Author: Goro Adachi

E‑mail Address: [email protected]

Origianl Date: Oct. 1, 1995

Current Version: v1.5 / Nov. '95




                                ANALYSIS ‑ 3


                 ~ Man‑Made Disasters & Secret Projects ~








           1) Nuclear Testing

           2) Dangerous Experiments




           1) Mars Observer

           2) Alternative 003



Main sources used:


"Conversations With Nostradamus" vol.I‑III by Dolores Cannon:

(Ms.Cannon is a hypnotist/regressionist and a researcher who records "lost" knowledge using hypnotized subjects. In this trilogy, she amazingly, yet believably establishes intertemporal communication with "Nostradamus" and obtains much information about our future. The authenticity of the information/predictions has recently been demonstrated by precisely predicting the appearance of Comet Hale‑Bopp that was discovered in July 1995.)


     Vol.1 ‑ ISBN 0‑922356‑01‑7 (1989)

     Vol.2 ‑ ISBN 0‑9632776‑1‑8 (1990)

     Vol.3 ‑ ISBN 0‑9632776‑3‑4 (1992)


And my analyses (includeding this one) of these books:


     CWN Analysis‑1 Comet Hale‑Bopp & Related Predictions

     CWN Analysis‑2 Occurrences In Space

     CWN Analysis‑3 Man‑Made Disasters & Secret Projects

     CWN Analysis‑4 "At Forty‑Five Degrees The Sky Will Burn"


                              I. INTRODUCTION


This third part of "CWN Analysis" will deal with quatrains / predictions / insights that are indirectly introduced by the ones I've already presented in CWN Analysis‑1&2. These predictions/insights have more to do with what the governments of this planet are (secretly in some cases) doing to worsen the coming changes which are basically a natural event. Personally, I think we should pay more attention to these man‑made disasters than the natural catastrophes, because they don't have to happen. I don't think the coming earth changes themselves won't destroy the whole civilization on this planet, but it may be possible when combined with our dangerous technologies and weapons. It is basically up to us.



                         II. ATMOSPHERIC CONDITION


When Dolores Cannon had just started to work with "Nostradamus", Elena/Dyonisus/Nostradamus stated that the main causes for the coming changes would be:


1. Planetary Alignment

2. Atmospheric Condition


I think my neutron‑star hypothesis explained in CWN Analysis‑2 could be described as the "planetary alignment", although it still can be many other things like Richard Hoagland's physics. As for the second one, atmospheric condition, it seems to be a man‑made disaster. Here are some relevant excerpts:


     (CWN vol.I p.35)


        Dolores:  "Can you tell me why this is so important?"

        Elena:  "There is both an atmospheric condition and planetary  changes...."  [...]  "(A long pause.) I don't understand, but he  is saying that because of the weaponry that you use in the  present time, it has caused a change in the atmosphere that is  going to be felt within a year's time.  And if the knowledge from  the quatrains can be translated, it would be beneficial for the  people of your time.  There's more.  (A long pause as she  listened.)  He also says that because of the planetary alignment,  there will be earth changes..."  [...]


     (CWN vol.I p.55)


 E:  "The earthquakes and volcanic eruptions are due to the  activity caused by the conjunction of the planets, which also  affects the shift of this planet.  The famine is caused by the  weaponry explosions.  accidents that will affect the crops."

     (CWN vol.I p.68‑9)


 D:   [...]  "You spoke last time of our weaponry, or that this  power force behind our weaponry was going to cause problems  in our time.  That something would be in the air that would  cause problems?  What kind of changes will this substance  cause?"


 E:  (Pause, listening) "It will change the structure of the  clouds, the structure of plant life, the structure of animals.  When I say "structure," I mean some physical deformity but...  (Had difficulty finding the right words to describe)... from  within the blood, organs within."


     (End of excepts)


1) Nuclear Testing


It is pretty obvious that the above excerpts refer to nuclear tests and radiation that are very harmful to our health and to our planet. So the worsening of the atmospheric condition is connected with the nuclear tests that are unfortunately still going on. Interestingly, this connection gives quatrain II‑48 (which I analyzed in CWN Analysis‑2) a new depth:

     Century II ‑ 48


     La grand copie qui passera les monts.

     Saturne en l'Arq tournant du poisson Mars:

     Venins cachez soubs testes de saumons,

     Leurs chief pendu a` fil de polemars.


     The great force which will pass the mountains.

     Saturn in Sagittarius Mars turning from the fish:

     Poison hidden under the heads of salmon,

     Their war‑chief hung with cord.


According to Elena/Dyonisus/Nostradamus, the key points were:

1)  The time period indicated: "the twelfth month of 1986" 2)  Occurrences In Space

 a)  There will be a contact from the stars... (the universe)  b)  A light display will go on.

 c)  There shall be an occurrence in the sky at that time. 3)  2‑a (above) will bring a great awareness to the people. 4)  2‑b will actually be a display shown by ETs.

5)  "Poison hidden under the heads of salmon"; atmospheric condition.



In this section, I will mainly focus on #1 and #5 of the above.

