Author: Goro Adachi

E‑mail Address: [email protected]

Origianl Date: Oct. 1, 1995

Current Version: v1.5 / Nov. '95




                                ANALYSIS ‑ 2


                         ~ Occurrences In Space ~








           1) II‑41

           2) II‑48

           3) Event List




           1) Light Display ‑ 1

           2) Comet Hale‑Bopp / ET Instrument?




           1) Light Display ‑ 2

           2) Second Sun / "Photon Belt"

                  A)  "Photon belt"

                  B)  Second sun




           1) Supernova / Neutron Star

           2) Pole Shift / Ascension

                  A)  Mechanism

                  B)  Ascension





Main sources used:


"Conversations With Nostradamus" vol.I‑III by Dolores Cannon:

(Ms.Cannon is a hypnotist/regressionist and a researcher who records "lost" knowledge using hypnotized subjects. In this trilogy, she amazingly, yet believably establishes intertemporal communication with "Nostradamus" and obtains much information about our future. The authenticity of the information/predictions has recently been demonstrated by precisely predicting the appearance of Comet Hale‑Bopp that was discovered in July 1995.)


     Vol.1 ‑ ISBN 0‑922356‑01‑7 (1989)

     Vol.2 ‑ ISBN 0‑9632776‑1‑8 (1990)

     Vol.3 ‑ ISBN 0‑9632776‑3‑4 (1992)


And my analyses (includeding this one) of these books:


     CWN Analysis‑1 Comet Hale‑Bopp & Related Predictions

     CWN Analysis‑2 Occurrences In Space

     CWN Analysis‑3 Man‑Made Disasters & Secret Projects

     CWN Analysis‑4 "At Forty‑Five Degrees The Sky Will Burn"


                              I. INTRODUCTION


The following sections will deal with predictions about the near future which are more loosely connected with the comet, Hale‑Bopp. Also, the analysis will be much more speculative and subjective. The selected topics are what I consider to be major factors of the coming 'changes'. And I did my best to come up with the most plausible explanation and scenario for those events by studying predictions from various sources. Please keep in mind that the following are only the most logical speculations at this point in time, and may develop further or completely change as we approach closer to the next millennium.



                         II. QUATRAIN II‑41 & II‑48


There are two particular quatrains/interpretations in CWN ("Conversations With Nostradamus" vol.I‑III) that contain information that I feel are very relevant to our time. They are II‑41 and II‑48, and they seemed to be connected according to the interpretations given through "Elena" in CWN vol.I. Those two quatrains will basically be the basis for all the following analysis. The information given/implied by II‑41 & II‑48 covers topics like ET/UFO contact, celestial events, atmospheric condition/manipulation, etc. The excerpts from CWN and my analysis follow:

1) II‑41


     Century II ‑ 41


     La grand' estoille par sept iours bruslera,

     Nuee fera deux soleils apparoir:

     Le gros mastin toute nuit hurlera,

     Quand grand pontife changera de terroir.


     The great star will burn for seven days,

     The cloud will make the sun appear double:

     The large mastiff will howl all night

     When the great pontiff changes his abode.


According to Elena/Dyonisus/Nostradamus (vol.I p70):


‑ Excerpt ‑




        E (Elena/Dyonisus/Nostradamus):  This is the one that refers to the coming of the people from the stars.  The mastiff would  be the symbol of the Devil or evil, and the pope would be  changing. Rome would no longer be the home of the Catholic  Church.


 D:  Then that's what he means by "the great star will burn for  seven days'?  The coming of these other people?


 E:  This is also in reference to the quatrain we spoke of at the  last session.


 D:  About the light show?


 E:  That is correct.  The sun appearing double does not mean  two suns.  It means that the sun would appear both day and  night.


‑ End of excerpt ‑


When Elena/Dyonisus/Nostradamus told D.Cannon, "this is also in reference to the quatrain we spoke of at the last session" (regarding the first line, "the great star will burn for seven days"), he was referring to a part of the following II‑48/interpretation. Therefore, those two quatrains are connected and probably referring to the same events and time frame:

2) II‑48


     Century II ‑ 48


     La grand copie qui passera les monts.

     Saturne en l'Arq tournant du poisson Mars:

     Venins cachez soubs testes de saumons,

     Leurs chief pendu a` fil de polemars.


     The great force which will pass the mountains.

     Saturn in Sagittarius Mars turning from the fish:

     Poison hidden under the heads of salmon,

     Their war‑chief hung with cord.


According to Elena/Dyonisus/Nostradamus (vol.I p50):


‑ Excerpt ‑



 D:   ....The interpretation in our book says that this  conjunction of the planets occurred in 1751 and the next one is  not until 2193.


 E:  That is incorrect. It happens in the twelfth month of 1986.

 D:  What is it that is to happen?  Their (other Nostradamus  experts') interpretation is very unclear.  They said it doesn't  make any sense.  And I know that Nostradamus would not  write something that did not make any sense.


 E:  (Pause as though listening). There are several things that  are being said.  Confusing. (Pause) There will be a contact  from the stars...A light display will go on.  There shall be an  occurrence in the sky at that time.




 D:  "Poison hidden under the heads of salmon"?


 E:  This has a different association, because of what is  happening in the atmosphere today.


 D:  It says a great army will pass over the mountains.  Is that  what you mean by the light display?


 E:  That is correct.  From the contact being made from the  stars, the universe. This contact will bring a great awareness  to the people.




 E:  This will actually be a display shown by beings from  another planet.



‑ End of excerpt ‑


3) Event List


Ok, let's summarize the interpretations:


== Century II ‑ 41 ==


Key Events:


1)  The coming of the people from the stars.

2)  The fist line, "The great star will burn for seven days" is in  reference to part of II‑48 about the "light show".

3)  The sun will appear both day and night.

4)  The "mastiff" is the symbol of the Devil or evil.

5)  The pope would be changing.


== Century II‑48 ==


Key Events:


1)  The time period indicated: "the twelfth month of 1986" 2)  Occurrences In Space

 a)  There will be a contact from the stars... (the universe)  b)  A light display will go on.

 c)  There shall be an occurrence in the sky at that time. 3)  2‑a (above) will bring a great awareness to the people. 4)  2‑b will actually be a display shown by ETs.

5)  "Poison hidden under the heads of salmon"; atmospheric condition.



‑ Since II‑41 and II‑48 are closely related, , I will now combine the above two lists into one for convenience:


======== Event List ========


A)  Light Show / The Coming Of The People From The Stars.

 1)  Light Display 1 ‑ ET related (?)

  a)  A light display will go on.

  b)  "The great star will burn for seven days."  *c)  The sun will appear both day and night.  *d)  There will be an occurrence in the sky at that time

 2)  Light Display 2 ‑ Natural Event (?)

  a)  One time period indicated:  December 1986   b)  There will be a contact from the stars/universewhich will bring a great awareness to the people.  *c)  The sun will appear both day and night.  *d)  There will be an occurrence in the sky at that time

B)  The "mastiff" (symbol of the Devil) "will howl all night." C)  The pope would be changing.

D)  Atmospheric Condition ("Poison hidden under the heads of salmon")

(* = The connection is not clearly stated)




‑ B is pretty vague and hard to interpret at this point.

‑ C is studied in depth in CWN Analysis‑1 and 4. The time frame should be something like 1996‑1999, *coinciding with Comet Hale‑Bopp*. ‑ D will be studied in depth in CWN Analysis‑3.



