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Original Date: Dec. 1995

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                                ANALYSIS ‑ 4


               ~ "At Forty‑Five Degrees The Sky Will Burn" ~





II. 45 DEGREES / HALE‑BOPP / ... 97






            1) THE DATE:  JPII assassination

            2) THE DATE:  Geological / social upheavals

            3) THE DATE:  Rise of the Anti‑Christ in the Middle East ‑ Rabin Assassination &                                         Comet Hale‑Bopp           

            4) Summary




VI. YEAR 1996



Main sources used:


"Conversations With Nostradamus" vol.I‑III by Dolores Cannon:

(Ms.Cannon is a hypnotist/regressionist and a researcher who records "lost" knowledge using hypnotized subjects. In this trilogy, she amazingly, yet believably establishes intertemporal communication with "Nostradamus" and obtains much information about our future. The authenticity of the information/predictions has recently been demonstrated by precisely predicting the appearance of Comet Hale‑Bopp that was discovered in July 1995.)


     Vol.1 ‑ ISBN 0‑922356‑01‑7 (1989)

     Vol.2 ‑ ISBN 0‑9632776‑1‑8 (1990)

     Vol.3 ‑ ISBN 0‑9632776‑3‑4 (1992)


And my analyses (includeding this one) of these books:


     CWN Analysis‑1 Comet Hale‑Bopp & Related Predictions

     CWN Analysis‑2 Occurrences In Space

     CWN Analysis‑3 Man‑Made Disasters & Secret Projects

     CWN Analysis‑4 "At Forty‑Five Degrees The Sky Will Burn"



                              I. INTRODUCTION


‑ Hyper‑Logic


As I tenaciously continued my investigation into the prophecies of Nostradamus, I started to notice that his quatrains are constructed on a very peculiar non‑linear logic (which I decided to call "hyper‑logic" or hyperdimensinal logic). Hyper‑logic is basically... the kind of logic that uses hidden interconnections of things not obvious to our conscious mind yet (we may be aware but on a subconscious level). I don't think Nostradamus himself was fully aware of the incredible depths of his quatrains, and the quatrain‑making process was probably like what is called "automatic writing" (the writer is not consciously aware, or half‑consciously aware at best, of what he's writing). At some point during my study, I started thinking that these prophecies could not be a product of the brain of a mere man... the depth of the quatrains were just simply beyond man's creativity. I felt that the correlations and "coincidences" that I keep finding were too uncanny.


When using hyper‑logic, space‑time seems to become non‑linear. As a result, one quatrain can refer to a number of hyper‑logically connected events in different times and spaces (this is why the wording of the quatrains is so vague). What we probably have to realize is that Nostradamus' prophecies are not on the same level as the predictions made by people like Edgar Cayce or Gordon‑Michael Scallion that are more specific and refer to one specific event per prediction. Nostradamus' words feel different. Nostradamus was the kind of figure that people would have regarded as a son of God in other times. He was a true prophet. What he wrote down was probably deeply God‑inspired (thus the high obscurity). It is probably because of this mysterious God‑inspired logic that people somehow can't seem to let go of Nostradamus' words in spite of their obscurity. We may be still subconsciously sensing the hyper‑logic behind his words. But to actually understand quatrains, you'd have to raise your awareness yourself and be in harmony with his hyper‑logic. The quatrains don't predict the future alone. We can understand and predict the future with the quatrains only by focusing THROUGH the quatrains. Nostradamus' quatrains are only the doors to the hyper‑logical realm of thinking.


In the following chapters, I'll try to go through the doors of Nostradamus' quatrains with the help of information provided by "Conversations With Nostradamus." I don't know how close I got to the consciousness of Nostradamus, but the following analysis may well be a breakthrough. I'd like to thank Dolores Cannon again for her fantastic work on "Conversations With Nostradamus vol.I‑III" which themselves were a MAJOR breakthrough. Without those books, my analysis of the prophecies would not be possible.


                    II. 45 DEGREES / HALE‑BOPP / ... 97


The line, "At forty‑five degrees the sky will burn", is from Nostradamus' quatrain, VI‑97. As I explained in CWN (short for "Conversations With Nostradamus") Analysis‑2, I strongly believe the particular line and the whole quatrain refer to Comet Hale‑Bopp and some events associated with it. Now, after some more studying, I've found more stunning 'depths' in the quatrain that seem to strengthen my view on this subject even more. And because of the new insights, I can now speculate more specifically and intelligently about the near future ('96‑'98) than before. But first, here is a quick partial review of the previous analysis:


     Century VI‑97


     Cinq & quarante degrez ciel bruslera

     Feu approcher de la grand cite' neuue

     Instant grand flamme esparse sautera

     Quand on voudra des Normans faire preuue.


     At forty‑five degrees the sky will burn,

     Fire to approach the great new city:

     In an instant a great scattered flame will leap up,

     When they want to have proof of the Normans.


     1ST LINE: "At forty‑five degrees the sky will burn"


At the time of perihelion (April '97), Comet Hale‑Bopp's angular distance (elongation) in the sky from the Sun will be about 45 degrees, and it will be located in the northern sky at declination +45 degrees (which means the comet will be right above geographic latitude 45 degrees.) Needless to say, this information and the first line match PERFECTLY.


Another indication is the quatrain number. It is VI‑*97*, probably implying the year '97 (Hale‑Bopp's perihelion is April '97).


And also...


According to Conversations With Nostradamus (vol.I p250):


Key Points (info obtained via a subject under hypnosis):


a)  This will take place during the coming war

b)  The enemy side will send a bomb towards New York City. c)  It will be spotted in the sky and watched coming in.  U.S. will try to disable the bomb/missile.

d)  As proof of their friendship the French will be asked to retaliate for America, and France will respond by firing several bombs toward the perpetrator of the event.

e)  This missile will be prematurely detonated so it will not hit New York, but it will destroy planes that are flying around it trying to divert it or disable it.


(End of review)


Now, let me continue with my more recent insights regarding the above quatrain/interpretation. Basically, I focused on the "45 degrees" part of the quatrain. After some studying, I realized how "45 degrees" seems to have the potential to become the most important location during the time of Hale‑Bopp (around '97). Let me list some of the places located on latitude 45 degrees:


1. Lyon, France

2. Belgrade, Serbia (& the whole former Yugoslavia region) 3. Tuzla, Bosnia

4. Montreal, Quebec (Canada)


And on longitude 45 degrees:


5. Baghdad, Iraq


France, Yugoslavia/Bosnia, Quebec, and Iraq... I think you can see even without my explanations that these are countries that have been quite noisy lately. France's nuclear testing started with the discovery of Hale‑Bopp and there is pretty serious social unrest happening in France (Dec.'95). Elsewhere, NATO/US is virtually entering the Bosnian civil war (US headquarters at the city of Tuzla which is at latitude 45 degrees). Within Quebec, there was/is a very strong movement toward independence, and they almost chose to become independent through voting in Oct.'95 (although they voted not to separate for now, it was so close that the majority won by a margin of less than 1%). Iraq has always been dangerous and we can expect some more crazy moves by Saddam Hussain.


Further Study:




The largest city of Quebec, Montreal, sits on 45 degrees latitude. The people's desire to separate from Canada is stronger than ever now in Quebec. This movement and the fact that about 80% of Quebec's people have French ancestors and they largely follow customs and traditions of France make it a very strong candidate for the event referred to by the fourth line of the quatrain, VI‑97 above:


 "When they want to have proof of the Normans."


"The Normans" likely refers to France. So the line could easily be interpreted as "When the French in Quebec want to separate from Canada and become independent." What's more amazing, another referendum is likely in 1997! Yes, Quebec held a referendum following the discovery of Hale‑Bopp, and they will probably have another one in '97 (which is indicated by the quatrain #) coinciding with Hale‑Bopp's perihelion.


Also, the interpretation in CWN states, "There will be a different set of diplomatic ties, but one that will still hold true is the friendship between the people of France and the people of America." This is significant because it is PRECISELY the latitude 45 degrees that separates the United States and Quebec! It is symbolizing the close ties between the peoples. So, the last line of VI‑97 above seems to refer to both the situation in Quebec and the friendship between France and the United States.


The friendship between France and the United States will probably become more important during the war in the very near future as indicated in CWN. The specific event that was predicted in CWN (derived from VI‑97) was some country on the other side of the conflict sending a bomb toward New York City, and France helping the United States during the conflict. From the quatrain and interpretations, we can speculate who the perpetrator of the event would be. Is it just a coincidence that the capital of Iraq is precisely on longitude 45 degrees and the capital of Serbia / former Yugoslavia (Belgrade) is precisely on latitude 45 degrees? Also, Bosnia (where there are troops of US, UK, and France) and Croatia are separated by latitude 45 degrees. I think the "new city" might also refer to the headquarters in Bosnia, not just New York.


‑ ASSASSINATION OF THE POPE (at Lyon or Belgrade?)