It was stated that the third line of the quatrains, "Poison hidden under the heads of salmon", has to do with what is happening in the atmosphere today. Now it is pretty clear that it also refers to nuclear tests/radiation. So, why is this included in the quatrain? Well, I came to the conclusion that II‑48 refers to a number of events that would happen in the same time frame. Actually, even though I focused on the cosmic‑event side of the quatrain/interpretation in CWN Analysis‑2, I suspect that II‑48 is mainly a quatrain about nuclear weapon tests and other radiation‑related technology.


Let me explain MY interpretation. Basically, I think the quatrain probably refer to both the Chernobyl disaster and the recent nuclear tests (and possibly more):


     1st line: "The great force which will pass the mountains."

It's not very clear to me, but it could refer to the comets (Halley's and Hale‑Bopp) and/or the radiation emitted into the atmosphere. The Chernobyl nuclear disaster occurred in 1986, when Halley's comet was in the sky. Hale‑Bopp is/will be in the sky during the French (and probably some other countries') nuclear tests.


     2nd line: "Saturn in Sagittarius Mars turning from the fish:"

Apparently, this particular astrological sign occurred in 1986. However, if you take the line symbolically instead, Saturn in Sagittarius implies destruction/fire, and Mars into Pisces is like fire/war in water/ocean. Could it be referring to the underwater nuclear tests? (Coincidentally, France has started underground/water nuclear tests this year ('95) despite strong opposition.


     3rd line: "Poison hidden under the heads of salmon,"


Personally, I found this line to be filled with many hidden meanings. First, it can be interpreted quite literally to mean that the Chernobyl disaster polluted rivers and fish with radiation. I got the other meaning from checking the original French quatrain:


"Venins cachez soubs testes de saumons"


The first thing that puzzled me was that the word "testes". It means "heads", but I started wondering if "testes" actually means "tests" instead ("test" is also a French word). And then I noticed that "soubs testes" could mean "under tests" or "underground tests" which could of course refer to the recent Chinese/French underground nuclear tests. Furthermore, "saumons"/"salmon" is indicative of the shape of a typical nuclear bomb (or the way we visualize it), and also some kind of water. Interestingly, "saumon" also means a donkey head in Provencal, which is a favorite type of mask worn at festivals in France. So the alternative translation for this line would be:


"Poison hidden, underground/water nuclear tests by the French."

This is probably good enough interpretation already, however, I also went on to find another possible hidden meaning in the first part of the line, "Venins cachez" ("poison hidden"). I think the "Venins" was made plural on purpose. I admit that this is very speculative, but the words "Venins" and "Venus" look pretty similar. The word "Venins" also comes right after the mentioning of planetary formation in the sky (2nd line). Well, does it make sense when put into the whole line? Yes:


"Venus hidden, underground/water nuclear tests by the French."

It makes sense because the controversial (first) French underground nuclear test was done when Venus was behind the sun (roughly July‑Sept. '95).

     4th line: "Their war‑chief hung with cord."

It could mean that the ones responsible for the tests/disasters would be captured and punished. It also might be in reference to the fact that Chernobyl nuclear plant was also handled by military.




At any rate, the underlying message of the quatrain seems to be that those nuclear tests/disasters should be prevented because they would only bring very harmful consequences for mankind. Unfortunately, it will probably continue... :


     (CWN vol.I p.69)


 D:  "I believe the suggestion he gave last time was that we  should stop emitting this into the air?"


 E:  "Yes, this is very essential.  They are accelerating the  changes in the planet and the atmosphere that will totally affect  the universe."


 D:  "Then it doesn't just affect our little planet?"

 E:  "That is correct."


 D:  [...]  "They keep wanting to make tests and every time  they make a test on these things, it lets more into the air."  [...]


 E:  "And there will be more."


     (End of excerpt)


2) Dangerous Experiments


Surprisingly, there seems to be more hidden meaning to the third line of the same quatrain, II‑48. In this case, the "poison" is not from the nuclear explosions. It is the Tesla‑related technology, infamous HAARP (High‑frequency Active Aurora Research Project) and the like. If you still don't know about technology like HAARP, it is basically a joint project of the US Navy, Air Force and University of Alaska which is under construction in Gakona, Alaska. It is a research project that will manipulate the ionosphere (which I talked a lot about in CWN Analysis‑2) by emitting powerful EM energy into it. The real purpose is not very clear, but some scientists are claiming that the project is very dangerous. The HAARP facility should be in full operation by 1997... coincidentally, the year of Hale‑Bopp's closest approach to the sun/Earth. Radiation, atmosphere, 1997, and Hale‑Bopp.... it sounds to me like it SHOULD be included in the quatrain/prophecy, II‑48. And I believe it is subtly implied in the third line:


     3rd line: "Poison hidden under the heads of salmon,"


As you know, Alaska (where HAARP is located) is often associated with salmon. And again we can replace "heads" with "tests". The new translation would be:


     "Poison hidden under the tests of Alaska"


Therefore, the line *could* refer to HAARP (or similar projects), and the word "poison" is indicative of its bad effects on nature/earth.