   III. UFO / ETs


1) Light Display ‑ 1


It was indicated in CWN that quatrains II‑41 and II‑48 refer to "the coming of the people from the stars". The interpretations basically state that ETs are going to come to our planet (openly) and that there will be some "light displays" associated with it. After the discovery of Comet Hale‑Bopp, this prediction is starting to make more sense:


 a)  "A light display will go on" ‑ (II‑48 int.)

 b)  "The great star will burn for seven days" ‑ (II‑41)

The b) above is the first line of II‑41 and it is explained that this is part of the "light display" or "contact from the stars" mentioned in II‑48. I think this event (at least part of it) may have already happened:

"The great star will burn for seven days" probably refers to the comets SL‑9 that crashed into Jupiter in 1994. During July 16 ~ 22 of 1994, Jupiter was almost a star... it "burned" for about 6 days from the incoming comets. It was a big event for humanity. The possibility of this kind of big cosmic event to occur is said to be about once in 1000 years. The interpretation seems to imply that this is somehow ET‑related. But it's not very clear.


 c)  "The cloud will make the sun appear double" ‑ (II‑41)      "The sun will appear both day and night." ‑ (II‑41 int.)

The above is the second line of II‑41. I can't be really sure what it is referring to since the interpretation was quite vague on this one, but I'm suspecting that it, probably partially, refers to Comet Hale‑Bopp which is predicted to become very bright when it comes closer to Earth and the sun. "The cloud" might be referring to the Oort comet cloud or the big gas cloud surrounding Hale‑Bopp which makes it visible. Could Comet Hale‑Bopp be also part of ETs' "light display"?


 d)  "There shall be an occurrence in the sky at that time."      ‑ (II‑48 int.)


This prediction is just too vague and it is almost impossible to be sure what it really refers to at this time. My guess is this event hasn't occurred yet in this section's context.


‑ In summary, the "light display"/ "contact from the stars" seems to consists of the following (so far):


     1. SL‑9/Jupiter collision

     2. Comet Hale‑Bopp


*(The two events above do not correspond to the prediction, "It happens in the twelfth month of 1986". This is because the "light display" and/or the "contact from the universe" seem to refer to a number of things, and the one of the events that I haven't mentioned yet is Supernova 1987A, which occured in February 1987. SN1987A will be discussed later in Chapter IV, "Signs In the Sky.")


2) Comet Hale‑Bopp / ET Instrument


It is stated repeatedly that the "light display" is somehow connected to the "coming of the people from the stars". Now, that is a highly improbable prediction. However, if other related predictions that we already looked at are coming true, I just cannot ignore this part anymore. And so I studied it in depth and to my surprise it just started to make more sense. The weird thing is that I found some indications in the predictions that Comet Hale‑Bopp is somehow ETI‑related.


The great (possible) revelation came from quatrain/int. IV‑28:

     Century IV‑28


     Lors que Venus du Sol sera couuert,

     Soubs l'esplendeur sera forme occulte:

     Mercure au feu les aura descouuert,

     Par bruit bellique sera mis a` l'insulte.


     When Venus will be covered by the Sun,

     Under the splendor will be a hidden form:

     Mercury will have exposed them to the fire,

     Through warlike noise it will be insulted.


Interpretation by Brenda/Nostradamus (CWN vol.I p262)

‑ Excerpted:



 "During the time of troubles, at a point when the sun is between  the Earth and Venus (and thus from the earth's point of view  Venus will appear to be hidden by the sun) there will be a  visitation from the Watchers, those who have kept an eye on  mankind's development.  They will approach from the direction  of Venus so they too will be temporarily hidden by the sun, but  they will be exposed through the power of Mercury, that is,  through the powers of observation and communication.  The  scientists who are involved with radiotelescopy and its similar  disciplines will find an anomaly that will catch their attention.  As they study it they will come to the realization of a strong  indication of what they would refer to as a UFO.  This is  actually the instrument used by the Watchers to observe  mankind.  As this instrument comes closer to the earth for more  observations, the scientists expose the instrument to the fire.  In other words, expose it to the light of knowledge.  They will  find out more about what it is and who the Watchers are when  this event takes place."   [...]  "However, as it will be during  the time of troubles, this definite proof that there are others  out there in the universe will cause great social unrest and  panic in some countries that are particularly involved with wars  and such."  [...]  "He (Nostradamus) realizes the measurement of  Venus being on the other side of the sun from earth is not too  helpful for dating, as this occurs quite often, but he says from  his point of view he feels this will take place in either 1997  or 1998."   [...]


     (End of excerpt)


Key Points:


a)  Venus behind the sun as seen from the Earth

b)  The "UFO" approaching from the direction of Venus will also be      temporarily hidden by the sun.

c)  Alien visitation will take place in '97 or '98.

d)  Scientists/astronomers find an anomaly and realize it is a "UFO". e)  It is actually ET's instrument to observe mankind.

f)  This realization will cause great social unrest.


If you compare those points above with the information on Comet Hale‑Bopp, you will notice a significant correlation:


 a)  Venus behind the sun as seen from the Earth.


‑ Venus was behind the sun from June through September '95. ‑ Comet Hale‑Bopp was discovered on 23 July 1995.

‑ Venus will be again behind the sun during March‑May 1997 (Hale‑Bopp's perihelioin on April 1, 1997).


 b)  The "UFO" (the instrument) approaching from the direction of      Venus will also be temporarily hidden by the sun.

‑ Hale‑Bopp will be behind the sun from Nov.1995 through March 1996 (following Venus.)

‑ Near the end of '96, Hale‑Bopp will be again hidden by the sun and then reappear in Jan. '97. (Venus will go behind the sun in March.)

 c)  Alien "visitation" will take place in '97 or '98.

‑ Hale‑Bopp will make its closest approach to earth/sun in March‑April '97 (in the sky of Northern Hemisphere) while Venus is behind the sun.

 d)  Scientists/astronomers will find an anomaly and realize it      is a "UFO".

 e)  It is actually ET's instrument to observe mankind

‑ Well, could Hale‑Bopp be an instrument used by ETs? I don't necessarily believe that Hale‑Bopp itself is a "UFO", but it seems like the comet is somehow connected. Check out the second line of the quatrain; "Under the splendor will be a hidden form". It could mean that "under the splendor of a comet, there is a hidden instrument." We'll know soon enough.

 f)  This realization will cause great social unrest.

‑ This seems to me like a logical consequence of the situation. Could it be that the government knows about the alien visitation and they are now trying to prepare the public by intentionally leaking highly classified ET‑related information to minimize the likely social unrest? The "Alien Autopsy" film that was shown to people all over the world might be one of the first steps of the "uncover‑up".


Here is an interesting piece of information from a different source. It talks about ET's instrument, "battle planet". I feel it is very relevant to this Hale‑Bopp/UFO theme:


     Source Of Information:


     by Sheldon Nidle and Virginia Essene


 Virginia:  Could you explain about the planet Maldek and how  it was destroyed?


 Washta:  These survivors of the destruction of Earth's biosphere  by the pre‑cetaceans had fled to what we call Maldek (in the  denoid and reptoid language it has a name that is very  complicated to even spell in English). What we would like to  state is that a vast series of wars existed in your solar system  throughout this time frame between humans and other groups.  The most important result of these wars led the dinoids and  reptoids to settle or inhabit Maldek after they were forced to  flee from Earth, Mars and Venus. In order to come back into  your solar system in a controlling way, they used this Maldek  planet as a base or capital headquarters in their attempt to  colonize, maintain, and control the solar system.  Therefore,  the galactic human forces decided it was essential that their  base be destroyed in order for a human re‑colonization program  to succeed.  In order to accomplish this, it was necessary to  bring in an *INSTRUMENT* (emphasis mine) of war that would  be sufficient to destroy it.


 Virginia:  Was this instrument a battle planet?


 Washta:  Yes, that was the solution.  This battle planet was  nearly four times the size of Earth's diameter or 29,000 miles  across.


 Virginia:  Okay, and after it destroyed Maldek (from which the  Asteroid Belt was created) what happened to the battle planet?  I understand that it still exists today.


 Washta:  Yes, it still exists.  It was put into a large scale  orbit roughly 6.8 billion miles across at its farthest point  from the Sun. It comes in on a 3,600 year cycle where it crosses  almost through Mercury's orbit and then heads back‑out. This was  done to assure future protection for your planet and solar  system because of the past murderous invasions by dinoids and  other groups that completely destroyed both your Mars and  your Venus colonies. Because of that past destruction in your  solar system, the Galactic Federation has had to expend a great  effort to bring human colonization back into your solar system.  It is a safety device.  This battle planet patrols out there as  a constant reminder to potential murderers that there is indeed  protection for this solar system.


