November 7, 1996


Dear Grace,

            Glad to hear from you.

Yes, I have read "Beowolf."  I have the book.  Am sending you a picture of the sea creature from a museum.  Also, Dr. Swift was able to see one of them alive but it did not live long out of the depth of the sea.

            You ask about the flood of Noah's time, and the stories of the Great flood, Native Americans Indians, and Asians and Babylonians wrote about?  I would suggest that since these people wrote about a great flood, they were not talking about the Great flood which covered all of the earth---Genesis 1: l-2---for this flood was in ancient times far back in time from the flood of Noah's time which occurred some time after the Adamic race came to earth.  All people on earth were destroyed in that Great Flood of Genesis 1:1-2, unless they packed up and flew away back to other planets in the Milky way.

Jeremiah recalls seeing this while he was still in the spirit before the restoration of the world that was, and the coming then of the Adamic people.  Jeremiah 4:22-27.  And yes there was a great flood all over the whole earth at that ancient time.  And then a restoration.  Moses just gives you a bit of history in the first chapter of Genesis.  And then in the second chapter, goes into the story of the Adamic people.  And yes, that also explains the Archaeologists finds in the Grand Canyon, and the fact that this earth had people on it long before the Adamic people came into physical earth.  This is a proven fact which the church does not teach.

            As to the Sphinx, the nose was broken off when Napoleon went and shot at the face of the Sphinx and started the damage to the face.  He had no understanding of the symbolim of that monument. We are hearing now that they have found the underground temple under the Sphinx, but the Egyptians are trying to slow down the discovery of these ancient monuments, for they also do not remember the significance.  But they are in their care. There is a door on the side of the Sphinx and it has been opened.  But we did not find out as to what they found. But there are lots of tunnels from the Sphinx to the Pyramid, and different areas of that land. This will all be revealed one of these days.

The true Masons understood the building in ancient Egypt. In the days of George Washington, he understood much about the Great Pyramid and the Sphinx and so forth. He was a true Mason, not a free Mason as they are called now. The true Masonic Lodge only had 7 degrees.  Free Masonry of today has 33.  Thus a lot of Eastern paganism has been added to that organization. But the Blue Lodge carried the truth.  And YAHWEH always manages to keep HIS truth alive.

            Cain's wife? --Yes.  She would have been a type of Asiatic.  And there were even people who could pass for Caucasians on this earth in the long forgotten past.  But they were not of the Adamic race which came later. The Adamic race is the 7th race of people who have been created, and now the begotten of YAHWEH, to form his kingdom in earth, for the people of his kingdom to be set in place here at this latter time. Then will begin the restitution of all things. But Israel first.  And then working thru Israel until all is back in its rightful orbit with Almighty God.  The area where Cain went into was probably like Mongolia today.  But it was also filled with more than one race of people, or just a mixture of races. The mark that YAHWEH put on Cain was a mark of Identification. For Cain would be the leader of this second kingdom being built on earth.  One the Kingdom of Almighty YAHWEH, being built by the Adamic people, and the one being built by Cain and his descendents and the whole pagan world which had fallen before the Adamic people.  The Jews come from this mixing of seed long before the Adamic people.  And then Cain was the result of the crossing of the Adamic race (Eve) with Satan.  And they became the predominent ones from then on. 

Ham was an Adamite.  So of course, the Jews did not come from him.  But as time went on, his descendants would also mix races and no longer would his offspring be counted in the Adamic-Israelite line.

            Thus, you see, there are many races involved here which a person has to trace for this picture. And then each generation would produce some more Jews as did Esau and his Cainanite wives. Thus, these are ancient people.  And in the old books it calls the Jews Satan's ancient people.

            As to alchemists practicing now----I do not know of any.

            Indian symbols and orderly systems of Indian tribes and customs came from many sources.  We have a discovery in this country now as to people that looked to be Caucasian.  I will get that story outlined and in the newsletter soon.  But there were also many White so-called Indian tribes, and all play a part in the symbolism found in the Indian nations. I covered that story in my early writings as to how the Manasseh people went into Central America about 600 years before the birth of Christ. You have those writings in the material I have sent for your library there.

            Now you suggest that the Colonists, as they arrived, began to chop down the trees and change the land which they settled upon. Yes, I think that was right. This land was to be the last great nation of God's kingdom and to become that then it would have to be developed. And remember it was the White man, the Adamic man, with his wife at his side who accomplished this. And the land was given to them for this purpose.  For it is all in God's plan. Perhaps there have been mistakes made, but the Indians did not own this land.  It belongs to YAHWEH (God) and it was put in place for a definite purpose, in spite of what the Enviromentalists have to say. This was to be the land of the ‘Outstretched Wings of the Eagle’ (Isaiah 18) and it was destined for a definite purpose.

In my writings also are the story ot the Aryans and their migrations. You might be interested in that.  If the settlers would have left America as they found it, and fit into the native life, then you would be further, much further from the time of establishing the Kingdom of YAHWEH upon this earth.  So I personally do not want to go back to that time. I want to go forward and see the Kingdom Administration set in place. And then this will be a better world for not only our race, but for all people.

Thanks for writing. I hope I have answered some of your questions.

Incedently, the motto for the State of Kansas is also for the whole U.S.A.