The following is an excerpt from an article originally written/posted by [email protected] which talks about the danger of HAARP and other related technology. Notice how similar the alleged consequences are to the ones caused by a (hypothetical) nearby pulsar/neutron star (CWN Analysis‑2):





::: A Grave Danger to Earth :::


Demonstrating the grave danger to this planet's geomagnetic stability, the 1987 Eastlund patent (which is the basic design for the HAARP project) stated that "The earth's magnetic field could be decreased or disrupted at appropriate altitudes to modify or eliminate the magnetic field."

Quoting the 3/88 OMNI Magazine article, "Richard Williams, a physicist at Princeton, stated that he thinks the Eastlund (HAARP) project might become 'a serious threat to the earth's atmosphere' and 'could cause irreversible damage...effects in the atmosphere cannot be localized...the language of the patent indicates that it is clearly intended to provide effects on a global scale."


Quoting the 2/94 Cook Inlet Monthly Bush Blade, "The late geomagnetic researcher Lloyd Zirbes strongly opposed the technology utilized in the HAARP system.  He wrote, 'Disruption of the earth's magnetic field will complete damages to the planet's balance done by the government nuclear bomb blasts in the natural radiation belts above the ionosphere.  Earth's magnetic field keeps the planet in balance with the moon and sun. Disrupting the field will be the last straw in sending earth into the sun or out into space."


The combined effects of these transmitters, including the Russian Woodpecker, the new HAARP system, together with all the other ELF and VLF systems (such as those in Michigan and the GWEN towers), are very dangerous.  When operating simultaneously and during times of geomagnetic storms, they present a severe threat to the entire planet.

The disruption of the earth's internal dynamo, and the disruption and alteration of the upper atmospheric magnetic belts (which constitute the external part of the earth's natural dynamo system), can create a premature reversal of the magnetic poles, worsen the newly discovered wobble of the earth's spin and possibly create a total polar reversal or earth shift.


The 1/78 Specula Magazine described Woodpecker effects: "An electromagnetic signal of certain frequencies can be transmitted through the earth which, when introduced into the earth at certain multiples of 30 degrees, will form standing waves in the earth itself.  In certain incidence angle cases, the standing wave also induces a strange phenomenon: coherence to the standing wave is formed in the molten core of the earth itself, and a tiny fraction of the vast, surging electromagnetic currents of the liquid core begin to feed into and augment the induced standing wave.


"At this point, one has established a sort of giant triode: the inducing signal one is putting into the earth is the grid signal, and the vast energy in the molten core of the earth is the cathode and power supply. The established coherence serves as an amplification factor for the grid signal, and much more energy is now present in the standing wave than the minuscule amount being fed in from the earth's surface.  By interferometer type techniques, multiple 'giant resonance' waves of this type can be combined so that a 'beam' or focused effect of very great energy exists inside the earth."


"Depending on the frequency, focusing, wave shape, etc. one can...  induce a variety of effects such as earthquakes, induced at a distant aiming point, severe disturbances in the middle and upper atmosphere over the target area...and anomalous weather effects.  This is called the Tesla effect."


Unlike earlier periods, the earth is now much more vulnerable to outside astronomical influences.  Today, powerful transmitters are interfering with, overriding and blanking out earth's natural magnetic field.  For the first time in human history, an ever‑increasing number of artificial ELF and VLF vibrations are disrupting earth's natural internal and external electromagnetic systems (which help to maintain planetary rotation, balance and stability).  The newly discovered planetary wobble and sudden, abrupt slowdowns in rotation are only the beginning.  The chances are now greatly increased that any asteroid or meteorite that hits the earth could set off such a destructive resonance that the planet could split (as Tesla predicted) or suffer a total polar shift.


The severe threat to global stability created by the combined effects of the Woodpecker, HAARP, other ionosphere‑heating ELF, long wire ELF and GWEN tower systems was demonstrated in T.E. Beardon's book, "Fer‑de‑Lance":


"Any large collection of nucleiùsuch as a star or a planetùis a strong absorber and radiator of scalar wave radiation.  The Sun is a particularly strong source of scalar wave radiation.  This radiation penetrates the earth deeply, interacting more and more with the deeper layers, which under greater mechanical stress are more nonlinear.  Most of the heat in the molten core of the earth comes from the dephasing of a portion of this absorbed scalar radiation from the Sun, liberating ordinary electromagnetic energy as heat.


"The Earth also re‑radiates scalar wave radiation back to the Sun.  The Sun and the Earth are thus coupled into a scalar system in equilibrium or near‑equilibrium.  Each body in the couplet possesses both a feedforward and a feedback loop."


Describing large electromagnetic weapons (such as Woodpecker and HAARP‑like systems), Bearden said:


"If significant scalar effects are produced on Earth in a 'pulse' mode, pulsed disturbances of the Earth‑Sun and Earth‑Moon systems result. Here a danger exists that one or more natural resonances of the coupled systems may be excited.  If too much or sharp stimulation occurs on Earth, the coupled resonant response from the Sun could be disastrous.  The simplest Doomsday simulation would be for a violent expulsion of solar electromagnetic energy and particles to occur.  If this were due to resonance, the expulsions of solar electromagnetic energy and particles would continue during some decay time.  In that case, the fiery destruction of the Earth, strongly indicative of Biblical prophecy, would result. Particularly sensitive are the resonances of Sun‑Earth, Sun‑Moon and Earth‑Moon systems.

