Did you see the T.V. documentary...'Jesus of Nazareth? ' This was

produced and narrated by 4 ministers from different denominations? I could

find no tie in for this man of Nazareth to the Christian Faith, altho the

pictures were pretty good. However the documentary ended with the cry for

you to call confess and be saved.

   When I see this Jesus of Nazareth I see YAHWEH...the great Father

(spirit) who came in the flesh for a difinite purpose. He came...born as a the flesh to identify with his kingdom children who were also

here in the flesh. Then here in the flesh he preached the Gospel of the

Kingdom for the world, and even his people here in the world were not ready

for the gospel of atonement. But the foundation of the Gospel of Atonement

was of course in this Gospel of the Kingdom, which was preached to the

House of Israel. This Gospel was established in Israel...recorded in Exodus

chapters 19 and 20, for here was YAHWEH as YAHSHUA...Messiah, King, and the

law for the administration of the kingdom in Earth. And while here in earth

then Jesus of Nazareth said to his disciples:...'Take up this cross and

follow me.' But to do be his disciple you must accept the

doctrine of atonement. He was the only 'ONE' who could redeem HIS Israel.

Thus inspired the disciples could not be stopped as they moved out to Lost

Israel. And Yes, HE also added the doctrine of 'coming again' into the

affairs of earth:...'For the Son of man shall come in the Glory of the

Father (spirit) with the Angels, and then shall give unto every man

according to as his work SHALL BE.'

   The unfolding of the promise of the 'Holy Spirit' was seen by the enemy,

and they moved to destroy his disciples as they moved to find Lost Israel.

The Resurrection was a glorious event for Israel, but a great disaster for

those who opposed HIM. But because HE lives, then we His family also Live.

The way to destroy true Israel is to get them to sin and turn from their

God. And when the enemy decided to trick Israel into destroying herself

they moved to turn her from her God, and talk them into giving away their


   On the Political scene...with bob Dole out of the Presidential race the

orders have been given to defeat George bush. Dukakis is their man. However

behind the scene they do not want Jesse Jackson but wonder how they will

get around him? Of course we know why they want this Dukakis but will they

stand still for Jackson as vice President?...Time will tell.

   Remember the excitement when the Dead Sea Scrolls were found?

Well...what happened to them? Why have those scrolls which were sent to

Isreali when they demanded them never been interpreted or published? In

fact it has been nearly 40 years since great quanities of original Essene

material was found much of which undoubtedly have a definite bearing on the

origin of Christianity...why has not Christianity demanded this material be

turned over to them?...Many years ago 8 scholars were appointed to study,

arrange, publish and translate these Scrolls. However only one

scholar..Marco Allegro...was free of religious committments or obligations,

the others...4 Roman Catholics and 3 Protestants failed to deliver and the

Scrolls are being allowed to disintegrate from age and exposure.

   Martin A. Larson altho somewhat blind to Israel Identity researched all

available work of the scrolls and he wrote a volumn entitled:...'The Essene

...Christian Faith'. He emphesized two points:..1. that there is a definite

relationship between the Essene teaching and the Christian Faith. 2. That

both Jewish authorities and the present Christian denominations seem

determined to negate and deny any such relationship, and if possible to

prevent the publication of these Scrolls.

   Since the Israeli' seized the area of the Jordanian museum in 1967,

virtually no one has been permitted access to any Essene material which is

located there. The Isaiah Scroll is the only one which has been on public


   Mr. Martin assures us that it is a fact that one of the greatest

cover-ups in history is this suppression of the Essenes doctrines. And He

wonders why powerful interests wish to suppress their contents?

   We know that about 104 B.C., the Essenes...the Levi of Israel went

underground, and we also know that about 70 B.C. one called The Teacher of

Righteousness...from the Essene community which lived in the caves of Judea

and from there to Damascus appeared in the Temple at Jerusalem and

denounced the authorities there. He was then executed after he had declared

that a great Messiah would come before the end of that generation and

conduct a last judgment, and inaugurate the Kingdom of saints on the earth.

   We realize that the Jews do not want the ordinary Christians to believe

that their Faith came from this obscure and called cult...which

existed underground there in old Palestine. John Allegro as he questioned

and wrote:...'The Scandle of the Unpublished Dead Sea Scrolls'...lost his

position as a professor in an English University. He states that the

Scrolls....pose questions to hot for the scholars' liking. He maintains

that these doctrines lift the origin of Christianity to its place in the

world. But the members of the International team...all ecclesiastically

connected in some way, are just sitting on this material. But these Scrolls

today locked in Israeli custody are in a cabinet in the basement in

Jerusalem where one bomb could destroy them all at one time. We who believe

in Identity of our race realize why these ancient scrolls have been buried

and kept from the Christian west. The T.V. show Jesus of Nazareth should

have disclosed the reason why....for you.

