NEWSLETTER....JULY........1988........ELLA MAST


   The Moscow Summit is over, the effects of it, or the accomplishments

will not soon be known. Is he thru with using the Soviet Union with 'Hooks

in their jaws'...controlled for a definite purpose?...time will tell. I

noticed that Mrs. Reagan was able to call attention to the fact that Russia

was once christian, even tho Mrs. Gorbachev passed quickly over that part

of the exhibit they were looking at. Mrs. Reagan was able to call attention

to the part that religion played in the development of Russia before it

became the Soviet Union.

   I also noticed that those men in America who have played the Soviet

Union and the United States against each other for many years, such as

Henry Kissinger and those who follow his lead are now against this treaty

signed by the two nations. One would think that they were worried about the

power of this nation to defend herself, after all these years they have

worked to disarm America. Perhaps since they are against the treaty then it

will work out to be good for us.

   Now; Mr. Will Loy sees the world situation as tho we here in America are

in the 'eye of a hurricane'. Remember there are three stages to such a

storm, and we then have passed thru the outer ring of that storm and in

that passage had Bank Failures, Stock market crash..the drug problems and

much racial unrest as well as the loss of morals and so forth, and now we

are in the center of the storm which is usually a 'deceiving calm'. Mr. Loy

feels that as inpatient as we usually are as a people, that we may believe

our troubles are all behind us and forget that with the hurricane this calm

most times means that the storm is building up strength. And we are to

remember that we have to make this trip out from the center of the storm

and it may be far more rough than the entrance into it. (We feel however

that perhaps the exit will also bring on the Kingdom administration).

   Mr. Loy sees a 'Dark time' yet for America, and he has been told in his

vision that...'it is justly deserved'. However he also sees a 'Bright

Shinning Light' in the midst of this 'Dark nite' for America. This 'Light'

is something most people will not be looking for because this is 'Spiritual

Light'. Thus Mr. Loy suggests that we look away from sex, money, lust,

drugs, sports and all temporary things, that now enslave the soul of

America, and look toward this New Spiritual Beacon. Those who do this will

find not only new spiritual doors opening for them, but also 'physical

doors' fact doors they did not even know were there.

   As to the coming election...Mr. Loy thinks that most people mistakenly

believe that it makes no difference who is elected, and in their ignorance

we find the Presidential Election 'boring'. But the outcome of this race

could end as being the single most important development of the century.

The very fate of the nation, and much of the world hangs in the balance,

with millions of lives. Mr. Loy believes that this election is already

'sealed by fate' that it will be a very close vote, perhaps only a few

thousand votes will elect the next President. He also believes that the

voters of America are going to make a big mistake in November which will

put us into this 'Dark night' of Despair.

   Mr. Loy was told once in a vision:...'Bless the Peace Makers for they

shall destroy the earth (we would say...the world order)...and all those

who worship IT.'

   Mr. Loy also predicts local Weird Weather patterns. And he says that

something will happen in the Soviet Union in July of 1988 that will set the

course of the Soviet Union. So be watching to see if we can figure out

what. He also says that the real war on drugs will be fought and won after

we pass thru this coming 'valley of Dark Despair'...which also holds this

Bright Shinning Light.

   From the Revisionist Publication:...The word used today is the

Yiddish pronunciation of the word, National. Remember the Government of

Germany under Hitler was termed..'National Socialist'.

   From Scripps Howard News Service:...Headline...NAACP wants Statute down

in a hurry.

   Memphis:...It is hard to be a statute of a Civil War General. Birds sit

on your head, sandblasters make your life the pits, pranksters smear you

with whitewash, thieves steal your sword, and civil rights leaders demand

you be removed from the park which bears your name.

