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A Study of the Scriptures
by Dr. Wesley A. Swift (compiled by E.M.)

Questions & Answers
"Many questions are asked and I have tried to put together a short answer
from the Tape Ministry of Dr. Wesley A. Swift, and my understanding."
-- Ella Rose Mast

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Newsletters (arranged by date)
by E.M.

The Strange Effects of Faith
by Joanna Southcott
Reviewed by E.M.

On Joanna Southcott

Genesis 1994 by E.M.

Studies in Exodus by E.M.

  •  Exodus #1
    The Book of Redemption - Tracing the Covenant People
  •  Exodus #2
    Where did the word "Jew" come from?

What's Next?
by E.R.M.

More Bible Studies by Mrs. Ella Mast

Our Race - Its Origin and Its Destiny - The Romance of History - Lost Israel Found
or Jeshurun's Pilgrimage - Toward Ammi, From Lo-Ammi
by Col. Charles A.L. Totten, M.A.
(Book Report by Ella Rose Mast - December 1978)

Titles by Sir Wallis Budge & Obelisks

More Transcripts & Book Reviews from the Swift Library
by Ella Rose Mast