earth and then the earth became without form and was void, and void  means aftermath of destruction by Divine hand in this instance. Then  Jeremiah in the fourth chapter tells you how God brought this back to his  memory and he wrote it down to tell you about it. He says:..I watched this  great catastrophe which overwhelmed this great civilization. This is before  the 6th., day creation. So you see that the devil had been busy before the  6th., day but that early civilization was wiped out, or a few might have  gone away. We know there was civilizations back then, before the  pre‑Cambrain days for they were glazing ceramics.   

Now:..I don't quite believe this one billion years, it is still to far  to  prove with radio carbon or with florene replacement or any of those  things, so I give them this much‑half a million or three quarters  of a million years..for up in yellowstone there is in one place over a  million years of visible stratis. So this just goes to prove that their  evolution theory which is based on later periods...and pre‑Cambrain was  ever so far before that..that they are stuck with it. In other words if  human beings who walked upright and who painted plates were ever so far  beyond evolution time, or even the mammals came, then where does that leave  the evolution theory? Remember in the re‑creation YAHWEH put back the  animals all over the earth but he did not have to put back the fish... they  were still there.   

Question:...Where does it say that?   

Answer:...This is an allegory that is hidden away. Remember Moses wrote  this almost 4000 years after this happened. So if you are writing about  something which happened that long before you are writing in allegory. So  he didn't spend much time on this, but there was lots more information on  that period. He thought anyone who was reading this book (Bible) would know  that.   

Question:...but I can't remember what happened 4 years ago...Ha.  

Answer:...Let me show you something:...When in Genesis I YAHWEH came to  the water and said:..'let the waters bring forth abundantly'. In this  instance the earth brought back its grass and so forth before yu could feed  animals. And when you come here to the sea, all it had to do was bring  forth abundantly. The birds that fly came, and then he created the great  whales because these were mammals:...'And every living creature that  moveth, which the waters brought forth abundantly, after their kind, and  every winged fowl after his kind, and God saw that it was good'.  But the  place where you are told that the waters were to bring forth abundantly..  the word isn't YATSAR for make or form, it is just the word for increase,  or multiply. So you see the fact is that the world covered with large  masses of water would never drown all the fish.  Question:...It also says here that God blessed male and female and told  them to repopulate the who were they?   

Answer:...This is the Tungus man. The earth had been populated once and  then wiped out and now repopulated. This catastrophe was all Lucifers  fault..there was none of this before the fall.  Question:...I think it was to bad that the earth was the spot he was  kicked into.  

Answer:...Oh, I don't know, this is sort of a little spot in the  Universe. They concentrated it all here and I wouldn't want to miss it for  the world, would you?   

Question:...Yes, I wouldn't mind missing it.   

Answer:...Well, but you really wouldn't want to miss all that is going  on down here. You would never have appreciated the Grace and Glory of  YAHWEH as much as you will appreciate it after the victory. Whenever you  see Lucifer turned into an Angel..when ever you see him bowing before the  MOST HIGH...when ever you see him with his heart, totally Glorifying THE  FATHER then you have seen the ultimate of what Grace can do. To the Praise  of THE FATHER FOREVER. The smaller religions don't understand this...   

Question:...Where is the Kingdom of Heaven?   

Answer:...Within you.   

Question:...well how about all the gates?   

Answer:...Well, if we are going to talk about the New World Order, this  is the Kingdom of God on earth, and the entrances into it is by birth, this  is how you got here. And you arrived the day you were born.   

Question:...But those gates have many names on them?   

Answer:...Well, if we are going to talk about the New World Order, this  is the Kingdom of God on Earth, and the entrance into it is by birth, this  is how you got here. And you arrived the day you were born.   

Question:...But those gates have many names on them?   