   From the Will Loy newsletter:.....Since prophecies don't come with big

billboards telling what they really mean, and what they really fortell,

then most people cannot see or understand what is really happening. Most

people do not understand even a small part of what is happening right now,

let alone the incredible things which to come. As long as change comes on

slowly most people will never notice it, no matter how extreme it is.

   The Socialists in the U.S. Congress togetherr with the Illegal Drug

Lords who control this nation and the world, have forced the Contras to

surrender to the Communist government of Nicaragua. This is the first step

down the long road of ...'Peace at any Price'...which leads to a terrible

war in Central America, Mexico, and almost all of Latin America, and on

into these United States. (Remember the vision of the unseen Evangelist??) 

The New Socialists who are leading this 'False Peace' drive are the same

evil forces that were behind W.W.II, and their methods are almost the same,

however their true leader has not yet risen to visible power. It is

possible this leader will be stopped, but only God can stop him now. The

Illegal Drug Lords' use their money to move power behind the facade of

phoney, popular politics. Thus the socialists and the Drug Lords need each

other in their drive for more power. Panama is one of those 'Power

Centers', thus Noriega is hard to bring down.

   These are exciting times, but what would you expect of the Last Days of

this World Order? You should live them as the spiritual adventure that they

really are because it is our destiny in this world to know 'the truth', and

be witness to it, and thus become the prophets of the new world. You will

have to live again as you have before and then you will understand all


   The trial in Arkansas is over and Butler, Miles and Beam and others who

were linked to criminals in a move to convict them of trying to overthrow

the government failed...because the jury was not convinced that they were

guilty...the enemy used to many false witnesses.

   Now; in 1907 construction started on the Washington National Cathedral.

It is now almost completed. The interrior was dedicated July 8, 1976...the

exterior is seeing the finishing touches applied. There are two front

towers which have 4 pinnacles each...pointing skyward. The dedication date

is set for Sept. 29, 1990 of this symbolic re-uniting of the Anglo-Saxon

and kindred people. This is America' stone Temple. How much different this

one than the One World government that Roosevelt and Stalin' reign of

terror tried to impose on America and succeeded on imposing on the Russian

people in their quest for World Domination of all races, creeds and


   The C.F.R. and the U.S. State department overthrew Marcos of the

Philippines and now Mrs. Aquino has lost control of that country...

Democracy...the promise made with the overthrow has not materialized and

before to long, the U.S. will lose the military bases there as we have

predicted. Does this all sound familiar? It should becuase you have seen it

all before in Rhodesia, Mosambique, Angola, and Nicaragua and other places.

   Headline:...from the World Economic News:...'Who murdered Africa?'

(reprinted from the Sept. 1987 issue of Health Freedom News)..WtHtO...the

World Health Organization..murdered Africa with the AIDS virus. Have you

had a common cold which is a virus? How did you catch it? Yellow fever is a

virus, it comes from mosquito bites. Malaria is a parasite, also carried by

Mosquitoes. Dr. William Douglas in his diagnosis and statement of facts

says that the 'Green Monkey'...the Haitians and homosexuals were only pawns

in this attack of GERM WARFARE on the non-communist world.

   Many viruses grow in animals and are not passed on to humans. But the

World Health Organization (WHO) in 1972 said in their bulletin that 'an

attempt' should be made to see if viruses can if fact exert selective

effects on 'immune' functions. The possibility should be looked into that

the 'immune' response to the virus itself may be impaired if the infecting

virus damages, more or less selectively the cell responding to the virus.

   That my friends is AIDS and what the WHO organization is saying in plain

English...'Let's cook up a virus selectively that will destroy the T Cell

system of acquired immune deficiency.'

   Why would anyone want to do this?...Is there a conspiracy to wipe out

the human race, or just part of them? There is an amazing concatenation of

events involving Russian and Chinese Communist Nationals, the World Health

Organization and the National cancer Institute and the AIDS epidemic.

   You know the story, a green monkey bit a native on the ass and BAM!...

AIDS all over Central Africa. However the AIDS virus does not occur

naturally in Monkeys. In fact it does not occur naturally in any animal.

AIDS started practically simultaneously in the U.S....Haiti...Brazil and in

Central Africa. Was the Green Monkey a jet pilot?

   Because of the artificial nature of the AIDS virus it will not transfer

easily from man to man until it becomes very concentrated in the body

fluids thru repeated injections from person to person such as drug addicts,

and thru high multiple partners..sexual activity...such as that which takes

place in Africa and among homosexuals.