"Note the abnormal influence of the Moon on tidesùtides of both the Earth's tectonic plates and oceans.  If the Earth‑Moon resonant system were overstimulated, one might expect VIOLENT earthquakes of extraordinary magnitude, and tremendous tidal waves hundreds of feet in heights.  (The potential connections to legends of earth‑destroying floods, scientific evidence of extreme water levels in mountains, and legends of ancient cataclysmic destruction of supposedly advanced technological oceanic cultures is obvious).  [Atlantis]


"Use of huge scalar electromagnetic weapons" (including US devices which interfere with God‑given protective Van Allen and other external magnetic belts) "is a double‑edged sword.  Unless carefully employed, use of the weapons could cause a terrible backlash to the user" (as the Soviets discovered when the main power source for the Gomel Woodpecker transmitter at Chernobyl exploded in 1986), "as well as the victim, and even cause the destruction of Earth itself.


"With scalar electromagnetic weapons, the consequence of a relatively simple electronic failure can be catastrophic; not only for the local nation but for the earth as a whole.  If an electrogravitational pulse discharge happens to tickle the Sun's and Moon's [natural scalar electromagnetic] feedback loops the wrong way, you'll get convulsions on the earth, and a violent increase in the interior heat of the Earth's molten core, with a concomitant eruption of that core right up through the Earth's mantle."


(END of excerpt)



Now, I believe the following predictions/insights from CWN are very relevant to the EM technology that was discussed above (HAARP, ELF, etc.). Although I'll present the associated quatrains, please remember that the connection between the quatrains and the "interpretations"/predictions is not necessarily important. The focus is here is more on the predictions themselves that were received through various subjects under hypnosis by D.Cannon:


     Century I‑22


     Ce que vivra & n'ayant ancien sens,

     Viendra leser a` mort son artifice:

     Austun, Chalan, Langres & les deux Sens,

     La gresle & glace fera grand malefice.



     A thing existing without any senses

     will cause its own end to happen through artifice.

     At Autun, Chalan, Langres and the two Sens

     there will be great damage from hail and ice.


(CWN vol.I p.163‑4)


Key Points:


1)  Some devices to moderate the weather "will accidentally cause the weather to misfunction so as to cause a great deal of damage through unseasonal ice and hail."

2)  "If one tries to force the weather to do one thing for too long that the natural pattern will finally overcome the interference and perhaps cause some unseasonal weather in the process of trying to get things back in balance again."




     Century I‑46


     Tout aupres d'Aux, de Lestoure & Mirande,

     Grand feu du ciel en trois nuicts tumbera:

     Cause adviendra bien stupende & mirande,

     Bien peu aupres la terre tremblera.


     Very near Auch, Lectoure and Mirande

     a great fire will fall from the sky for three nights.      The cause will appear both stupefying and marvellous;      shortly afterwards there will be an earthquake.


(CWN vol.I p.243‑4)


Key Points:


1)  Scientists would be researching into the powers of the various     energy fields of the earth.

2)  When they finally started doing direct experimentation, "they will  accidentally rupture one of the earth's fields in such a way that a  beam of energy will shoot out into space and draw a stream of  meteorites toward Earth.  This will happen around the North Sea." 3)  This rupture in the energy field "throws everything out of balance." 4)  "In the process of trying to repair the damage there is an  earthquake soon after when the stress has built up."

5)  This incident will appear as a natural phenomenon and that's how it  will be recorded.




I get the feeling that the two predictions above (I‑22 & I‑46) both refer to the same incident, especially because both indicated that the climax of this would be during the "repair" operation. One of HAARP's rumored objectives is to "lift" the already unstable ionosphere.... if this is the case, we don't have much time left before the prediction is fulfilled. It is also significant that Key Point #2 of I‑46 above states that "this will happen around the North Sea." This agrees with the location of HAARP (Alaska) or perhaps other similar projects in Russia.


In CWN Analysis‑1, there were many references to the coming weather changes. Here is an excerpt from the "Event List":



(Around 1997, when a comet is in the sky...)




D)  Major geological upheavals (world‑wide drought, earthquakes,etc)

 1)  Some kind of atomic (electromagnetic?) device will affect theplanetary climate, and will hurt people's eyes.a)  World weather changes will cause hailstorms todestroy agriculture of the U.S., Russia, CentralAmerica, and Australia.

