The last half of July has been a bit rugged around here...Allie's

brother had a stroke, and was making a comeback from that... paralyses of

the right arm and leg when he developed Urinary problems. Then Allie was

also having problems..had been since we saw the Dr. in May. We went back

for some check-ups to see what the problem was. Remember he fell off the

ladder a little over two years ago, and hit his head on the cement sidewalk

and his back on some rocks..and above one kidney it was quite sore again.

Well, Allie underwent surgery again on the prostrate July 21...and has had

one week of Cobalt treatments this last week in the month. Will have five

more weeks of treatments to go...He is doing quite well I think, and his

brother is now home as well, so maybe we can get back to more normal

living. Allie and I go once every day of course to Garden City for his

treatments but are back home by noon so that he can rest. Different friends

go with us each they think we shouldn't go alone.

   On the world scene:..From the World Economic news:..The Mid-east

situation, lest we forget, it was President Carter and his advisors who put

Khomeini in power, and laid the foundation for the U.S. Arms to flow to

Iran..the Policy to continue the State Department and President Reagan has

allowed the Kissinger policy to continue.

   Israeli is now nervously eyeing the situation, realizing that once the

conflict between Iran and Iraq is resolved, its cities could become targets

of Iraq. In the trial of Col. North and Admiral Poindexter will special

prosecutor Walsh call on ex-President Carter and Cyrus Vance as well as

Kissinger to explain their activities in 1978-1980, or will a veil be drawn

over that treachery which ought to be exposed to the Light of Day?? The

Iran Contra trials are to be in progress during the election campaign,

which should make for a mud slinging campaign.

   Mighty Mouse, a catoon hero of the young is shown on T.V. as sniffing

Cocain to counter a 'down feeling'. Why did CBS hire a known pornographer

to do a cartoon for children? Why did Philip Morris...General Foods and RJR

Nabisco help sponsor this Mighty Mouse 'drug sniffing cartoon'??? Oh, they

are also the leading advertisers in the 'por' magazines..'Playboy' and

'Penthouse' which for years have promoted drug use.

   From London England:...When it comes to Royal ancestors, George Bush has

a big lead. His ancestors have been traced back to 1400 B.C.  Bush is

related to the British Royal family, to all European Monarchs on or off the

throne, more than any other President, however many of our Presidents have

been related to English Royalty. Yes, I know that Bush is a member of the

CFR and was a Trilateral member also, however always many of Israel in

other generations as well as this one have been caught in a type of 'good

fig' situation. For instance the Apostle Paul, but when YAHWEH thought he

had a total education, he stopped him and turned him around. Remember there

has been a total drive to take over the Presidency completely. Yes, I know

some people have not thought much of President Reagan, have not thought him

much of an asset for the office of the President, but I can assure you that

there are many more things being planned to occur in the U.S. White House.

With the Democrat nominee in the White House...and his wife with her strong

Holocaust wishes...wait and see.

   Pat of the T.V. Talk show 'crossfire'..former White House

communications director has been reporting on the policy laid out by Jesse

Jackson which finally Michael Dukakis has agreed to in trying to keep Peace

in the Party...Dukakis has finally agreed that he will use what ever means

at his disposal 'as President' of the U.S. to get tough with South Africa.

Agreeing that the Dellum's Bill now in the Congress must pushed to the

limit....(from the U.S. News and World Report)..Last Novenber a girl of 16

years of age from Wappinger Falls, New York, turned up in a Plastic garbage

bag..racial obscenities and excrement were smeared on her body. She told a

story of a 4 day bout of abduction, rape, sodomy and assault at the hands

of white men...the girl was black. However the rape tests proved negative,

and then the mother stepped into the breach and the girl became silent,

along with family members. The advisors of the family, especially Reverend

Al Sharpton, and lawyers Vernon Mason, and Alton Maddox Jr. told the family

not to cooperate with a grand jury, charging a cover-up by officials.

   Next came counter charges that the girl's story was shot through and

through with holes and contradictions. Last week the former aide to to Rev.