As explained in CWN Analysis‑1, the assassination of the current (also the next) pope is one of the major events that will coincide with Comet Hale‑Bopp ('95‑'97 time frame for the current pope). Although this was not included in CWN Analysis‑1, quatrain II‑97 (notice the number is again 97!) interpreted by Brenda (under hypnosis) in CWN predicts that the pope will be assassinated at a certain place:


 Century II‑97


 Romain Pontife garde de t'approcher,

 De la cite' qui deux fleuues arrouse,

 Ton sang viendra aupres de la cracher

 Toy & les tiens quand fleurira la rose.


 Roman Pontiff beware of approaching

 The city that two rivers flow through,

 Near there your blood will come to spurt,

 You and yours when the rose will flourish.


 (CWN vol.1 p192)


Brenda:  "(Sadly) He (Nostradamus) says that this quatrain should be engraved in metal and sent to the present pope.  For at a city watered by two rivers, in the time of late spring when the roses bloom, that is when and where he will be assassinated.  He and several of his entourage will be killed." [...]  "He says find a major European city that is at the junction of two major rivers, and tell the pope to beware of that place.  He says it will be easy to spot on any decent map of Europe."


So, according to this the pope will be killed at "a major European city that is at the junction of two major rivers." My research had already come up with two possible cities where the assassination would take place before I started focusing on quatrain VI‑97, the main topic of this article. Those were Lyon, France and Belgrade, Yugoslavia! Yes, these are probably the only "major European cities" that sits on the "junction of two major rivers" as described in CWN, and amazingly, BOTH of those cities happen to be at 45 degree latitude! Remember, both quatrains, VI‑97 & II‑97, are already shown to be associated with Hale‑Bopp and thus the time frame of '95‑'98. It is equally significant that both quatrain numbers are "97" making it more likely that the number indeed refers to the year 1997.

In summary, "45 DEGREES" (& VI‑97) could refer to the following:



‑ At the time of perihelion, it will be located in the northern sky   at declination and elongation +45 degrees


=>  Time frame: '96‑'97


2. LYON (France) / BELGRADE (former Yugoslavia)


‑ The cities / countries are at latitude 45 degrees

‑ Both cities located at the junction of two major rivers

=>  Possible cities / countries where the pope assassination  could take place

=>  Implied time frame: '95‑'97


3. Tuzla, BOSNIA


‑ Located at latitude 45 degrees


=>  Where US headquarters / troops are located




‑ Both countries located on 45 degrees latitude (Yugoslavia) or   longitude (Baghdad, Iraq)


=>  Possible countries to send bomb toward NY (somehow)

(Or does it actually mean the US headquarters in Tuzla, Bosnia  will be attacked?)




‑ Located at latitude 45 degrees


=>  French nuclear tests & social unrest

=>  Alliance between U.S. and France in the coming conflict



‑ Latitude 45 degrees separates Quebec and U.S.

‑ Montreal on latitude 45 degrees


=>  Symbolic of the friendship between France and U.S. =>  Strong movement toward independence ('95‑'97‑?)



Now, let's take a look at other related quatrains/interpretations that might give us more correlations and more details. Quatrain II‑96 (especially its CWN interpretation) is, in my opinion, the one which beyond any reasonable doubt is clearly predicting the appearance of Hale‑Bopp in '97 and the associated events, as I explained in CWN Analysis‑1. Here is a quick review:


 Century II‑96


 Flambeau ardant au ciel soir sera veu,

 Pres de la fin & principe du Rosne,

 Famine, glaiue: tardue secours pourueu,

 La Perse tourne enuahir Macedoine.


 Burning torch will be seen in the sky at night

 Near the end and beginning of the Rhone:

 Famine, steel: the relief provided late,

 Persia turns to invade Macedonia.


The key components of the II‑96 interpretation are (CWN vol.I p.220):

Around "1997"....


1)  A comet visible in the sky of the Northern Hemisphere

2)  The AntiChrist will rise in the Middle East

3)  The AntiChrist will take advantage of unrest in the neighboring middle eastern and European countries and start invading 4)  Mars will be astrologically coming into much power


More on component #1:


 'A comet in the sky, particularly visible to the Northern  Hemisphere in 1997'

 ‑ (Paraphrased CWN prediction derived from II‑96)


This is almost a perfect description of Comet Hale‑Bopp, because April 1997 is when Hale‑Bopp is predicted to appear brightest and mostly visible to the Northern Hemisphere at the time. Also, notice that the quatrain number, II‑96, which may be implying the year 1996. Furthermore, take a look at the second line of the quatrain:


 2nd Line of II‑96: "Near the end and beginning of the Rhone"

This line is probably where the interpretation about the comet in the "Northern Hemisphere" came from. And if you analyze this line just a little further and compare it to Comet Hale‑Bopp, you'll have another amazing correlation. "Rhone" is a major river in France. Amazingly, it runs roughly between 43‑47 degrees latitude. It is significant because at the time of perihelion (when the comet becomes the brightest), Hale‑Bopp will be located in the northern sky at declination +45 degrees (which means the comet will be right above geographic latitude 45 degrees. It will also be visible all night for observers located north of latitude 45 degrees.) Now, how much more accurate can a prophecy/prediction be than this one?

(End of review)




Have you noticed that all of the quatrains I've presented so far have similar quatrain numbers? (VI‑97, II‑97, & II‑96. Probably representing the year 1996 / 7) This is not because I looked for those numbers. I originally didn't pay any attention to the numbers until I suddenly noticed it after I had already selected those particular quatrains for the CWN Analysis‑1 monograph (which mainly focused on Hale‑Bopp/1997 and related events). I feel it is a pretty significant and meaningful coincidence.

One of the reasons I'm bringing up this quatrain/interpretation again is because there is another important correlation that I didn't discuss in CWN Analysis‑1. It can be found again in the second line of II‑96:

 2nd Line of II‑96: "Near the end and beginning of the Rhone"

The Rhone river in France is, as already mentioned, at latitude 45 degrees. What was not mentioned was that the Rhone river is one the rivers (the other one is the Saone river) that flow through the city of LYON. Lyon is of course one of the two possible cities where the pope assassination might occur as I explained earlier. It seems to be one of those incredible multi‑layered correlations (in this case, Hale‑Bopp / 45 degrees, and the pope assassination: "the city that two rivers flow through" ‑ II‑97).

*(In fact, there seems to be even more meanings implied in the same line but it will be discussed in depth in chapter 5.)


Let's move on to the next quatrain/interpretation:


 Century VIII‑46


 Pol mensolee mourra trois lieus du Rosne

 Fuis les deux prochains tarasc detrois:

 Cas Mars fera le plus horrible trosne,

 De coq & d'aigle de France, freres trois.


 Paul the celibate will die three leagues from Rome (Rhone),  the two nearest flee the oppressed monster.

 When Mars will take up his horrible throne,

 Of Cock and of Eagle of France three brothers.


According to Brenda/Nostradamus (CWN vol.I p191):


1)  The present pope will be assassinated when traveling.

2)  There are only two more popes left, and the next pope won't last very long

3)  After the assassination, a lot of unrest and rioting in Rome. 4)  At the same time, the AntiChrist will begin to stir and flex his power

5)  This will be "when Mars will take up his horrible throne."

Correlation between VIII‑46 (CWN int.) and II‑96 (CWN int.):

*REMEMBER: Quatrain II‑96 has already been shown to refer to 1997 / Hale‑Bopp, because of the following information given by Brenda under hypnosis when interpreting II‑96:


 'A comet visible in the sky of the Northern Hemisphere in 1997'

This means a strong correlation between II‑96 and VIII‑46 would set the same time frame, '96‑'98, for the pope assassination. The comparison shown below was convincing enough for me to believe that it is indeed the case:




‑ The AntiChrist will rise in the Middle East.




‑ ... the AntiChrist will begin to stir and flex his power.





‑ The AntiChrist will take advantage of unrest in the neighboring middle eastern and European countries and start invading.



‑ After the assassination, a lot of unrest and rioting in Rome. ‑ At the same time, the AntiChrist will begin to stir and flex his power.






‑ Mars will be astrologically coming into much power.



‑ This will be "when Mars will take up his horrible throne."

*(This could also mean 'when there is big war'.  Seen in this context and combined with the current Bosnia situation, the last line of quatrain VIII‑46, "Of Cock and of Eagle of France three brothers", starts to make sense.  Bosnia is divided into roughly three major sectors that are occupied by the French, British, and U.S. ...obviously the France‑related "three brothers.")



 2nd Line of II‑96:


"Near the end and beginning of the Rhone"


As already explained earlier, the Rhone river flows through the city of Lyon which according to II‑97 is potentially a location where the present pope (JPII) would be assassinated.

 1st Line of VIII‑46:


"Paul the celibate will die three leagues from Rome"

Although this is the translation originally given by Erika Cheetham ("The Prophecies of Nostradamus"), when you check the original French version you'll see that the "Rome" at the end of the line is not the most natural translation.  Here is the original French version:


"Pol mensolee mourra trois lieus du Rosne"

The French word "Rosne" at the end is almost always translated as "the Rhone" in other quatrains, except this one.  I feel it is safe (or even more accurate) to change the translation to "the Rhone" instead of "Rome."  So, the line should now be:

Paul the celibate will die three leagues from the Rhone

Now, this is rather astounding, isn't it?  This time, it clearly supports one of the two scenarios that I came up with.(obviously the Lyon‑pope assassination connection.)