 2)  Something big (like an earthquake, assassination, ornuclear disaster, etc.) will happen in April ('96‑'98)  3)  Drought / weather changes will occur in relation to theearth changes around 1998 (implied).

  a)  There will be warnings before this drought takesplace, but will be ignored.

  b)  The world‑wide drought will start in Italy


(end of excerpt)


One of the quatrains/interpretations that brought up the weather‑changes event in association with the appearance of a comet (Hale‑Bopp) was X‑70 in CWN Analysis‑1. The key points of the prediction were:


  Key Points from X‑70 (vol.I p193):


 1)  Some kind of atomic (electromagnetic?) device will affectthe planetary climate, and will hurt people's eyes.  2)  The climate out of balance will then affect agriculture.  3)  This will take place when the (next) pope dies at Rege/Italy

Does this refer to both the nuclear explosions AND the experiments like HAARP? The answer becomes clearer when you read the following prediction: (CWN vol.I p.195)


  Century X‑71


  La terre & lair geleront si grand eau,

  Lors qu'on viendra pour Ieudy venerer:

  Ce qui sera iamais ne fut si beau,

  Des quatre parts le viendront honorer.


  The earth and air will freeze so much water,

  When they will come to venerate Thursday:

  That which will be never was it so fair,

  From the four parts they will come to honor it.


Key Points:


1)  The "atomic device" which was mentioned in X‑70 (analyzed in  CWN Analysis‑1) "will throw everything out of kilter." 2)  The earth and air freezing is another effect of the same device. 3)  "All manners of solutions will be tried to counteract what happened  but they will not be successful, in spite of the fair words of the  governments to their peoples to try to keep them from panicking."



Key Point #1 above connects X‑71 with X‑71 (i.e. same incident). And #2 and #3 coincide with I‑22 and I‑46:


X‑71 KP#2 = I‑22 KP#1 ("damage through unseasonal ice and hail") X‑71 KP#3 = I‑22 KP#2 & I‑46 KP#4 (unsuccessful repair operation)

Therefore, it seems like the weather changes mentioned in CWN Analysis‑1 (X‑70) is the same weather changes caused by HAARP/energy field experiment/weather control device (I‑22 & I‑46). In other words:

X‑70, X‑71, I‑22, I‑46, and II‑48 all of which I presented in this section ARE ALL CONNECTED.


So, in summary, it seems to be the combination of nuclear testing and the powerful EM devices that would affect the weather and throw everything out of balance. It's amazing how these predictions/quatrains are interconnected in many different levels.





1) Mars Observer

According to some researchers, there seems to be artificial structures on the surface of Mars (eg. "Face of Mars"). It is still controversial, but it could have been clearly verified or falsified if only Mars Observer didn't malfunction when it almost got to the destination, Mars. What happened to it? No one knows for sure. It was *speculated* by NASA that it was caused by a mechanical malfunction. But things may not be what they seem to be.

In '92, Mars Observer was launched and headed toward Mars. In '93, when Mars Observer almost reached Mars, all communication between the spacecraft and Earth was cut off for some unknown reason. The final attempt at locating the spacecraft was on 21 September '93 when commands were issued to activate the Mars Balloon Relay Experiment. The experiment contained a small omnidirectional beacon which might be detected on Earth. No response was detected. On 29 October flight controllers concluded operations, and the Mars Observer Flight Team was subsequently disbanded. Mars Observer was officially "lost".


Richard Hoagland disagrees.


:: Hoagland's Conspiracy Scenario ::


1. After the spaceshuttle, Challenger, blew up in '86, nobody was launching anything for 2 and 1/2 years. Everything was grounded. The military was as dependent upon the shuttle to launch all kinds of satellites as NASA, so they also paid because the shuttle was not working.


2. In the fall of 1988, U.S. signed an agreement with the Soviets, in the Reagan administration, to basically cooperate and collaborate on space data

3. The very afternoon the document was signed ('88), NASA headquarters turned around and told JPL then to postpone trying to launch Mars Observer by 2 years... from 1990 to 1992.


4. At the same time, fall of '88, the Pentagon suddenly says, "well, we're such good guys, we're gonna make way on the shuttle for the Hubble Space Telescope." And the Hubble space telescope was put in the cue AHEAD of a military satellite to be launched in the spring of 1990. (a civilian project ahead of postponed military projects? Hmm..) It MUST be important to them. However, when it was put in orbit around Earth, they "discovered" that the mirror/lens of Hubble was FLAWED. If it was so important, why did they wait *3 LONG YEARS* to fix Hubble's "flawed" mirror?


  Richard Hoagland says:


  "The idea that NASA did not test the hell out of this (Hubble's)mirror and it launched it not knowing it was flawed, is franklyan insult to every American tax payer... a MAJOR insult! Sothen you gotta tell yourself 'why in the world, would NASAeliberately lie?' Somebody in NASA.... remember we're nottalking about all of NASA. Well, let me tell you whathappened; When the mirror problem was "discovered", thefirst thing that NASA did was to move in on the contractor...and confiscated, impounded and sealed all the contractorrecords of their tests. And all we have had is *NASA

  versions* of those tests. There has never been any independentreview outside of NASA of what went wrong with Hubble."

  "The head of the NASA review panel... that NASA set up todecide what went wrong, how they blew it... was a gentlemanat JPL, the director of JPL, L. Allen (sp?). He just happenedto have come to JPL from a previous post in the U.S.

  government, which was head of the most secret agency ofgovernment, the NSA.... This man knows how to keep secret.He controls that panel."


