QUESTION: Is Lazarus a symbol of THE WORD?

ANSWER: Perhaps if you mean he was being used to teach those of Israel who were facing the events of the Crucifixion and the Resurrection as somewhat of an example.

   From the old book:..'Significance of the Tabernacle' ...we see that the number 3 was considered as representing things invisible, whereas no. 4 represents the Kingdom in the world..but not of the world.

   You will remember that Lazarus was 4 days in the tomb before YAHSHUA called him out. You will also remember that there was in the universe 4 elements, 4 directions of the winds, 4 seasons of the year, and the earth was said to have 4 ends and 4 corners, and so had the heavens.

   Now; Moses learned the symbolism of the Kingdom story while in Egypt, he then knew that the visible world, beautiful and glorious as it appeared in itself, and as a manifestation of the Creator was subsidiary to (Adam) Man, and to God's purposes in regard to him. Heathenism only pointed out the power and wisdom of God as evident in the ordinary disposition of matter; but Moses through revelation pointed out that nature tho not unimportant, was inferior to the supernatural. The material universe was regarded as subsidiary to a race of beings, made in the likeness of God, who in history the Creator would reveal His Glory more fully than he had done in earth, or in the firmament above. All things were created to the intent that the Wisdom of God which the Aryan Egyptians discovered, in the constitution of things according to the laws of Arithmetic and Geometry, might be made known even to principalities and powers in heavenly places by means of a people whom YAHWEH had chosen for that purpose.

   Thus in this symbolism, in the teachings of Moses then 4 represented that in which YAHWEH dwelt and revealed Himself, it represented thus His Kingdom..the people of His Israel rather than the rest of Mankind, because... ISRAEL WAS HIS DWELLING PLACE. It was to the distinction from other nations that YAHWEH promised to come, and to dwell among them, to be their God, and have them for His people. (It is to be noted that this old book always calls these people Hebrews).

   In the Tabernacle in the Wilderness, in the symbolic institution of numbers, then number 4 is referring to the Spiritual Kingdom of YAHWEH in the world, but not to the world itself. Thus in the teachings of Moses..number 4.. was the signature of the whole collective body of YAHWEH'S redeemed people, employed to represent them in the Revelations and Visions by which YAHWEH made Himself known, showing itself not only in the quadrangular ground plan of the Tabernacle of the Temple in Jerusalem, but in the ideal temple shown to the prophet Ezekiel in people which Ezekiel saw in a vision beneath the Sapphire throne of YAHWEH.

   This  no. so conspicuous, notice how many times it was introduced...4 living Creatures..the 4 symbolic beings who supported the throne which they carried toward any one of the 4 points of the compass. There were 4 wheels also moved by these 4 living creatures...which were..the lion, the man, the eagle, and the bull.

   Number 4 was the numerical significance of theocracy, the tabernacle was 4 sided, and the court in the same shape as was also the Temple in Jerusalem. The Temple seen in the vision by Ezekiel and the New Jerusalem was also 4 sided, whether square or other shapes with 4 sides.

   Thus the significance of Lazarus as a symbol of THE WORD could only point to His Kingdom, to its people, and to His program for its presence in the earth, and be pointing out also the necessity then for the Crucifixion and Resurrection.

   You will remember that Lazarus had not been embalmed as neither had YAHSHUA, just wrapped in grave clothes and laid in the tomb. He was called out and when unwrapped he was as he had been before, and he lived for several years thereafter, and traveled Britain with the family then went out into Europe, especially into France on his mission of carrying the Gospel of the Kingdom to Lost Israel, as well as the knowledge of the coming of Messiah and the redemption of His people.  How YAHWEH as YAHSHUA had come, shed His blood and redeemed His people by way of the Cross. Both would go into the Netherworld, Lazarus to await for the call, Christ to reclaim His household who had been waiting for that call.

   In this old book we are told that the Tabernacle thus symbolized the TRUTHS OF MOSAIC REVELATIONS. Therefore you see the significance of the symbolism of numbers, in that Ancient structure called the Tabernacle, and in fact every piece of furniture, and in everything which the Israelites did, all looking forward to the coming... IN THE FLESH...of their Messiah...YAHWEH AS YAHSHUA.




QUESTION: Why are we called the 'SALT' of the earth?