* I'd like to point out that Belgrade / near Bosnia (which is the other potential place for the pope assassination) is still indicated by the last line of VIII‑46; "Of Cock and of Eagle of France three brothers", which could refer to Bosnia and how it is occupied mainly by three countries (or "brothers"), France, Great Britain, and the U.S.  So, it just can go either way.

We have now established an amazing web of multi‑layered correlations among all the quatrains/interpretations used in this article (VI‑97, II‑97, II‑96, & VIII‑46).


The main CONCLUSION here is:


The current pope, JPII, will be assassinated within the next 2 years ('96‑'97), likely in spring, when Mars is astrologically powerful (which could also mean war), and near Lyon, France or Belgrade, former Yugoslavia. At about the same time, the AntiChrist will start to rise in the Middle East area taking advantage of the social and geophysical upheavals.

(I excluded the year '98 from the time frame for the pope assassination because the CWN interpretation of quatrain II‑15 which I showed in CWN Analysis‑1 to be Hale‑Bopp‑related states that "the present pope will be assassinated but this will be before the comet comes." [CWN vol.1 p196] )


   IV. More Specific TIME WINDOWS


So far the analysis has come up with a somewhat general time frame for the upcoming events (pope assassination, rise of the AntiChrist, geological troubles, etc.):


 1996 ‑ 1998 & when Mars is astrologically powerful


The above description would give us five possible "windows", if you interpreted it to mean "when Mars is in either Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius" (they are all "fire signs" astrologically). Here are the dates:

l996Marsin AriesMarch 24 ‑ May 2

in Leo  Sept. 9 ‑ Oct. 30

l997in Sag. Sept. 28 ‑ Nov. 9

l998in AriesMarch 4 ‑ April 13

in Leo  Aug. 20 ‑ Oct. 7


Although the above list narrows things down somewhat, 5 possible windows within 3 years is not yet quite specific enough for most people, including me. So I did some more searching and analyzing in the hope of finding some more clues that would direct us to fewer possible windows. And logically, I found the clue in one of the "comet quatrains" that I presented and showed to refer to the time of Comet Hale‑Bopp in CWN Analysis‑1:

 Century IV‑67


 Lors que Saturne & Mars esgaux combust,

 L'air fort seiche' longue traiection:

 Par feux secrets, d'ardeur grand lieu adust,

 Peu pluye, vent chaut, guerres, incursions.


 The year that Saturn and Mars are equally fiery,

 The air very dry parched long meteor:

 Through secret fires a great place blazing from burning heat,  Little rain, warm wind, wars, incursions.


According to Brenda/Nostradamus (CWN vol.I p170):


1) A very bright previously unknown comet (very likely Hale‑Bopp) 2) Great geological troubles ‑ including drought

3) Consequently, there will be social upheaval, including westernnations

4) This will assist the Anti‑Christ in gaining power


You should be able to see that the events mentioned in the CWN interpretation (and thus the quatrain also) coincide almost perfectly with other quatrains/interpretations I used in this article. Therefore, I can use this information to further clarify the time frame. The part we'll focus on is the first line of the above quatrain:


 "The year that Saturn and Mars are equally fiery"


This line obviously is trying to indicate the relevant time frame (for the geological & social upheavals). And Mars being fiery is in agreement with the information we already have and thus strongly authenticating both the quatrains/interpretations in this article and my analyses of those. Interestingly though, the line states that Saturn is also "equally fiery." When does Saturn enter any of the fire signs? Amazingly, Saturn will be in the sign of Aries (which is ruled by Mars) from April 7, 1996 until June 10, 1998. This is EXACTLY the same time frame we've established in the previous sections of this article! This is yet another big confirmation of my developing hypothesis (and the authenticity of CWN).


Now, isn't it very possible that "Saturn and Mars are EQUALLY fiery" means Saturn and Mars both in the same fire sign? If this is the case (which is very likely), then we now only have to look for time periods (within April '96‑'98 time frame) during which Mars is in Aries, because it is now known that Saturn will stay in Aries all through the relevant period ('96‑'98). This leaves us with only two windows:


While Saturn is in Aries....


l996Marsin Aries April 7 ‑ May 2

l998Marsin Aries March 4 ‑ April 13


Furthermore, let me quote part of the interpretation given in CWN for the same quatrain, IV‑67:


"When Saturn is in a fire sign and at the time the sun moves into a fire sign, there will be a comet.  This will be a very bright, easily seen comet.  But it will be perhaps previously unknown. This coincides with the time of great geological troubles."

Interestingly, Brenda, who did the interpretation under hypnosis, doesn't mention Mars but instead refers to the position of the sun. Incredibly, the mention of the sun (which is not mentioned in the quatrain) makes it clear that the comet can be Hale‑Bopp! Check out the correlation below:

 ‑ "at the time the sun moves into a fire sign, there will be a comet"

Hale‑Bopp was discovered on  July 23, 1995

Sun in Leo (a fire sign):July 23‑Aug. 23, 1995




Hale‑Bopp's perihelion is around March 30 1997

Sun in Aries (a fire sign)   March 20‑April 19, 1997

It is pretty clear that Hale‑Bopp is the "very bright, previously unknown" comet mentioned in the excerpt. But not only that, I discovered that 'the sun in a fire sign' could narrow down the windows we've come up with so far. It turned out that Brenda's mention of the sun precisely mesh with the aforementioned time windows! The only times Saturn, Mars and the sun are all in a fire sign are when Saturn and Mars are in Aries together (so the result is still the same!). And the sun ALSO will be in Aries both times with Saturn and Mars! This coincidentally correlates with the following part from the interpretation of II‑96 that we've already looked at:

"He says Mars is very red at this point (around 1997), very much coming into power.  Mars and the chariot of the sun and the power of fire are working together towards doom at this point."

Indeed, astrologically, Mars and Saturn together indicates war/destruction. And not only that those planets are very fiery in Aries, they're ALSO energized by the sun (and in fact, there is a solar eclipse during some of the windows!) Sounds pretty doomy to me.


So, anyway, the inclusion of the sun makes the windows somewhat smaller:

 From: (Mars & Saturn in Aries)


l996April 7 ‑ May 2

l998March 4 ‑ April 13


 To: (Mars, Saturn, & Sun in Aries)


1996April 7 ‑ April 19

1998March 20 ‑ April 13


 UPDATE (3/14/96):


 I was informed that the first line of IV‑67, "Saturne & Mars esgaux  combust", is an ancient astrological term which actually means burning  or "conjoined with the sun"! I was amazed by this new information  because, again, instead of destroying my previous analysis, it  actually VALIDATES my conclusions regarding the windows for the  geological (and social) troubles. Originally, I had no idea that the  sun was included in the first line, " Lors que Saturne & Mars esgaux  combust", because of the poor translation I used ("The year that  Saturn and Mars are equally fiery"). Nonetheless, it turned out that  the windows I came up with in CWN Analysis‑4 was still precisely  supported by the new/accurate translation! In other words, I didn't  need to modify my conclusions!


1) THE DATE: The JPII Assassination


Let me again focus on the assassination of Pope John Paul II. I found, to my amazement, that the possible windows of '96 for the assassination that I came up with (March 24 ‑ May 2 & Sept. 9 ‑ Oct. 30) closely correlate with St. Malachy's prophecy, and it actually could help come up with a specific date.


St. Malachy was a Irish bishop who lived from 1094 to 1148. He visited Rome in 1139 and supposedly had a prophetic vision in which he saw all the popes that would sit in St. Peter's Chair. He identified them by two‑word Latin mottoes which correspond to the most striking events of their reign or by their coat‑of‑arms. For example, the motto given to Pope John Paul I was "De medietate Lunae" (of the half of the moon): Albino Luciani (JPI) was born in Canale d'Ogardo, diocese of Belluno, (beautiful moon) and elected pope on August 26, on the first day of the last quarter of the moon which appeared as a perfect half‑disk in the sky. The lunar eclipse of the 17th of September was to be the apogee of his reign. His reign lasted about a month, from half a moon to the next half. He died (according to some, assassinated) on September 28 on a night of the last quarter, with again only half of the silver disk visible in the night sky.


Interestingly, some believe that St. Malachy's prophecy was actually written by Nostradamus (which I tend to believe after discovering some uncanny correlations). According to Malachy's list of popes, there are only two more popes remaining after JPII which is in agreement with prophecies of Nostradamus / CWN interpretations. Now, let's take a look at the motto given to JPII; "De labore Solis" (of the eclipse of the sun). Actually, this prophecy can already be considered accurate and fulfilled since Karol Wojtyla (JPII) was born on May 18, 1920, during a solar eclipse. But what if the motto refers to both the day of his birth and DEATH, just like the case of JPI ("half moon")? Surprisingly, this hypothesis is strongly supported by the windows that I came up with for 1996 (Mars in a fire sign):


l996Marsin AriesMarch 24 ‑ May 2

(April 7 ‑ April 19) <= Mars+Saturn+Sun in Leo  Sept. 9 ‑ Oct. 30


The above are the windows in '96. Now, COMPARE the above windows to the dates of solar eclipses in 1996 listed below. (Remember: "solar eclipse" is the motto St. Malachy gave to Pope JPII.):


Solar eclipses  1996April 17‑18

October 12


As you can see, both of the dates and windows match perfectly! It seems to me like the assassination could take place in either window/date and you just can't narrow it down any further than this at this point. It's looking more and more as though 1996 is Pope John Paul II's final year. I think you'll be shocked to read the following quatrain and my analysis, and to realize that JPII is not to go beyond '96:


 Century V‑92


 Apres le siege tenu dixscept ans,

 Cinq changeront en tel reuolu terme:

 Puis sera l'vn esleu de mesme temps,

 Qui des Romains ne sera trop conforme.