5. In '92, Mars Observer was finally launched and later it ALMOST got to Mars. When it was ready to orbit around Mars, it was reported "lost". Of course, it is possible that it was just one of those accidents. But it is the way some officials in NASA handled the situation that makes this incident look suspicious. For example, although they apparently tried to fix the main computer after the communication between the spacecraft and earth was lost, , NASA did not reboot the computer (It's not very clear to me what happened technically) although it was even suggested by their own person in charge of fixing the problem But it was somehow ignored by those higher ranking officials. Many of the decisions didn't make much sense and it seemed like they didn't do everything they could to save/restore the spacecraft. Their reason for not doing so was that the onboard computer program could have been lost in the process of rebooting. Hoagland said that this answer was not sufficient because they had nothing to lose anyway by trying. The fact that they would not reboot suggests that there was probably a secret secondary program. Hoagland hypothesized that a secret back up program existed in Mars Observer's backup computer and someone secretly activated the program and it took over when the radio signal was turned off. Turning off the radio was a officially planned procedure, but according to Hoagland it is something you "just don't do" and was totally against common procedure practiced for years. This secret backup program probably took over the mission and it went on to survey Mars/Cydonia.

6. Because of the delay in the launching of Mars Observer, when it was launched and it got to Mars, the geometry of the earth‑Mars system was such that basically Mars was almost due to go behind the sun as seen from earth (roughly Nov.'93‑Feb.'94).. In the original time‑frame, this would not have occurred. (This is important and will be explained in #8)


7. The Hubble telescope was probably deliberately sabotaged, and they had already planned to tell everybody that there was something wrong with Hubble's mirror, so that *3 years* later, astronauts would have to go up and "fix" it. But there was probably nothing wrong with the mirror itself at all. It was done to justify the manned visit in Dec.1994 of the Hubble telescope by the astronauts. Had Mars Observer been in position and orbiting Mars, it would have had many pictures taken (i.e. Cydonia, Face etc. that may have proved the existence of extraterrestrial or an advanced ancient civilization) already at that time.


‑ How could it send the photographs back to earth?


8. Mars Observer had a rare capability of sending out laser beams/signals. It could be easily reprogrammed to code the transmission of the secret Cydonian images on the laser and beam them half way across the solar system to the Hubble telescope. And Hubble, in earth orbit, could be used as a "optical light bucket" to catch the laser signal sent by Mars Observer, using a device called the "high speed photometer" which was carried by the Hubble telescope. It could detect a flickering coded laser beam blinking at a 100,000 times/sec (= 100,000 bits/sec) The only telescope on earth that could even see Mars or see the signals would have been one orbiting the earth. No telescope on earth could intercept the signals BECAUSE MARS WAS SO CLOSE TO THE SUN, THEY WOULD PICK UP NOTHING BUT NOISE (late '93 ‑early '94). The Hubble telescope was the only possible receiver for the laser signal from Mars Observer, because of the sun‑Mars‑Earth geometry at that particular time.


9. "Coincidentally", the one instrument the astronauts physically removed from Hubble and brought back to earth from the repair mission was the HIGH SPEED PHOTOMETER. They replaced ONE instrument, and it just HAPPENED TO BE the high speed photometer. And then someone on earth probably downloaded the computer/photometer and possibly wiped the memory and then took the disk with all the information/pictures to the CIA.


‑ Why Hubble? Why didn't they use other spy satellites the US military launched?


10. First, how many of those military satellites had (or needed) the HIGH SPEED PHOTOMETER that could detect a laser beam/signal from Mars near the sun? (likely none) Second, even if one of the satellites DID have a high speed photometer, how would they securely without ANYBODY knowing get the information stored in the photometer and bring it back to earth? They wouldn't want to use radio signal (to earth) because it could be easily intercepted. Why not sabotage one of the military satellite like they probably did with the Hubble telescope? Because, remember, all space projects were behind schedule since the Discovery accident, thus the military didn't want to waste any of their military satellites for any amount of time, especially when you couldn't be really sure when / if Mars Observer would be launched. So they chose a *civilian* satellite/telescope which they could waste if they wanted to. (and they did, for 3 years.)


Why am I talking about Mars Observer and Hoagland? Well, although it seems to have nothing to do with other stuff I've discussed so far, I found a subtle connection between this conspiracy theory and quatrain IV‑28, which I analyzed in depth in CWN Analysis‑2 and concluded that it (at least partially) has to do with Comet Hale‑Bopp. In CWN vol.I p.138, it is stated that the quatrain also refers to Russia's secret manned space flights in the past. So, I figured this quatrain is basically a space/ET‑related prediction which can refer to various similar incidents. And since the Mars Observer story is pretty similar to the story of Russia's space program story, it is not illogical for the Mars Observer incident to be included in the same quatrain/prediction, IV‑28. Here is what I've found out:

  Century IV‑28


  Lors que Venus du Sol sera couuert,

  Soubs l'esplendeur sera forme occulte:

  Mercure au feu les aura descouuert,

  Par bruit bellique sera mis a` l'insulte.


  When Venus will be covered by the Sun,

  Under the splendor will be a hidden form:

  Mercury will have exposed them to the fire,

  Through warlike noise it will be insulted.


