I had promised to talk a bit about the purpose of the T.V. Series

"Amerika" but it like so many things is throwed at the viewing public

hoping that a certain message will stick--the message here was

--resistance is useless--and then other things come along so fast that

you think of something else but that message is registered in your

subconscious, and you never forget it.


     Events are moving fast here in early 1987, it is hard to keep

abreast of the News and to sort out which is authentic and which is

simply to distract you from something you should know.  I see these

many things coming to pass, and I also see the hand of YAHWEH as he

balances out the events so that his nation, his people are not quite



     For instance--this great Big Monetary Collapse which has been

talked about and written about for some years. But different dates have

come and gone and no collapse. What happened to Mexico, Brazil,

Bolivia, even the Chrysler Corp. of this nation---all were bankrupt  

entities. All third world countries had to be refinanced---were the big

Banks going down in domino effect as in 1929?---Well, they didn't, did

they.-----What then was this monetary system established after W.W.II 

which prevented this great disaster?????

     Would you be surprised if we tell you that no big Bank will ever

go bankrupt under this system established after W.W.II AND NOW

PERFECTED. Oh! the little Banks will go, and the debts will continue to

climb, but we are talking about the big International Banks---those

which scripture outlines as a part of Mystery Babylon. We saw how this

system worked in 1982--A few powerful men called in the big Bankers and

demanded they write off Mexico's monetary Crisis as a loss, and give

Mexico 5 Billion dollars in their credit line so Mexico could borrow

more money to pay their Interest (Usuary) on their old debts and any

new debts they would acquire. There were 800 banks involved in this

manuver and those banks soon invented new tricks to take fees and so

forth from millions of small savings, credit cards, and so forth to pay

the bill. While blood is being sucked from the American farmers,

treating them like the enemy, still Mexico was saved so that the

"USUARY" system goes on. The people of the western world are paying for

the corruption, and inability of countries around the world to support

themselves, and we do it without being asked or a law passed. But the

Mega-Bankers can sleep again, for no Big Bank will collapse, no

countries economy will collapse no matter how hopeless it is. The

Bankers will save them with your money while they destroy the heartland

of America ---that is the program outlined from the beginning.


     Now;  do you see why the World Bank was created, the IMF

(International Monetary Fund) was created? --they are a part of this

World Banking Society which our blind politicians try to make work.

---We already have this Great Global Economic system---it already

exists--and it works. We as a nation and as individuals are caught in

this Global---ONE WORLD TRAP, and we have to pay its way without even

being asked. We are thus further along in this great conspiracy then we


     The International planners are not worring about debts, or

poverty, or foreclosure of farms. They are only interested in keeping

this system of USUARY running smoothly, and it takes credit and

interest to make it work. Debts are a means of control---the aim then

is to use this control as an arm of their one world Dictatorship. 

Henry Kissinger outlined this as he said:--'The aims of the

International monetary system has to be adjusted to political

realities.' We tell you that there are men behind the scenes that

manipulate the government and try to keep things running in their

direction and program. Did you notice that Jimmy Carter is now in the

Mid-East and will go even to Syria ---remember that he is Co-Chairman

of Global 2000, so why is he over there and interested in the

hostages????  He like the IMF, the World Bank, is just a tool in the

hands of a small tight knit group of men who plan to rule the world.

World trade, world economy are just more tools to bring all nations

into line, to rob them of their heritage, their culture, to destroy

their independence, and freedom, to make them helpless victims of total



     Now;  Economy is not a science to be studied, it is a dirty trick

to be exposed. As long as America and her people play the game of these

Bankers, trying to live off borrowed money, there is no way to escape

their dictatorship. Only when we stop borrowing money at Usuary is

their power broken. Debts are chains for a nation, for individuals both

small and large.


     Over the years we have heard people say:---Keep your credit good

by showing that you can pay your interest. But this turns out to be a

call to enslavement, where as the refusal to make a debt is the road to

freedom. Don't wait for this ONE WORLD SYSTEM to collapse while you

borrow your way to wealth--it never will. The path to freedom laid out

in the bible tells you that the borrower is the slave to the lender

(Prov 22:7) Thus the understanding of this Economic system is what will

make us free. The way that Great Babylon, as tho a great millstone from

around your neck, is to be thrown down is for God's people to quit

borrowing money from these Great International Bankers------thus "Come

out from among them and be ye separate,"   and if you do that --if

every nation would cancel their debt and make no more they would



     Now; this Iran-Reagan  -Contra affair is all just a part of the

drama being played out in our world today. Henry Kissinger is again one

of the stooges used to bring down America to the point where America

can be merged with the Soviet Union under this one World Dictatorship.

