FROM:  ELLA MAST


  The Election is over, the people have spoken to the best of their

ability. I believe that YAHWEH-YAHSHUA is in control and that this is His

Great Nation of Prophecy and WHAT WILL BE....WILL BE.

  We are slowly learning the reason why the great hue and cry about the

Quayle nomination. We believe that the far left Eastern Liberal estab-

lishment thinks that they, and they alone should choose the President and

Vice President of the U.S.  The Myth of a Kennedy Dynasty is not realistic

then the people of the west and south of this nation are gradually making

their voice known. The voters of Texas sent that message to Senator Benson,

and I think he will remember the message as he goes back to the Senate. The

people of Conneticut also handed a defeat to Republican...LIBERAL Lowell

Weicker, and he seemed to be in shoci, but he has always been out of step

with the Republican party. This policy of inciting the minorities of this

country...of turning them against the White Christian majority has worked

well over the years but it is beginning to fail. No where does it say in

the Scriptures that you TAKE from those who have worked all their lives and

give to someone who did not work in the production of that blessing. No

wherere does it say TAKE and GIVE to someone else just to please the

thinking of those who follow the plans of a World Government. The White

nations of the western Christian World have been most generous in their

giving to the unfortunate people of the World, but no where does it say you

are to allow rulers of the World Order to TAKE from you and then let them

decide where to give your Blessings.


  Now; as to the Dan Quayle attack...could it be because his family had

close ties to the John Birch Society? Mrs. Quayle's family is said to have

been devoted to one of the Looniest Far Right Preachers of that era. His

name is Col. Robert Thieme...a Texas Preacher known for his Unorthodox

Biblical interpretations, his verbal attacks on Liberals, welfare reci-

pients and their abuses, Homosexuals and others. It is said that he inter-

preted the Bible from the original Greek, Hebrew and Latin...MY..My wonder

what he had to say??? If any of you remember those tapes I would like to

know more about what he preached. No doubt this is the 'tapes' Mrs.

Quayle's mother was said to be listening to as Marylin grew up. Today the

Dan Quayle family attend a Virginia church that is part of the Conserva-

tive Presbyterian church. The President Elect and his wife, and the Vice

President Elect and his wife are said to be WASPS...(of white Anglo Saxon,

Protestant Society) we are told that today this is wrong, for it disputes

the melting pot philosophy that has been sold as Gospel.


  In Wichita Ks., the last of October twelve religions were represented in

what was called the North American Assissi. On Halloween a woman dressed as

a Witch was very vocal in their meeting. And at this meeting it was pointed

out that of the 5 Billion people in the world, only 1/6 of them are

Christians...thus the Christians are called on to deepen their faith by

understanding the faith of others. But remember we are the ones with the

RISEN Saviour, why not ask them to understand our Faith? There are at least

140 million Christians in America why are we the ones to bow to other

religions here in our nation. I realize just what was being brought to



  Now; from the Will Loy Letter:..something Interesting (quote)...1988 was

the year when most people in America became afraid of the truth, and I

believe they have very good reason to be afraid. But I also know for a fact

that a lot of people in America desperately want the real truth. As a

prophet of God I will reveal the truth as it is revealed to me no matter

what! (unquote) Well as someone prophecies then we wait for their prophecy

to come true and then we know whether it is a real prophecy. As to people

being afraid, then we realized that they dare not bring out the mention of

their Faith in the Presidential campaign for they were afraid of words...

man made words such as Anti-Semetic, bigot, racist, and so forth. However

Mr. Loy thinks that the majority of American people are afraid of speaking

out on one of the most important truths of this century which is the lack

of morals which has come to the surface here in the 1908's. He believes

that this lack of morals has brought us to what he calls a Dark Night.

However altho we seem to be in this Dark tunnel still if you are looking

for it there at the end of the tunnel is a great Spiritual Light. Mr. Loy

sees the U.S. as a chosen nation subject to special path of destiny then is

subject to a period of cleansing and pruification.

  Now; we have fallen Morally in this nation, you only have to watch a bit

of T.V. to realize that. And we sure could use some cleansing in our

nation. With WASPS in the highest office of the land then God's Secret

Weapon should work well. Perhaps that is another reason why the pressure is

on to destroy the Vice President Elect before he assumes office, and the

pressure will mount against the President Elect as well as they try to

establish a foreign policy agenda geared to the same old World Order

standard, before he even assumes office. The Soviet Union will also be

pressured to help in this situation.