The first thing that got my attention was the second line; "Under the splendor will be a hidden form." The coded laser beam from "lost" Mars Observer that Hoagland mentioned could fit the description fairly well. Do other lines fit also?:


  1st line: "When Venus will be covered by the Sun"


According to Hoagland's hypothesis, it was planned so that when Mars Observer got to Mars, it was going behind the sun. But this was Mars, not Venus... so it doesn't really agree with the first line. But where was Venus when Mars was behind the sun? I was thrilled to discover that Venus was also BEHIND THE SUN at the SAME TIME (roughly Dec.'93 through Feb.'94). What was happening in the solar system at the time is that there was an Earth‑Sun‑Venus‑Mars alignment! Mars and Venus were BOTH behind the sun when Mars Observer got to Mars. In other words, the first line "When Venus will be covered by the Sun" DOES match the situation of the Mars Observer incident.


  3rd line: "Mercury will have exposed them to the fire"

Astrologically, Mercury represents communication/observation. So, it could be simply referring to the transporting of the information from Mars Observer to the Earth through the coded laser beam. It could also refer to what people like Hoagland is doing, exposing of the conspiracy.

  4th line: "Through warlike noise it will be insulted."

This might be referring to the fact (I think) that the government didn't make the information (which probably would prove the existence of aliens or advanced ancient civilizations.) public because they feared that it might cause great social unrest. Or probably because the information had to do with sensitive military projects.


As I explained in Analysis‑2, the quatrain also refers to Hale‑Bopp/ET instrument. Hale‑Bopp and the Mars Observer incident occurre almost in a same time frame (1‑2 year difference), and both has to do with space and probably ETs. Therefore, I feel it is plausible that the quatrain, IV‑28, refer to both events.


2) Alternative 003


"Alternative 3" is also a similar space‑program conspiracy theory. Instead of explain it myself, I thought it would be easier to just use an excerpt from "The Secret Government" by William Cooper. I don't necessarily believe everything he says, but I feel the concept of Alt.003 is not too far fetched:



  The Origin, Identity, and Purpose of MJ‑12

 By Milton William Cooper

May 23, 1989




 The  events  at  Fatima in the early part  of  the  century  were scrutinized. On  suspicion that it was alien  manipulation,  an intelligence  operation  was put into  motion  to  penetrate  the secrecy surrounding the event.  The United States utilized  its  Vatican  moles  that had  been recruited and nurtured during  WWII and soon obtained  the entire Vatican study which  included  the prophecy.  This  prophecy stated that if man did not turn fromevil  and  place himself at the feet of Christ the planet  would  self‑destruct and the events described in the book of  Revelations would indeed come to pass.It stated that a  child would be born who would unite the world with a plan  for world peace and a false religion  beginning  in 1992.  By 1995 the people would  discern that he was evil and was  indeed the Anti‑Christ.World War  III would begin in  the Middle East in 1995 with an invasion of Israel  by  a  United Arab nation using conventional weapons which  would  lminate in a nuclear holocaust in the year 1999.Between  1999 and 2003 most of the life on this planet would suffer  horribly and  die  as a result. The return of Christ would  occur in  the year 2011.

  When  the aliens were confronted with this finding  they confirmed that it was true.The aliens explained  that they had created us through hybridization and had  manipulated the human race  through  religion,  satanism,  witchcraft,  magic, and the occult. They further explained  that they were capable of time travel and  the events  would indeed come to pass.Later exploitation of  alien  technology  by the United States and the Soviet Union  utilizing time travel confirmed the prophecy.  The aliens  showed a hologram which they claimed was the actual  crucifixion of  Christ, which the government filmed. We  did not know whether to believe them or not. Were they  using GENUINE religions to manipulate us?  or , were they  indeed the source of our religions with which they  had  been manipulating us all along? or, was this the beginning  of the genuine  END TIMES  and  the RETURN OF CHRIST  which  had  been predicted in the Bible? No one knew the  answer.

A  symposium was held in 1957 which was attended by  some of  the  greatest  scientific  minds  then  living.  They reachedthe conclusion  that  by or shortly after  the year 2,000  the  planet WOULD  self destruct  due  to  increased  population  and  man's  exploitation of the  environment WITHOUT ANY HELP FROM GOD OR THE