 After the pope who will hold the See for seventeen years,  Five popes will follow in sequence:

 Then one will be elected, of the same duration

 One who will not be too conformable to the Romans.


Pope John Paul II has held the Holy See for 17 years as of Oct. 17, 1995. And he is looking to complete his 18th year now. If the above quatrain really refers to JPII, the pope should not be alive after Oct. 16 1996. But the big question is, does this quatrain refer to John Paul II? It doesn't seem that way when you apply the second line "five popes will follow in sequence", because according to Nostradamus/CWN and St.Malachy there will be only two more popes after JPII. So does the quatrain refer to a different pope?


Actually, there is one pope who held the See for exactly 17 years, Pius XI (Feb.1922‑ Feb. 1939). And he, in fact, fits in well with the quatrain. End of discussion? No. It only makes my hypothesis more credible with more depths! Why? Let's compare him to the quatrain:


 Line 2: "Five popes will follow in sequence"


The five popes that followed Pius XI are; Pius XII, John XXIII, Paul VI, John‑Paul I, and then our own John‑Paul II.


 Line 3: "Then one will be elected, of the same duration"

This line is extremely important to this discussion, and it is where I made the significant connection between the "17 years" and JPII.. It wasn't clear to most readers because the typical translation of this line was: "then one will be elected AT THE SAME TIME" (emphasis added) instead of "... the same duration." The typical translation doesn't really make sense. It should've been noticed that it would be rather pointless for Nostradamus to connect Pius XI with John Paul II just to predict that JPII, five popes away from Pius XI, would be different from other popes (based on the fourth line, "One who will not be too conformable to the Romans."). It just wouldn't have that great depth that Nostradamus' prophecies usually have. My translation makes it much more sensible and deeper by applying the "17 years" to both popes. So, the line very likely means; "The fifth pope from Pius XI will also hold the See for 17 years." The fifth one is of course, John Paul II.


 Line 4: "One who will not be too conformable to the Romans."

This line only confirms my speculation. John Paul II is the first non‑Italian pope since Adrian VI (1522‑1523).


I have almost no doubt that the death of JPII in 1995‑6 is predicted by this quatrain, V‑92. And now that 1995 is over, WE'RE LEFT WITH ONLY ONE YEAR...1996.




Interestingly, we now have come up with two most fitting places (Lyon/France & Belgrade/former Yugoslavia) and also two most probable windows (March 24‑May 2 & Sept.9‑Oct.30) / dates (April 17‑18 & October 12). Now... what if I told you that the pope is planning to go to BOTH France and the former Yugoslavia (Bosnia) in 1996 AND very likely within the two windows that I came up with? Well, it is how things seem to be going so far! (The pope's visit to France is already scheduled, but his visit to Bosnia is still under consideration.) Check out the following news updates:




 VATICAN CITY (CWN), December 20 ‑ Pope John Paul will be  traveling to western France in September, 1996, the Vatican  announced today. He will make stops in Tours, Reims, and Sainte‑  Anne d'Auray in Brittany on his fifth trip to the country.



 ...The pope is also very keen to visit the martyred city of  Sarajevo but no date has as yet been set. He had planned to go to  the Bosnian capital in the fall of 1994 but the trip was  postponed because of a flare‑up in the fighting there. It is now  hoped that he will be able to make the trip in spring, around  Easter‑time... (Easter is on April 7)


‑ The information above is a very shocking confirmation of my conclusions. It is looking more and more as though the assassination will take place in the former Yugoslavia instead of France (which is still very possible). However, there also seems to be a few small inconsistencies. The fact that the pope is not planning to visit Lyon or Belgrade is not in agreement with my hypothesis even though quite close. Also, the solar eclipse of October 12 1996 seems to be off by a few weeks according to the pope's current schedule (France). As for the pope's possible visit to Bosnia, it is RIGHT ON SCHEDULE, it is almost scary! So, despite some minor problems, it looks like the prediction of JPII assassination is beginning to be fulfilled. We'll just have to wait and see how it will turn out.


2) THE DATE: Geological Troubles


Let's shift our focus to the possible dates of the geological troubles. Actually, we have already come up with fairly small and definite windows from previous analysis:


 (Mars, Saturn, & *Sun in Aries)

l996April 7 ‑ May 2 *(April 7 ‑ April 19) l998March 4 ‑ April 13  *(March 20 ‑ April 13)

If you compare the above windows to some other sources, you'll see that 1998 is the more likely year for more extreme earth movements. But it's likely that the whole '96‑'98 period will experience some big geological upheavals. Probably the spring '96 (the first window) is the beginning of those changes.


There is also a scary agreement between the spring '98 windows above and some of the predictions given in the book "Mass Dreams of the Future" by Chet B. Snow, Ph.D. (1989) which also deals with hypnotic future‑life progressions. The following is part of what Dr. Snow saw while under hypnosis:


 March 1998 ‑


 Huge earth changes around the Ring of Fire, starting with a large  eruption of Mt. Fujiyama in Japan, and culminating with the  sinking of large portions of the coastal areas of Southern  California and Northern Mexico. This subsides and the governments  of the world assure the people that the danger is over and done  with. Until ‑


 May 1998 ‑


 Described in the book as "The Day the Bottom Dropped Out," or the  tremendous alteration of life as we know it. This is told as  several volcanoes around the erupting at the same time, sending  immense black clouds into the atmosphere, causing black rain,  blockage of the sun, and crop death. The author, Dr. Snow  himself, was progressed to his birthday in July, 1998 for his  first progression session. He found himself in Arizona, just  north of Phoenix. The sky was black, and it was freezing. He was  wearing what we consider winter clothing.


I believe that future is always changeable using our free‑will, but I'm sensing that this tremendous earth changes predicted to occur especially around '98 is a very likely scenario at this point in time. But it is important to realize that the degree of its repercussions can be lessened if we're mentally prepared and aware of the globally dangerous situation.

3) THE DATE: The Rise of the Anti‑Christ in the Middle East

It is stated repeatedly that the Anti‑Christ will come into power during/after the coming geological and social upheavals (taking advantage of them). Based on CWN and my analysis, this will probably be the '97‑'98 time frame. However, it is not very clear whether or not his true self will actually be known to the whole world at that time. It seems possible that the Anti‑Christ will be influencing the world situation, but his true nature will stay behind the scenes until the time is ripe for more drastic actions.


The following quatrain/CWN interpretation seems to pinpoint a crucial period:


 Century III‑34


 Quand le deffaut du Soleil lors sera

 Sur le plein iour le monstre sera veu:

 Tout autrement on l'interpretera,

 Cherte' n'a garde nul n'y aura pourueu.


 Then when the eclipse of the sun will be,

 The monster will be seen in full day:

 Quite otherwise will one interpret it,

 High price unguarded: none will have foreseen it.


According to Brenada/Nostradamus (CWN vol.II p.40):

1)  The appearance of the Anti‑Christ in the international area. 2)  "The structure he has built will not be visible until an event takes place that temporarily dims the apparent power of the major nations" 3)  The event is believed to be a temporary situation, but "people will see that something else has taken place as well."  People will not be prepared for this.

4)  "There will be an eclipse of the sun at a crucial moment, but he (Nostradamus) was not specifically referring to that."

So it appears that the emergence of the Anti‑Christ will coincide with a solar eclipse. But knowing that doesn't help much since solar eclipses occur almost every year. I again focused on the original quatrain, because usually each single line of a quatrain has multiple meanings which give more details of the predicted event. I felt that the "monster" in the second line doesn't just refer to the Anti‑Christ. Nostradamus often combines astrological information and the description of the event into one line, and I believe that's the case with the first and second line of III‑34 also:


 Line 1: Then when the eclipse of the sun will be,

 Line 2: The monster will be seen in full day:


If you take these lines to be astrological signs, the interpretation would be; 'when an omen is seen during a solar eclipse.' But what is represented by the "monster"?


On March 9, 1997, something very rare will likely happen (if Hale‑Bopp doesn't "fizzle") in the sky during a total solar eclipse. It has happened only twice before, in 1882 and 1947. On that date, when the sky is darkened as the moon covers the sun, a comet will likely be visible in the daytime sky! The comet is, of course, Hale‑Bopp. It is my opinion that the "monster" refers not only to the Anti‑Christ, but to this terrible omen, or a monster, Comet Hale‑Bopp.


