If you have been thinking that the government is bogged down by

the Iran-Contra affair;  don't be fooled by that Charade. Behind the

scene they are busy as usual....passing the buck,   and spending it.

     We are seeing false information being sold to the American people

as true.....thus as always. There are strong opinions on both sides of

this being that the world would be a better place

under a One World Government, while the other side believes in a strong

America able to protect herself. President Reagan's statement that the

SDI program is not for sale is not acceptable to the other side. Both

sides in this issue are represented in his administration, and since he

took so many 'foxes' into his administration to begin with, then all

the hold overs from other administrations who were already there, it is

hard to hold any edge of power.

     Now; according to Pat Buchanan...who is now on the outside of the

Administration, President Reagan thought the administration should

block the extradition of Karl Linnas...the Estonian who fought the same

enemy we have been preparing to fight, namely the Soviet Union. The

Attorney General tried to send Karl Linnas to another country instead

of the soviet union. But certain FBI agents dragged Linnas aboard a

plane and took him to Soviet occupied Estonia. But what about that

little country, and its place in history?...... Estonia was invaded by

the Soviets in 1940....many enemies of the Christian west were placed

in charge of the Baltic countries now behind the Iron Curtain, and

those officials murdered, and deported to Siberia thousands of

Chirstians. In 1941 the Germans drove the Red army out of that area and

the Estonian people treated the Germans as liberators. Then many of the

Young men of Estonia joined the Waffin S.S. and fought against the

Bolsheviks until the end of the war. ...So why was it possible to force

the Attorney General of the U.S. to strip Karl Linnas (67) of his U. S.

Citizenship and have him deported?....Well in 1978.....Elisabeth

Holtzman (then a congresswoman) produced a bill providing for the

deportation of alledged 'war criminals'... to the Soviet Union.... the

reason being that they failed to fully reveal service in the German

Allied forces during W.W.II . This bill was quickly passed and became

law. Thus Edwin Meese was forced to bow to this law which the Press

never called attention to. Where do we get such laws?.....From the

congress which has a predominance for lawyers as members. Congress then

makes vague laws, which makes for more lawsuits. God's laws are clear

and to the point, not to mention that they are much fewer in number. In

Washington D.C. one out of every 23 people are lawyers, while over 50%

of the congress consists of lawyers. Did you know that the nations with

the Most Attorneys have the slowest growth rate?

     With the Iran-Contra affair being front page all summer, that is

covering up another scandle which is ready to be brought out--but the

powers that be do not want brought out this truth for the people might

explode. This deal is about the truth of the Panama Canal Treaties

swindle. The assumed power by President Carter....In fact President

Carter dictated final approval without Senate concurrance..and slightly

different versions of the treaty surrendering the Panama Canal Sept.,

7, 1977...signed by President Jimmy Carter, and Panamanian 'Strong Man'

Omar Torrijos. Different enough to be crucial the first time, and every

time an international crisis occurs in Central America, and the

Caribbean. We will bring you more on this scandle next time, but

remember that:...The Constitution may be by-passed for a while, and

invalid treaties filed away temporarily, but not forever; some day they

will be back to haunt, invisible to most, but not to those who know.

How soon can this scandle be brought out to the light of day with the

Iran-Contra affair being dragged out is to be learned.  Admiral Moorer

also revealed that, back in was clear from intelligence

reports that Panama fitted in the grand scheme of the Soviets to

project Marzism into the Caribbean thru the Cuban connection, and it

was quite clear throughout that very few members of congress had any

concept of the long range implications of these Treaties on the

security and properity of the U.S.   While they have not found a

smoking gun in the Iran-Contra affair there are said to be two in the

Panama Canal swindle..........