     It doesn't matter whether you like President Reagan or not, he was

slated to be destroyed the first time he moved contrary to this One

World Plan. He was almost a prisoner of the CFR-Trilateral from the

first. The real secret government ---the real power behind the scenes

according to Dr. Coleman is the headquarters in Harold Pratt House in

N.Y.  Here it is decided what is to be allowed. and when the President

came up with the SDI program the word went out, this President must go,

and the Kissinger plan was activated. According to Dr. Coleman then

McFarlane was to be the 'Deepthroat' of the plot against President

Reagan, just as Al Haige filled that post under President Nixon. We

would say that McFarlane perhaps was used by the MAN up stairs to carry

the Bible to the Arabs---don't think that was in the program----and

according to Dr. Coleman --as President Reagan failed to bow to the

Soviets and cancel the SDI program then the Kissinger plot to destroy

the Reagan Presidencey was stepped up. As for this selling of arms to

Iran, this has been going on for years before the Reagan Presidency, it

was just continued under this President. McFarlane knew this and

perhaps this was something else which troubled his conscience as he

tried to serve two masters.  Many of the Israel men who belong to the

CFR and Trilateral organizations have been schooled to accept this

program as being in the best interest of America. This perhaps explains

their blindness in part, as their ego is fed,  and they obey unseen

masters, and never look beyond their place in power.


     Now;  that the Iran affair has produced a weakened Presidency we

see that the Soviets are ready for an Arms agreement, interesting isn't

it?  and we don't even have to give up the SDI program to reach an

agreement?????  We are now at a national crisis---if the President does

not step down, he will see one crisis after another until the country

is in chaos. And we believe that if Reagan does fall the enemy within

our gates will have scored a great triumph for with Reagan will go

SDI---and the protection of our NATIONAL soverignty.

     As to why the press has turned on Mrs. Reagan, those behind the

scene tell me that Mrs. Reagan is urging the President not to bow to

the CFR-Trilateralists and not to compromise on SDI.

     We want you to remember that the Man Upstairs has more power than

those men behind the scenes who think they are getting ready to rule

the World, after their highly paid stooge has brought down another

President. Remember this Henry Kissinger is the same man who after

betraying President Nixon had the audacity to kneel in prayer with a

distrught President Nixon in the Oval Office. When will men of Israel

ever learn that such men do not think like we think?


     Another reason why the Soviets are now ready to get rid of their

older weapons facing Europe, and why Gorbachev is trying to draw

attention to Nuclear disarmament----he is doing this while completely

ignoring the more deadly and dangerous chemical and bacteriological

armaments in the Soviet arsenal---which is now ready for use. Lets be

frank---this secret and invisible government of the U.S. has been

cooperating with the USSR from the days of the Bolshevik revolution.

Neither the USSR or the Secret government of America has ever had any

intention of destroying each others assets. Nuclear was is very costly,

but chemical warfare is cheap, easy to manage and contains, and is very

effective. The Soviets have a vast chemical and biological weapon. The

majority of SS 20 missles jacent to European cities are not tipped with

Nuclear warheads, they carry chemical warheads, particularly thickened

somane gas, and bacteriological warhead such as with plague, smallpox,

and a host of new disease bacteria. No wonder Gorbachev wants to

deflect attention from this arsenal which would quickly incapacitate

the NATO nations and their forces.


     Now;  as you'v seen from this last press conference--no matter

what the President says ---it won't make any difference---but I still

do not believe that he will be hounded from office as was President

Nixon. I believe that the man upstairs has more to say about that then

the enemy. So lets see what happens. If the affair gets to close to

Israeli participation you will see the press cut and run. As for the

spy Pollard---I look for him to be sent to Israeli before he spends to

much time here in prison.


     Until next time we remember that the power behind us is much

greater than those that would enslave us. I don't say it will be easy

the next few years, but I don't think we are going down the drain

either. I am counting on our destiny.




              May YAHWEH bless and keep you