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President Clinton has a benign cyst on the left side of his neck, but it presents no threat to his health, NBC reported Aug. 31, 1996.

            The President wants to wait until after the election to have the cyst surgically removed, the television network said.

            There was no immediate conformation from the Clinton campaign which was campaigning by bus in Tennessee when the report was aired.

            Responding, Christina Martin, a spokeswoman for Republican Presidential candidate Bob Dole, renewed a request that Clinton release his medical records.

            They say that it is benign.  But whose word are we supposed to take on this since they won't release his medical records, said Martin.



I have a favor to ask of you on the tape circuit.---Is there anyone out there who is a teenager who would like to correspond with a teenager who is reading and studying this type of material which goes out from here?  If so, would you send me your name and address, and I will pass it onto a teenager who would like such a correspondence.  She is home schooled and is quite interested in hearing from another teenager who is considering this subject of Identity and all that goes with it.



Hale-Bopp is still right on path.  It will make another turn about the first of October, to put it on the right path to go around the ecliptic of heaven as it has been thought that it would do.  It is not acting like other comets which just show up somewhere in the heavens and then move across to a given place and then disappear.  There have been nine comets this year, or there will be, as all of them reach their brightest point the last in early October.  But the most interesting is, of course, Hale-Bopp, which is already a naked eye object in the southwestern sky during early evening.  Even city dwellers should have little difficulty in spotting it with binoculars.  It glows like a fuzzy 4th or 5th magnitude star, even though it is still about 2.7 astronomical units from the sun.

            During October, look for the comet nearly half way between (Beta B) and (Eta N) in Ophiuchi.  During June, the comet’s brightness began to slow a bit.  But astronomers still say that it will be at its brightest next year about late March and early April. (Resurrection Day)   For months the astronomers have been watching a fan of bright material coming from the region of the Comet's nucleus.  On occasion this fountain of dust and gas has appeared multiple, suggesting that there are a number of strong areas on the nucleus.  This to is a very good sign and makes it highly unlikely that the comet will suddenly fizzle out as it nears Perihelion.



Now as to the planet lineup for the month of October: ---Mars and a new moon will be together on the 8th, and Saturn and one-quarter moon on October 23.  Uranus and Neptune are still close together, and a half moon will be with them October 19, while big Jupiter still sits close by as always, in Sagittarius.  Venus and Mercury will soon come back into the picture.  You will find then in the east once again before the dawn. 

Asteroids are also in the picture this year.  Another will be showing in the sky.  Using binoculars, you can find Juno moving thru the sky, northwest of Cetus, south of Pisces.  It will come closer to earth this fall and closer to the sun (Perihelion) early next February.  Once you are familiar with the star field, you can give it a quick hello whenever you are out.

On Tuesday, October 12, there will be a partial eclipse for people in eastern Canada shortly after sun rise; for North Africa and Europe around sunset.  The eclipse will not be very deep.  But the sun’s appearance low above the horizon should make some beautiful and unearthly scenes.



Wed. Sept 4, 1996---

We find that the Catholic Pope, John Paul II, will be going to France on a visit.  And apathy has given way to growing hostility.  The Pontiff who for years has been trying to coax 'the eldest daughter of the church' out of her indifference, may have roused a dozing giant.  The visit will occur Sept. 19-22.  France is 80% Catholic, but less than 15% practice their religion.  The French have clashed with the Vatican long ago over bans on women priests, artificial birth control, and abortion.  But the resentment runs deeper than that.  In 1995, the liberal Bishop, Jacques Gaillot, was dismissed.  And he remains immensely popular in France.  The reason this date is interesting, is because of the prophetic interpretations as to the writings of Nostradomus.  So we will watch this date, and see if anything happens on this visit to France.



From the magazine -- ‘WORLD’ --Sept. 14, 1996

                               (Incerted picture of unfinished bridge) 17 space lines


(Just which god was Mr. Clinton asking to bless America?)

By Peter Jones, Professor of New Testament Studies at Westminister.  The Theological Seminary in California and author of the upcoming book ‘Spirit Wars: Pagan revival in Christian America.’

            The Democratic Convention's centrist sound gave people what they wanted to hear, but confirmed a dismal trend in Western civilization. Behind the dulling rhetoric about families and the defense of children, President Clinton reached a high point of tragic irony when he suggested that “the killing of unborn children is a noble act of spirituality to be decided by a woman and her doctor, and her god.”