  Mr. Loy thinks that the thaw in relations between the Soviet Union and

the United States will end in a different manner then now expected, even

tho at this time the manipulators and even the Soviet Union think they are

leading the U.S. down a deceptive path. We believe that as the Kingdom

Administration come to the front that the Soviet Union will no longer be

used as an agressor nation against the west. Thus men following the

dictates of the World Order under the Anti-christ are not going to win, so

keep your eyes on that great Spiritual Light at the end of the tunnel and

you will go thru this Dark Night of cleansing for our nation in a better

frame of mind. Remember the News Media is controlled, and already they are

trying to set the agenda for the new administration and ignore the fact the

Reagan Administration does not end until the last of January. Don't let

them make up your mind about all things. It is time to take a stand for our

race and our God and if our Heavenly Father pulls that string connecting

your spirit to His Spirit then that person will stand. Down thru the years

this has been the process, so watch what happens, and know that our Saviour

is in command.


  Now; we have had the movie 'The Last Temptation of Christ', and I under-

stand there is more of this type movie out there waiting to be produced. We

have had the 'Jesus Seminar' which took place in Atlanta Georgia, consist-

ing of College and University participants around the country who generally

characterize themselves as Biblical Scholars rather than theologians, the

so called Bible Thumpers on the Right. The founder of the Jesus Seminar is

Dr. Robert Funk former theology professor at Emory University. These so

called Biblical Scholars have decided after studying old texts of the

Bible, and writings of ancient times, such as in the days of Jesus...they

have decided that Jesus did not pray 'THE LORD'S PRAYER'...and probably

never asked God to deliver us from evil, and certainly never taught...'Thy

Kingdom come thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven'. This Simanar

also concluded that Jesus created the tale of 'the Good Samaritan' then

decided that the parable of the fisherman who sorts good fish from the bad

was created later by someone else. Since then we had the meeting of so many

religions in Wichita, Kansas..does it seem that we become more ignorant of

our heritage all the time?????


  The NEA, National Education Association (teachers union) with about

1,850,000 members spends more than the big unions on left wing Candidates.

Here in 1988 the NEA President Mary Futrell said that only two Presiden-

tial Candidates were acceptable to the NEA...these two were Michael Dukakis

and Jesse Jackson, so she no doubt was disappointed in the Election. But

many teachers have been misled into thinking that the NEA is just a profe-

ssional teachers group. However it hopes to become the most powerful union

in dictate to the government, and the schools as to how schools

should be run. The NEA supports the hiring of Homosexuals to teach our

children. The NEA wants to give birth control and abortion referrals with-

out parental knowledge and consent. The NEA insists that their union have

control over the hiring and firing of America's teachers, and that teachers

be fired if they fail to join or pay dues to the union. The NEA opposes  

voluntary prayer, and even private meditation in our schools. The NEA wants

to de-criminalize the possession of Marijuana, despite the rampant drug

epidemic in the schools. The NEA supports higher taxes and increased

Federal spending, and opposes a balanced budget constitutional Amendment.

The NEA opposes a strong U.S. policy against communist take over in Central

America, and sides with the Nicaraguan communist. The NEA has pushed for

school books calling for leftist indoctrination aimed at turning todays

elementary students into tomorrows Campus radicals according to U.S. Under-

secretary of education..Gary Bauer.


  As the Congress closed up shop and went home the Dodd-Kildare Federal

babysitting Bill was defeated. A freshman Congressman from Louisiana stood

up and was counted, and presented a bill, and the Ealge Forum...Phyllis

Schlafly's group got behind the Clyde Hollaway bill, and the Liberal bill

...the Dodd Kildare bill was defeated. The Eastern Liberal Establishment

with members in both parties have always pushed bills in Congress that

leads this nation further down the path toward communism. They do this

altho they surely can't help but see that Castro's Cuba is a basket case,

and economic, social, and educational basket case. The fact is that the

communist dictator Fidel Castro, has taken the third most prosperous

country in Latin America and turned it into an economic and social waste-

land, famous only for the numbers...15,000 political prisoners. He took

over Cuba on January 1, 1959...a country that was prosperous, third in

wealth among Latin American nations. As his communist brethren around the

world Castro rapidly and totally destroyed the economy of this 'Pearl of

the Antilles'. The Soviet Union sustains this tyrant every year by pouring

billions of dollars into Cuba, and Castro then furnishes them with tens of

thousands of Cuban troops to be used around the world as Cannon fodder. Yet

with it all there remains here in these United States those people who

think that this human disaster area as some sort of Utopia. These people

may not be communist, just idealists who find virtue where it is not, in a

nation not their own, in a class which is not their class, and in a race or

religion not their own. The same thing is now happening in nicaragua. When

Ortego came to power he took over one of the finest homes in Managua, and

now we learn that it is falling down around his ears.