 Virginia:  Yes, in the Bible it talks about Wormwood and of  course other people have written about the twelfth planet.  Would we understand this to be the same vehicle?


 Washta:  This is the same vehicle.


 Virginia:  My understanding is that almost every time this 3,600  year cycle occurs there are major damages to our planet and  changes in the geology on Earth.


 Washta:  That is because of the gravitational patterns and also  because of the fact that various Pleiadean groups have been in  charge since the destruction period of Atlantis.  However, this  is changing since your planet is now under full Sirian  jurisdiction and we have prevented a repetition of this  difficulty.  We have been steering it in a special modified  orbit so that when it comes into the inner part of your solar  system, it will no longer vastly influence the inner planets  such as Mars, Earth, Venus and Mercury.


     (End of excerpt)


It is fascinating how closely this information correlates with quatrain IV‑28 we just analyzed. The part about "special modified orbit" is especially intriguing because Hale‑Bopp's orbit is indeed strange in that it enters the solar system from below and quickly turns around (circumpolar orbit) and goes back down again.


There is yet another important quatrain/interpretation that adds validity to this stunning hypothesis.


     Century VI‑97


     Cinq & quarante degrez ciel bruslera

     Feu approcher de la grand cite' neuue

     Instant grand flamme esparse sautera

     Quand on voudra des Normans faire preuue.


     At forty‑five degrees the sky will burn,

     Fire to approach the great new city:

     In an instant a great scattered flame will leap up,

     When they want to have proof of the Normans.


According to Brenda/Nostradamus (vol.I p250):


Key Points:


a)  This will take place during the coming war

b)  The enemy side will send a bomb towards New York City. c)  It will be spotted in the sky and watched coming in.  U.S. will try     to disable the bomb/missile.

d)  As proof of their friendship the French will be asked to retaliate     for America, and France will respond by firing several bombs toward     the perpetrator of the event.


e)  This missile will be prematurely detonated so it will not hit New     York, but it will destroy planes that are flying around it trying to     divert it or disable it.


Well, the key points above don't seem to have anything to do with Hale‑Bopp/ET instrument. But the hidden connection is subtly but surely there when you study both the quatrain and the CWN interpretation carefully. First, the first line of the quatrain strongly suggests to me that the prophecy includes the appearance of Comet Hale‑Bopp:

     1ST LINE: "At forty‑five degrees the sky will burn"


As I explained in CWN Analysis‑1 (Ch.II, sec.1‑B), at the time of perihelion Comet Hale‑Bopp's angular distance (elongation) in the sky from the Sun will be about 45 degrees, and it will be located in the northern sky at declination +45 degrees (which means the comet will be right above geographic latitude 45 degrees). Needless to say, this information and the first line match PERFECTLY.


Another indication is the quatrain number. It is VI‑*97*, probably implying the year '97 (climax for Hale‑Bopp). It, then, seems very likely that the line in fact refers to Hale‑Bopp and that this event (missile toward New York) will take place around 1997.


But why doesn't the CWN interpretation mention the presence of a comet? Well, I discovered that there might be a very subtle but significant reference to Hale‑Bopp the "instrument" in the interpretation done through Brenda. Check out the following excerpt:


     "I believe he (Nostradamus) means it will be tracked on radar,      but he says watchers will be watching it."


The first time I read this, I didn't find anything interesting. But when I came back to this part after I hypothesized that Hale‑Bopp was the instrument used by ETI/"Watchers", it got my attention because of the word "watchers" used in the sentence. ETs are often called the "Watchers" or "Others" by the subjects/Nostradamus. In this case, the "w" is not capitalized, but this was basically up to D.Cannon (author) to decide weather Brenda/Nostradamus meant "watchers" or "Watchers". In other words, Brenda/Nostradamus might have easily meant that ETs would be monitoring the event (Hale‑Bopp's presence in the sky), after all, the first line of the quatrain clearly refers to Hale‑Bopp! So, VI‑97 not only accurately describes Hale‑Bopp, it also supports the Hale‑Bopp‑ETI connection.

We still don't know how big Hale‑Bopp really is because the nucleus is not clearly observable yet. It may be much bigger/smaller than we currently think. If it really is an instrument used by ETI, we'll find more and more anomalies as the comet comes closer to Earth. It sure looks promising so far.


There is another quatrain/interpretation in CWN that could be referring to the same event, the visitation from ETs. It is quatrain II‑91(int.) which talks about a UFO crash:


Key Points from II‑91 (CWN vol.I p124):


a)  ET/UFO approaches the earth on a circumpolar orbit.

b)  Russia's energy field (secret technology) guarding their northern approach corridors will cause the spaceship to malfunction and crash.

c)  The crew of the ship will be captured and killed by humans. d)  Some microscopic organisms inside the spaceship will cause some strange plagues on earth.


Let me go back to quatrain II‑48 now:


     Century II ‑ 48


     The great force which will pass the mountains.

     Saturn in Sagittarius Mars turning from the fish:

     Poison hidden under the heads of salmon,

     Their war‑chief hung with cord.


I wonder if the third line, "Poison hidden under the heads of salmon", refers to the new plagues from the crashed spaceship and the fourth line to the extermination of the captured ETs , both of which are mentioned by II‑91 we just looked at. (I'm pretty sure that II‑48 is one of those multi‑meaning quatrains.)





We looked at quatrains II‑41 and II‑48 from the ET/UFO angle in the previous section. In this section I will explore the same quatrains and some other related predictions from a different angle. It seems to me that there is a reason for the ETs' decision to contact us (openly) at this particular time. According to some other various sources, we (our solar system) are just about to enter an region of different "vibrations" (some call it the "photon belt"). And this entry supposedly will lift our consciousness to a higher level somehow (i.e. Ascension), and also it will coincide with some major earth changes (e.g. pole shift). From those pieces of information, I started suspecting that the quatrains II‑41 and II‑48 also refer to this cosmic change (which in turn prompts the alien visitation) especially since they both indicate some kind of light displays in space.


1) Light Display ‑ 2


 a)  "It happens in the twelfth month of 1986." ‑ (II‑48 int.)

To be honest, this particular prediction from II‑48 bothered me for a while because the date didn't really go well with the rest of the interpretation. So I was very gratified when I, after some thinking and research, discovered that there really was a significant event in space around that time, which also ties in with the rest of the interpretations of II‑48 and II‑41 and other related predictions.


A new supernova, SN 1987A, was observed in the sky in February 1987. The date is close enough since according to an astrologer, the particular signs indicated in the quatrain occurred from the last week of November, 1986 through December into the first week of January, 1987. From the explosion came the neutrinos, which are basically subatomic particles with no charge or mass and travel at or near the speed of light. The energy carried away by these neutrinos is astounding. About 50 billion of these neutrinos from SN 1987A passed through every square centimeter on the Earth (The probability that neutrinos will interact with matter is very low, so they usually go *through* matter). It is estimated that about a million people physically experienced a neutrino interaction within their bodies (unnoticed and supposedly no biological effect). This supernova occurred in the Large Magellanic Cloud (a nearby galaxy).


 b)  "There will be a contact from the stars/universe which will      bring a great awareness to the people."


This statement is very indicative of the ascension/"photon belt" process. The "contact form universe" would logically be SN 1987A (or the comets) if I were to keep the flow of my interpretation. However, now that SN 1987A is a thing of the past (and we haven't changed that much yet) and since one supernova explosion occurs in our galaxy every 25‑100 years, I tend to think that there is another different source for the cosmic contact. (Will be explained further later)


 c)  "The sun will appear both day and night."