   Dr. Theodore Strecker's research indicates that the National Cancer

Institute in collaboration with WHO made the virus in their laboratories at

Fort Detrick, they combined the deadly retro-viruses..bovine leukemia

virus, the Sheep Visna Virus and injected them into human tissue cultures.

The results...the AIDS virus...the first human retro-virus known to man,

and now believed to be 100% fatal to those injected. This momentoses plague

we now face was thus anticipated in 1974.

   Dr. William Douglass...the President of the Douglas Center for nutrition

and Preventive medicine in Marietta, Georgia at one time said:...'After the

Holocaust has run its course, and we have buried ten or twenty million

people who will protect us? If we are faced with an invasion from a

Communist Mexico, and Cuba, who will defend the Rio Grande? Wouldn't it be

ironic if the Communist countries because of their victorian attitude

toward sex and their severe repression of Homosexuality, escaped most of

the ravages of the AIDS epidimic, and took over America by walking across

the border?

   Then Dr. Douglass learned that actually...Germ being

conducted from Fort Detrick, Maryland, agaisnt the free world, even using

foreign communist agents within the U.S. Army's Germ Warfare Unit.

   You don't believe it? ...Carlton Gajdusek...a big shot at Detrick

states:...'In the facility I have a building where more good and loyal

communists scientists from the USSR and Mainland China work with full

passkeys to all laboratories, than there are Americans. Even the Army's

Infectious disease unit is loaded with foreign workers, not always friendly

nationalists. Imagine that!  A United Nations WHO communist trojan horse in

our biological warfare center iwth the full blessings of the Jimmy Carters

of this world.

   This cold blooded successful attempt to create a killer virus was used

in Central Africa, and has been most successful for 75,000,000 people may

be dead within three to five years. They used the Small Pox vaccine for the

vehicle in Uganda and other African states, and in Haiti, Brazil and

Southern Japan. The epidemic of AIDS marks these areas. A large number of

people have been infected at the same time, thus the story of the Green

Monkey will not wash. From 1972 to 1987 is fifteen years of 180 months, and

it takes 14 months to double the number of cases there would have been only

8,000 cases in Africa from one source. Yet there is now approximately 75

million. We are approaching W.W.II mortality statistics here without a shot

being fired.

   Dr. Theodore A. Strecker is a prominent and courageous California doctor

who unraveled this greatest murder mystery of all. He should get the Nobel

Prize but he will be lucky to escape with his life. He worked as consultant

for Security Pacific Bank and helped to estimate the cost of their health

care for the future when he stumbled on this mystery. He reported that the

AIDS epidemic will in all probability bankrupt the nations medical system.

   AIDS was finally perfected in 1974, and because of the trillions of

possible genetic combinations there will never be a vaccine that will not

give you something equally as bad.

   Here in these United was not the Small-Pox vaccination that

was used, it was the hepatitis B. Vaccine. A Dr. W. Schmugner, born in

Poland and educated there then came to this country in 1969. Schmugner's

immigration to the U.S. was probably the most fateful immigration in our

history. He by unexplained processes became head of the New York city blood

bank.   How does a Russian trained doctor become head of one of the largest

blood banks in the World? Doesn't that strike you as peculiar? He set up

the rules for the Hepatitis vaccine studies. Only males between the ages of

20-40 who were not monogamus were allowed to participate in this study. Can

you think of any reason other than the desire to spread something among the

population, for insisting that all experiments be promiscuous?  The AIDS

virus was put in the Vaccine deliberately...there is no mistake. Dr.

Schmugner is now dead, and his diabolical secret went with him. The data on

hepatitis vaccine studies has been buried by the U.S. Department of Justice

where you will never see it. Thus the AIDS virus did not come from Africa,

it came from Fort Detrick, Maryland....U.S.A.

   The Medical profession is to cowed and frightened to take any action,

thus they close their eyes. No medical journal will publish this

sensational, mind boggling expose of the Aids story. The British Journal..

'Lancet' replied as did most publications when approached with this story.

'Thank you for your most interesting report on AIDS. I am sorry to have to

report that we will not be able to publish it. We have no 'criticism' but

the letter section is overcrowded with submissions.

   That is a scary report...but since it was carried in the World Economic

News, I thought you should have a run down on the story. From so many

things we have learned it is not to surprising.