Sharpton broke ranks and declared the rape abduction story a pack of lies

being used by the family advisors to boost their own power among the black

people. McKinnon told a T.V. interviewer that he would not go along with

fraud. Phil Donahue broadcast his interview with the girl's mother from a

church where she was holed up to avoid a grand jury suppoena looking into

the affair to see if it was a fraud. Then on June 24,1988 Phil Donahue had

a guest on his show...Representative Dellum who is head of the Black Caucus

of the Congress. Dellum is pushing this bill for tougher sanctions against

South Africa even tho it will bring a Reagan veto. Senator Kennedy is also

backing this bill and in his interview with Donahue...Dellum made the

statement that it really did not matter if South Africa as it is brought

down...goes communist. He said all that matters is Civil Rights. And on

this same show as I watched a mixed girl was allowed to express

her sentiments as to what to do about South Africa. I realized that this

was the same girl..only now better dressed and wearing much jewlery...but

the same girl who only last November had reported the Hoax of a rape by

white men. Donahue gave her the microphone and she said:..'The only way to

handle the white people of South Africa is to smash them underfoot with

violence.' And she was allowed to repeat this statement later in the show

and this time topped off the remark with the words:..'We shall accomplish


   I could not help but wonder who is behind all this hate? Why people in

this country think they should mix in the affairs of South Africa when they

do not even live there, and probably don't even understand the situation

there. I noticed the end of July that Winnie Mandella's home in South

Africa was burned altho protected by 'Black Comrades'. And it was burned by

black high school students who had been arguing with one of the Black

Comrades. But before the Phil Donahue show was over, Representative Dellum

made the statement that they must keep pushing this Bill in Congress, and

even if the President vetoes it, still it will be ready and under President

Dukakis they will pass it.

   The Black Caucus was pushing Jesse Jackson to run for Vice President....

they said that even tho he's on the ticket meant a loss of the Democrat

Party still...'we will win the next election!' And now as you watched the

Democrat convention you saw that picture emerge...Pat Buchanan says that

Jesse Jackson and his advisors are pushing the Democrat Party into the

communist corner. With Loyd Bensen on the ticket in November then the

Democrats hope to protray they are not going that way.

   From the Wall Street Journal......

   Hypocracy's the name of the game:...congress is the world's most

hypocritical body. All sorts of laws are passed by Congress from wich that

body has specifically exemped itself. Congress employes 38,000 people, and

has an annual budget of 1.75 Billion dollars per year. Yet, it is immune to

the Civil Rights Bill, The Equal Employment Opportunity Act, The Equal Pay

Act, The Fair Labor Relation's act, The National Labor Relations Act, The

Freedom of Information Act, and the Privacy Act. That's right:..

Congressmen can discriminate on the basis of race, sex, religion, and

cannot be prosecuted under the rules they passed to end discrimination for

everyone else. Congress is immune from OSHA..that watch dog of offices and

factories everywhere. They do not pay equal pay for equal work. Your

business is under that rule, but Congress is not. The Privacy Act protects

you..but not if you work for Congress. Lyn Nofziger and Michael Deaver both

convicted of felony violations of federal law that precluded a member of

the Executive department from lobbying certain people within a year of

leaving office. But a Congressman can resign one day, and lobby anyone he

pleases the next day, because Congress is excluded...they excluded

themselves, and the judiciary from the rules they apply to the executive


   Event the Congressional legerdemain in voting against a pay raise, yet

they are taking home the same pay..does not clear the air. The system is a

selfdevised mechanism to return imcumbents to office, and it has been

working 95% of the time.

   Congress now has a bill in Congress to deny Social Security Retirement

Benefirs to those claimed to be Nazis, and extend disability benefits

sooner to victims in the early stages of Aids. Senator Alan Cranston is the

one pushing this bill..Wonder who will decide who is a Nazi??? Rep. Tom

Lanto, Democrat of California is also pushing the bill against Nazis...

even tho these people are totally qualified for benefits...John M.

Laughlin, Washington Editor of National Review says that 95% of the House

and Senate are on drugs. We would say they are surely addicted to Power.

   For what it is worth..Jeannie Dixon predicts...that the outcome of the

election for President 1988 will hang in the balance until the very last

moment. Gov. Dukakis will leap ahead in August because of the Iran Contra

affair, but vice President George Bush will make a decisive come back near

Election Day.