     "The cloud will make the sun appear double" (II‑41)

Could the line, "The cloud will make the sun appear double", be referring to the Large Magellanic *Cloud* where the supernova SN 1987A occurred? And also the first line of II‑48, "The great force which will pass the mountains", might be referring to the force/particles from SN 1987A (neutrinos, etc.). But again, I feel that there is another event involved which I will go into later on. (And yes, this is getting more speculative)

 d)  "There shall be an occurrence in the sky at that time."

This is too vague and it can be anything at this point. But personally, I'm speculating that it refers to the 'glowing' of the sky (or meteor shower, darkness etc.) which has not happened yet but is predicted by various sources. (it is often associated with the so‑called "photon belt")

In the following subsections, I will explore the *possible* major source of all the other events, which was possibly implied in the predictions we've looked at above. Please keep in mind that the following ideas are very speculative and they are basically my own conclusions based on various information that I carefully selected.


2) Second Sun / "Photon Belt"


If we're still missing something regarding the light display/ET contact, what can it be? What will this big cosmic event that would affect us and our planet greatly actually be? I thought hard about this for quite a while and the process turned out to be very frustrating and confusing. First, I tried to gather as much information on this subject as possible to study and finally come up with a hypothesis that would scientifically explain the phenomenon and also unify all the concepts given by the various sources. However, I was not able to come up with any unified concept that easily because of the extremely eccentric information/predictions that I had obtained. When I finally came up with a possible explanation, it was mostly by a coincidence; I was just reading some book and it mentioned something that kind of hit me. It could probably unite the two concepts that I had been trying to put together for some time. The two concepts that I got from various sources were the "photon belt" and the appearance of the "second sun." (Again, it is still possible that Hale‑Bopp is the second sun, not that it is a star though.)


A) "Photon Belt"


The following are some articles on the so‑called "photon belt" and several related prophecies. Much of the information concerning the "photon belt" is being "channeled" by various people, so it is wise to not take it too literally, instead just try to get the *concept* from the channeled messages.


‑ What Is the Photon Belt?


Excerpts: (Originally posted by: [email protected])


 The "photon belt" is supposedly a "huge mass of light" that  orbits or encircles the Pleiadian star system. The channelings  are all very emphatic that the entire solar system, earth  included, is orbiting the Pleiades every 24,000‑26,000 years. It  also reiterates that man's evolutionary advancement and  spiritual awareness is closely tied with our point in this  orbit.


 Several sources indicate we will be entering the photon belt in  the period 1995‑1996 and experience the effects of the  so‑called "null zone" which include electrical disruptions,  alternating periods of light and dark, DNA mutations (that  actually restore lost psychic capabilities), etc.  Supposedly it  is a catalyst for man's "ascension" from the 3rd to the 5th  dimension.


 ‑   At least according to the channellings, it will be a case of  "seeing  is believing" as the main effects are supposedly going  to manifest in the March 1995 ‑ Dec. 1996 period.


Entry to the "null zone" or outer perimeter of the photon belt Source:  "You Are Becoming A Galactic Human"  (p32)


 Day 1:

 ‑ DNA of living things is altered

 ‑ Non operation of any electrical device

 ‑ Total darkness





 Day 2:

 ‑ Atmosphere compresses

 ‑ People feel bloated

 ‑ Sun cools down

 ‑ Earth climate cools


 Day 3‑4:

 ‑ Atmosphere dimly lit, like dawn

 ‑ Start of the photon effect

 ‑ "Photon energy" devices are operable

 ‑ Stars reappear in the sky


 Day 5‑6:

 ‑ Transition into a 24 hour daylight period

 ‑ Exit "null zone", entry into main photon belt region  ‑ Every living thing invigorated  /  Earth climate warms  ‑ Photon beam‑powered ships can travel in space

 ‑ Incredible psychic abilities manifest in humans


Summary of other channeled information on the photon belt


 ‑  entering the belt in ~1995, March is given as a date  ‑  effects such as total darkness at the beginning and total     light at the end (~2011)

 ‑  humans changing into photon‑based bodies

 ‑  intervention by aliens to prevent nuclear disasters  ‑  electricity will fail. a new form of photon‑based electricity  will evolve.

 ‑  interstellar transportation made possible

 ‑  humans will have new psychic powers

 ‑  the photon belt has been discovered by scientists although     it is not understood as such


     *(end of excerpted material)




As you can see, all this "photon belt" prediction is pretty extreme to say the least! I would've surely disregarded this kind of claim if I hadn't been studying predictions/prophecies. Although the way the channelers describe the "photon belt" sometimes seems absurd and clueless, if you read between the lines and compare the implied concept with some other prophetic material I think it starts to make some more sense (to some degree). The following are some prophecies that may be related to this "photon belt" phenomenon.




 In the year 1475, before the arrival of the Spanish, The Supreme  Maya Council revealed the long‑held vision of an ancient Solar  Grandmother named X'Nuuk'K'in  that a calendar cycle of twice  the Kal'Tun of 260 years had to go by in order for the Solar  Culture to flourish again for the benefit of all humanity.  In  the spring of 1995, this 520‑year period will be completed.  Thus, 1995 is a decisive year, the prophecy advises, and the  human race will have to enter the path of cosmic light if it is  to remain a thinking species.  "Through Solar Initiation human  beings will be able to see the luminosity of the Great Spirit...  through Solar Initiation, the sleeping body of humankind can be  awakened...  Hunab K'u (Creator) will flash like lightning that  will pierce the shadows that envelop the human race. Let us  prepare to receive the light of knowledge."  The 1995 spring  equinox initiates a time when ancient and hidden knowledge is to  be reawakened.  The Maya understand it is the end of the "age of  belief" and the start of  "the age of knowledge":  the Itza Age,  The Age of Aquarius.  Mayan sacred texts state "The reincarnated  teachers of the new age of Itza (Aquarius) implore the  sacred human race to awaken, so that in this way it can fulfill  its sacred destiny, which is to be the true sons and daughters  of the cosmic light."




 "The Keys of Enoch"

 (page 123 ‑, Verses 7‑9  From Key 113)


 Key 113: The People of God collectively create the vehicle  which is used to open up the Universe.


 7. The human body, then, has the awareness that just as there  are twelve meridians of Light connected to the seed crystal, the  third eye of the body, so also the planetary membrane, the  planetary biocomputer, has twelve Light focal channels.  These  channels are used to reprogram the human creation and act as  key points for the exodus that occurs from this threshold  control to the next order of evolution.


 8.  This reprogramming will take place during the cycle of time  of the great cataclysm.  This great cataclysm will begin by  cosmic waves hitting the earth prior to our solar system  entering an electromagnetic null zone which will generate wave  bombardment of the polar areas.

 9.  This bombardment will open up vortices of energy which  will change the mantle of the earth due to tremendous amounts  of liquefied material being (electromagnetically pinched and)  ejected out of the core of the earth.  Before this happens Man  will go beyond radiocarbon and cesium techniques of dating  and discover, through a process of fission, historical evidences  of gaussian upheavals that took place in recent geological  times.  There will be artifacts showing that prior to these  great changes there were "contacts with other worlds" to help  us through our final phase.




 OAHSPE, "the New Bible"


 Chapter VII, the Book of Jehovih (1881)


 "Dan'ha is a region of light, located at intervals of three  thousand years along the orbit of the Solar System.  Our planet  crosses one of these light bands every three thousand years,  which marks the end of a civilization and the birth of a new."

 "In the beginning of the light of dan'ha, the spirits of the  newly dead shall have the power to take upon themselves the  semblance of corporeal bodies, appear and talk face to face with  mortals.  Every three thousand years gave Jehovih this sign on  earth, that those who learned the powers and capacities of such  familiar spirits, might bear testimony in regard to the origin  of man upon the earth."


 "And when it shall come to pass in any of the times of dan'ha  that these signs manifest, man shall know that the hosts of the  Most High come soon after..."


 "In the times of great darkness that shall come upon the earth  and these heavens, lo, I will bring the earth into dan'ha; and  My ethereans shall come in my name and deliver them."





 Zachariah  14:6.


 " the sun and moon and stars will no longer shine, yet there  will be continuous day! Only the Lord  knows how! There will  be no normal day and night ‑ at evening time it will still be  light."