Incredibly, we seem to have found the actual date of the predicted event; It is very likely around March 9, '97. The year, 1997, is right in the middle of the general time frame we're dealing with... "the time of troubles." Also, elsewhere in CWN (vol.II p.53) Brenda states the following under hypnosis:


"... He says you must get the horoscope of the Anti‑Christ and look up these signs and the way they relate to each other and their various aspects.  Compare it to the planets' positions and their influences on the Anti‑Christ's horoscope to get a picture of the conflict.  He says this will give you a feeling for how some of THE TIME OF TROUBLES WILL BE, PARTICULARLY AROUND 1997." (emphasis added.)


I'd say my interpretation of the line, "the monster will be seen in full day", was very fitting... after all, it directed me to the same year 1997 mentioned in the above excerpt.


I'd also like to point out that on March 9, '97, there will be an approximate planetary alignment of Mars ‑ Earth ‑ Moon ‑ Sun ‑ Mercury ‑ Venus (in this order). I feel this is very symbolic of the situation of that particular time. Viewed from Earth, the Sun, Mercury, and Venus will be in the same section (sign of Pisces) in the sky. And on March 9, the moon will cover the sun, the life force, and symbolically weakening the power of Mercury (communication / observation) and Venus (harmony / love). At the same time, Mars (war) is lurking on the opposite side which is symbolic of the Anti‑Christ and the coming conflict. But focus on this a little more; Mars is 180 degrees away from the solar eclipse... or in other words, 12 hours away. Remember, daytime and nighttime each have 12 hours. Now look at the second line of quatrain III‑34 again; "the monster will be seen in full day." That is, the "monster" (in this case, Mars / war / Anti‑Christ) will be seen in 12 hours or at 180 degrees (elongation)! I'm not finished yet. Check out the next (3rd) line; "quite otherwise will one interpret it." Brenda/Nostradamus states, "they won't know about this particular threat", corresponding to the third line. In other words, people will think the *180 DEGREES* opposite about the situation concerning the Anti‑Christ. (because of the lack of observation and communication symbolized by Mercury + eclipse, and the false peace symbolized by Venus + eclipse.) See the connection with the second line? And we, of course, already know that the Anti‑Christ will appear to be a savior at first, the complete opposite of his true nature!


Furthermore, in CWN, the Anti‑Christ's date of birth is speculated to be Feb. 5, 1962 and coincidentally, on that date there was a total solar eclipse.


There is more....


‑ Rabin Assassination & Comet Hale‑Bopp


On Nov. 4, 1995, Israeli Prime Minister Rabin was assassinated. He was shot to death right after he spoke to a peace rally. I was quite shocked by this event and what it could possibly mean. As you already know, my intensive study on the books "Conversations With Nostradamus vol.1‑3" had provided me with some clear and disturbing predictions that are to occur in the near future coinciding with Comet Hale‑Bopp which Brenda/Nostradamus in CWN *clearly* predicted years before its discovery. And one of those associated predictions I originally presented (Analysis‑1) on Oct. 1, '95 (a month before the assassination) was about the assassination of a leader in the Middle East (check B in the following list of the predictions):

(excerpted from CWN Analysis‑1)


=========== EVENT LIST (final version) ===========


(Around 1997 when a comet is present in the sky....)


A)  The present pope and the next pope will die.


1)  The present pope will be assassinated when traveling . 2)  After the assassination, a lot of unrest and rioting in Rome. 3)  The (next) pope dies at "Reggio"/Rege (of Italy). 4)  The tomb of "the great Roman", a great philosopher, will be discovered in Rome shortly before the next pope is killed, probably around April '97 (and possibly an earthquake). 5)  The last pope will be a tool of the AntiChrist 6)  The restrictions of the Vatican will cause the church structure to crumble.


B)  A leader in the Middle East will die.


C)  The Anti‑Christ will rise (in the Middle East).


D)  Major geological upheavals (world‑wide drought, earthquakes,etc)

1)  Some kind of atomic (electromagnetic?) device will affect the planetary climate, and will hurt people's eyes. a)  World weather changes will cause hailstorms to destroy agriculture of the U.S., Russia, Central America, and Australia.

2)  An earthquake may contribute to the discovery of the tomb of  "the great Roman" in April (likely 1997).

3)  Drought / weather changes will occur in relation to the earth changes around 1998 (implied).

a)  There will be warnings before this drought takes place, but will be ignored.

b)  The world‑wide drought will start in Italy

E)  The AntiChrist will take advantage of unrest in neighboring middle eastern and European countries to increase his power


1)  The AntiChrist will take over Italy and Greece by destroying their cultural centers.

a)  Some kind of accident involving the sea and some sort of force from the sky will damage Rome. b)  The AntiChrist will destroy Rome.

c)  The AntiChrist will destroy Rome so severely that Rome will be threatened by the encroachment of the sea.


F) Especially when Mars astrologically has much power


G) Military alliance between U.S. and England against the AntiChrist

1) Their inability to make decisions will allow the AntiChrist'sinvasion.


(End of excerpt)



I wondered if the B above ("A leader in the Middle East will die") referred to the assassination of the Israeli leader we just witnessed. I couldn't be so sure because of the timing (and also because I was kind of expecting it would be Saddam Hussain). I felt 1995 was a little too early to fit the prediction. However, my attitude changed dramatically when I went to the source of the particular prediction (CWN vol.1 p.121). I was stunned to realize that the assassination of Prime Minister Rabin actually fits very well into the whole predicted scenario around 1997. Here is the relevant excerpt from CWN:


 Century II‑62


 Mabus plustost alors mourra, viendra,

 De gens & bestes vn horrible defaite:

 Puis tout a` coup la vengeance on verra,

 Cent, main, faim quand courra la comete.


 "Mabus" then will soon die, there will come

 Of people and beasts a horrible rout:

 Then suddenly one will see vengeance,

 a hundred hand, thirst, hunger when the comet will run.

Brenda (under hypnosis):  "He (Nostradamus) says that the death of a world leader, perhaps a religious leader, will coincide with the coming of a major comet.  I think perhaps he's meaning Halley's Comet.  He says the comet will be clearly visible in the country where this world leader died.  The country involved is in the Middle East.  The dying of the world leader in this middle eastern country and the passing of the comet will provoke a revolt.  Part of the reason why the revolt is provoked so easily is that there will also be major crop failures that year. Many people will be hungry."


Dolores (author):  "Will this all happen in the year that the comet will be visible?"


B:  "It will START in the year the comet is visible, but it will continue for five hundred days, a hundred hands.  He's using that symbolism to indicate how long it will last, as well as indicating that there are a hundred people who will contribute toward the revolt in such a way that it will break forth and become open enough and wide‑spread enough to capture the world's attention."


(End of excerpt)



It sounds like it may have predicted the assassination. But let me further explain why I think the above prediction is referring to Hale‑Bopp and the assassination in Israel. First, I will comment on the potentially confusing parts of the excerpt:

 "I think perhaps he's meaning Halley's Comet."


Brenda mentioned Halley's Comet probably because that hypnosis session was done right before the appearance of the comet in 1986 and it was on her subconscious mind. Obviously, nothing happened during 1986 that matches the prediction. It wasn't even a "major comet" as Brenda/Nostradamus described it. Therefore, Comet Hale‑Bopp fits the description much better.

 "He says the comet will be clearly visible in the country where  this world leader died."


Although the timing seems to be off since Hale‑Bopp is still far away (as of late '95), notice it doesn't state that the comet is visible in the Middle East *when* the leader dies. Hale‑Bopp will be clearly visible to the middle eastern countries in '97.


 "The dying of the world leader in this middle eastern country  and the passing of the comet will provoke a revolt. Part of the  reason why the revolt is provoked so easily is that there will  also be major crop failures that year."


Although there weren't "major" crop failures in '95 in the Middle East, notice that "that year" doesn't necessarily refer to the year of the assassination. In other words, if they have major crop failures in '96 (or even '97), the prediction still will be very accurate. Let me also point out that major drought is also one of the selected predictions associated with the appearance of Hale‑Bopp. The time line would be almost perfect.



Now, it looks as though Brenda/Nostradamus may have accurately predicted the assassination of Prime Minister Rabin. However, it was the next analysis that pretty much lead me to believe that the assassination must have been AT LEAST implied in the prediction. Check out the part below:

 "It will start in the year the comet is visible, but it will  continue for five hundred days, a hundred hands. He's using  that symbolism to indicate how long it will last..."


First of all, the interpretation, "hundred hands" meaning 500 days because of the # of fingers, is a very clever and interesting one. But it becomes even more amazing when you discover the hidden depth. What I did is very simple. I ADDED 500 DAYS TO NOV. 4, 1995 (date of the assassination). The interesting thing was that I was expecting a specific time frame, March‑April 1997, even before my calculation gave me *precisely* that date (March 18, '97)! The time frame, March‑April '97, is very significant because this is exactly when Comet Hale‑Bopp comes closest to Earth (March 23) and the sun on April 1 (= Hale‑Bopp appears the brightest, clearly seen in the sky of the Northern Hemisphere). Since Hale‑Bopp's declination will be 45 degrees north during perihelion, the comet will be CLEARLY visible to Israel (latitude 30‑34 degrees) / Middle East (latitude 30 degrees +/‑ 10) at the time!


