In February, if you were watching the nite sky you saw the

moon cover the the sign of the constellation of Virgo.

This star is the brightest of that constellation, but there is also

found much of the story of what we call 'The Gospel of the Kingdom.' If

you were able to view this conjunction of the moon and the star then

remember that the moon is also the earthly sign of the kingdom in

earth, and you would have seen that the moon was not able to blot out

the brightness of the star. It was as tho a great blazing diamond shown

above the moon's sunlit landscape, for even in symbolism this symbol of

the earthly kingdom was not able to blot out the brightness of the

symbol of the Heavenly Kingdom. But also tied together they tell us

that earth's kingdom shall in time be as 'it is in heaven.'

          Now; you ask...does this sign in the heavens have any meaning

for us today? Well, always there is this promise of the kingdom which

YAHSHUA taught us to pray for. Is it a sign for our day, in other

ways?...time will tell. Pastor Butler tells us he met a man who had

been studying much, and it seems that the ancient Aztec calendar which

was considered very accurate...tells us that we should watch for some

event in August of again time will tell.

          Now; this terrible virus called it all a judgement

from God on homosexuality? If so why is it now moving into other life

styles so fast? We have studied ancient history and there was great

condemnation of this type of life style in the past, and Sodom and

Gomorrah were both destroyed and one of the main reasons was for this

homosexual life style, but no where in the past do we find that a virus

of any sort wiped out not only those of that lifestyle but others as

well. Sometime ago Dr. Coleman suggested that there may be more to this

story of Aids than meets the eye. The question asked was did men create

this virus Aids as a tool for Global 2000 as a way to eliminate the

world's population as their program calls for. It is a stated fact that

the aids virus was first introduced in Africa, then this weeks

newspaper carries an article taken form the British Journal -Nature-.

In this article they tell us that there is more, much more to learn

about this aids virus. The West African aids virus is far differrent

from the aids virus found in the rest of the world. In fact that virus

is called HIV2..and is found only rarely outside of Africa, and then in

people who have had sexual contact with West Africans.

          There are thus two different aids Virus's, the second one is

called HIVI or HTLV3...this is the Aids virus found here in the U.S.

which is now moving in on all fronts. And the test for Aids here in the

U.S. will miss 10 to 20% of the cases of HIV2..this African

virus...thus that virus will also be moving fast here.

          Several American Scientists said this week that there is no

evidence of HIV2 Aids here in the U.S. but with so many Cuban Troops in

western and southern Africa, then Cuba will be the second most infested

nation with the HIV2 virus soon. Thus altho the American virus is more

wide spread, still HIV2.. the KAfrican virus is more violent..kills

faster, and spreads even faster, and there is as yet no test that will

detect it every time. So we ask you..did men experiment with a virus

and is it now moving out of hand? Is that why the government does not

know what to do about it, and congress wants to forget about it???

          We have told you before about the Cosmic Pipe, how it will

cleanse our land of these poisons..chemicals that have been spread and

which are harming our bodies. There is an article this month in the

'World Economic News' about this 'Cosmic pipe' and how it may be

considered by the farmers for use to restore the soil. This can be done

fast, so with the kingdom inplace then we can restore what we have torn


          Now; we see that the Trilateralists have decided that the

third world countries must be given more credit with which to pay their

interest. (I told you so. ha)

          Today we are seeing a move to condemn Japan, bring her down

in fact after the Rockefellers built her up after the why?..

of course Japan is an industrial nation and there are not supposed to

be any industrial nations with any power, but what else.

          We find that a Japanese author asserts that the Jews are

behind this targeted bashing of Japan? Why? Well there are two new

books just published in Japan, and they are:...'The Jewish Plan for

conquest o the world,' and 'How to read the Hidden meaning of Jewish

protocals.'  There are also other books fact there are 82

books being read in Japan now with the word-Jews- in them, in their

titles. A Jewish diplomat said their rash of publishing is a great

danger. The Japanese are saying that the U.S. is now a Jewish nation,

that Jews act behind the scene to control American corporations such as

Chrysler, General Motors, AT&T, Ford and many more. Is that why Japan

is now on the hit list????

          For those of you who do not have this address:...Pastor

Everett Sileven...P.O. Box 249, Louisville, Nebraska...68037...Phone

402-2343435....Remember the Pastor who stood up when they closed his

church and school? He has a newsletter and tape circuit...and our

thanks to Bill H.  for the flash report from this 'informant'. We have

been hearing for sometime about the equipment stored in the Chihuahua

Mts., in caves for the invasion from Mexico into the states of New

Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Arizona, Southern California. This is the area

always designated to be taken from the U.S.

          Now; always to the communist...Political Philosophy...there

has been only one stronghold to be stormed and taken, which is the

U.S.A., and this is not only war against our armies on land, sea and in

the air, but against our way of life, our type of government and our

Faith. They expected us to arm defensively, but thought we would remain

defensless against the enemy within. The program.. to take control of

communications, then you can in time sell almost anything to the rank

and file people. After all see how it worked after W.W. II ...when a

mongolian mongol became Uncle Joe (Stalin) our trusted Ally. The

program after W.W.II called for the U.S. to remove her soldiers out of

Europe and let the Soviets police Germany. If this had been allowed

then today all of Germany would be a Russian Satelite, behind the iron

curtain. The plan prepared by an assistant to the Sec. of State...was

the work of a Soviet agent, and Pres. FDR could not remember when he

had seen the plan, or signed it. Churchill is reported to have been

offered 6 1/2 billion dollars for his signature, with which to rebuild

Britain. In the end the Soviet Union became our ally and Germany and

the German people became dirty dogs.

          Did any of you attend the event sponsored by the national

conference of Christians and Jews, and the Ks. committee for the

Humanities held in Wichta Ks. in March? Have wondered what was decided,

for this meeting was to talk about the Nazi killing of millions of

Jews, Slavs, Gupsies and homosexuals during W.W.II.  How could human

beings do this to other human beings was their question. A Holocaust

film was shown to identify the subject.


          bye for now,