ANSWER: (Matthew 5)

   'Ye are the SALT of the earth, but if the Salt has lost its savor where with shall it be salted? It is thenceforth good for nothing but to be cast out, and trodden under foot of men.'

   'Ye are the LIGHT of the world.'

   'A city set on a hill cannot be hid. Neither do men LIGHT a candle, and put it under a bushel, but on a candlestick; and it giveth LIGHT unto all that are in the house'.

   The word 'YE' according to the Companion Bible refers to those who  represent the Kingdom in earth. 'SALT' is listed as no. 1., in the numerology of minerals.

   If SALT is sprinkled on bare earth, and not protected, or is exposed to air and sun then it soon loses its savor and is fit for nothing except sprinkle it on the streets to get rid of the ice.

   Now; here Jesus had taken His disciples up into the mountains and there taught them the Beatitudes. He then told them that they would be persecuted as were the profits before them. Then in our WORD He said:..'Blessed are Ye for you are heirs of the Kingdom, thus you are also the 'salt' of the earth.' Thus salt is symbolic of truth, the True Faith, and the Geneva Bible says that 'salt' is considered the symbol of knowledge, that you shine and give LIGHT by being partakers of TRUTH. However your doctrines must be sound and good or they will be tossed away, good for nothing except to be walked on in the streets of the World Order.

   Colossians 4:6;

   'Let your speech be always with Grace, seasoned with 'SALT' (truth) so as to know how to answer every man.'

   Mark 9:49;

   For everyone shall be 'salted' (preserved) with Fire (Shekinah Light). Salt is good but if the 'salt' hath lost its saltiness wherewith will ye season it? (restore it) Therefore have 'salt' (truth-knowledge) in yourself and have Peace (understanding) one with another (all ye of the kingdom).

   James 3:12;

   'Can the fig tree my brethren bear Olive Berries? Or a vine..figs? Can one foundation yield both salt water and fresh? Neither can salt water come forth, or produce sweet water endued with knowledge.'

Thus  Lucifer's Kingdom cannot produce olives...

   In this old book "History and significance of the Sacred Tabernacle of the Hebrews' by Edward Attwater... in 1876...we find: 'THE COVENANT OF SALT' is equivalent to the inviolable engagement in the passage where YAHWEH says to Aaron...'All the heave offerings of the Holy things which the Children of Israel offer unto YAHWEH have I given thee, and  thy sons and daughters with thee, but a STATUTE forever before ME, and unto thee and to thy seed with thee.'

   In the passage where the King of Judah says to Jeroboam and his adherents,..'Ought ye not to know that YAHWEH the God of Israel gave the kingdom over Israel to David forever, even to him and to his sons by a COVENANT OF SALT. (II Chron. 13:5)

   The ideal of fidelity proceeds from the preservation qualities of the symbol (SALT) which causes it to signify incorruptibility or unchangeableness on the higher plane of spirit as well as on the lower level of earthly things.

   Thus you see the significance of Salt in the symbolism connected to the Kingdom of YAHWEH in earth.




   As we have said so many times..the understanding of symbolism is so necessary to the understanding of the Scriptures. Even in the beginning we see 4 rivers out of Eden, and according to Dr. Swift these 4 rivers out of the Garden are not to be identified with later rivers even of the same name because those 4 rivers came out of the Garden. And they are again that symbolic number..4., which was to be understood...four streams of Adamites from Seth came out of high areas later as well.




   Another thing to be understood in studying scriptures is the word 'Man' is a Sanskrit word, it came out of the High Steppes from the area of the Tien Shin Mountains where the opening to Eden was found. this word 'man' was in its beginning..Manu..meaning 'the thinker', or the thinking white men. So we have these names to remember..Sons of YAH..Manu..Aryan..for the white man in the beginning, because, it was into Adaum that YAHWEH breathed the breath of Life..and he became A LIVING SOUL..thus he became an intelligent conscious thinker.



   The six pointed and 5 pointed stars...

   King David and Solomon both carried five pointed stars pointing to the fact that they were Kings over Israel here in earth, under YAHWEH-YAHSHUA who carried the symbolism of Number 5. They also carried the symbol off the Kingdom of YAHWEH which is two pointing up and one pointing down, thus the origin of the six pointed star, marking its use in earth.




The LAW was given to Israel and to no one else because, this is the Law of the Kingdom.