Answer:...Alright, he says:...I will show you the gates to this Kingdom,  and the gates had the names of the twelve tribes of Israel. So, you  wouldn't get in to this Kingdom if you weren't of those tribes of Israel.  You could be under the Kingdom but not participate in it. This is what  Nicodemus was trying to find out, he thought maybe there was some way,  maybe you graduated into it. So he said:..Just what do I do to enter into  and participate in the Kingdom of Heaven? The word instead of enter should  be So Jesus  said:...You have to be born into this order, you have to be twice born...  born of the spirit in the heavens, not down here in an Evangelistic  meeting, but born of the Spirit in the heavens, then born by the breaking  of water by physical birth. So if yu were spiritually born in the heavens  then you would be seed born in earth for there is no other way to get into  the Kingdom. This is why the gates are in this order...the twelve tribes of  Israel..the childrenof these twelve tribes..(acutally 13 before Levi  absorbed into all.) This is why the when they even tried to apply this to  any area of the still have the 12 tribes of Israel to deal  with. As far as the door of spiritual understanding then Jesus said:..I am  the door. You can't approach this door to knowledge and wisdom but thru  HIM. How could you approach the knowledge of the Eternal Father..embodied  in YAHSHUA if yu didn't come to HIM..How? But you will, come for all sheep  do come...and I see that you are here.   

Question:...What determined which sons came to earth?   

Answer:...We did..we rushed right up and said we will go. Ha. We  probably have the most bold spirits in the Universe...we said we will go!!   

Question:...Then probably most of our household didn't come?   

Answer:...No..but of the increase of His Kingdom there shall be no end,  as far as the world is concerned you never would reach an end. You see..we  rushed up and said:...we can do it..we will go. The FATHER you  know what is going to happen to you when you get down there? You don't  realize how much concentration of Luciferian power is down there to work on  you in a physical body, you have never been in a Physical body before. We  said:..that don't make any difference, we will go. The FATHER said:..but  you will fall when when you get down there, and I will have to come down  and redeem you. He said:..I will write down your names...everyone of you  right here in my book of records, everyone of you are my children, I will  make a covenant with you. But to do this I will have to come down there and  put on a body like you will have, and you are going to fall and to die, and  I will have to come and to die with you. I am therefore your substitute  before the foundation of this NEW ORDER. He told us all this before we came  but we said:...don't worry about it FATHER, we will go down and we will let  you know when we complete the job. He will remember what I have  told you when this will remember...but we said:...don't worry  we will go.    Question:...Do you think we were problem children up there?   

Answer:...No..not to much. We just never had any problem for we moved in  the Light, we saw things we stood against that Lucifer could go out..a  subordinate being to our race, and get away with this. The other Archangels  looked upon Lucifer with distain but he still had rank. When Michael ran  him into this Solar System and confined him, we can't even repeat what  Michael was calling Lucifer. He called him everything he could think of..a  son of an elephant, and every thing else, but he called him a snake, a rat  and probably he had some real effective denunciations which would make outs  look like nothing, and yet YAHWEH said:..tut, tut, Michael..must not do  that.   

Question:...You never plowed with a mule. Ha.   

Answer:...But see what the book of Jude said:...Michael..let him alone,  he is a fallen Archangel, but he is still an Archangel, so you just say  YAHWEH rebuke thee!  You are on the same level as he is except you have  more power because....'I am catalysing your power!' But you are an  Archangel and he is an Archangel. He loses power as he negates, and uses  his power to destroy, but it is never as strong as the power which creates.  Because Lucifer cannot remake what he has destroyed...that which  synthesises can.   

Quesyion:...This is a question I always thought maybe I shouldn't ask?   

Answer:...Go ahead and ask.   

Question:...Why did God let this all happen to start with?   

Answer:...Don't you think it may have broken up a lot of monotony?   

Question:...Well, I thought of that but......   

Answer:...No...I'll tell you the reason, we shouldn't joke about that  altho I imagine that YAHWEH has a sense of humor about it. The reason why  God did it was to develope a cognition of the evolutation of righteousness,  that which would never have dawned on them without a comparison. So in His  Omnipotence knowing that in the negation of synthesis was destruction...  before this could be unveiled to his children so that they would understand  it they would have to experience it. So therefore the Universe becomes a  greater place for having conquored that which would seek to destroy its  synthesis. And once again it has been overthrown in the Island Universe, it  could never happen here...again. Maybe never happen anywhere, but the fact  remains that if it was ever permitted to...educate..something new which  hadn't been existant to our time then we would now know how to cope with  it, we have had now had experience.   

