NEWSLETTER.....AUGUST.....1987........E.M.  (T65)


     Did you notice that the Astronomers have found that there is other

'Suns'...out there...and they have planets in orbit around them as does

our earth.   ??????My-they are going to catch up with our thinking one

of these days.


     After the Challenger Disaster of 1-28-86...and our failure to move

ahead in space explorations, then the Soviets are said to be well ahead

of the U.S. in that area. Defensively speaking the soviet Union has

perfected its spy staellites so that they can track U.S. Warships

anywhere in the world, and can now relay their location directly to

Soviet Vessels. Thus the soviet satellites can provide time-critical

tracking and targeting of U.S. ships as they patrol the area such as

the Persian Gulf. Wonder who really gave the orders to fire on the

battleship Stark?? Was this a warning strike in this battle of nerves?

     Dr. Robert Jastrow...president of the George C. Marshall Institute

warns that if recent House action in reducing the Presidents SDI

funding is held it will mean disaster for the program, for it will put

on hold the part of the program which is necessary to defend this

country, until it is to late.

     As you know the Soviet union is nourishing an insurgency against

South africa to pave the way for a thrust against the U.S. and they are

using the system as a tool. And instead of defending even the U.S.

interest in South africa our state Department is attacking South Africa

thus aligning our foreign policy with the Soviets. This stance is

Suicidal for if the South African nation is conquored all of that area

will fall, and the west will be denied access to the strategic minerals

of South Africa, and also the oil of the Persian Gulf...for this is a

strategic waterway that the Soviets are after. Thus it all ties

together, and the west is being led down the path of apeasement...the

scripture warns against this but also points out that this will occur

for Israel is blind, and being led by those not of our thinking.

     The Panama Canal Treaties thus were also a part of this proceedure

as the Soviets moved...led by the take over this

last important waterway. G. Russell Evans in his book, has with the

collaboration of Ex-military men such as Admiral Thomas H. Moorer Jr.,

former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff outlined the Panama Canal

Treaties swindle that produced this give away of the soverrignty of our


     As Captain Evans unfold this tragic story in his book, we find

that the Soviet Union began trying to take over the Panama canal way

back in 1917. It has been an on going struggle over the years, but was

dinally accomplished by President Carter assuming power he did not

have...but to please his Trilateral masters. Thus the Executive branch

and the Legislative branch of the U.S. government fostered...Non-

treaties to swindle the U.S. out of our property. Admiral Moorer

revealed in 1977 that it was clear from the intelligence reports that

Panama fitted within the grand scheme of the Soviets to project Marxism

in the Caribbean, thru the Cuban connection. It was also clear he

recorded that very few congressmen had any concept of the long range

implications of these treaties on the security and prosperity of the


     The doubtful achievements of the Carter Administration, in this

sorry chapter of American History are listed in Captain Evans Epilogue

as follows:....

     1. Lost control of a Stratigic waterway.

     2. Gave away 10 billion in assets, and promised Panama 3 billion

more to take it.

     3. By passes the constitution, and International law in so doing.

     4. Gave up rights to leases needed to defend the canal.

     5. Lost guarantee of fast ocean to ocean movements of the U.S.


     6. Retreated from the Caribbean as the Communists moved in.

     7. Exposed the Canal to Soviet subversion and eventual take over.

     8. Gave U.S. enemies equal access to the canal.

     9. Left a time bomb for future conflict with Panama.

     10. Set an historical record in paying another country to accept

the U.S. property that had already been bought 4 times.

     11. Allowed Senators to participate in treaty negotiations which

is Unconstitutional..(one of those senators was Howard Baker, now the

Presidents right hand man).

     12. Violated oaths of office to preserve the constitution.  No

wonder this is termed 'Consent to Disaster.'


     Yet...back in 1917 the Marxist were calling for the opening of all

Straits into inland seas, as well as the Suez, the Panama Canal and so

forth. They demanded that they be neutralized. The Suez Canal was

nationalized in 1956...and after that the Soviets were calling for the

shifting of Control of the Canal to some International body such as the

U.N. and voices in our nations were seconding this call for the giving

up of the Panama Canal. Thus since 1917 there has been a baiting of the

U.S. and from one milestone to the next always we moved more toward

concessions, and loss of American Soverignty. However it was not until

President Carter managed two different sets of Treaties that the Soviet

Union won and the U.S. lost...This key to the defense of the Western

world, which was traded away by the hand picked men from the Trilateral

and CFR organizations, led by one behind the scene....none other than

Henry Kissinger.