            He failed to note that abortion kills not only babies, but the deep maternal instinct of mothers; that it kills our delicate trust in the healing profession, and that it severs a father's ties to his family and kills the male voice in issues of life and death.

            Veiled in a mist of political newspeak, Mr. Clinton's “bridge to the future” will likely lead to a violent ‘village of family’ collapse, infanticide, physician-assisted euthanasia, and enigmatic suspicion in which neither marriage, nor family, nor children, nor even the individual, is safe.

            In spite of claims to the contrary, this vision is a bridge to the past--the past of the revolutionary ‘60's sexual liberation, feminist de-construction, moral relativism, and anti-Christian spirituality.  That point was illustrated by the triumphant return of many of the ‘Chicago seven’ to the city where they made history nearly 30 years ago.

            There was Tom Hayden, once an explicit revolutionary, now a California State Senator and delegate to the Democratic Convention. Hayden teaches pantheistic ‘deep ecology’ at a center for the exploration of synchronized pagan/Christian worship and various forms of witchcraft. There was Rennie Davis, who spoke of spiritual discoveries that will push humanity into greatness within the next five years.  Original cast members of ‘Hair’ sang again of the ‘Dawning of the Age of Aquarius.’

These revolutionaries weren't on an oldies nostalgia trip.  They were celebrating the current triumph of their once radical agenda, which now constitutes the philosophical under-belly of mainstream politics.  And they were looking forward to a Pagan Age of Aquarius, which beckons from the other side of Mr. Clinton's ‘bridge.’

With the phrase “A woman and her God,” President Clinton revealed his own theology.  He believes in a god who whispers to some that abortion is a slaughter of the innocents while assuring others, like ex-Surgeon General Jocelyn Elders, of its social benefits.  Either the god behind these conflicting ethical systems is schizophrenic, unworthy of Divine status, or more than one god is speaking.

            In the 60's, radical theologians proclaimed the ‘death of God.’ Mildly amused, evangelicals claimed not to know God was even sick. But the radicals were deadly serious.  Seeing in this divine death announcement “the obituary of a useless single-minded and one-dimensional norm of a civilization that has been predominantly monotheistic, not only in religion, but also in its politics.”

            With God dead, the revolutionaries heralded the ‘rebirth’ of the gods and goddesses, and the coming of a political system to go with it.  Some of the radical predictions have come to pass in the 80's and 90's.   Radical feminists in society and the church turned to goddess worship for spiritual empowering to transform the world discovering one's own god.  And beyond that, that one is god, constitutes the essence of the spiritual regeneration of the 60's “ME Generation.”   If everyone is his or her own god, how can anything be wrong to do?

            Will we follow Mr. Clinton’s ‘bridge to the global village of the 21st Century?  If we do, we won’t find a Christian village.  It will be polytheistic and animistic, just like the African villages that serve Mrs. Clinton as a cutesy model for their theories of communal child rearing.

            Will the words “God bless America” take on an ominous ring?  Must we begin asking, “Which God? And what blessings?”

The God of the Bible with HIS absolute standard of right or wrong, will not be welcome in the post-modern womb of the returning pagan goddess.  The bridge is broad except for those who still hold to the scriptural view of God.

            If by carefully chosen sound bites, Bill Clinton succeeds in selling this ‘new religious/political’ vision to voters as the ‘Right track’ into the 21st Century, one day in the not too distant future, America may discover that this bridge into the future was a bridge too far.



The Phyllis Schlafly Report:

    Comparing the two party platforms:

            It is unclear why Bill Clinton started his post-convention campaign in Cape Girardeau, the home of Rush Limbaugh, but Rush said it best when he described Clinton's acceptance speech as an umbilical cord to the future instead of a ‘bridge.’  The headlines proclaimed the boast that the era of big Government is over.  But the fine print of Clinton's speech and his party platform proclaimed that the era of the Government ‘NANNY’ is starting.

            The Nanny State isn't ‘big government’ in the sense of starting a new grandiose project like sending a man to the moon, or breaking the bank with another middle class entitlement.  But the cumulative costs of all those items about which Clinton wants us to believe that 'he feels' our pain, adds up to very big government, indeed.  His vision is to shield us from life's daily annoyances.  Most of the promises in the Democratic platform concern matters best left to the states, or local governments, or to families, or to the private sector. 

Bob Dole, bring out that copy of the Tenth Amendment that you keep in your pocket.  We really need it now.



Big Labor is going all out with big money to bring down the new Congressmen that were elected in 1992.  I am sure you would be surprised to know that 43% of the delegates to the recent Democratic National Convention were union members.  But now you should be shocked to learn that most of these union members at the Democratic National Convention work for the government and their salaries are paid by the taxpayers!  Do you know what that means?