Here is more detailed information:


C/1995 O1 (Hale‑Bopp)


DateTT  R. A. (2000) Decl.  m1


1997 02 01.019 41   +15.4   0.9

1997 02 06.019 53   +18.0   0.6

1997 02 11.020 08   +20.8   0.3

1997 02 16.020 24   +23.9   0.0

1997 02 21.020 44   +27.3  ‑0.4

1997 02 26.021 06   +31.0  ‑0.7

1997 03 03.021 33   +34.8  ‑1.0

1997 03 08.022 06   +38.5  ‑1.2

1997 03 13.022 44   +41.8  ‑1.4

1997 03 18.023 29   +44.4  ‑1.6

1997 03 23.000 18   +45.7  ‑1.7

1997 03 28.001 09   +45.6  ‑1.8

1997 04 02.001 56   +44.2  ‑1.7

1997 04 07.002 38   +41.8  ‑1.6


(The brightness of stars is expressed in magnitudes. The smaller the magnitude, the brighter the object. Jupiter is about ‑2, and the faintest stars that can typically be seen with the naked eye (in very dark skies away from the city) are roughly magnitude 6‑7. The full Moon is about magnitude ‑13 and the Sun is approximately ‑26.)


As you can see from the above list, Hale‑Bopp will pass over Israel / Middle East (latitude/declination 30‑34 degrees) during:


19972/26(Declination  +31.0)

19973/03(Declination  +34.8)


And on the date, March 18, '97 that we came up with (Nov. 4 + 500 days):

19973/18Declination +44.4


As you can see, Hale‑Bopp is almost at the declination of perihelion (45 degrees) on March 18. Only after 5 days later on March 23, Hale‑Bopp comes closest to Eath. The comet's perihelion is around April 1.

‑ It is obvious that our date, March 18, can correspond to both Hale‑Bopp's closest approach to the Earth / sun and when the comet is right above Israel / Middle East (early March). I was very impressed with this result.

So the description from the excerpt;


 "it will start in the year the comet is visible, but it will  continue for five hundred days..."


...could actually mean:


 'The events (assassination, crop failures etc.) will start in the  year the comet is first observed in space and the unrest will  continue through March 1997, coinciding with Hale‑Bopp passing  over Israel / Middle East and its perihelion.'


And March 1997 is when the Anti‑Christ is expected to appear in the Middle East as a powerful humanitarian / savior according to other quatrains / interpretations. It seems that around the spring of '97, the Anti‑Christ will help unite the unstable countries in and around the Middle East and create peace temporarily before he reveals his true nature later on.

(Click here for more predictions concerning the Rabin assassination.)



So, we now see an amazing correlation between the above analysis and the date we've already come up with, March 9, '97. Personally, I don't think this is merely a coincidence... at all.




Probable time windows with regard to the following events:

1. Pope assassination

2. Geological / social upheavals

3. Rise of the Anti‑Christ


 ‑ General time frame for all 3 events above:




 ‑ Five probable windows (for events #1 & 2)


(Saturn in Aries & Mars in a fire sign)


1996Mars in Aries   April 7 ‑ May 2

Mars in Leo Sept. 9 ‑ Oct. 30

l997Mars in Sag.Sept. 28 ‑ Nov.9

l998Mars in Aries   March 4 ‑ April 13 Mars in Leo Aug. 20 ‑ Oct. 7


1. Pope Assassination


 ‑ Possible Windows:


(Mars in a fire sign)


l996March 24 ‑ May 2

Sept. 9 ‑ Oct. 30

l997Sept. 28 ‑ Nov.9


 ‑ Most _Logical_ Window/Date based on the analysis:


1996March 24 ‑ May 2

(April 7 ‑ April 19) <= Mars+Saturn+Sun in Aries (April 17‑18)  <=  *Solar Eclipse*

*(I chose the above window because it perfectly fits the predictions of II‑97 ‑ "late spring" and "before the comet comes" and St. Malachy's prophecy, "De labore Solis / of the eclipse of the sun", referring to JPII)


 ‑ Next Most Logical Window / Date:


l996Sept. 9 ‑ Oct. 30

(October 12)  <= *Solar Eclipse*


2. Geological / Social Upheavals


 ‑ General Time Frame:


l996 ‑ 1998


 ‑ Possibly Most Important Windows:


(Mars, Saturn, & *Sun in Aries)


l996April 7 ‑ May 2   *(April 7 ‑ April 19) l998March 4 ‑ April 13  *(March 20‑ April 13)

3. Rise of the Anti‑Christ in the Middle East


 ‑ General Time Frame


l996 ‑ 1998

 ‑ Most Crucial Period:


Around  March 9, 1997  (<= Total eclipse + Hale‑Bopp visible  + peculiar planetary alignment)




In chapter 2, "More On the Assassination Of the Pope", I used quatrains II‑96 and VIII‑46 to further my hypothesis regarding the assassination of Pope John Paul II. In this chapter, I will use the same quatrains with some additional information to bring out very cleverly implied predictions concerning the final pope (the one after the next pope) which St. Malachy called "Peter the Roman." In a way, because of this additional interpretation, JPII doesn't have to die at (or near) Lyon for the quatrains to be accurate. I believe this is how most of Nostradamus' quatrains are constructed and therefore it seems very unlikely that any of the prophecies would completely fail. If his prophecy appeared to have failed, that is probably due to a poor interpretation, in my opinion. (But I'm pretty sure that the assassination will happen this year, 1996. My point is that the place doesn't have to be Lyon, or Belgrade for that matter, for the original quatrains to be "successful.")


Here is the secondary analysis of II‑96 and VIII‑46.


Let me review the quatrain first:


 Century II‑96


 Flambeau ardant au ciel soir sera veu,

 Pres de la fin & principe du Rosne,

 Famine, glaiue: tardue secours pourueu,

 La Perse tourne enuahir Macedoine.


 Burning torch will be seen in the sky at night

 Near the end and beginning of the Rhone:

 Famine, steel: the relief provided late,

 Persia turns to invade Macedonia.


The key components of the II‑96 interpretation are (CWN vol.I p.220):

Around "1997"....


1)  A comet visible in the sky of the Northern Hemisphere

2)  The AntiChrist will rise in the Middle East

3)  The AntiChrist will take advantage of unrest in the neighboring middle eastern and European countries and start invading 4)  Mars will be astrologically coming into much power


(end of review)


In this chapter, as I did in chapter 2, I will focus on the second line of the quatrain. In chapter 2, I used the line to support my

assassination‑at‑Lyon hypothesis, but here I'll discuss the other hidden meaning which refers to the final pope.


As I have already explained a number of times in my CWN‑Analysis articles, quatrain II‑96 is clearly connected to the appearance of Comet Hale‑Bopp. The first line and second line together suggest the time period of spring '97 (you should already know why by now). (Not so) Coincidentally, spring '97 is the time frame we've established during which the Anti‑Christ will appear before the world. But also in CWN Analysis‑1, I've concluded that the tomb of "the great Roman" which signals the rise of the final pope (and thus the death of the next pope) will be discovered in April '97! Could there be a connection between quatrain II‑96 and the discovery of "the great Roman" / the rise of the final pope? Oh yes. And I'm pretty proud of the fact that I was able to find the obscure but clear connection. It also forced me to believe the authenticity of the "Conversations With Nostradamus" material even more. Because if quatrain II‑96 didn't really refer to Hale‑Bopp / related events around '97 as Brenda/Nostradamus indicated, there is no way I would continue to find these uncanny correlations. But it is also true that anyone can make lame connections using Nostradamus' vague quatrains. Please read the following and judge the quality of my analysis yourself.


First, I have to introduce key information here which I haven't mentioned before. It is stated a few times by hypnotized subjects in CWN that the final pope will be French. And it is stated that he will probably be from Lyon. Now, I'm not 100% positive about the accuracy of this (Lyon) since it is stated only once by "John", who is not my favorite hypnosis subject in CWN (but I'm pretty sure that the pope will be from a city near either the beginning OR the end of the Rhone river of France). At any rate, the new information should immediately bring your attention to the second line of II‑96:


 Line 2: "Near the end and beginning of the Rhone"


As I mentioned in chapter 2, the Rhone river goes through the city of Lyon. So, we already see that vague connection. Furthermore, Lyon, where the French pope may be from, is near the "beginning of the Rhone," which agrees with part of II‑96's second line. But if this is the case, why does the line mentioned "the end" of the Rhone river also? Okay, here's where it gets very interesting. There is a city near the end of the Rhone river called Avignon. It is a historic city with a unique history.

In 1303, French soldiers took Pope Boniface VIII prisoner at his family home at Anagni, Italy which symbolized the end of papal domination in the secular world. Shortly after that, from 1309 to 1377, the Holy See was left vacant and the popes resided at AVIGNON (this situation is called the "Babylonian Captivity"). Therefore during that period, Avignon was the center of Christianity, replacing Rome for the first and last time in history. And this "Babylonian Captivity" introduced a time of turmoil in the papacy known as the Great Schism (1378‑1417).