Now: when YAHWEH invested an Archangel in this...Lucifer was His  Archangel, and when he fell, he was out of the fold but still an Archangel,  and all these one‑third of the hosts of heaven who fell with him were still  his Angels, and he still has them. He has to being them all back and make  them all acknowledge HIM to overthrow this darkness, to resynthesise them  and throw this darkness back into Light, power and form to the Praise of  HIS HONOR, to preserve the entity of HIS SOVERIGNTY THRU OUT THE UNIVERSE.  If he had to punish them, and could never get them back the YAHWEH would  always be licked by one‑third of the beings of the Universe, and never can  the Universe finish its course until they are back to...'Bow the knee'.   

Question:...How about President Johnson sort of making a show of  strength in Viet Nam?    Answer:...I think that anything that Johnson does now is in terms of  making sure he gets elected. I don't think he can get elected, he is  setting up a stage where he could always use an excuse to postpone an  election indefinitely. He might be able to get an extension or postponement  if Russia would move and strike with suddenness. This might happen since we  are hitting at communist ports. But anytime that anyone shoots at America  you ought to blast the,....let them know that you don't shoot at any  American. But the President is looking for an agreement point of some sort,  and he thinks he has found it. He could have jumped on Cuba but he doesn't  want to do that even tho most everyone except maybe Humphrey would have  agreed with him on that. Even Senator Morris got up and blew his stack,  wanted to cut foreign aide, not give anymore to these people...and he is a  Left Winged Liberal. He jumped the tracks from Democrat to Republican party  and never knew just what he was doing, and now he is so upset. He realizes  that he has to start thinking like the majority of the people or he is  going to be out of a job. This could go into major war or flutter out, but  if they have your eyes on that they can stir something over here.   

Right now eveyones eyes are on the Negroes going wild, and while your  eyes are on them then Johnson is safe. This is what Civil Rights did for  this country. Now they are smashing property, 7 million dollars worth in  one city. Then stole millions of dollars worth of things, but instead of  stopping this they say these are poor frustrated people. In Jersey city,  this is the 4th night of riots and Negroes are even running out smashing  winshields of cars going down the boulvard, throwing rocks and so forth.  When the police came they ran out and tried to overturn the squad car. As  the police got out of the car they called for more assistance as they were  surrounded. And a bunch of these silly skunks called preachers came out  saying:...Why are you calling the Poice out, we have to placate these  people, we have to make amends, give them what they want. They ought to  take these preachers out and bat their heads against the wall. They aren't  preaching the Gospel..the best thing to do would be to they are  ...take the preachers. If they want to do something out there...let them  walk out singing hymns and see what happens.    

Last night as I went over to a store the owner said:...Did you hear what  is going on? I said: no. And he said:..the Negroes are rioting in Las  Angeles.  But I haven't been able to pick up anything on that story since  then. They were to start riots not only in Los Angeles, but in Detroit and  in Chicago and other places, and Martin Luther King came on a radio  broadcast saying:...I am calling on all the Nego warriors in Africa who can  come over come help give America a blood   

This was Martin Luther King on radio calling for reinforcements from  Africa. Of course its a long swim, but the Russians might drop them in by  parachute...that would be the best way...then American Patriots might be  busy.    The news says they found three bodies, or maybe they didn't because  there is a $25,000.00 reward up for anyone who can produce evidence of who  did it, so they are looking for leads. If they knew anything they wouldn't  put up all this money. But they say:...we have three bodies and we  identified them by their fingerprints. But any time you have been in the  Mississippi river that long, and have any fingerprints left...that is very  unusual. There are catfiesh, crayfish, and even Alligator Gar in there.. so  we aren't getting the truth in that story.    The Mexican newspaper 'El Presidete' says that these three men have been  recognized by Mexican reporters as guests of Castro in one of the biggest  of Cuba's hotels...Civil Rights Workers? How would they get back to  Mississippi unless they were brought back and bumped, and then thrown into  the water?   