     The Bay of Pigs debacle of April in 1961 gave away the eastern end

of the Caribbean where as the Treaties of 1977 gave away the Western


     Retired Military men are asking President Reagan to do something

about these two illegal treaties, for the one recognized by the Senate

does not contain what the Treaty signned by Panama Contains. But I ask

You...what can President Reagan do about this affair when they have him

all tied up by the Iran Contra affair and its Media coverage. Do you

think he could make any dent in uncovering this scandle??? Of course

not. Did you notice that the Senate...led by Byrd of Virginia...said

that they have decided not to try to impeach the President. That threat

seemed to have boomeranged, thus the leadership of the Senate now says

they do not have the stomach for such a try, in the time left in

President Reagan's term. They believe that altho they have not found

that 'smoking gun' they were looking for in the Iran-Contra affair that

what they are doing will hold him in check for his remaining time in

office. Are men of no vision then just playing dirty politics???

     Why has U.S. leaders failed to protect American interrests in the

Western Hemisphere? Why is Cuba allowed to operate 'Carte Blanche' as a

conduit for South Ameican drugs flowing into the U.S. in order to use

the Billions...Why?...Prophecy tells us that men not of our kingdom are high places in government, and behind the scene as manipulators,

and they are calling the shots for a One World government, and most

Congressmen in their drive to get along...are like those in Palestine

in those days...who were afraid to speak of YAHSHUA for fear of the

Yehudin who were in power.

     Did you know that our constitution has been copied in whole or in

part thru out the world? Canada for instance copied it in 1867,

Australia in 1908, and the Union of South Africa in 1909. France,

Belgium and Switzerland adopted many of America's constitutional

principals. The nations not following totally such as France fell into

revolution and never were able to come back to their first goal. Since

that be true then you understand the drive to even amend the

Constitution, or to destroy it all together which has also been going

on. With the Panama Treaties the President just ignored the

constitution, and so far that scandle still stands, being covered up so

as to aide the enemy in Central America. No wonder the disturbance when

the President went into Grenada, for that throwed a slow down of their

program into the way, and they have been trying to correct it ever



     Did you notice the disturbance in South Korea, for we have told

you that this is the next friendly nation in line for destabilzation

and eventual overthrow of its non-communist government. We are hearing

about the South Korean government's brutality and violation of human

rights, but nothing about what is happening in Afghanistan.


     QUESTION:...Will Jim and Tammy Baker take over the PTL ministry


     ANSWER:....There is a lot of money out there for the picking and

since blind Christians are very forgiving since they have embrased the

world, then their teaching has been..prayer and forgiveness...and they

know nothing of the kingdom and their teachers ignore the fact that

Jesus said that he did not pray for the world...then yes they probably

will be brought back to raise more money. But why did not Jesus pray

for the world??? Because the sum total of all races who were not spirit

of his spirit, had already gone the way of Satan, and the time for

their relationship with HIM, their restoration was for a later time.

However so called 'Christianity' today is not the Gospel of the

Kingdom, rather it is love and forgiveness as you embrace the World

order, a part of Old Mystery Babylon the Great, then for the sake of

money I expect Jim and Tammy back and also more trouble for all T.V.



     Now; today be very careful of everything you read and hear. See

where it comes from, and see where it fits in the overall picture. For

instance did you notice who wrote the story about the Atorney General

which the 'Spotlight' carried? Understand what is then behind the

scene, and what are they trying to achieve. They did not prove this in

all the months they stalled his nomination for the job, but they are

trying to remove certain men from Washington D.C....Why?  Are they

afraid that if YAHSHUA calls...remember that when the Great flagship

comes in...the symbol of HIS presence, the same enemy will turn of

earth, for they want ot hang on to the place they have acquired in this

battle between the children of Light and the children of darkness. But

you just remember that we are going to win.


     Until next time may YAHWEH Bless.