November 10, 2000

Dear Christian Patriot:

Christian greetings from the Ozarks..

Recently I wrote a Letter to the Editor of our local paper, the Arkansas Democrat Gazette, warning our people of the danger posed by Senator Lieberman, an orthodox Jew, being picked by Mr. Gore as his running mate. As you may surmise, the answers by other letters in the newspaper were a diatribe of "name calling," with none of them giving any answer to the problems posed.

With the situation as it is in the Middle East, and the media "war drums" banging out their propaganda of hate, as they did so successfully in 1918 and again in 1941, but this time the "boogeyman" is the "dirty Arab terrorists", who MUST be stopped at all costs, to protect God's Chosen in Israel. I wracked my brains to come up with a way to warn our Christian people in Arkansas and came up with the novel, but very expensive means of obtaining a Paid Advertisement in the Sunday Paper, which reaches many thousands in this State and the Central U.S.

Enclosed is a copy of this effort. Please pray that God may,, use it to open blinded eyes, so that we do not become involved in another war for the benefit of World Zionism and their One Word Order. (We are not in a position to fight a war of any kind at this time).

I a convinced that the bombing of the USS Cole in Yemen was not done by two Arabs in a rubber boat loaded with explosives. It had to be done either by a "shape charge", which would have had to be attached to the ship's hull or a missile. It has become a question not of WHO, but WHY? Remember when they tried to sink our Liberty ship in the Med, a few years ago?

So unless you are like Jerry Falwell, and expect to see the carnage on this old world, from an easy chair on the battlements of heaven - RAPTURED of course - remember, to "Trust in God while you keep your powder dry!"

Your brother and servant in the service of Christ the King,

k Mohr




Little Rock, Arkansas
Sunday, November 5, 2000


With a state of war exploding in the Middle East, which is threatening to embroil this nation in another costly war which we are not' prepared to fight at the present time, and with terrorist acts, such as the bombing of our Navy ship in a foreign port, we can expect terrorist acts to take place on American soil, as we "pay the price" for having given the Israeli carte blanche to operate behind the protection, America has given to its wayward "ally" - "bully" is a better word.

The following article, taken from, THE INDEPENDENT, London, 13 October 2000, written by Middle East correspondent Robert Fisk and titled: LIES, HATRED, AND THE LANGUAGE OF FORCE, ARAB VIEW, should be read by every concerned American, before it embroils us in another war we are not prepared to fight, and for an ally who has consistently "stabbed us in the back!" and shows a willingness for us to fight another war for their survival. Fish says:

"This is a story about lies, bias, hatred and death. It's about our inability - after more than half a century - to understand the injustice taking place in the Middle East. It's about a part of the world where it seems quite natural, after repeatedly watching on television; 66" funeral of 11- year old Sami Abu Jeza - who died two days after being shot through the forehead by an Israeli soldier, for an Arab crowd to kick to death two Israeli plain clothes agents. It's about a nation that claims "purity of arms", but fires missiles at civilian apartments arid`` then claims it is "restoring order." It's about people who are so enraged by the killings of almost a hundred Palestinians that they try and blow up an American warships.

It's as simple as that. When I walked into the local photography shop yesterday afternoon, I was greeted with ecstatic smiles. "Did you hear that an American ship has been attacked and there are Americans dead?" one of them asked. All I saw around the room, were smiled and in a corner, on a small television screen, an Israeli Apache aircraft was firing a missile at Yasser Arafat's headquarters in Gaza.

"Seven years ago, CNN showed us the Israeli prime minister, shaking Arafat's hand, live on the White House lawn. Now live from Gaza, we watched a pilot carrying out an order from the Israeli prime minister to kill Arafat by bombing his headquarters.

As usual last night, the television news broadcasts ? those most obsequious and deforming of information dispensers - were diverting our minds from the truth. They did not ask why the Palestinians lynched two Israeli agents instead they complained because the Palestinian police had not given them protection. They did not ask why a suicide bomber in a rubber boat would have bombed the USS Cole.

"Instead they asked who he was, and who he worked for, and they interviewed Pentagon officials who denounced "terrorism, "but it was always "who or "what", but never "why?"