 Matthew  24:29


 "Immediately after the tribulation of those days shall the sun  be darkened, and the moon shall not give her light, and the  stars shall fall from heaven, and the powers of the heavens  shall be shaken: And then shall appear the sign of the Son of  man in heaven: and then shall all tribes of the earth mourn, and  they shall see the Son of man coming in the clouds of heaven  with power and great glory."


 Luke  21:25


 "And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in  the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with  perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring. Men's heart failing  them for fear, and for looking after those things which are  coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken.  And then shall they see the Son of man coming in a cloud with  power and great glory."


 Isaiah 13:9‑13


 "Behold the day of the Lord cometh, cruel both with wrath and  fierce anger, to lay the land desolate: and he shall destroy the  sinners thereof out of it. For the stars of heaven and the  constellations thereof shall not give their light: the sun shall  be darkened in his going forth, and the moon shall not cause her  light to shine. And I will punish the world for their evil, and  the wicked for their iniquity; and I will cause the arrogance of  the proud to cease, and will lay low the haughtiness of the  terrible.  I will make a man more precious than fine gold; even  a man than the golden wedge of Ophir. Therefore I will shake the  heavens, and the earth shall remove out of her place...".



 Mary's Message To the World


 by Annie Kirkwood



 "The coming storms are beginning to be blown across the Earth  as new vibrations approach Earth from the outer corners of the  universe.  These vibrations will cause many unusual happenings  to occur on Earth.  The growth of the universe will be a major  cause of the increase in the intensity and size the storms which  will batter your shorelines, you cities, and your plains."



 "Magnetic fields will play havoc on earth in the last days.  Machines will fail and science will not have answers.  As the  wave of magnetic energy which is traveling in the universe  nears Earth, some unusual sights will occur in the heavens.  There will be lights and sounds picked up from the furthest  reaches of the universe.  A different energy will enter the  atmosphere.  This will be one of the causes of the changing  weather patterns."


 "The wave of new and different energy which is approaching  the planet is bringing with it much debris from outer space.  This debris will cause lights to flash in the atmosphere."

 "I have seen the wave drawing nearer to Earth.  As it does, the  people will sense great changes in the air.  The animals will  begin to die off from changes which are evolutionary.  Many  people will blame other factors, and some of these factors are  true, such as the burning of large tracts of forest, the  extension of populated areas into the animal's domain.  But in  truth, it is time for an evolutionary period to come to bear on  earth."




 "The changes will be so great as to change the patterns of life  in their DNA forever.  Every person who survives physically  will be affected."




B) "Second Sun"


Now, there is another weird prediction/prophecy which basically states that there will be two suns in the sky. Again this is a pretty bizarre and unlikely prediction. But interestingly, there seems to be some connection between the new "sun" and the "photon belt". (It is also possible that Hale‑Bopp itself is the "second sun", but I will assume that it is not.) The following excerpt from Mary's Message is an example:


 "In this new (magnetic) energy will be the makings of new  stars and a new sun which will enter the immediate solar  system."   (p.38)


I think it's safe to say that what Annie Kirkwood (the author) calls "magnetic energy" or "new vibrations" is what others would call the "photon belt". So the above sentence would translate; "A new bright star will appear when the solar system enters the photon belt". The following excerpts from the same source concerning the physical change in humans further confirm the connection:


 "The atmosphere will change in components.  The solar system  will be different.  A new sun will be added.  This will be a  binary solar system.  The two suns will activate cells which  will draw nourishment from the sun's rays.  The need to ingest  foods will be aided by the nourishment derived from he  sunrays."


 "Man will evolve into a more mental being.  He will be able to  hear sounds which are not presently heard.  He will see through  particles of light which are hidden to him now.  With his mind,  man will hear and speak.  He will have better use of his psychic  abilities."   (p.243‑244)


The next one is from the Hopi prophecy.

(Source: Atlantis Rising by Brad Steiger):


 "The Armageddon of spiritual against material will occur when  the 'Saquasohuh (Blue Star) Kachina' ‑ now represented by a  far away and yet invisible blue star ‑ makes its appearance.  The Emergence into the Fifth world, however, has already  begun, the Hopis state."


This one is from Gordon‑Michael Scallion. I believe/hope this is one of his older predictions, so it should be more authentic (i.e. psychically received) than his recent predictions:


 "By the turn of the century Earth will have a binary sun system,  as a new sun appears in the heavens.  During the day it will  appear as a small white light in the sky similar to the way the  moon looks when it is visible during daylight hours.  In the  evening this star, blue in colour, appears as a bright light in  the Milky Way.  Its size would compare to ten times that of the  brightest star or planet now visible."


 "Now, the sun also has a cycle with other spheres.  As it moves  across the known & unknown heavens, it comes under the  influence of other suns, also on their journeys.What you were  shown, relative to the blue star, was this star coming into this  solar system, making it a binary sun system, for a period  of  time.... Its time period is related to the previously prophesied  'millennium of peace?'  As part of its cycle, it shall disappear  behind the sun once more.  Though it shall be visible for 1,800  years, in total, & then a new cycle begins....During the day, it  will appear as a silvery light 100 times brighter than any  morning star, so as to require a new 'Magnitude' scale."




Is there a scientific explanation for these very improbable predicted events (second sun/photon belt etc.) which seem to be the key to the all the other millennium‑related geological/spiritual changes that are also being predicted by many? According to the Bible, no one will be able to figure it out:


     Zachariah 14:6

     " the sun and moon and stars will no longer shine, yet there  will be continuous day! Only the Lord knows how!"


Those events are probably beyond our scientific knowledge. From what I read about them, it's become quite clear to me that all this has a lot to do with higher dimensions (or hyperspace). It is beyond our usual space‑time. And our science has just started to take higher dimensional space‑time seriously. So, I'd have to say that there would be no accepted scientific answers to those claims before they actually occur.


But I at least tried to come up with some possible explanations anyway. :) First, I had several candidates:


1. Black hole

2. Interstellar cloud

3. Supernova/Neutron Star

4. Planetary alignment / unusual sun activity

5. ET technology


After some thinking and study, I decided that #3, Supernova/Neutron Star, was the best candidate I could think of so far with the limited amount of information that I had. (Notice that I referred to a supernova, SN 1987A, when interpreting II‑48 in Chapter IV "Signs In the Sky".)

1) Supernova / Neutron Star


Supernovae are the most violent events in the universe as far as we know (surely enough to cause dimensional distortions. e.g. black holes). A supernova is a star that exploded and became billions of times as bright as the sun before gradually fading (disappears from telescopic visibility within a few months or years). At its maximum brightness, it may outshine an entire galaxy. The explosion throws a tremendous cloud of dust and gas into space. It is basically the death of a star likely more massive than our sun. When such a star begins to burn out, its core quickly collapses and becomes extremely hot. Runaway nuclear reactions occur in the core, and tremendous energy is suddenly released. Then the star erupts into a supernova.


Some supernovae leave behind a black hole as a result. Some other supernovae leave behind an object called a neutron star (or pulsar), formed when the core of the supernova collapses. Neutron stars are the smallest stars and also the densest objects in the universe. Neutron stars measure only about 12 miles (20 km) in diameter but they have as much mass as the sun does. The force of gravity at the surface of a neutron star is 10^11 times the force of gravity at the surface of the Earth. The interior of a neutron star is composed of about 95 percent neutrons with a small number of protons and electrons mixed in.


A neutron star itself can not be observed because of its small size. However, the existence of neutron stars were confirmed because they emit pulses of EM radiation. This is because at the surface of the neutron star, protons and electrons escape but are caught up in the extremely strong spinning magnetic field and accelerated nearly to the speed of light, where they emit EM radiation (from the magnetic poles). Therefore the pulsar radiation is confined to a narrow, rotating beam like a lighthouse beacon. This is why spinning neutron stars are called "pulsars".