  An interesting discussion was heard on the Oprah Winfrey show. A Jonathan

Coffman wrote a book and they were discussing it. The title of the book was

...'The Broken Alliance'...this alliance they were discussing was the Black

and Jewish alliance here in the U.S. which has remained over many years. It

was agreed that the Jews had always supported the Civil Rights movement.

(We think they started it). But it was clear to this author beneath the

surface of this alliance there was a lot of Anger, and bitterness...had

been for a long, long time. The author then set out to find out what had

brought these two groups together, and what split them apart.

  Benjamin Hooks, head of NAACP then admitted that this Alliance was not as

strong as it once was. He felt that what broke the Alliance perhaps was the

Affirmative action program which many Jews felt discriminated agaisnt them.

The Media then began to stress the breaking of this Alliance and many

influencial Jews felt that actually the Blacks and Jews don't have that

much in common. Then Farrakan came to New York to speak, and after he left

the Black and Jewish reporters started screaming at each other and again

the Alliance was in trouble. In 1984 they tell us that in that election

only two groups remained true to the Democractic Liberal traditions...and

these two groups were the Black and Jews, but still the split remains, so

they are now trying to find a way to repair this split and work together

for each others Candidates which they would do in the Dukakis campaign..

shuch as fair housing, college education for all and so forth. This dis-

cussion took place before the recent election and they were anxious to mend

fences. They stressed that in Congress it is the Black and Jewish members

who vote first for Israel, and for Soviet Jews, and in the Apartheid move-

ment they work together as indespensable partners. It seems to be the

Consenses that this Alliance between the Blacks and Jews began to break in

1967 when the Blacks took the position of supporting the struggle of the

Palestine People. When the Blacks power groups began to form, the alliance

began to break. A Black lady said she used to work for Jews in their homes

and they treated her very nice, but after she received her education and

began to work in their offices, she found that the Jewish Lawyers exploited

people who came to thier offices.

  A Black man said their trouble came because the White people have been

pitting Jews agianst Blacks, but the author said that he found in Chicago

that when Jewish Neighbourhoods became Black neighbourhoods that the

Alliance was strained. The Eptines had marched with Martin Luther King, but

as the Blacks moved into their Neighbourhood, then drugs came in, schools

had become bad, and the Jews began to hate the Blacks. Blacks believe that

Jews should protest to South Africa to not have good relations with her.

The blacks say that the Jews are trying to be like whites not Jews.

  Then a Rabbi spoke out saying that it was the White Christians who have

oppressed the Jews for 2000 years. They were the ones who ran the Inquis-

ition, and killed 1/3 of the Jews in concentration camps. That here in

America the whites kept the Jews out of their schools with their quotas for

a long, long time. The Rabbi said that the Jews and Blacks should stick

together and keep their eyes on those areas where they can work together in

this nation to CHANGE it to be more to both their liking. They should work

to make America more American not more white...become a land of the

Minorities not a land of Majority of white people. He also disputed the

idea that the Jews are becoming more white, saying this would never be.

  As I listened to this tape which Jeanette had recorded, I realized that

neither the Blacks or the Jews like the Christian people even tho we are a

majority in this land. Thus no matter what we do for them this is not going

to change...our world is not their world...and they are not happy in it.


  The Golden Eagle is again flying at 910 west 9th street....has been since

the day before Holloween. There is a little safety device which is unnoti- 

  ceable but it will not be so easy to remove as it was before. We had 75

youngsters come to our door on Halloween nite, and altho we do not believe

in Halloween we still gave them a treat and this year as they remarked that

the Eagle was again flying I made sure they realized why the symbol of the

Eagle is so important.





                  UNTIL NEXT TIME.......MAY YAHWEH BLESS


                               ELLA MAST