funeral, perhaps the crisis has already happened. However let us recall

that the Archbishop passed the candle to Prince Charles and it is with

him that the relationship beeween the Church and the monarchy seemed


   Prince William is a Windsor, but he will never avoid the fact that

he is also a Spencer. His uncle, Earl Spencer, blood relative of Diana

 vowed before her coffin to ensure that her sons' souls are;--"Not simply

immersed in duty and tradition but can sing openly as you planned."

   This fifteen year old young man, Prince William, heard these dramatic

words with his face cupped tightly in his right hand, a position he almost

never altered through out the service. The responsibility that he bears

for the future of the Monarchy will come to the ultimate crisis point

when the European Union moves to finally demolish the throne of the Lord

upon the earth.

   Then surely will the fury of the Lord be in evidence and all the

rebelliousness that exists within William will be needed to face what

must inevitably be the great constitutional crisis.

   It does seem clear that this resistance will not come from his father,

Prince Charles, and in this respect we might note that Diana's funeral

came precisely 69 days short of Charles 49th., birthday on the 14 of

Novemberl997. The first anniversary of when the Stone of Destiny was

removed from Westminster Abbey. The number 69 is related to troublous

times; times toward which we are undoubtedly moving.


Western Kansas is finally on the Map.


  An Earthquake , with the epicenter located at Pence was reported

hy the Dodge City , national weather service , late in the afternoon



of March 11, 1998. Not much movement was felt at DoĠge City, but the

walls and roof of the Scott City airport buildings shook , according to

Chuck Smith. And the bar inside of the building vibrated for about 1

minute. At Scott State Lake it was definitely felt. AT the south entrance

to the Park, a Picture Window in the home of Floyd Dirks was broken,

as the house shook. North west of Pence about 2 miles at the Gary Tucker

home, according to Gary, it was definitely felt as muffin pans came

off the wall and started flying toward him. He ñlso felt the movement

ancl the moan of the earth. So we are on the map. Pence is my old home

base , both north and a bit× south of there were my homes so altho I

did not notice the ~uake here in Scott City, still I know the people who

live in the area and many of them have stories to tell. Thus we are on

the map. We have been known as the Little grasshopper state, the Tornado

state but now you have to add an earthguake. So we are on the map. HA!


Until next time YAHWEH willing.