   The Statute of General Nathan Bedford Forrest has stood in the Forrest

Park near downtown Memphis for more than 80 years. The NAACP now has plans

for protests aimed at removing this 9,500 lb., statute, renaming the park

and even removing the earthly remains of the General and his wife from the


   This attack on General of the South's Greatest generals is

based on the fact that at one time he was the leader of the KKK. What is

forgotten is that General Forrest was not the villian they now try to make

of him. He was a compassionate man who refused to break up Black families,

or sell them to cruel owners. He opposed the secession of Tennessee from

the Union. Whe the war broke out he and 45 of his own slaves served his

land. 18 months before the surrender he gave those 45 their freedom. After

the war came the Klan which served its purpose of saving the South. Then he

disbanded the organization as it began to turn roudy. The modern Klan was

not formed until after W.W.I.   The reason they want to move the Statute is

because his bones lie under that statute.  (unquote)


   The conduct of House Speaker Jim Wright is to be investigated. We have

watched the rush to Independent Prosecutors, and the spending of lots of

tax payers money on investigations...for months at a the Iran

Contra affair...what will we see now??? Keep watching for how fast this

will be buried.


   Jesse Jackson has a new top advisor...none other than Bert Lance...

remember Him???


   The unseen government is at work again thru the State Department... and

in Central America. On the Island of Jamaica, just below Cuba.. the capital

is Kingston, and this island has one of the world's great harbors. Back in

1980, a man by the name of Manley was the ruler of this island. We found

that he was sending young Jamaicans to Cuba for guerrilla training. The

country was infiltrated with Cuban intelligence forces and several thousand

military personnel disguised as construction workers. Andrew Young..U.S.

ambassador to the United Nations was a great friend of Manley and acted as

his champion in the U.S. Congress, misrepresenting and excusing his

extensive human rights violations, which included political murders.

   In December of 1980 a man by the name of Seaga was elected and he has

brought that country out of a Marxist economic disarray and into a western

political orientation. In fact Seaga has become the leader of the

Democratic forces in the Caribbean and has helped countries like Guyana to

throw off the Cuban embrase. Now...and election will soon be held and from

all reports, Seaga will win IF the U.S. State Department will stop

supporting Michael Manley. Even tho Manley heads the party out of power,

and is challenging the President of that courntry, he is being invited to

Washington and widely courted. On the other hand, assistance to the

existing government already in the picture is being cut drastically.

   Now;  Robert Morris..the chairman of the National Committee to restore

Internal Security..a long time National Advisory Council member who did

this investigation tells us that the Drug Dealers are quite open in their

supportof Manley. But the people who like the economic stability, low

inflation, and substantial growth in GNP that Seaga has brought to their

Island are afraid that because of the U.S. State Department economic and

political blight that existed in the 1970's will return to haunt this

important Caribbean nation.

   There is now being asked this Noreiga of Panama the total

bad man portrayed or is he but another like Marcos of the Philippines being

used as a cover? We are beginning to wonder. Are these now baying at the

heels of General Noriega suspect? Is there a fear gripping the Eastern

Liberal Establishment and their major Wall Street banks that noriega might

expose their drug connections, and the vast sums of dirty money flowing

like a stream thru those Panamanian Banks.

   Remember the Panama Canal Treaty was brought to the table for signature

by the massive power of the American and Brithish Banking houses, namely

the Rockefeller-Chase Manhattan Bank, and the Sasson owned banks of

Britain. As we have told you before...'The Rockefeller's Caribbean Basin

Initiative' is a CFR organization which behind the scenes pushes the sale

of drugs from the Islands. They pay for Nicaraguan Students to attend the

Jesuit training school at Loyola University in New Orleans, this is a

principal training ground for students to be indoctrinated and sent back to

Nicaragua, and Guatamala. Most of the referals to Loyola came via the drug

carrier...'United Brands'.

   Nicaragua thus became exactly what the CFR intended as has Panama, and

the President of the U.S. was outfoxed by his advisors and today Noreiga is

what he was built up to be, but it seems he has rebelled at being asked to

take the heat and leave the cover on the Drug Racket. Senator Kerry held a

hearing which took the form of a 'witch hunt'...the chief witness, Jose

Blandon lied...contradicted himself left, right and center. It turns out

that he was a paid CFR informer.

   Dr. Coleman then tells us that he has learned that General Noriega is

preparing documents which show he had the absolute backing of the Drug

enforcement agency (DEA), and that he was lavishly praised for his anti-

drug work in Panama, by no less a person than the DEA head...John Law.

Noriega is supposed to be in possession of documents that will blow wide

open the heavy involvement in the Drug trade of certain U.S. Banks in

Panama, which are believed to involve several prominent U.S. politicians.

(Possibly those who scream for his hide????)