The connection is becoming clearer, isn't it?


"Beginning of the Rhone"=> Lyon => city of the final pope "End... of the Rhone"   => Avignon  => once home of the popes

By saying, "near the end and beginning of the Rhone," Nostradamus is implying that a pope (suggested by the mention of the "end of the Rhone" = Avignon) will come from Lyon, France (suggested by the mention of the "beginning of the Rhone" = Lyon). And we know this will be the final pope because it is already indicated in CWN that he would be a French pope possibly from Lyon.


Now, it is also possible that the pope will be from some other city along the Rhone river, probably near the "end" of the river like Avignon instead of the "beginning" of the Rhone (i.e. Lyon). If that's the case, I'd only have to revise my interpretation a little:


"Beginning of the Rhone"=> beginning of the final pope's era "End... of the Rhone"=> Avignon etc.   => city of the final pope + once home of the popes

Still pretty simple and logical, isn't it? In a sentence, the interpretation would be;


 "(Hale‑Bopp's perihelion, early '97) is the beginning of the  final pope's era who will be from the end of the Rhone river (eg.  Avignon)."

In either case, the timing indicated by the following information supports my hypothesis that the quatrain (particularly the second line) refers to the final pope:


1) The quatrain is already shown to be clearly connected to theappearance of Hale‑Bopp, and the second line points to spring '97. 2) The CWN interpretation also states that the quatrain refers to therise of the Anti‑Christ who will use the final pope as a tool.  Andmy earlier analysis pointed to the spring of 1997 for this event. 3) Elsewhere, my analysis showed that the next pope will die shortlyafter April '97.


Needless to say,


1 + 2 + 3 = Rise of the FINAL POPE (& the Anti‑Christ) in 1997

... which confirms my interpretation of the second line of II‑96.

Furthermore, I feel it's also important that the time of the "Babylonian Captivity" / Avignon immediately lead to the Great Schism. It is hinting that the time of this final French pope will also bring a disastrous consequences for the Roman Catholic Church. But this time, it will be the actual end of the Catholic Church. Moreover, the fact that Pope Boniface VIII was taken prisoner right before the Babylonian Captivity parallels the situation of the final pope being a tool of the Anti‑Christ.

All those symbolic connections don't seem to be a series of coincidences.

Believe it or not, there seems to be yet another prediction buried in the lines waiting to be fulfilled. However, this one probably wouldn't seem that obscure to you if you read the previous interpretations. It is quite straightforward if you know that the final pope will likely be from a city near the Rhone river in France. Here are the first two lines from the same quatrain II‑96:


 Line 1: Burning torch will be seen in the sky at night  Line 2: Near the end and beginning of the Rhone:


As we already know, Line 1 refers to the appearance of a comet, Hale‑Bopp. But what if the second line means 'near the end and the beginning of the final pope's reign'? Combined with the first line, it seems to indicate that a comet will appear near both the beginning and the end of the pope's reign! In this context, Comet Hale‑Bopp is only the first of the two predicted comets. Amazingly, it is now clear that Brenda's interpretation (under hypnosis) of the following quatrain, VI‑6, which I used in Analysis‑1 was indeed accurate and was not a result of miscommunication as I casually suspected. Here is the quatrain and the summary of Brenda's interpretation:


 Century VI‑6


 Apparoistra vers le Septentrion

 Non loing de Cancer l'estoille cheuelue:

 Suze, Sienne, Boe"ce, Eretrion,

 Mourra de Rome grand, la nuict disperue.


 There will appear towards the North

 Not far from Cancer the bearded star:

 Susa, Siena, Boeotia, Eretria,

 The great one of Rome will die, the night over.


According to Brenda/Nostradamus (vol.III p163):


1)  The death of the final pope.

2)  A celestial event, either a comet or a nova of a star. 3)  This is when the AntiChrist becomes aggressive and gets rid of the secrecy aspect.


(End of review)


Furthermore, there actually are other ancient prophecies supportive of this prediction. According to the Hopi prophecy, the Armageddon of spiritual agains material will occur when the "Saquasohuh (Blue Star) Kachina" makes its appearance. Interestingly, there is a theory that the "blue star" of the Hopi prophecy is always accompanied by another comet/planet/star! Also Zecharia Sitchin, the author of "The Twelth Planet" (which refers to the probability that there is one more planet in our solar system), has also stated that he thinks Comet Hale‑Bopp might be a harbinger of the "12th planet." I can't expand on this any further at this point but I will probably delve into this subject in my future analysis report.



Let me go back and focus on the line, "near the end and beginning of the Rhone," but this time from a slightly different angle. As I pointed out earlier, St. Malachy called the final pope "Peter the Roman." The following is Malachy's (or possibly Nostradamus') description of the final pope:

 "In psecutione extrema S.R.E. sedebit Petrus Romanus, qui pascet  oues in multis tribulationibus; quibus transactis ciuitas  septicollis diruetur, & Iudex tremjdus iudicabit populum suum.  Finis."


 'In extreme persecution, the seat of the Holy Roman Church will  be occupied by Peter the Roman, who will feed (lead) the sheep  through many tribulations, at the term of which the city of seven  hills (Rome) will be destroyed, and the formidable Judge will  judge his people. The End.'


So, we now have two Peters in the history of the Church. The very first "pope" (Peter the Apostle) and the very last pope (Peter the Roman). Now, what if we interpret "Rosne" (original French, line 2 of II‑96) as Rome instead of "the Rhone" (which some Nostradamus translators do with some other quatrains)?


 ("Pres de la fin & principe du Rosne")

 Near the end and beginning of Rome


'The end of Rome' obviously refers to the fall of the Catholic Church, and the final pope. However, it is also 'the beginning of Rome' because in the very beginning the pope was also "Peter." Very clever, isn't it? So in this case, the entire line, "NEAR the end and beginning of Rome / the Rhone" points to Pope JPII and the next pope (both are near the final pope), both predicted to die within the time frame that the other interpretation suggests, '96‑'97. Again, a very precise correlation!


As I mentioned earlier, in CWN Analysis‑1 (Ch.II sec.2‑B), I discussed the tomb of "the great Roman" that is predicted to be discovered right before the death of the next pope (= right before the emergence of the final pope). Considering the amazing correlation between the prophecies of Nostradamus and St. Malachy that I keep discovering, I feel it is pretty safe to hypothesize that this discovery of the great Roman's tomb is partially why the final pope is called Peter the Roman by St. Malachy. The tomb predicted to be discovered could even be (real) St. Peter's, or the final pope might simply call himself "Peter". To refresh your memory (or for those who haven't read CWN Analysis‑1 yet), here is a relevant excerpt from Analysis‑1:



(excerpt from CWN Analysis‑1)

Discovery of the "tomb of the great Roman"


Quatrain III‑65 tells us there will be a sign before the next pope dies:

 Century III‑65


 Quand le sepulchre du grand Romain trouue'

 Le iour apres sera esleu Pontife:

 Du Senat gueres il ne sera prouue'

 Empoisonne, son sang au sacre' scyphe.


 When the sepulchre of the great Roman is found,

 The day after a Pontiff will be elected:

 Scarcely will he be approved by the Senate

 Poisoned, his blood in the sacred chalice.


According to Brenda/Nostradamus (vol.I p197):


1)  The tomb of "the great Roman", who was a great philosopher will be  discovered in Rome shortly before the next pope is killed. 2)  The final pope who will follow the next pope will be a tool of the AntiChrist.




 Century VI‑66


 Au fondement de la nouuelle secte,

 Seront les os du grand Romain trouuez,

 Sepulchre en marbre apparoistra couuerte,

 Terre trembler en Auril, mal enfou"etz.


 At the foundation of the new sect,

 The bones of the great Roman will be found,

 A sepulchre covered by marble will appear,

 Earth to quake in April poorly buried.


* The information received by Brenda/Cannon regarding this quatrain seems to have ignored its important connection with III‑65. Even at first glance at the quatrain, you'd notice that the same words, "sepulchre" and "du grand Romain trouuez" (the great Roman), were used that are also in III‑65. Therefore, I will show you here my own interpretation which I believe contains an important piece of information:


 ‑ Quatrain : "VI‑66"


Yes, it is 666. This quatrain # may be implying that the prophecy is about the rise of the AntiChrist, and the final pope (= fall of the church). There is no way Nostradamus could have wasted the quatrain #, 666, by not using it as a symbol, in my opinion. It is also interesting to note that quatrain VI‑6 (= 66), which we've already looked at, also refers to the AntiChrist, as well as the appearance of a comet.


 ‑ 1st line: "At the foundation of the new sect,"


The "new sect" refers to the last pope and the church because since the pope will be the AntiChrist's tool, the church will no longer be the same. The pope's intentions will be so far from the Catholic Church's original teachings that it can be seen as a new sect. So, the first line means 'In Rome when we have the last pope."


 ‑ 2nd line: "The bones of the great Roman will be found"

Well, this is almost exactly the same as the first line of III‑65; "When the sepulchre of the great Roman is found" meaning the tomb or bones of an important Roman will be found.