Anyway, the reason I'm interested in neutron stars/pulsars (and supernovae) is because they have the potential to fulfill most of the

predictions/prophecies we've just looked at. Also, the excerpt from CWN vol.II (p.112) below helped me to come up with the hypothesis:

 Jon:  "He (Nostradamus) is giving me a picture of this other  solar system that has a binary star.  That means it has two  stars."


 D:  "Is that close to Earth?"


 J:  "Yes, he says it's close to Earth, but our scientists are  overlooking it.  He says they'll be able to sight this star with  stronger telescopes."


 D:  "Do you mean the two solar systems, ours and that one,  will overlap?"


 J:  "Our solar system and that solar system are overlapping  (surprised) now.  At this present time."




 J:  "Oh, I see what he means now.  He says that there were two  stars which exploded, and these planets were thrown into our  orbit.  Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, and the two other planets were  previously part of this other solar system."


     (end of excerpt)


What I though from reading this was that if the ex‑solar system and ours are "overlapping" now, it could mean that the neutron star(s) (created from the explosion of the sun... perhaps our sun's companion star.) is again getting close to our solar system.


Now let's see how this hypothesis would fit in with the

predictions/prophecies we already read:


:: Second Sun ::


This is a little tricky. Would the neutron star be the predicted "second sun"? Coincidentally, according to Richard Noone, author of "5‑5‑2000", there is an ancient prophecy that a "failed star" will return after 5,000 years (I'm not sure when was the last time) to illuminate the sky and authenticate the prophecy. It's highly unlikely for a new (normal) star to suddenly enters the solar system, because we would surely see it coming before it is no where near the solar system . How about a neutron star? I have to say it is still unlikely, but I don't believe it is impossible. If it is a pulsar (spinning neutron star emitting pulses of EM radiation), its brightness would depend on the position of the observer since the radiation would be confined to very narrow rotating beams. For example, the following position of the Earth in relation to the pulsar beams should make the pulsar dimmest to us on Earth.


(o = pulsar / neutron star)


    beam beam

     < ‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑ o ‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑‑ >


O <== our solar system


The following excerpt from "Galactic Human" (p.45) seem to agree with this hypothesis:


     Washta: "Right now, the photon belt energies are located at an      angle where they are very difficult to be seen except by very      powerful astronomical instruments."


But how small could the distance between the pulsar and the solar system be before the pulsar becomes observable for us? I got the following results with the help of a friend:


Let's assume that the hypothetical pulsar is 100x fainter than the Crab nebula pulsar and we're looking at the equatorial plane so that the light observed is 100x fainter (a rough estimate) than it would be if we were looking straight down the beam. The Crab nebula pulsar has an absolute magnitude of about 4.5, so this hypothetical pulsar would have an absolute magnitude M=14.5. But we'll make it a little fainter at 15 for convenience. Now we'll try to find out how bright the pulsar would be seen from Earth using the following formula:




M = absolute magnitude

m = apparent magnitude

d = distance in parsecs (1parsec=206265AUs)




When m = 6 (barely visible even without a telescope),


     d = 32,000 AUs (about 1/3 LY)


When m = 11 (visible in small telescopes set),


     d = 1.58 parsec (over 5 light‑years)


What this says is that it is not very likely that any neutron stars are close to the Solar System although there might be one hiding a few dozen light‑years away. This conclusion seems to go against my hypothesis. Maybe so, but I personally still don't think it's impossible. For example, the EM radiation of the neutron star might be much weaker or narrower than we just assumed. Or it might not be emitting observable EM radiation at all because it used up all the electrons and protons (which are the source of the radiation).


:: Continuous Daylight ::


I believe the predictions of continuous daylight can be explained as the result of a magnetic field anomaly caused by some other celestial body. The neutron star hypothesis (visible or not) fits really well here. Neutron stars are known to have an extremely strong magnetic field. And strong magnetic fields are known to accelerate particles that enter the field (whiplash effect). Therefore pulsars/neutron stars and also supernovae are the main sources of cosmic rays (high‑energy particles) that are randomly traveling through space. So if a neutron star were to come near Earth, we would be bombarded by a much larger amount of powerful cosmic rays (and probably some EM radiation/pulses), which in turn would cause some changes in the atmosphere and magnetosphere.


Let's look back at some of the predictions/prophecies:


     Mary's Message


     "As the wave of magnetic energy which is traveling in the      universe nears Earth, some unusual sights will occur in the      heavens."

     "The wave of new and different energy which is approaching      the planet is bringing with it much debris from outer space.      This debris will cause lights to flash in the atmosphere."

     Mayan Prophecy


     "...the human race will have to enter the path of cosmic light      if it is to remain a thinking species."

     The Keys of Enoch


     "This great cataclysm will begin by cosmic waves hitting the      earth prior to our solar system entering an electromagnetic      null zone which will generate wave bombardment of the polar      areas."


All of the above excerpts seem to be in reference to the cosmic rays, or something similar. But the prediction that is most indicative of this phenomenon being caused by the cosmic rays is the one from the Key of Enoch above. Because it specifically mentions the *polar regions* mostly getting bombarded by the "cosmic waves". When electrically charged particles (cosmic rays, solar wind, etc.) are trapped by the Earth's magnetic field, they tend to travel along the flux lines of the magnetic field toward the north or south (mag.) pole where they strike atoms and molecules in the atmosphere to create auroras. This is in agreement with the prediction.

So what happens when the number of cosmic rays increase even more? In the case of the magnetic storms caused by solar flares (more charged particles in the earth's magnetic field), the increased interaction produces extremely bright auroras, and also results in sharp variations in the earth's magnetic field called magnetic storms during which the magnetic poles (and auroras) may shift more toward the equator. So we can assume a similar event to occur when the cosmic rays from the neutron star (or possibly a supernova) start to enter the earth's magnetic field. Furthermore, if we add the effects the neutron star's strong magnetic field itself might cause on Earth, we might be able to explain the "continuous daylight" phenomenon and some other related ones.


First, the cosmic rays and/or the external magnetic field (from the hypothetical source) would decrease the earth's magnetic dipole system significantly. And then the earth's magnetic field would have a more complex structure probably something like the sun during solar max. Interestingly, this might have effects like aurora appearing all over the globe. Secondly, this breakdown of the magnetic field could also result in changes in the weather pattern because the rays would heat the upper atmosphere and drive high speed winds away from the polar regions where it is usually occurring. At any rate, this increased aurora activity could be what is being described by the prophets/psychics as the continuous daylight period predicted to occur in the near future


The following excerpts seem to support my hypothesis that the second sun (and/or 24 hr. daylight) and the new magnetic waves ("photon belt") are closely related:


     CWN Century II‑41 (2nd line)


     "The cloud will make the sun appear double"

     ("The cloud" could be in reference to the new magnetic field      and/or the resultant auroras.)


     Mary's Message


     "In this new energy will be the makings of new stars and a new      sun which will enter the immediate solar system."


:: Total Darkness ::


I'm not sure what would cause the predicted total darkness. I only see a couple of possibilities:


  1. Some kind of atmospheric or dimensional distortions caused by the      changes in the magnetic field of the earth block the sunlight.   2. Tremendous amount of dust in the atmosphere from the resultant earth      changes blocks the sunlight.

:: Non‑Operation Of Any Electrical Device ::


This prediction goes very well with my hypothesis. It is known that abrupt changes in the earth's magnetic field resulting from magnetic storms (caused by an external object like the sun) would cause surges in power transmission lines. What would happen if the magnetic storm was much more powerful? The large amount of charged particles (and possibly some gamma/X rays) from the hypothetical neutron star/pulsar would affect the Van Allen belts (which are doughnut‑shaped regions of charged particles that surround the earth) and the ionosphere more drastically and probably cause more electrical device to malfunction as predicted.


:: DNA Of Living Things Altered ::


Again, it is known that cosmic rays may cause mutations (changes in genes). But they usually produce very small mutations. If the earth was bombarded by more cosmic rays (and ultraviolet light/X rays), the degree of mutations would probably increase... but a dramatic change is unlikely.

