establishment is 'Stop him Now'. One of the charges now being hurled

against this New Vice President is that he used marijuana when a young time.

  Mr. Loy predicts that a lot of the World will come unglued as South Korea

...Israel and other nations hit the skids here in 1989, causing a big ad-

justment in many way.

  We are wondering then if it really will happen if the U.S. were to pull

back from total support of Israeli? This will be an interesting development

to watch. It is said that James Baker, Secretary of State has always been

leaning more toward the Arab side of the mid-east struggle. Time will tell

how this develops. We do know that George Bush did all the right things to

gain the Jewish vote, but he also did not get it, but this has been the

case for a long time.

  Mr. Loy closes with this prayer:...(Quote)  Oh Lord guide us thru the

days of this year. Show us the right way so that we may trod the path of

your desire. Prepare our way so that we will not slip into the pit of

error. Give us spiritual sight, so that we may look forward with hope. Show

us the way O Lord, and we will follow thee thru all the Universe of Time.'


  Now; the last election three more states passed initiatives making

'English' their official language, raising to 17 the number of states that

have adopted such measures. Looking at the map which portrays this we see

that most of these states are the ones that have had a great increase of

aliens into their population. It looks as tho the 'Bilingual' crowd advo-

cates may have been stopped for the time being at least.


  I also noticed that the population in our nations still continues to

shift to the south and the west. This is bad news for the Liberal Eastern

block who are going to perhaps try one more time to regain their control.

Behind the scene they seem to be planning to use Mike Dukakis and Jesse

Jackson in a four year push to take over this country once more. We are

wondering if this won't run into trouble...after all who of those two men

will be top dog?????



  I will be busy for a while with tax work so this tape and newsletter is

being mailed out early.



             Until next time may YAHWEHtBLESS