It is so nice to read the words of someone who agrees with me. Ha. 

These remarks from the Editor in Chief of the United States News and world

report...May 16, 1988....

   Headline:...WEASEL WORDS:....

   In the Omnibus trade bill which is before congress, this miserable bill

ought to be called the Ominous Bill. This Bill (The size of a large book)

is loaded with sectional buyoffs. Every sectional interest in these United

States is appeased, and every National Interest is sacrificed.

   The hard fact, alas, is that less than 20% of American exports are

affected by the trade regulators of other countries. The percentage of U.S.

imports subject to tariffs or restrictions has more than trippled during

the Reagan years, and the cost of such restrictions are staggering. For

instance...the Dairy Quotas cost more than 5 Billion dollars per year, or

about $200,000.00 per job saved, or $2,000 for each cow. These costs are

born by all Americans, and they add to the inflation pressure we are now


   The wrong road is to let Congress meddle in these matters, as it has

been trying to do by moving the power to negotiate bilateral, and

multilateral trade agreements away from the President. Congress is

indecisive, paraochial, and promotes short-term local interest over the

long-term National Interest. In trade this is self defeating because

protection discourages reform. The most inefficient companies have no

incentive to improve while the barriers remain. They tie up cap:ital that

could be invested elsewhere. They impose higher costs on everyone. The

right way forward is to believe in America, and that is what the bill for

free trade with Canada does. It would eliminate all tariffs between Canada

and the U.S. over a ten year period. It would liberate the energy trade,

set up progressive ways of resolving disputes; and altogether establish a

climate of predictability and confidence for american business. We are ripe

for this market expansion. American business is well on its way to

transforming itself on the basis of computer-assisted design, and

manufacturing, greater efficiency and a competitive valuation for our

dollar. The U.S. and Canada Free Trade Agreement should be approved by

Congress, the Omnibus trade bill should die with a Reagan veto.

   Col. Wm. P. Identity minister..used to go with Dr. Swift on

trips to Washington D.C....passed away April 28, Castle Airforce

Base Military Hospital near Merced, Ca.

   In trying to find something to discredit the Reagan Presidency some

more, the House Judiciary committee worked until they were able to have

released..Secret documents...from CIA and the State Department. They

thought to link President Reagans 1980 election campaign with a secret arms

deal to trade arms for hostages who were seized remember in 1978 from the

U.S. Embassy in Iran. They believed that was the reason why Reagan defeated

President Carter. Now the Democrats have another 'hot potatoe' to

bury...for these secret papers link not Reaan but ex-President Carter to a

deal which was supposed to win for him the election. Remember this was long

before the Reagan White House became entangled in the Iran Contra affair.

The effort at that time shown by these super secret papers make the efforts

of Lieutenant Col. North and others seem like kid stuff. Wonder why the

Major Media doesn't pounce on that story??

   Remember that bill which the Congress passed over the Presidents veto?

We have spoken of this bill before and its wide covering, setting up more

of a bureaucracy for the people of this United States. The hiring policy is

a big factor in this bill. Homosexuals are to be considered with no

discrimination. Even family farmers who receive crop subsidies could be

forced to prove in court that they donot discriminate when they hire. The

reason I mention this again is to call your attention to one of the

candidates for President..Jesse Jackson spoke to the 'Gay Rights' people

and I hope you noticed what he promised them....if elected President.

   How come the black leaderof the Zulu tribes in South America...

Mangosuthu Buthelezi is so opposed to the ANCN (African National council)..

to bishop Tutu, and sanctions against South Africa and other things? Has he

learned and now understands what so many white Politicians in Washington

D.C. have never even considered? He believes that if the White Government

of South Africa falls that communism will sweep that nation just as it did

in Rodeshia and other nations of Africa. He believes that his people would

then be much worse off than under the White African Government. He knows

that the black man never prospers under that type of Godless communist

rule, and he has taken his stand with the White South African Government.

   Now; wouldn't it be nice if people would acknowledge that the Most High

still has the 'last say' in the matters? Just remember that we are in a

battle with unseen forces as well as the stupidity and blindness of our own

race. Those who are the most vocal in the world may not..probably are

not... to be the ones chosen to lead. YAHWEH teaches in secret that one who

he selects to serve HIM in public. The closet not the stage is the great

testing ground of Faith. Remember that nothing happens as it effects the chance..all is controlled and directed by the MOST HIGH. (John

19:11) 'He who is best qualified to command is the one who has previously

learned to OBEY.  'Be ye wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.' (Matthew

10:16) The meaning here not be one who compromises, or is tricky and

deceitful, but take into consideration the fullness of human nature, and

trust none but YAHWEH.


   Oil price drop pushes Soviets toward 'Barter deals.' An American

Agriculture Dept. marketing expert says the drop in oil and gold prices in

recent years had a 'dramatic' effect on the Soviet Unions trade with the

U.S.    The Soviets would much prefer having 'Barter' arrangements with

foreign currency for imports such as high orders of U.S. wheat and corn.

Trade talks between Moscow and other countries have been increasingly

turning to 'Barter' negotiations. The Soviets are making it plain they are

in a better position to exchange their products for foreign goods than to

pay in foreign currency.

   Now; wait a minute....remember WW II???? Germany was going for the

'Barter System' and Italy and Japan also started in that direction...

trying to get out from under the International Monetary system. Remember..

Barney Baruch said:... The 'Barter System was more of a danger to the

International Banking system than anything that had surfaced for

Centuries...IT MUST BE STOPPED.  After all if people stopped going to the

Bank to borrow money what would happen?...So Germany, Italy and Japan badly

beaten...and the International Monetary system still in tact was the

results of W W II.


