Discovery went into space without difficulty. Did you notice that the

Soviet Union now has a space shuttle....looks like ours..only they say it

is much different, but now America is allowed to forge ahead once more into


  A Soviet Interplanetary probe worth millions of dollars...ten miles out

in space is tumbling out of control. Phobes I, veered from its 400 million

mile path to Mars on September 9 after a controller at a space communica-

tions center outside of Moscow gave the space craft an erroneous computer

command. Phobe's problem came a mere three days after a Soyus spaceship

with two Cosmonauts aboard was temporarily marooned in orbit while return-

ing to earth from the Soviet space station Mir.

  In the United States where the space program is recovering from post

Challenger jitters, and where loss of life has spawned time consuming

investigations, and political problems, such embarrasing mishaps back to

back might stall a program indefinitely. But in the Soviet Union with no

reporters to watch every move, the drive goes on, and the Soviets have

taken the lead in space. At least they think they have.


  Michael Dukakis appointed Laurie Cabot of Salem, Mass., as the 'Official

Witch in Residency'. She teaches Witchcraft at Salem College.


  Remember I told you about the black girl, Tawana Brawley, who claimed she

was raped by 6 white men, put in a garbage bag and smeared with fecas, and

racial slurs were painted on the bag. Phil Donahue rushed to interview her

mother and Reverend Sharpton and her advisors to investigate this terrible

racial incident. Then later I saw her on the Phil Donahu show expressing

the opinion that the white people of South Africa should be stomped on...

killed. Finally a Grand Jury reached the decision that her story was

fabricated, and that the Reverend Al Sharpton got into the act to help

foment racial the time all this was supposed to help Jesse

Jackson in his grab for the Presidency. Now; she has turned up in Chicago

supposidly to help settle the racial tension there as they pick a new Mayor

of Chicago.


  Remember the Eagle is a symbol of the Almighty YAHWEH...Deuteronomy

32:11, and we his children are Eaglets. Then the Eagle is also one of the

symbols connected to the United States.......

  'For thousands of years the Eagle has been admired for its grandeur, its

grace in flight, and its great size, and awsome power.

  This soaring Eagle is also a stirring picture of the true meaning of

Liberty, assisted by his powerful wings. The Eagle glides effortlessly to

altitudes over 2,400 feet, and is capable of using his wings to carry other

Eagles to safety. Turbulent winds only cause them to fly higher and faster.

The Eagles keen eyesight enables him to be sensitive to approaching danger,

and to protect himself and his family.

  The Eagle displays the sense of responsibility that is a companion of

genuine liberty. He mates for life and returns to the same nest each year

making necessary repairs and additions. He takes an active role in

providing for his family, and in teaching his young to fly.

  In so many ways, the Eagle illustrates the life, victory, power and

freedom that God came to give those of us who place Faith in HIM.

  The Eagle also portrays many of those character qualities that make

America great, and that must be reinstated in our generation if we are to

preserve for our children and grand children the freedom which God has so

graciously entrusted to us. (Nancy De Moss)

  We tell you that America must return to her heritage, for if a nation

does not remember what it was yesterday, does not know what it is today,

nor what it is trying to do then it is trying a futile thing. The Consti-

tution was designed to perpetuate the United States as a Christian Nation.

Our laws and our institutions are based upon the belief in the Redeemer of

Mankind. In this sense, and to this extent our civilization, and our

institutions are emphatically Christian. We are basically a religious

people. From the discovery of this continent to the present hour there is a

single voice making this affirmation, and we find everywhere a clear

recognition of this same truth. These and many other matters which might be

noticed add a volumn of unofficial declarations to the mass of utterances

that this is a Christian nation. (Supreme Court Decision 1892..from the

Rebirth of America).


  The dominate star of October...late Jupiter. It is now in

the sign of Taurus, and will be until May 1989...Just below the Pleiades

cluster. (Jupiter has 4 major satellites.)

  Pluto is the Density Planet and has been so long in the sign of Virgo

(the Kingdom) and is now almost to the line where it passes from Virgo into

the sign of Libra (the scales).


  Iran has ben jolted by about 300 earthquakes since August 23, 1988....7

people killed and 2000 homes destroyed. These quakes average about 4.6 on

the Richter scale. The Press does not report these to any extent, but I

wonder if the Almighty is trying to tell someone something. Perhaps this

has something to do with the Peace talks which the same old enemy is trying

to sabotage?


  Now; there are 13 candidates running for President besides Bush and

Dukakis, thus the vote will be split in many states 15 ways. Then in some

states there is even someone on the ballot in just 1 state, so what an


  I told you last month that Will Loy would give his vision as to the

outcome of the Presidential election altho he tells no one how to vote. But

this is the way he sees events after each man has won:...First he has a

vision......'People are running thru the streets in panic, Bank buildings

are beginning to collapse, fire threatens to burn down the whole city while

the firemen and police are just standing around doing nothing.'

  This pertains to Bush if he wins:..........

  The Mayor of the city then appears on a balcony with a microphone, and as

he speaks the crowd settles down and he says:..This government is now

acting under a state of emergency. All Firemen are to respond immediately

to the fires....STARTING NOW. The city's water is to be rationed until the

fires are out. Police are to stand guard at the collapsed Bank Buildings.

Looters ARE TO BE SHOT ON SIGHT. All citizens are ordered to leave the

streets and return to your homes. This city and its banks will be open for

business tomorrow. There will be a period of rationing until we can

rebuild. Immediately the firemen and police leave as ordered and people

begin to go home.

  This pertains to Dukakis if he wins:.........