     Mary's Message (p.257):


     "The changes will be so great as to change the patterns of life      in their DNA forever. Every person who survives physically      will be affected."


:: Psychic Abilities Manifest In Humans ::


I'm not sure what would cause this. My guesses are:


  1. The changed EM field of the earth affects our consciousness and the      dimensional barrier becomes less rigid.

  2. The changes in DNA activate new senses.

  3. Going through all the troubles alone raises our awareness.   4. Combination of all above.


Relevant Info:


     Mary's Message (p.256)


     "Simply by living through the disasters, vast changes will occur      in mankind. No one can live through such events without being      changed." [...] "No matter what they are like at the beginning      of the changes, when the Earth begins to settle into its new      orbit, the surviving people will already be a new people." [...]      "The reaction of these people will be spiritual."


:: Related (?) News Articles ::


 Puzzling Rays Hit The Earth

 by Walter Sullivan

 New York Times 2/7/95


 Two impacts of tiny objects on the atmosphere with more  energy than ever before observed in nature have been reported  by scientists from Japan and the United States.  The scientists  described the events at an international meeting last week at  the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory in Batavia, Ill.  The  scientists met to devise plans for arrays of detectors to be  built in each hemisphere to observe them.


 Such events have previously been observed at somewhat lower  energies.  Dr. James W. Cronin of the University of Chicago, a  Nobel laureate who was an organizer of the meeting, estimated  that perhaps 50 of these extremely high‑energy impacts occur  each year somewhere around the earth.  But he said an  ambitious observing scheme was necessary because their  occurrence at a single location was rare.


 As emphasized at the conference, their nature and source is  mysterious.  They are apparently a product of the most violent  processes in the universe, but their manner of acceleration  dwarfs anything known in astronomy, much less in atom  smashers built by humans.


 They do not behave precisely as predicted for candidates like  iron nuclei, protons or gamma rays, the most energetic class of  light wave.  Each impact is by only one object.  It strikes an  atom at the top of the atmosphere with so much energy that it  splits the atom into fragments that plunge downward until they  strike other atoms of air, creating more fragments.  The result  is a cascade that produces billions of particles in a  pancake‑shaped shower that if it retains enough energy, reaches  surface detectors.  The shower can also be detected by highly  sensitive optical devices in the form of Cherenkov radiation, a  flash too faint and brief for human observation, produced in the  air by extremely high velocity particles.  [...]


 A wide variety of candidates for these impacts was discussed.  It was assumed that they must have come from this or nearby  galaxies because otherwise they would be screened out by the  "sea" of radiation remaining from the Big Bang, the theorized  moment of cosmic creation.  Yet there were other indications  that the sources were extremely remote.  [...]


 It was argued that none of the proposed acceleration  mechanisms are adequate, such as the whiplash effect on  material falling into the intense magnetism of dense, fast‑  rotating stars, or expanding shock waves from stellar  explosions or supernovas.




 "Astronomers Track Explosion Of Space Energy..."

 by Kathy Sawyer

 Los Angeles Times/Washington Post News Service  4/25/93

 The biggest winners of this year's Super Bowl may have been  astronomers.  While earthlings watched football, a NASA  satellite was watching the sky.  Suddenly it was partly blinded  by a violent explosion that, scientists say, may have originated  near the edge of the known universe.


 Its location is being hotly debated.  But the "Super‑Bowl  burst," as it is now known, changed the ground rules for  solving one of astronomy's great mysteries: Something in the  depths of space is shooting gamma rays at Earth.  Since the  first sighting of such a burst in 1967, scientists have  generated some 125 theories to explain the nature and location  of the sources.  Characteristics of the Super Bowl burst  indicate that the sources may be even more monstrously powerful  than previously suspected, up to 1,000 times more numerous, and  located billions of light‑years away.


 Emitted in focused beams: At a NASA briefing Thursday,  scientists said this new evidence ‑ from the Compton Gamma  Ray Observatory, a $560 million, 17‑ton facility put in orbit in  April 1991‑ shows that these brilliant, unpredictable  detonations are not the product of merely hot "cooking" objects  but of particles being accelerated to near the speed of light  and being emitted in focused beams, or jets.


 Scientists so far can only speculate about what objects might  create such energies and why the radiation is seen only in  gamma ray wavelengths.  [...]


 Scientists said there are few objects violent enough to produce  the types and quantities of energies in the bursts.

 Crunches into black hole: "The light the sun would give off in  its 10 billion years of history, multiplied by a thousand,  within 10 seconds ‑ that's all we need," said Stan Woolsey of  the University of California at Santa Cruz, a leading theorist  on exploding objects.  [...]


 No corresponding objects: The Super Bowl burst, which  registered unprecedented spikes of up to one billion electron  volts during its approximately one‑minute duration, was one of  almost 600 such flashes seen during two years of mapping by  the Compton, and one of almost 1,100 seen since 1967.  No  corresponding objects have been seen in optical or other   wavelengths by ground or orbital telescopes.

 The Jan. 31 burst was 10 times brighter than any the satellite  had seen, and more than 1,000 times brighter than any other  known sources outside the Milky Way, scientists said.

     (end of excerpted material)



I wonder if those mysterious rays from outer space could be explained if there was a invisible neutron star (pulsar) relatively close to our Solar System.


2) Pole Shift / Ascension


I assume most people are familiar with the concept of the "pole shift" and so I won't bother to review others' theories regarding it. I'll just present my own speculation derived from the previous hypothesis here:

A) Mechanism


     CWN vol.III (p.232‑3)


 Pam:  "I would not be able to tell you for a fact.  I can only  tell you what I see.  And I see in the interior of the Earth,  the very center of the planet, the yolk of the egg.  I see it  churning internally the same as the seas on the outside, its  equilibrium having been thrown off kilter.  If you put your hand  in a tub of water and started moving your arm back and forth  really fast you would create waves that would eventually go out  of control and lap over the sides of the tub.  Something made  the core of the Earth go out of control.  The orbit and tilt of  the Earth somehow were changed.  This created internal, as well  as external distress."  [...]

 "Something caused the orbit and the axis to lean first, and this  imbalance caused the equilibrium shift internally.  If the Earth  rotated differently and our path was still around the sun but  not regular, it would affect the outside.  You have the internal  sloshing and then the external being affected by its shifting.  Just as we're affected by what goes on inside our own bodies,  as well as what happens in the environment around us."

     Mary's Message (p.14)


 "The planet is already beginning to have some violent reactions  to inner stirring which is occurring deep in its core.  All of  nature will be in an upheaval from now on.  Many new records  will be set, many unusual events will be reported."

Both sources above indicate that "something" is causing the interior of the earth to go out of balance. Some place else in Mary's Message it is implied that the new "magnetic waves" coming toward the earth is what is causing this stress on Earth. The following excerpt from the Keys of Enoch supports the concept:


     (Verse 9 From Key 113)


 "This bombardment (of "cosmic waves") will open up vortices  of energy which will change the mantle of the earth due to  tremendous amounts of liquefied material being

 (electromagnetically pinched and) ejected out of the core of  the earth."


I believe the neutron star hypothesis agrees with those predictions. The cosmic rays, EM radiation, and the strong magnetic field of our hypothetical pulsar‑neutron star probably can together or individually affect the earth's interior/dynamo. If the neutron star comes close enough, its magnetic field can directly influence the liquid inside the Earth since it is sensitive to the magnetic force. Additionally, affecting Earth's magnetic field itself could also have an effect on the earth's interior, which is also exactly what the cosmic rays/EM radiation from the pulsar might do to the earth. The Van Allen belts (where the charged particles get trapped), and the ionosphere (part of the atmosphere where it is electrically charged from the incoming radiation/particles) are capable of affecting the earth's magnetic field (as it does during magnetic storms) depending on the strength and amount of the radiation/particles from space. And the stress on the earth's magnetic field would eventually affect the electromagnetically sensitive dynamo (liquid interior) of the earth as being predicted.


