The election is over but politicking still goes on..heard Arthur

Schlesinger (Remember him?) propose a move to abolish the office of Vice

President. He thinks this move will gain ground after the Inauguration of

Vice President Dan Quayle. Mr. Schlesinger feels that the office of Vice

President makes people less prepared to be President than they might have

been before being elected to that office. He suggests that without a Vice

President then if a President were killed in office, a speacial election

could be held to once more fill that office.

  MY! MY! how convenient for the political party in power in the House of

Representatives, for the Speaker would of course fill the office of Presi-

dent, so really no hurry for the election. Then the head of the Senate

would be next in line so of course in this case then the Legislative body

could also control the executive branch of the government. The idea of Dan

Quayle being Vice President sure disturbs those old builders of what they

thought of as Camelot.

  There is also much critism of Barbara Bush, she must wear different

clothes, and color her hair, and this idea of being seen so often with the

grandkids must stop. Did you know that on vacation when the kids and grand-

kids come to visit, that the grand-kids are allowed to come and jump in bed

with Barbara and George. MY! that isn't done in America anymore. This

family image has changed....or has it???


  Why the fuss over the nomination of Governor John Sununu of New Hampshire

as the Chief of staff for the New President? His father is Lebanese, his

mother Salvadoran and he was born in Havana. He is a Conservative American

citizen, a Republican, an engineer, and was a College professor. Is rated

as a good Governor, but he is also ARAB in his background, and is active in

the American Arab Association. Back when the United Nations resolution

branded Zionism as Racism, the only Governor who did not jump up to condemn

this resolution was Governor Sununu. His reason was that he did not think

Governors should sign a resolution trying to influence policy.


  Told you last month that Clyde Holloway was targeted for defeat because

he came forth with that bill to defeat the Senate bill that would make the

Federal Government in control of All Babysitting...manditory...Well Clyde

Holloway, a freshman Republican won a great victory, 57% to 43%, in the

November election. He defeated a liberal pro-abortion feminist..a black..

lady, in a Forum members really worked on that one.


  Gorbachev's visit....He was stressing a 'New Order'. We also know that

behind the Iron Curtain there is much unrest in the conquored areas as the

people rebell. We are told that food is very scarce in the Soviet Union.

This is the gravest shortage in history, so says John Coleman. In Armenia

where this massive earthquake struck this December...when Gorbachev was

here to address the U.N.  There was not only an earthquake but an after

shock of almost the same magnitude, thus this has caused so much damage,

but this unrest in Armenia was also about food shortages before the quake,

so must be much worse since then. Dr. Coleman tells us that there has been

much back-channel negotiations going on between the International money

men, Armand Hammer, the Rothchild banking Dynasty and David Rockefeller,

the pro-Bolshevik supporters one one hand and the Kremlin on the other

hand. The issue is food and finance of which the USSR is desperately short

of. Food is scarce everywhere for even here in the U.S. for the first time

in our history we produced less food than we consumed last year. But the

International boys had demanded that the Kremlin leave Gorbachev as Leader

of the USSR, and they will supply the food and money needed. Gorbachev thus

seuzed the moment and grabbed more power and was hoping to strengthen this

power by his visit to the U.N. and the meeting with President Reagan and

Vice President Bush. Then this massive Earthquake caused his visit to be

cut short.

  Now; if the U.S. cannot supply the grain then if it has to be brought

from other nations, then the Illuminati conspirators will bring their

financial clout against those nations and their tax payers like they do

against those in the U.S., for cheap food for the USSR. Thus once again

just as it happened in June of 1942 when Stalin was faced with a grave

crisis...the U.S. and Britain will again be required to once more aid the

communist nation. If the Christian nations had not come to the aid of the

communist nations then communism would have been no more. Today the

Christian West is being required to be a Patsy...In the words of Armand

Hammer sometime ago:...'Food will be in the 80's and 90's what oil was in

the 70's. Those who control food will dominate the picture. The big Grain

Cartels now dictate the grain prices, keeping them low until they have the

grain in their hands. Then the American consumers will face new food prices

in a hurry.