   However Henry Kissinger, David Rockefeller and Max Fisher of 'United

Brands', will not stand idly by and watch Noriega wreck havoc. Dr. Coleman

says that if Noriega caves in and resigns then this upper level CFR wing of

the U.S. Government will once again have triumphed over the American



   When Robert Morris was in Nicaragua he was suprised to learn that Jimmy

Swaggert was holding a revival in the shadow of the old Catholic Cathedral

that was destroyed by an earthquake in 1972. Mr. Morris attended the

meeting where mostly women and children attended, about 5,000 of them. Then

he was taken to a 'Revolutionary mass' and instead of scripture reading of

the mass, a woman reader intoned for 10 minutes on the life of Parde

Camilio Torres, in Columbia in the 1960's. He was allied with the notorious

terrorist Che Guevara, who died in Bolivia at about the same time. Parde

Camilio is considered to be the Patron saint of 'liberation Theology'. When

the time came for the first hymn, then in both English and Spanish the

people sang:...'We shall overcome'.

   This is a portion of the problems in the Caribbean..the T.V. ministers,

the big bankers, the drug ring operators care nothing for the people of any

nation, their god is money.


   Have you noticed the drive for a Federal Administration set up to

control Baby sitting, with layers of bureaucracy handing out subsidies only

for children who are put in special federally regulated, secular

institutions. Meanwhile the Federal busybodies would regulate all day care,

including the family, church based, and for profit day care, even thought

they get no benefits. Phyllis Schalafly has a much better idea, which is..

'The Holloway child care Bill number HR 3944. This bill would give a cash

credit of $150.00 to $400.00 to every preschool child. The parents would

then have 100% freedom of choice to select the kind of child care they

favor..mother care...relative family...neighborhood

based care or for profit care. That's the AMERICAN WAY.


   We are coming to the end of the Reagan Presidency, and we have looked at

the hinderances thrown in the way of other presidents to accomplish their

goals. We think we should tell you how...the program was put in force to

counteract the so called 'Reagan Revolution' which was to build the defense

of America, to bring back a feeling of Patriotism and respect for this

great nation. We find that hundreds of new organizations were formed to

minimize the United States defense establishment. These left wing

organizations make no bones about their purpose, which was to stop the

build up of defense of our nation. They formed an Anti-defense Lobby, and

then moved to infiltrate all old organizations to bend them to their

philosophy. The Religious Left...the Heirachie of America's mainline

Protestant churches joined the Anti-Defense Lobby and their Clerics came to

Captial Hill and had a great impact. Outside the mainline churches of this

nation are also so called religious organizations..who collaborating with

the Heirachie are also opposed to our Foreign Policy and Military policy,

especially with that in Central America. There are also Catholic orders as

well actively assisting the enemy in Central America, many of the Sisters

organizations have been infiltrated and turned in their thinking.

   One of the most remarkable Academic opponents of a strong defense is a

small center at Harvard..this professor, Gene Sharp, called for Unilateral

disarmament by the west with a subsequent takeover and occupation by the

Soviet Union forces. Ralph Nader has worked always at College Campuses for

the Rockefeller influence, on the left which resulted in youth of the 60's

and 70's who are now executive directors, and advisors of Anti-defense

organizations, thus as older leaders die off new ones take their place. The

money for these Anti-Defense organizations come from the ...Carnegie

Endowment fot International Peace..based in Washington D.C., and from the

'Ford Foundation' and the 'Rockefeller Foundation'....same old gang. Pro

Communist congressmen such as Christopher Dodd (D-Ct.) and Charles Mathias

(R.-Md.) support the philosophy, as does the Congressional Black Caucus,

and such women's groups as Peace Links..set up by wife of Senator Dale

Bumper of Arkansas. Even a small number of retired military and Naval

figures, are for arms control, and the Anti-Defense Publications play a

large part also in the Anti-Defense movement. Communist money also pours

into these organizations for they want SDI ended entirely. It scares them,

this idea that America be able to protect herself. History will probably

record that the 'Boland Amendment' vote to outlaw Contra aid was probably

the most telling blow struck by the Anti-Defense Lobby in all its campaigns

to influence American public opinion.