 ‑ 3rd line: "A sepulchre covered by marble will appear,"

This is an important line. It is one of those multiple‑meaning lines. One of the meanings probably refers to the tomb of the "great Roman" mentioned in the last line. It might be the actual physical description of the tomb. The other meaning probably refers to the appearance of a comet. The phrase "covered by marble" refers to the bright cloud and light covering the comet. The comet is described as a "sepulchre", because comets have traditionally been used as harbingers of doom. It probably is Comet Hale‑Bopp in this case.


 ‑ 4th line: "Earth to quake in April poorly buried."


This line also seems to contain a number of meanings. My first guess is that it means the next pope will be killed in April '97 which is also Hale‑Bopp's perihelion. "Poorly buried" because he will be secretly poisoned by someone in the church (possibly associated with the AntiChrist). The other meaning that I can come up with is an actual earthquake that will unearth the "bones of the great Roman." Those two events are likely closely connected just as quatrain III‑65 indicated.

(end of excerpt)



After seeing those correlations, I'm now a supporter of the theory that St. Malachy's prophecy was actually written by Nostradamus and gave the credit to Malachy to avoid persecution by the Church for having foretold the end of the Catholic Church. The fact that the prophecy was not discovered until 1595 also supports this theory.


‑ Before I go on to quatrain VIII‑46, let me summarize the analysis I've done on II‑96 in this chapter:


 Century II‑96

 Line 1: "Burning torch will be seen in the sky at night"  Line 2: "Near the end and beginning of the Rhone" / Rome

...likely refers to


A) Line 1 + 2 = Hale‑Bopp near 45 degrees = Spring 1997


B) Emergence of the Final Pope


1) Interpretation #1

a)  "beginning of the Rhone" => Lyon => city of the final pope b)  "end of the Rhone" => Avignon => home of popes (1309‑1377) c)  A + a + b = Final French Pope (from around Lyon) in 1997 2) Interpretation #2

a)  "beginning of the Rhone" => beginning of final pope's era b)  "end of the Rhone" => where the pope might be from c)  "end of the Rhone" => Avignon => home of popes (1309‑1377) d)  A+a+b+c = Final French Pope (from around Avignon) in 1997 3) Interpretation #3

a)  "beginning of Rome" => Peter the Apostle

b)  "end of Rome" => final pope / Peter the Roman

c)  a + b + (rest of the line) = around '97 the popes (JPII and the next pope) near "Peter the Roman" will die 4) The discovery of the tomb of "the great Roman" right before the   death of the next pope corresponds to the name Peter the Roman

C) Two Comets Define the Reign of the Final Pope


1) "Burning torch will be seen in the sky at night" =>  Comet 2) "Near the end and beginning of the Rhone"

=> Near the beginning and end of the final pope's reign 3)  a + b = A comet appears near both the beginning and the endof the final pope's reign




Now, we finally move on to the other quatrain, VIII‑46:




 Century VIII‑46


 Pol mensolee mourra trois lieus du Rosne

 Fuis les deux prochains tarasc detrois:

 Cas Mars fera le plus horrible trosne,

 De coq & d'aigle de France, freres trois.


 Paul the celibate will die three leagues from Rhone (Rome),  the two nearest flee the oppressed monster.

 When Mars will take up his horrible throne,

 Of Cock and of Eagle of France three brothers.


According to Brenda/Nostradamus (CWN vol.I p191):


1)  The present pope will be assassinated when traveling . 2)  There are only two more popes left, and the next pope won't last very long

3)  After the assassination, a lot of unrest and rioting in Rome. 4)  At the same time, the AntiChrist will begin to stir and flex his power

5)  This will be "when Mars will take up his horrible throne."

(end of review)


Although Brenda only refers to the assassination of Pope John Paul II, I've come to believe that this quatrain, too, partially refers to "Peter the Roman", the final pope. Previously, I used the first line to support my assassination‑at‑Lyon hypothesis. But what if the pope is killed in/near Bosnia instead? Would that make this particular quatrain/interpretation a failure? No. As I stated repeatedly, Nostradamus' quatrains are based on hyper‑logic (i.e. logic of higher‑dimensional consciousness), and they have the capacity to cover many probable scenarios. Therefore, we should always be able to find some alternative interpretations. In other words, his prophecies are pretty much infallible. We may fail to find the cleverly implied predictions, but that is OUR failure, likely not Nostradamus'. I hope I'm proving this point by presenting my sophisticated analyses / interpretations in this monograph.


At any rate, here is the secondary interpretation. I'll focus on the first & second lines:


 Line 1: Paul the celibate will die three leagues from the Rhone  Line 2: the two nearest flee the oppressed monster


Basically, I've come to the conclusion that the quatrain refers to BOTH Pope JPII and JPI. How does it refer to Pope JPI? Actually it is quite simple if you have the key information. The key information is the prediction provided by Brenda & John / Nostradamus in CWN that the final pope will be from a city near the Rhone River in France (eg. Lyon, Avignon etc.). It is safe to say that "the Rhone" in the first line could refer to this French pope (Nostradamus seems to have used the same kind of river <=> person connection in his famous prediction of Hitler). Let me rephrase the line accordingly:


 "Paul the celibate will die three leagues from the final pope"

Or more naturally;


 "Paul the celibate will die three popes away from the final pope"

And now, check out how the second line makes sense in this context:

 "the two nearest flee the oppressed monster"


The "oppressed monster" still refers to the Anti‑Christ as indicated by Brenda in CWN. Following the rephrased first line, "the two nearest" naturally refers to Pope JPII and the next pope. So, the line could mean:

 "JPII & the next pope will not be a tool of the Anti‑Christ (as  the final pope will be)"


So, the whole quatrain may be interpreted like this:


1. "Paul the celibate will die three leagues from Rhone"

1* Pope JPI will die 3 popes away from the final pope


2. "the two nearest flee the oppressed monster."

2* Pope JPII & the next pope avoid being used by the Anti‑Christ

3. "When Mars will take up his horrible throne,"

3* Astrological info (already discussed) / War / Anti‑Christ

4. "Of Cock and of Eagle of France three brothers."

4* The situation in Bosnia (France, UK, & US occupying Bosnia)


   VI. YEAR 1996


I personally feel that the March 21‑May 3 (April 8‑April 19), 1996 window particularly will be the beginning of major changes. This view is also supported by Terence McKenna's "Novelty Theory" ("Timewave") which can be found at . According to his theory, the "timewave" will make a dramatic plunge into "novelty" in 1996 (beginning in February) which means we'll experience some BIG changes like we haven't seen in recent years, starting around next spring. But what exactly will happen next year? Here are some facts that might give us some ideas as to what we can expect next year:

‑ Death of Pope John Paul II (already discussed)


‑ More extreme weather / earth movements (already discussed)

‑ In the spring of '96, a hidden part of the Pyramid in Egypt will be excavated (according to the schedule). There is a possibility that the already detected room and tunnels under/near the Sphinx will be excavated in the near future. There are many more rooms being discovered inside Egypt's largest pharaonic tomb of Ramses II. If Edgar Cayce is correct, we'll discover some hard evidence of an advanced ancient civilization (i.e. Atlantis), and this would surely affect our views profoundly. CWN also predicts roughly the same thing for the mid 90's.


‑ According to Terence McKenna's Novelty Theory, November 22, '95 was "a resonance/anticipation of the much larger plunge of similar topology that begins next February and shapes all of 1996." In other words, events of Nov. 21‑22, 1995 should have offered a micro model of the very dramatic 1996 Novelty plunge. So what did happen during those two days of November '95? The United States virtually decided to send troops to Bosnia! What does this mean? A big conflict in Bosnia including the US troops? WWIII? We'll see.

‑ Also, earlier in the same November of '95, there was the government shut down. Is it just a coincidence that there seems to be much prophetic information concerning the current presidency and the next election that basically state that it will be very messy. Assassination? Resignation? Civil war?



At the International World Prophecy Conference held at the Philadelphia convention center, on October 27th & 28th 1995, a well‑known near‑death‑experiencer, Dannion Brinkley (author of "Saved By the Light") said the following during his lecture (transcribed by ). You'll notice a shocking resemblance to what I've been discussing in my CWN Analyses:

 "Read I Corinthians, chapters twelve, thirteen, and fourteen  and lock it in as reality...Remember, we are born to fight...You  live in the greatest time ever..."


 "In the next eighteen months Jerusalem will be a great seat like the international sight under Israeli control...This is  the end of time as we know it...The Greek Orthodox owns most of  the land in Jerusalem!... I know there are seven rooms below  Ramses tomb containing the Atlantean records...Russians have  already signed a pack to invade Israel...When Iran and Iraq draw  up an agreement against the US within the next year the old  Persia will be united...This is star time ladies and gentlemen!  Are you ready?!"


 "We are the prophecies! We are the difference!. We can change  the world; one person in transition at a time..."


*(The Anti‑Christ in the middle east is discussed in more detail in "CWN Analysis‑1".)


We have less than 6 months before we actually start experiencing the major "novelty." Are you ready?