     Now; the attack on the USS STARK....our naval vessel in the

Persian doubt we are not being told the whole truth here

either, for maybe it was not even an Iraq missle, maybe a deliberate

attack to force the this situation for more


     We are told that the Campaign against Kurt Waldheim will go on

until he is ousted as President of Austria. It seems that the

Conservative Newspaper...'Kronen Zeitang'..of Austria, declared that if

Israel and the Jewish congress continue to interfere so massively in

Austria's domestic affairs they will only achieve the opposite results

from what they want, as they should realize from their attempt to

destroy Kurt Waldheim'.....Well it seems that others have plans to

prove this is not true.

     As you know Pastor Butler and Pastor Miles were arrested and

charged with Sedition...which means trying to overthrow the government.

Remember in 1944, Christian Patriots were accused of the same thing. 30

people were charged then and after a year the cases dismissed. Bob

Miles has had 3 heart attacks, and is not well we are told. And Butler

suffered a heart attack the day after his arrest, he has had Quadruple

by-pass surgery and is now recuperating in the hospital. Why were they

arrested?......Surely you can figure that one out.

     From the World Economic Review:...Will George Bush be President

soon? Persistent rumors, are reaching the paper in an ever increasing

number, the gist of which is that George Bush will shortly be occupying

the Oval Office. No details have been given, but it seems that

following the Iran Arms scandle, President Reagan is being urged to

step down in favor of Bush. According to Washington sources heavy

pressure on Rudolph Guilliani, the U.S. Attorney from New York, the

same man who is prosecuting the Wall Street 'insiders' connected with

the Lambert drop charges against Israeli General Avraham

Baram, who was caught in a 'sting' operation trading arms designed for

Iran. President Reagan has told Edwin Meese that there must be a 'full

disclosure.'  Hence every effort is being made to get Reagan to step

aside so that Avraham Baram can be let off the hook. Meantime Stephen

Trott, Meese's investigator is reported to be digging a hole for

president Reagan to fall into if he won't step down. The next few

month's will see whether that will happen as is being widely rumored.

     Now; in the scripture Job talks would be that the

enemy would write a book and tell us what they plan to do. Well they

did just that and the book was 'The Soviet Military Strategy'..This is

a part of W.W.III....the inevitable conquest of the whole world by the

8th., and final power of prophecy. In 1963..that book was available,

also the one entitled 'Soviet Psychological Warfare,'.....The Pentagon

had those books, and they mainly mention it is the U.S., Britain and

Germany which are to be wiped out. Thus the battle will continue altho

they have not quite reached their goal as of now. But think a

moment...the Pentagon had those books back in the eary 60's and yet men

supposidly doing the work for the U.S. went ahead and destroyed the

armament of this country until by 1973 we had to go for appeasement as

we could not protect ourselves and yet today with some of the same men

still in congress they whittle our defenses down when ever they can.

And you hear constantly that we must make an arms pact with the Soviet

Union or we cannot survive. Those men know who is behind the Soviet

Union, who gives them their power, and yet they do not stand for the

United States.


     The International Bankers know that money is not wealth, they can

print it all day long, so they must take your goods and redistribute

them to bring you down. This could be one reason for our troubles.


     The Hymnal editor for the United Methodist church has commissioned

13 humn writers to write songs giving God feminine qualities. ..Always

someone is worrying about the Bible or God not being kind to women,

that they are forgotten in the Bible. But we believe that God placed

man over woman in the heirachy of the family and community government,

but he gave to woman the highest office, to be the bearers of his

children for the kingdom. Fulfilling this high and holy calling she is

of all creatures most blessed. One with God, woman is able to exalt her

real self, and that of husband and family and nation. It remains

indisputable...'The hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules

the world. Unfortunately fewer and fewer women are rocking the cradle

for they have been led to believe the lie that damns. All to often the

family is rocked because the woman must go out to work to help support

the family, this is the program of the enemy of the kingdom. When this

is allowed to happen then mothers have bowed and denounced their

glorious liberty to be the daughters of the  MOST HIGH. How long

Israelites will you let the enemy sidetrack you?



     Until next time,  May YAHWEH bless.