   Here lately I keep getting reports with suggestions that the money

control is going down. We have been hoping and praying for this day... are

we really beginning to get such a glimmer????

   In the June...Will Loy Newsletter we again see these same suggestions.

Mr. Loy has this to say about President Reagans trip to the Soviet Union..

(quote)...I see a major turning point coming in the U.S. and Soviet Union

relationship. It appears to me that an opening is coming somewhat like the

'Opening to China'. I believe that President Nixons trip to China. This

trip will not be anywhere as dramatic or earthshaking an event as Nixon's

China trip, but I see it as a New Beginning on a New Road. (Unquote)

   Remember here that...we the people..know only what the controlled press

tells us...about the China Trip, or even this trip to the Soviet Union.

However Mr. Loy thinks this trip to Russia marks the first time that the

Soviet Union has actually taken a step down this road, and he believes that

no matter what the reason...still this process will end by totally changing

the Soviet Union. Oh! the Soviet Leaders think they are very clever and are

deceiving the U.S. into taking this road, and they have no intention other

than furthering their own goals of World Conquest. However Mr. Loy believes

that by starting down this road that great changes are coming in the Soviet


   Mr. Loy also sees Soviet troops leaving cambodia, Angola, and even

Nicaragua as the Soviet Union begins to use their money to rebuild their

own internal economy instead of seeing it disappear into futil Third World

conflicts.  In the Christian News...volumn 26..we read that there is

already a deal being made in Angola for the pullout of Soviet Troops.

   Mr. Loy also warns and we would heartily agree that this is too soon,

far to soon for the U.S. to let down its guard or weaken our defense

shield. For as Communism declines, having failed the World Masters as a

political from for a One World Government...then watch for something else

to take its place...thus one step backward for communism..look for a system

that they hope will again bring them two steps forward. Mr. Loy suggests

that a new movement will arise and this one will promise Peace and by SHARING...of the Worlds goods. This movement will

still carry the Red flag, but not the hammer and sickle. Instead on this

Red flag will be a big black circle with the word in the center

being..SHARE. Mr. Loy also sees another flag this one a plain blue flag but

it carries a white circle. This flag signifies a new movement which will

feature..'The warriors of God'.

   As we have told you before YAHWEH controlls this World Order even tho He

has allowed it to run its course. As we watch these developing events we

are to remember these things and not become discouraged.

   Now; as to the Panamanian situation...General Noriega has shown us the

power behind him, which is the Illegal Drug Lord's...this situation is

showing that this power reaches into Corporate Leaders of America. It

reaches into the lap of the Corporate Leaders of America, it reaches into

our government, into high places. More serious tests of this power will be

seen in the near future inside and outside of America. Many of those you

see on T.V. screaming about the Reagan Administrations mishandling of the

Panama situation are actually listed with the 'Corporate Leaders' of

America who are a part of that power structure of the 'Illegal Drug

Lord's'. Even if not directly implicated still they protect and nurture the

Drug trade, this my friends did not start with the Reagan Administration.

   Now; have you been worried about the Japanese buying to much of

America?? Here is the thinking of Mr. Loy and some others so is another way

of looking at the situation:...'Foreign Investors restored Japan after WW

II, they made Japan what it is today, and these Japanese (foreign investor)

can put America back on track after the 'Corporate Leaders' will stand back

and scream for they will be so afraid of losing their vastly overpaid jobs,

but big changes are coming and this is all a part of the change. With

foreign Investments America can fulfill her Destiny and become capital of

the World.

   This then is another situation to watch, knowing that America is a part

of the Kingdom administration, and the Kingdom will rule the world with

justice. Are we then seeing this changing of the control that has lasted so

long?...We surely hope and pray that this be true.



   Now; a lighter vein...'HOW OUR WORLD HAS CHANGED'


   A senior citizen is one who was here before the Pill and the population

explosion. We were here before TV, penicillin, polio shots, antibiotics,

open-heart surgery and hair transplants. Before frozen food, nylon, Dacron,

Zerox, Kinsley, radar, flourescent lights and credit cards, ball-point pens

and Frisbees. For us time-sharing meant togetherness, not computers or

condos. Co-eds never wore slacks. We were before panty hose and drip-dry

clothes, before icemakers and dishwashers, clothes dryers, freezers,

electric blankets and airconditioning. Before Hawaii and Alaska became

states. Before men wore long hair and earrings, and before women wore

tuxedos and smoked cigarillos.

   We were before Michael Jackson and Ann Landers, plastic, the 40-hour

week and minumum wages. We got married first and then lived together. It

was a nice arrangement.

   Closets were for clothes...not for coming out of. We were before Grandma

Moses, 'The White Shadow' Herblock and Miss peach. Girls wore Peter Pan

collars and thought cleavage was what butchers did.

   We were before vitamins, disposable diapers, Jeeps, pizza, face-lifts,

Cheerios, instant coffee, decaffeinated anything and Taco Bell. We thought

fast food was what you ate during Lent and AIDS were people helping their

neighbors in times trouble. We were before Boy George and Chiquita Banana.

Before FM radios, tape recorders, electric typewriters, boom boxes, word

processors, electronic music and disco dancing.

   In our day grass was for mowing. Coke was a refreshing drink, and pot

was something you cooked in. If we had been asked to explain CIA, NATO,

UFO, VCR, GNPM MBA, BMW, HMO, SDI, NFL, JFK and MS ..we would have said:

Alphabet soup.

   We are todays senior citizens, a hardy bunch when you think of how our

world has changed, and the adjustments we have had to make. We've done

pretty well, as the pace of life has gone up and the quality of life has

gone down.







   Until next time.....MAY YAHWEH BLESS