   Now; the question:...Is there any help for us? That question is asked

over and over. And they are refering to Zachariah 13:8-9..does this mean

that thousands will die in the U.S. in this last great battle?  Answer: it

is this part..'But a third part shall be left therein' your reference is

also to Luke 12:32..and this third part is the little flock...Israel who

   shall inherit the kingdom. The remnant according to Dr. Swift is always

all of Israel now left in Earth...according to Grace of our Father. In

Revelation 14:20...'The winepress is trodden until there is blood to the

horses bit, but this is also outside of Zion or the kingdom. Then we read:

...'In that day there shall be a fountain (a separation) opened to the

House of David and the Inhabitants of Jerusalem (New Jerusalem) for sin (or

uncleanness)' Here we see the cleansingof the kingdom so that the

administration of the kingdom with justice...according to YAHWEH'S law and


   Yes, many are dying and will die of AIDS here in the U.S. and I believe

that Israel will be lightly touched with this plague, but perhaps not as

much as the enemy has planned, because of who you are and the Grace of our



   The Mysterious deaths of 8 British scientists who were working on top

secret defense projects...including the so called Star Wars program.. have

prompted the government to order a full scale, high level, probe. The last

man to die ws Trevor Knight, a 52 year old engineer. He was the fourth

scientist in the guided missles division of Marconi Defense Systems Ltd.,

to perish under bizarre circumstances since August 1986. He was found in a

car filled with exhaust fumes in a garage at his home. The other scientists

were from different companies. Doug Hoyle, a member of the British

Parliament says that obviously there is a link, although no one know yet

what it is.


   U.S. Astronomy is in seems congress can find no money for

Astronomy after just 8 years of the unveiling of the worlds most powerful

radio telescope. The staff in New Mexico has been cut and cut and they are

talking about closing down or selling to a foreign government who has

expressed interest in buying. The Kitt Peak National Observatory in Arizona

is also operating on 1/2 the budget which it had ten years ago. It is said

that fear in congress of the federal budget deficit has caused this drying

up of funds for those and other observatories in the U.S.

   But why do we not have the money for necessary scientific projects?...Is

not the congress out of control? This is some of the things that were in

that great spending bill which the President is not allowed to veto on a

line by line veto...besides other things that I have not mentioned over the

past months. Representative Charles Wilson (Democrat of Texas) was

traveling around Pakistan and asked transport aboard a Defense Intelligence

Agency C-12 plane. That was fine for him, but another individual in his

party...former Miss World of U.S.A. could not be allowed on that plane. The

congressman is single and she was not on his staff, thus not eligible to

travel on one of those planes. However this angered the congressman and he

set out to get revenge, on the defense attache in Pakistan and he was able

to get him fired and then succeeded in getting a cut in the DIA's budget of

200,000 dollars and removed two of their airplanes.

   The legislation that included all this was 1,050 pages long and it

lumped together 13 appropriation bills that should have been passed

individually. The Omnibus bill amounted to 604 billion, nearly 2/3 of the

total funding for federal government operations in fiscal 1988. In this

legislation the government is required to buy 10 million dollars worth of

Sunflower oil, courtsey of Sen. Quentin Burdick (Dem. of N.D.). Another

targeted 16.5 million is for Tulane and Zavier Universities, both in New

Orleans to advise the Defense Department on the bioenviromental effects of

hazardous substance. The Pentegon had never asked for the advise, but Sen.

J. Bennett Johnston (Dem. of La.) found time to stuff chestnuts into the

pork roast for his own constituents. Congressman Conte earmarked 60

thousand dollars for a Belgian Endive Research center at the University of

Massachussets. Senator Ted Stevens (Rep. Alaska) won 2.6 million dollars to

educate consumers about the benefit of eating fish. Sen. James McClure

(Rep.  Idaho) brought home 6.4 million for a federally funded ski-lift.

Representative Joseph Early (Dem. Mass.) a member of the House

appropriations committee, forced a subsidy of a high-tech research facility

in Worchester, Mass.  Senate appropriations Committee member Lowell Wicker

(Rep. Conn.) added one for a project in Bridgeport, Conn.  Neither project

qualified for aid under the EDA's selection criteria. Worchester in Early's

congressional district had an estimate unemployment rate of 2.6 percent

compared with 5.4 percent nationally. In Bridgeport area, unemployment was

at 3 percent. A midnight amendment carried an appropriation for the study

of exotic plants in Hawaii...and their effect on wild pigs. However it is

not the wild pigs of Maui that are America's problem. It is the men in

congress who do not give a darn about the deficit. The oldest item in this

legislation was $540,000.00 to bring legislators from developing nations to

Washington D.C. to ....'Watch Congress Work'...unless that is the idea of

Senator Hollings who initiated this show those countries what NOT

to do.


   From the National Geographic...Prehistoric sheep grew dark hairy coats

that caugtht on branches or simply fell off their bodies in heavy clumps in

the spring and this wool was used for many things. The amazing thing is the

carpets found thru out the Caucasus mountains with their large 8 pointed

star design, which goes back thru centuries, no one knew how far. Scholars

have been puzzled about the origin of the Lesghi star pattern found in

these pile carpets thru out those Caucasus mts. ....Wonder if they would

believe it if we told them the story? ....Until next time..