  This plundering of the food supply in the nations behind the Iron Curtain

as the food is then sent to Moscow we are told, has caused much anger and

resentment which has reached a boiling point. That is the story leaking out

to the Christian West.

  Now; Gorbachev talks of a New Order, then on the program '60 Minutes' on

December 4., an interview was taken with the man who is trying to buy the

controlling Interest in all the Business world of Europe. He was born of

Jewish parents in Czechoslovakia, and of course his parents were lost in

the Holocaust but of course he survived. He stated quite emphatically that

he believes that, BEFORE 1992, all Europe will be One Country, one

language, one money system, but this is their World Government..out in the

open is it not? I thought that if the U.S. dollar and the English language

was used then that would make it more appealing to the U.S. and Britain

would it not? Nothing was said about religion but of course you know what

would be pushed.

  This gentleman is so rich money is no object. He is also a friend of the

Royal Family in Britain, and as of today he has thousands working for him,

and they are of course well treated at this time. The Metric system will of

course be the schedule of weights and measures, for this Atheistic World

Rule. This metric system was dreamed up in 1776 at the time the Illuminati

was formed. But this system has proved of no value for France in Peace or

War. In the end any antion which endorses it loses its soverignty in the

end. The Pyramid inch is the measure for Israel, and here those your

enemies are trying to form their type of World Government...for the

Christian west and are pushing every program which is agianst the program

of God's Kingdom. Will it Succeed????

  Well the Prophet Micah tells us:...'Thou shall go even to Babylon, there

shalt thou be delivered; there the LORD shall redeem you from the hand of

thine enemies.'.....Old Babylon was also a symbol of World Government. Are

we seeing prophecy fulfilled? At least we are seeing the manipulators more

open with their plan as well as jockying for the place of leadership of

their system of World Government.

  Nostradamus said:...20 years of Republican rule, then chaos as things are

straightened out. Since the sign in the sky Feb. 4, 1962., there has been 8

years of Nixon-Ford, and 8 years of Reagan which equals 16 years, thus 4

years of George Bush would equal 20 years. Interesting isn't it? We need to

do what we are supposed to be doing at this time and then watch the

Almighty His time.


  Apartheid is said to be bad for South Africa, but did you notice that it

is O.K. for some other countries. We tell you that the white man must rule

in South Africa or the white people will be wiped out. The more concessions

the white people make the more trouble they have. This is just a fact of

life. There is no satisfying some people. Incidently if you think you have

seen the last of Jesse Jackson don't count on it. He plans to take over the

Democrat party and be thier nominee in four years, and the ultra Eastern

Liberals will help him accomplish this.


  Mr. Will Loy, remember, said that the years 1987-1988 and 1989 would be 3

very fateful years. He now sees us moving toward some kind of conclusion

that will come in 1990. He sees 1989 as the year of the KGB in Russia. As

they pull their troops out of Afghanistan and Angola he sees the Kremlin

sending in Bears in Trench Coats, in otherwords they are shifting strategy

and will rely on espinage now to achieve thier world objective. However he

sees the Eagles in Trench Coats pouring out of the U.S. to take the nece-

ssary steps to defend America. Mr. Loy says that he does not consider the

National Debt as a great problem even tho Politicians have such a fit about

it. He sees this as only a push for more taxes. Incidentally did you notice

that Congress is maneuvering once more to raise their salary so no wonder

they think we should have a tax hike.

  Mr. Loy sees an Eagle in a space suit floating in the blank space above a

blue and white earth. The Eagle has the number 89 on its helmet, and it is

flashing a victory sign.

  Mr. Loy also says this:...(Quote) I now speak as a prophet of God. Thus

saith the LORD. The United States of America and its people are precious in

my sight, for I have chosen them to come to me, and serve me in the

heavens. (unquote).