There is one pole shift theory which proposes that it is the *crust* (surface) of the Earth that would slide/shift. According to this theory, which uses magnetohydrodynamics, there is a semi‑solid layer underneath the solid crust of the earth which basically holds the crust/surface of the earth in place. However, when the Earth's magnetic field is for some reason collapsed, the semi‑solid layer becomes less solid and allows the Earth's crust to shift position. It is the "pole shift".


Well, since the second sun/"photon belt" and the pole shift are predicted to occur in pretty much the time frame, it is very possible that the neutron star/"photon belt" is what triggers the "crustal" shift.

B) Ascension


According to Drunvalo Melchizedek (basically a "walk‑in"), usually the pole shift and *dimensional* shift occur at the same time. And about five to six hours before the shifts an extraordinary visual phenomenon takes place (the 3D and 4D realities begins to merge), and it has a lot to do with Earth's magnetic field. The following excerpt from CWN vol.III seems to support Drunvalo's claim:


     CWN vol.III (p.226‑7)


 Dolores:  "Do you see that the Earth will shift?"


 Nina:  "Yes, that will happen because it's a natural thing."  [...]

 "Another thing that will be happening is the raising in the level  of people's consciousness.  So that we are more aware of  what's going on, in an inner way.  And that will warrant as  much merit as the geologists' information.  There will also be  some acceptance of the fact that many people will die.  It will  acknowledged that many people will go on to a different realm,  and they will be willing to do that.  The common thought is that  our survival is dependent upon the planet Earth.  We will no  longer believe that.  We will KNOW that we survive whether  the Earth is here or not.  Whether we're on a planet or not.  The planet Earth will then go into an entirely different advanced  realm of being, as a whole." [...]  "The things I am speaking of  now will begin happening in the next ten to fifteen years"

     (I believe this hypnosis session was done around 1990)

Here is my conclusion regarding the "ascension":

Dimensional shift or not, if we experience something unimaginably devastating like the pole shift, mankind as a whole will very likely grow spiritually.





:: II‑41 & II‑48 ::


According to the quatrains/interpretations II‑41 and II‑48:

A) Light Show / The Coming Of The People From The Stars.


 1)  Light Display 1 ‑ ET related (?)

  a)  A light display will go on.

  b)  "The great star will burn for seven days."  *c)  The sun will appear both day and night.  *d)  There will be an occurrence in the sky at that time

 2)  Light Display 2 ‑ Natural Event (?)

  a)  One time period indicated:  December 1986   b)  There will be a contact from the stars/universewhich will bring a great awareness to the people.  *c)  The sun will appear both day and night.  *d)  There will be an occurrence in the sky at that time

B) The "mastiff" (symbol of the Devil) "will howl all night." C) The pope would be changing.

D) Atmospheric Condition ("Poison hidden under the heads of salmon")

(* = The connection is not clearly stated)




‑ B above is pretty vague and hard to interpret at this point.  But it   probably refers to the predicted period of darkness, and/or the rise   of the Antichrist.

‑ C is studied in depth in CWN Analysis‑1.  The time frame should be   something like 1996‑1999, *coinciding with Comet Hale‑Bopp*. ‑ D will be studied in depth in CWN Analysis‑3.


:: Light Display ::


The "light display"/ "contact from the stars" seems to consists of the following, *so far*:


     1. Supernova 1987A

     2. SL‑9/Jupiter collision

     3. Comet Hale‑Bopp

     (4. Pulsar/Neutron star?)


:: Alien Visitation / Hale‑Bopp::


Key Points (interpretation) from IV‑28:


a) Venus behind the sun as seen from the Earth

b) Alien visitation will take place in '97 or '98.

c) They will also be temporarily hidden by the sun.

d) Scientists/astronomers find an anomaly and realize it is a "UFO". e) It is actually ET's instrument to observe mankind

f) This realization will cause great social unrest.


*COMET HALE‑BOPP fits the descriptions almost perfectly. It seems possible that Hale‑Bopp is the instrument of ETs.




Quatrain II‑91(int.) (and possibly the 4th line of II‑48) predicts a UFO crash (not necessarily Hale‑Bopp related):

Key Points from II‑91:


a)  ET/UFO approaches the earth on a circumpolar orbit.

b)  Russia's energy field (secret technology) guarding their northern     approach corridors will cause the spaceship to malfunction and crash. c)  The crew of the ship will be captured and killed by humans. d)  Some microscopic organisms inside the spaceship will cause some     strange plagues on earth.




The first line of VI‑97, "At forty‑five degrees the sky will burn", and part of its interpretation "watchers will be watching" seem to suggest that the quatrain/interpretation is Hale‑Bopp/1977 related:


Key Points from VI‑97:


a)  This will take place during the coming war

b)  The enemy side will send a bomb towards New York City. c)  It will be spotted in the sky and watched coming in.  U.S. will try     to disable the bomb/missile.


d)  As proof of their friendship the French will be asked to retaliate     for America, and France will respond by firing several bombs toward     the perpetrator of the event.

e)  This missile will be prematurely detonated so it will not hit New     York, but it will destroy planes that are flying around it trying to     divert it or disable it.


:: Contact From the Universe ::


I chose SUPERNOVA / NEUTRON STAR out of the following candidates for my hypothesis:


     1. Black hole

     2. Interstellar cloud

     3. Supernova/Neutron Star

     4. Planetary alignment / unusual sun activity

     5. ET technology




The hypothetical neutron star / pulsar can probably fulfill the following major prophecies/predictions:


     "Photon Belt"

     Second Sun

     Continuous Daylight

     Total Darkness

     Non‑Operation Of Any Electrical Device

     DNA Of Living Things Altered

     Psychic Abilities Manifest In Humans

     Pole Shift / Ascension


:: Fish and Water ::


I suspect that this Vol.2 of "CWN Analysis" was probably too technical for some of you who are more into the spiritual side of the "shift" that seems to be going on now. But that is because I wanted to appeal to the more "rational" people instead of only the metaphysics lovers. And personally, I think it's about time more people paid attention to those prophecies, predictions, earth changes, psychics, spirituality, and other metaphysical phenomena. Ever since the discovery of Comet Hale‑Bopp which fulfilled one of the important predictions (from CWN), I've become more convinced that some tremendous changes are waiting for us in the very near future and I just feel it is important to study the 'messages from 'beyond' and share the information with others. Somehow I thought this quote from Keith Thompson explaining the ancient Chinese aphorism "The fish is the last one to know that it lives in water" was appropriate for our time and to end this part of my analysis report.


     (from "Angles and Aliens" p.229‑30)


     "The fish takes for granted that the medium it knows is the True Element ‑ indeed, the ONLY element. Why should it imagine otherwise? But then, one day, a particular fish swims into a remote part of the lake and sees a strange object above. The fish has no name for what it sees from below, but we who are above would call the object a "bobber." Amazed, the fish returns to its school and tells what it has seen. The story is impressive, but the other fish are not so interested. After all, there is always fresh kelp to find, not to mention larger, hungry fish to avoid. News of such strange objects can only be a dangerous distraction to the overall affairs of the school."

"Over time, however, others see the bobber, and a robust set of legends grows. Then, on a particular day, a fish happens to swim too close to the object and gets "hooked." Suddenly this fish finds itself pulled UP and OUT, into a vast and altogether amazing realm of ABOVE and BEYOND. Those who have

snagged the fish and reeled it in, after analyzing the creature according to particular criteria, decide the fish is not a "keeper" and toss it back into the ocean. Bewildered, the fish makes its way back with an even more incredible tale to tell about another world ‑ a very different kind of world ‑ populated by the most marvelous of beings."


"Depending on how this news is revealed and received, the fish is deified, eaten, or simply isolated from the rest of the school, where it is left to muse aloud, "Water! We live and swim in WATER! I have just now seen that which is NOT water: I have glimpsed 'dry land,' and 'open sky.' Does anyone hear me? Does anyone CARE?"


(END of CWN Analysis ‑ 2)