The question is did they really get any bodies if they had to put up a  reward of $25,000.00.  In other words they were saying come in and claim  the money we have an informer who is going to come and tell us about it.  (Today....fall of 1980...we are finding that it was an F.B.I. man who  worked as an informer in much of the civil rights agitation in the south.)    This sounds like the Sheriffs department in Lancaster...telling all the  Patriouts...come on in all you fellows for we have already one guy who has  told all he knows...Told them what?    It is just to bad that all these people went down south...civil rights  workers..but if they all disappeared there wouldn't be so many. They went  down there to stir up war and bloodshed. I can show it to you in their  statements...they were to create get as to bring the  government into this. says some where in scripture that a man on the face of  the earth will be more scarce then the gleanings after the harvest..among  the olive this after Armageddon?   Answer:...Again this is not Adamites. The enosh among the people of the  Kingdom are to be scarce, unless they serve the Kingdom Utterly. Which  passage are you quoting...Revelation or Ezekeil?   

Question:...Revelation I think...I don't know.   

Answer:...There is only one place the word Armageddon exists and that is  in Revelation. But this particular set of words in Revelation don't ring a  bell. I know there is a place, I think in Ezekiel, in one of the Darby  translations where it says: a man of the outraces in the Kingdom, after the  day of the LORD...would be as scarce as wheat after the  other words be gone. I don't remember this in the King is not in  Revelation just that way. If you run across it somewhere let me know. As  far as the Elect are concerned, we are as the stars of the heavens and the  sands of the sea shore so the world is going to know we are here after  Armageddon. the World Order going to be destroyed  Armageddon?   

Answer:...In the Kingdom. In other words most of these forces serving  the darkness would then be very the Kingdom if they are still  here, and would not be doing a detremental work. There is not to be a Jew  in the house of the LORD, not one in these western nations. There will be  Negroes in Africa, and Chinese in Asia but they will be scarce in the  Kingdom because everyone to his own vine, and under their own fig tree.   

Question:...well doesn't the Kingdom effect this world?   

Answer:...The kingdoms of this world become the 'Kingdoms of OUR LORD  AND HIS CHRIST'. We rule the world as it comes under our administration  from sea to sea and pole to pole.   

Question:...But everything will be different won't more trouble..  mixing of people?    Answer:...Yes, and be Aryan ruled. Even the Sea Gulls know better than  people. You stand at the Golden Gate Bridge in the fall and see the birds  come in, by the thousands, and they all come in...each in their own order..  the ducks here, the Sea Gulls there, and so forth but all in their own  order. They have so much better sense than people do. Now and then you see  them walking close together but they are just passing by, they all stay in  their own groups.    Question:...I tried to look up adultery and find any other meaning in my  Bible concordance, but I couldn't find any?   

Answer:...That is probably right, it probably isn't in the concordance  of your Bible, but the word is Adulomos...and it means cohabit with someone  of another race.    The word translated all thru the Bible as, Bastard, only means the  offspring of a cohabitant with another race. It doesn't have anything to do  with the parentage inside of a race. It only has to do with this particular  word.         To adulterate is to mix two things that are different. Even in our  semantics today if you mix milk and ink you have adulterated both. If you  pour water into milk you have adulterated it down.   

Question:...well I understand that but I need something to show people  so they can understand it.   

Answer:...well, you need more than a Bible concordance in this area, you  need a lexicaon. But I could point it out in a specialized Bible  concordance, but you can prove it can prove it with verses  which support this.   

Question:...What about the bodies in the grave to be resurrected...when  there is nothing left...much of the time?   

Answer:...Well the elements are there to be resynthesized, and they can  come to bone, and bone to bone, and flesh to flesh. Of course you might  have to add some as plants might have absorbed some by now....   

Question:...well, do you believe in a body resurrecion?   

Answer:...well, I believe that when the children of God...when Christ  comes HE brings those with Him, and they do raise..resynthesize bodies.                            TAPE RUNS OUT..........