    The same scene, the people in panic, the firemen and police standing

around in front of the Mayors office. Then a man appears on the steps of

the building and yells at the crowd:...There is nothing to worry about.. I

have ordered the firemen to carefully watch the fires to be sure they do

not get out of hand. The police are investigating to see who is respon-

sible for the bank buildings falling down. As soon as we have the facts the

appropriate action will be taken to see that it does not happen again. IF


firemen just watched the fires burn, the police look thru the rubble, and

the people stand around in the streets as the black smoke over the city

gets thicker.

  Well......Mr. Loy will let each of you interpret these two visions and

then use your own judgment to vote.

  In a further revelation he sees the day after the election...and in the

Bush vision he sees a long line of crumbling banks waiting for a money

ration, but in the Dukakis vision he sees nothing but Military personel on

the streets and the Mayor of the city is hanging from a gallow in front of

city hall while a T.V. camera looks on. He says that he believes that if

Dukakis is elected President...sometime after the above disaster, there

will be a military coup and he will be given a public trial, found guilty

and be publically executed. If Michael Dukakis loses the coming election he

will never know how really lucky he is!

  Then finally Mr. Loy has this to say:..(Quote) At this late date, it is

very obvious that the prediction of a close Presidential election still is

to be very close however I recently experienced a new version which appears

to outline that the outcome is not as close a thought to be. I look at

election night and I 'see' News commentators sitting in front of a large

map of the U.S. and almost every state is gradually colored Blue. A sign

over the map is flashing...projected winner...George Bush. That means that

George Bush will carry most states in the Electorial college, altho the

popular vote will be very close. This close vote means that Dukakis could

still win, but that is becoming very unlikely. (Unquote)


  On of the men who resigned from the Bush Ethnic comission working for

George Bush because of that cry of Anti-Semitism was Jerome Bentar. He is

the attorney who traveled to Israeli to defend Demjanjuk and proved him

innocent. He never sought any compensation for his work for 8 years as he

proved this. But Israeli wanted a show trial and they aim to kill John

Denjanjuk even tho he has been proved innocent. The talk show hosted by Tom

Valentine, on Satellite radia network...on Radio Free America, has been

telling many interesting things.


  Zionism is thinking that Europe is going against them thus they are

writing off Europe, but they must hold on to the Congress of the United

States and take the White House in America, thus anything necessary will be

done to accomplish this. There really was a coup take over the

Oval office this past summer when Donald Reagan failed to deliver. That is

why you were hearing and you read that the President was so down over the

Iran-Contra affair that he was unable to govern. When Howard Baker came on

board he failed to go along with this plan. Today the plan is that Dukakis

must be elected, however keep him in the background and push Loyd Benson

out front. The attack on Dan Quayle will be to keep up this so called idea

that Benson's image is so much better.

  I happened to be watching NBC morning show and Mrs. Dan Quayle was being

interviewed and one of the questions to her was:....'What about your mother

...did she listen to tapes when you were growing up and did those tapes

influence you?' I failed to catch the name of the man who was said to be

speaking on the tapes. Mrs. Quayle was not disturbed by the question...she

is quite cool when meeting the press, and she just replied that she failed

to see any connection between her mother listening to tapes and her husband

running for the Vice Presidency. She then said:...if you are asking about

our husband and I are both Episcopalians.....


  I thought it a cheap shot when Senator Benson in the Vice Presidential

debate said:...'Senator you are no Jack Kennedy'...I also thought that the

Newsman baited the young senator with the repeated question as to what he

would do if he had to assume the Presidency...I felt like it was a trap

that had been rehearsed, and today it is confirmed that Senator Benson did

not want to say what he did...but he finally bowed and delivered what they

call the knock out blow. However the press didn't call attention to the

fact that after the debate 65,000 people called in and 68% of them thought

that Quayle had won the debate. So the planned question was asked and the

planned answer was delivered and the press then went on with the sotry. In

fact I liked Senator Quayles first answer to that planned question, for he

said:...The first thing I would do is say a prayer for me, and then for the

nation. However we are not supposed to be much interested in prayer today

are we?


  This then is a strange election...we did not like George Bush when Reagan

was forced to take him as a running mate...but we also see this as part of

the fulfillment of prophecy..and someone said that to them Solomon's reign

was Israel's great universal and Millennial reign so that is all over. That

I do not agree with. I would say that Solomon's reign was a type of

Israel's Universal and Millennial Regin...but man was allowed to fall and

Solomon fell...but Israel has a Universal and Millennial Reign...with seed

sown in many waters, and yielding furit after its own kind for YAHWEH gave

it Life within itself and this will come to pass. As I saw Louis Farrakan

speak on Sunday....he ahd brought Tawanda Brawley...the black girl who

claimed the white men raped her in Chicago, and over T.V. then Louis

Farrakan said he would see that the white men who did this were killed.

Remember the Grand Jury decided the story was fabricated. Then Jesse

Jackson came on the scene and he is getting into that action,so do we look

for the cities to burn if the election doesn't go the way certain people

want it to go? Some one is trying to stir racial violence in Chicago and

now even in Wichita Kansas. I wondered about this as I read the vision that

Will Loy was having about the election. We are in a volital time we know

and anything can happen for their is a great move afoot by the enemy to

bring their program to pass before they feel it is to late. However I am

betting on our Redeemer...I think he has the last say in this matter and I

like his plan best.


  Allie is making a good come-back, he is gaining more strength. It helped

when the chief of police called and told us that they had recovered this

Eagle Weathervane. He is trying to figure out a way that it will not be so

easy to steal. Won't put it up until after Halloween at least. It was an 18

year old boy that stole it...and two juveniles were helping him. They had

taken the Eagle off the Arrow and were going to sell it separate but both

were recovered.


  Be looking for more problems of a racial nature....will tell you more of

this next time.


  The Presidential debates are over with...and there will be no more, after

all whA bother, people are going to watch the World Series. Ha.




         Until nex time YAHWEH WILLING.....................