            What this means is that unions today have a very different purpose from unions in past years.   In the earlier years, unions organized and bargained for higher wages and benefits in our great American industries such as steel, oil, and automobiles.  Today, the goal of the public sector unions is higher taxes, because higher taxes pay their higher wages and benefits.  And when these unions spend their political money, they do not necessarily support Democrats just because they want traditional ties to the Democrat Party.  They support Liberal Democrats because they want to elect Congressmen who will vote for a very liberal, even radical ‘Big Government,’ Big spending agenda.  Take the NEA.  Nearly half of the members vote Republican, but the NEA's officers and treasury are in the hands of Leftists who put thru the radical resolutions you read about. Whereas there is nothing about teaching children to read or other basics.




Quote of the WEEK:----

To force upon our communities the legal recognition of same-sex marriages would be social engineering beyond anything in the American experience.  (Senator Kent Lott, during the debate on the defense of such marriages Act, 9/11/96.)



Ross Perot returns:---

He is making it plain that he promises trouble since they will not let him be in the Presidential debates.  He claims that the Republicans in this Congress stole their ideas right out of his book.  We thought he wanted those things for the good of the country.  But it seems that they were not for the country, only under a Perot Presidency.




The Clinton Administration is working overtime to advance the comprehensive Test-Ban Treaty (CTB) to ratification in Geneva.  It received a major setback when India, last week, refused to allow ratification before the International Disarmament Conference in Geneva. But due to the Clinton Administration's efforts, Australia and others of the five declared nuclear nations have pressed for a special session of the UN on Sept. 9, to consider the ban.



This is an ill-advised test treaty and will work against this nation. But all former Presidents, including Jimmy Carter, have decided not to seek a comprehensive ban on nuclear testing.  After all, the Russians, for instance, have lots of nuclear weapons, as do some other nations.  And now with Yeltson a sick man, then who will take his place is a big worry.



Computers and Science:--

By John Antczak---Associated Press writer.

   Los Angeles:--

A strange object that moves like a comet but looks like an asteroid was spotted in space by an Air Force telescope using a special camera.

            The object, with a diameter of five to ten miles, may be an unusual asteroid or a dead comet stripped of all volatile material, NASA officials said, Wednesday.

            This is a misfit in the grand scheme of things, Eleanor Helin, principal investigator of the ‘Near Earth Asteroid’ tracking program at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, said in a statement.  Scientists said nothing like it has been seen before.

            The object dubbed 1996 PW, was spotted in data taken from an August 9th, observation atop Mount Haleakala of Maui, Hawaii.  A special camera attached to the telescope automatically surveys the skies for objects --- asteroids or comets which could be a hazard to earth.

            Asteroids are rocky bodies that mainly orbit in the ‘asteroid belt’ between Jupiter and Mars.  Comets generally have orbits that go beyond the planets and have volatile material streaming off.

            No comet-like gas emissions were observed from 1996 PW, even during its closest approach to the sun, supporting the argument that the object is an asteroid.

            However its orbit is estimated to have a period of 5,000 years, an elongated, comet-like circuit that stretches into the void beyond the orbits of Neptune and Pluto.

            The orbit of the majority of asteroids are on the order of three to five years, said Steve Pravdo, project task manager for the asteroid tracking program.

            The comet-like motion was spotted by scientist Gareth Williams while processing the data with a computer at the Smithsonian Astro-Physical Observatory in Cambridge, Mass.

            Scientists using a 5 meter telescope at Palmar Mountain in San Diego County plan on making observations to determine the object's physical measurements and composition.

            The Jet Propulsion Laboratory's special camera, installed on Maui in December of 1995, uses time exposures to spot the movement of objects near earth among the thousands of celestial bodies in every image.

            But there is no reason to worry about 1996 PW hitting the earth, Pravdo said.  It's a “dumb orbit,” he said.  It's on the way out.



We are coming to the close of another month, and the year is also running out.  We have had signs in the sky, asking people to look up and see what is coming, but not too much interest yet is shown.  We will have another update on Hale-Bopp soon as more information is coming in.  But Hale-Bopp is still in the sign of Ophiuchus where it is supposed to be, and the eclipse of the moon on Sept 25-26, was in the sign of Virgo.  And the Eclipse of the sun in October, will be in the sign of Pisces.  So the messages are clear.  You now know where to look for the meaning of the heavenly messages.


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