  Now; more about our National Howard Freeman.  Under our

Constitution we are a Republic, and this is our Flag. Then our founding

fathers being human made one mistake, even though they gave us a great

Constitution. However one unit of our Government was given permission to

control the money of the ULS. And they justified Usurary which is contrary

to God's Law. We have a Constitutional Republic with three branches of

Government, and Article One describes the Legislative Branch. Article Two

describes the Executive Branch, and article Three the Judicial Branch. This

is the U.S. of A., that we all Love. But there is also a flaw here, for

Congress was given the exclusive rule over a body of people called the

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA. And when a governing body has exclusive rule over a

people then you have 'a nation within a nation'. Thus we have Two Govern-

ments and Congress was given the exclusive rule over the 'nation within our

nation', they make the laws and enforce the laws and judge their own laws.

Here then we have a Legislative Democracy. Here you see that man by himself

always slips up somewhere and the enemy has their foot in the door.

  The Republic was based on the comman law, and substance such as gold and

silver coins for currency. No authority was given in the Constitution for

the Republic to borrow, non-substance....thus bank credit is not substance.

But here we have this Legislative Democracy and they borrow money but they

are also the ones that owe the National Debt which they talk so much about.

So they had to find a way to trick the United States tax payers so the

people would thin that they are responsible for the National Debt. So they

came up with the plan of Regionalism. They divided the U.S. into Regions,

this was done by the planning of the CFR and so forth using thier influence

in the Congress of the United States. Thus this divided the United States

into regions and it was the work of this 'Nation within our Nation'.

  Each of the States has its Constitutions and no authority was given by

the Constitution to use these evil statues against the citizens of any of

these States, for their Constitution prevents Congress from enacting any

penal contract against any of the States.

  But Regional government was set up, and the 50 States was divided into 10

Regions. Thus what the Government creates, the Government controls, and the

Congress is now extended to control over these Regions. The first abbrevia-

tion of States is for that State, but for instance..M is for Michigan, but

if you now use MI for Michigan instead of the original of MICH., then you

are not claiming your Constitution, for the Post Office now says that if

you use just those two letters...MI..instead of MICH...then you must use

the Zip Code. Turn to the Zip Code directory and you read that the first

letter of the Zip Code is the Federal region in which you reside. By using

just those two letters of Abbreviation you are now directly under the Zip

Code statute of Congress, and you are now subject to Congress, and if you

go into Court you are subject to a different rule, for you are no longer

common law...your jurisdiction now is Admarilty.

  Hosea 4:6-8....'My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge; because

you have rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shall be no

Priest before me; seeing thou hast forgotten the law of God, I will also

forget thy children. As they were increased, so they sinned against me;

therefore I will change their glory into shame.'

  We have been tricked into a debt obligation that we do not owe. When that

news is understood these International Bankers who think they own the

world, who are ready to foreclose on the world, they will find they only

own the District of Columbia and they can have it, national debt and all

ten square miles of it. Then if this be a jubliee year then when that news

gets out, if God is now going to move this is when you would expect Him to

do it.

  I think this is the last election we will ever see, but this wind up will

not happen all at once, or even this year, for we have more years to run

but his is to bring the last of us to repentance.

  A lot of our people out there are still content to be slaves as long as

they give us a six pack, and let us watch the ball games. They are good

people but they need a little more pressure to bring them to a certain

point. Something like that which happened in Ancient Egypt is needed, for

they built blocks for Pharoah, and keep on building even in conditions that

were very hard, but when he said now you will have to gather your own straw

for the bricks, that was the last straw and they rebelled, and God provided

Moses and took them out.


  I thought that Mr. Freeman had an interesting analysis of the situation,

for we have always said that we do not owe the National was

borrowed from the Money Men, so cancel it. Even when you borrow the money

from them to pay their interest it doesn't dawn on people what is going on.

But one of these days it will dawn on them....and then watch out!





               Until next time.......May Yahweh Bless

                          Ella Rose Mast