   Now; perhaps the biggest piece of what we would call folly was the

notorious 'Dear Comandante' letter addressed to the Chief of the Sandinista

Junta in 1984. It was signed by 10 influencial Democratic members of the

House of representatives:...Jim Wright, Michael barns, Bill Alexander,

Matthew McHugh, Robert Torricelli, Edward Boland, Stephen Solarz, David

Obey, Robert Barcia, and Lee Hamilton. Then Ortega rewarded these men by

traveling to Moscow to ask for arms and funds. Senator John Kerry (D-Ma.)

is the keynote Speaker for organizations to promote nuclear weapons freeze

concept. He is a most outspoken congressional opponent of a strong National

defense in U.S. policy in Central America.

   In the Philanthropy world advocates of social change and in minimizing

or elimination of American mlitary strength have made it their business to

infiltrate and obtain seats on the boards of old line Charitable

institutions to influence the spending of the money taken in.

   The West German radical Red..Rude Dutschke gave the slogan for taking

over all communications to be used for the 'Left' cause. He said:..We must,

like Mao Tse Tung, make a long march thru the institutions, and those

institutions are listed as...the church, the school and the media. Today

what do we find after this intensified drive? Look each field..

anything to keep America divided, by creating every kind of trouble so as

to keep our minds busy while they move to morally degenerate out society

because the more morally degenerate our society because, the more morally

degenerate we our high standards and honor falls, then the

rulers of our society are changed until everything rests on fleshly

desires. The Christian principals we had which the strong spirit of the

pioneers hoped to leave as an American Legacy, is by work of the Left,

believed to be gone.

   We however think it is not really gone, just hidden for a time. The

Zionist using the serpent and the globe have planned for the head of the

snake to gradually proceed around the globe until it reaches it's tail

which they believe means the grand and permanent completion of their

program, according to the Protocals of the Learned elders of Zion. Thus

divide and conquor is the historical program of International power. Play

black against white, red or Oriental against each other, use disputes over

religion to divide and if all else fails then use the ploy of

'anti-Semitism'. Turn christians against christians when they interpret

scriptures for both, these are all tactics which have been stepped up in

these last 8 years. President Reagan failed to bow at reykjavik but the

pressure was still on, and we will have to wait for the outcome of this

last Summit, but we also wait to see what YAHWEH has in mind.


   A 2,000 year old ancient scroll has been found along the banks of the

Dead Sea and it predicts the course of human events until the time of the

end. So claims Dr. Konrad Dick who found the scroll on February 26, 1988.

He calls it the most important archaeological discovery since Grench

soldiers stumbled on the key to Egyptian hieroglyphics,...the Rosetta

stone. This scroll is reported to have told of the influence of Jesus

Christ long before he was born. It also predicted the discovery of American

by Columbus and both world wars. It is written in is one

prediction following another until what they interpret as the end of the

world to pass, and says that this scroll is more accurate than nostradamus

the famed 16th., century psychic. The main things we are interested is that

they say they hope to publish a full scientific report as early as next

fall, and we will be watching for that then maybe we can tell more about

these predictions given here. So please be on the lookout for this and if

you find anything let me know. Of course you will see certain people race

to interpret it since it is in Hebrew but maybe we can take that into

consideration and still get something out of it.


   Wonder if the so called Pentagon scandle is a cover for the

investigation of the Speaker of the sure knocked that out of the




               Until next time may YAHWEH Bless.


   the scroll:

   Predictions for our own future contained in the scroll are a mixed bag,

said the expert. They include:

   * The creation of a vaccine to eliminate cancers of all kinds in 1991.

   * the development of a fist-size, foolproof artificial heart in 1996.

   * the discovery of a space-borne food source to end world hunger in


   *simultaneous contact with 12 extraterrestrial civilizations, leading to

trade and cooperation agreements, in 2001.

   * the destruction of New York City by a tidal wave in 2003.

   * the destruction of california in a massive earthquake in 2006.

   * the election of America's first woman President in 2008.

   * the creation of a one-world religion in 2009.

   * the development of super human worker clones in 2012.

   * the total eradication of homosexuals by AIDS in 2013.

   *the resurgence of American Indans as a force to be reckoned with in


   * America's rise to total world dominance after a nuclear strike on the

Soviet Union in 2018.

   * the end of life as we know it when Earth collides with a comet on May

7, 2029, at 10:00 A.M.