  By  secret  Executive Order of President  Eisenhower,  the  Jason Scholarswereordered  to  study  this  scenario and make recommendations called "Alternatives 1,  2, and 3".  "Alternative 1"  was to use nuclear devices to  blast holes in the Stratosphere from which  the  heat and  pollution  would  escape  into space. Change the human  cultures from that of exploitation into cultures of envir‑  onmental protection.  Of the three this was decided to be  the  least  likely to succeed due the inherent nature of  man  and the  additional  damage the nuclear explosions  would  themselves create. "Alternative  2"  was  to  build  a vast network of underground  cities and tunnels in which  a select representation  of  all  cultures and occupations  would survive and carry on  the human  race.  The  rest of  humanity would be left  to  fend  for themselves on the  surface of the planet. "Alternative 3" was to exploit  the  alien  and conventional technology in order  for a  select  few  to leave the earth and establish colonies  in  outer  space. I am not able to confirm nor deny the existence  of  "Batch Consignments" of human slaves which would be  used  for the  manual labor in the effort as part of the  plan.  The  Moon, code  named  "Adam",  would  be the  object  of  primary interest followed  by the planet Mars,  code named "Eve".As a  delaying action, ALLTHREE  ALTERNATIVES  includedbirthcontrol, sterilization,  and the introduction of deadly microbes to control or slow  the growth of the Earth's population.AIDS is only  ONE  result of these plans.  There are others.It was decided  since the population must be reduced and controlled that  it would be in the  best  interest  of the human race to  rid ourselves of  the undesirable elements of our society.  The joint U.S. & Soviet leadership dismissed "Alternative  1" but ordered work to begin on "Alternative 2 and 3"  virtually at the same time.




  (End of excerpt)




Again, I found a quatrain that seems to be in reference to this secret project, Alternative 3:


  Century IX‑65


  Dedans le coing de Luna viendra rendre

  Ou` sera prins & mis en terre estrange.

  Les fruicts immeurs seront a` grand esclandre,

  Grand vitupere, a` l'vn grande lou"ange.


  He will come to go into the corner of "Luna,"

  Where he will be captured and put in a strange land:

  The unripe fruits will be the subject of great scandal,Great blame, to one great praise.


According to CWN (vol.I p.299), this quatrain basically refers to space exploration, space colonies, space stations, and the like. CWN doesn't actually mention Alternative 3 but it was enough information for me to find the hidden meaning:


  1st line: "He will come to go into the corner of "Luna"

This line pretty clearly tells us that this prophecy deals with space exploration since "Luna" is obviously the moon. It may be predicting that someone will, physically or not, go to the moon to expose some secret.

  2nd line: "Where he will be captured and put in a strange land"

I'm not really sure, but it could mean that the moon is not all what it appears to be (i.e. possible artificial structures on it, etc.). It could be also in reference to Mars (since the moon and Mars are both included in Alt.3).


  3rd line: "The unripe fruits will be the subject of great scandal"

Now, to me this is the most interesting line of the quatrain. Especially the phrase, "unripe fruits" is a VERY clever one (if my speculation is correct). First, since other lines seem to have to do with the moon and space program, the word "fruits" brings planets into mind (because of the shape of a fruit). But it's deeper than that. If you recall, in Alt.3 the moon was code‑named "Adam", and Mars was code‑named "Eve". What are other things that are often associated with "Adam and Eve"? The Garden of Eden is one of them. Well... how about the "FRUIT" that Eve ate? I think this is definitely implied in the quatrain. The fact that the word is made plural should not be ignored because Alternative 3 includes both the moon and Mars. It is "unripe" because it is under construction and also because it is secret. So, in my opinion, the line translates; "Alt.3/bases in space will be exposed and become the subject of great scandal."


  4th line: "Great blame, to one great praise."


Surely, the people involved in the secret project would have great blame. And the one who went "into the corner of Luna" would be praised, naturally.



The following quatrain/interpretation also indicates that there is something going on in space behind the scenes:


  Century VII‑14


  Faux esposer viendra topographie,

  Seront les cruches des monuments ouvertes:

  Pulluler secte saincte philosophie,

  Pour blanches, noirs, & pour antiques verts.


  He will come to expose the false topography,

  the urns of the tombs will be opened.

  Sect and holy philosophy to thrive,

  black for white and the new for the old.


Excerpted (CWN vol.3 p. 51):


 N:  "... in this case the 'false topography' is the cover‑up.  This is the misinformation about the space crafts and space  stations and all.  The misinformation of what the space  program told us."


 D:  "What do you mean?  Did they give us misinformation?"

 N:  "Yes.  They know the truth.  I know there is also the  false topography of what's happening in the photographing of  various planets and stations and vehicles on the moon, that  were not put there by... certain people."


Hmm... It seems to me that theories/rumors like Alternative 3 and people like Hoagland are not talking non‑sense. And it feels like we'll know "the truth" soon enough. We will probably know the truth about the space program and extraterrestrials in this or next decade. But what will happen then? The excerpt below continued from the above provides some hopeful predictions:


 N:  "... 'the urns of the tombs' are information.  This is not  literally a physical urn or a physical tomb.  This is years upon  years of information, and it is the exposure of material that was  kept from a public that should have been told the truth... 'Sects  and holy philosophy to thrive.'  This they might have finally  gotten correct.  This brings unity, for there is only one sect  and one holy philosophy.  This is encouraging.  This is hopeful,  for the people of this Earth will come together to realize that  there is the universal sect.  There is only one philosophy of  good, one holy philosophy."


 D:  "And the last part is, 'Black for white and the new for  the old.'

 N:  "I think this is talking about reflection, about a time in  the future where there will reign a new philosophy, a new unity.  The 'black for the white' is just a symbolic reflection.  But  there will be the new philosophy, the new awareness, the new  body."


(END of CWN Analysis ‑ 3)