   From the Will Loy letter:......

   I have always seen the United States as a 'Chosen Nation'. As such I

believe it has a special destiny, and it is subject to special principles,

like the ancient nation of Israel, in the old testament of the Bible.

Because of this, if America strays too far from its special 'path of

destiny' then it is subject to a period of 'cleansing and purification'. I

know today that it is very popular to not believe in sin. So let me put it

this way...I see a direct cause and effect relationship between the moral

condition of the U.S. and its general economic well being. As I now look I

see the U.S. in its moral decay taking us into a night of dark despair as

the Sodom and Gomorrah principle is envoked..Science being the major

religion of today. Then due to their own actions the people of America

should bring down forces of total destruction upon themselves and their

nation. However due to America's 'special Destiny' the forces of absolute

and total destruction will be averted. But a period of cleansing and

purification will come, and for most it will be a dark night of despair,

only those who know the Light will be exempted. It is the people of America

who believe in 'Spiritual Reality' this vision,, who will save America

from total devastation, and it is they who will be 'passed over' during the

dark night of despair.

   The voter turn out for this Presidential election will be the lowest in

years. Most people are not going to understand the real importance of this

coming election, or will be interested enough to vote.

   The Soviet Union will soon be advertising in the U.S. as they gear up

for a total major trade offensive. It seems everyone knows that Communism

is a total failure except a lot of American voters.

   The space shuttle will be a major news story no matter how many delays.

In Space America its on its path of Destiny. Did you notice that as soon as

the Space Shuttle is taken to the ramp that once again Soviet Subs are

patroling in American waters???

   Another voice of protest is gone..Robert White..the Duck Book man is


   This film....'The Last Temptation of Jesus'...this film coming out of

Hollywood has been in preparation for a long time. Wonder why they think

they can bring it out now and get away with showing it??? This is a film of

Blaspheme, however they do portray Christ as a white man..altho he is

called a Jew. We are told that the film opens with a scene of Christ

putting a cross together, and on this cross he plans to put a fellow Jew.

The film shows Christ as a weakling, a wimp, and in the scene where he

comes down from the cross to have sex with Mary Magdaline, they explain

this as saying it makes him very human. In the debates about the film

already some professing to be christians say:...Let them show it..why not,

this is anything you want. The World Council of Churches are of

this view, but we would expect that. The film will be in many theaters

around the world on August 12, 1988.

   Does the Constitution need changing to fit the Times???

   A discussion on T.V. August 7...was between different Professors and

Rabbi's as to this subject. The M.C. was a Jewish historian and he

explained how the constitution is based on old 'Jewish' law from the old

testament. Then he explained the thinking of the Rabbi' over the years as

they have revised their Talmud. This is the story he told:...'Two Rabbi's

were arguing about the interpretation of the law and one said:..I am right,

if I am right then let a sign come from heaven, and lift this tree right

out of the ground. There was a terrible noise and up came the tree.. roots

and all. The other Rabbi said:..I still don't believe you even tho that

happened. So the first Rabbi called for heaven to stop the river from

flowing so as to show his fellow Rabbi..and sure enough the river backed up

and was still. Well the first Rabbi still wasn't convinced, so he said:..

The Holy One gave the law to the Jews at Mt. Sinai, but now we are in a

different age, and it is up to us men to revise and make it fit our times.

There was then a rumble heard from heaven and the Holy One chuckled and was

heard to say:...'That is one of my sons using the mind I gave him.'

Therefore the Talmud has been revised over the years and it is more up to

date than the Bible for they revise the Talmud all the time. Thus the

constitution was made for a different age, and a different time, and it

does not fit our world today.



   Allie is getting better, and is helping with the work around here in

this hot weather, and it sure does help. He has finished two weeks of the

Cobalt treatments, we are on the third week...and we go to Garden City

every morning and are back by noon, but since I do my best work at this

subject in the morning then I am sort of slow this time. God willing then

Allie will keep improving and I will get back to work, for I have what I

consider some more interesting things to share with you.


   Until next time may YAHWEH Bless.


       Ella Rose Mast