"It is of course possible that Osama bin Laden, one of the more recent American hate figures, could have inspired the bomber through his sermons, to attack the Cole."(Bin laden's family originally came from Yemen, and it was Yemen, who demanded earlier the right to arms to the Palestinians) but nothing was said about another 12 year old Palestinian boy, who died on top of his father, as he tried to protect him from being shot by the Israelis. Yet many of these attacks on Israeli occupation forces in Lebanon were carried out by young men, unconnected with the corrupt Arab political elite, but who were enraged by the injustice of their lot. This may have been the case in Yemen.

When Yasser Arafat signed the Oslo peace agreement seven years ago, only a few asked how soon this rattled, hopeless peace wound collapse. I thought then that it would end in violence, because the Palestinians were being forced by the Americans and Israelis to sign a treaty that would give them neither a state or an end to Jewish settlements on Arab territory.

I wrote then that Arafat had been turned from a super-terrorist into a super-statesman again. And, so it came to pass. Yesterday, the Israeli spokesman Avi Psaner shared a BBC interview with me in which he referred to Arafat as a terrorist!

Alas, none of this was surprising, none save our continued inability to grasp what happens when a whole society is pressure-cooked to the point where it explodes.

A Pentagon official was saying last night that the U.S. Government was trying to find out if the attack against the Cole, was the result of violence in the Middle East. Come again, Related Violence, who can doubt that the attempt to sink the Cole and Her 360 man, American crew, was directed at a nation now held responsible for the deaths of Palestinian civilians? The United States, despite all the claptrap from Madame Albright about being honest brokers for peace, is still a willing ally of the Israeli and backs them in their terrorism against the Arabs whose land they have misappropriated?

Ever since Arafat tried to leave the U.S. Ambassador's residence in Paris two weeks ago, the Palestinians have placed this responsibility on America's shoulders. If the U.S. wants to go on supporting an ally who shoots down innocent civilians on the streets of occupied territories, they will be held accountable, and will have to pay for it. (The thing which bothers me, is how long will it be before we will sear terrorism on the streets of American cities like Little Rock, brought about by our government's stupid Foreign Policy, and don't be so, smug as to believe it can't happen here ? Mohr).

Of course this does not excuse the bloodthirsty killing of armed Israeli agents, or the desecration of the tomb of Joseph in Nablus, or the murder of Jewish settlers. But the violence on the part of the Palestinians can be explained in direct ratio to their cruel treatment at the hands of the Israeli invaders. (Most of these have no connection with Abraham, but come from a Turco-Mongolian background. They forefathers never set foot in Palestine. They are Turco-Mongolian Ashdenazi.)

The present death toll among Palestinians is almost the same as when Israeli gunners butchered 106 Lebanese at Qana in 1966. That was called a massacre. The Israeli's militia allies killed over 2,000 at the refugee camps at Sabra and Chatila. The Israeli said this was a mistake!

Yesterday, with no apparent memory to guide them, journalists were taking at face value, Israeli's extraordinary claim that they fire' on civilian targets only after they had first been attacked. They claimed the occupants of Gaza had been warned to evacuate before they were bombed. Isn't that what they said in 1982 when they bombed Lebanon and leftover 17,000 civilian dead in two months?

Didn't our CIA train the Palestinian policemen, who acre now being derided by the Israeli as terrorists? So is it not surprising that the Arabs, and the Palestinians in particular, see Uncle Sam behind Israeli acts of violence.

The man who was to have concluded peace with Israel, turned against them and walked out of the Camp David Summit, when he was expected to make a surrender too much. Now President Clinton is blaming him, when in reality the real scoundrel is the President's bankrupt Foreign Policy.

Now we have two Presidential contenders who will try and outdo each other in their love and loyalty to an ally that has always treats America with contempt.

I suppose it will be the same old story, only the Israeli's want peace , (as long as they get what they want), while the evil, riotous, murderous, Palestinians, who are really to blame for their own suffering and loss, understand only force.

That's why Israel's military spokesman last night said "Force is the only language the Palestinians understand," which is about as close to a declaration of war as you can get.(UNQ.)

I just pray to God we don't get involved, fighting for a people whose leaders say their ultimate aim is world control.

The Jewish author Bernard Lazare, in his book Anti-Semitism, page 350, puts it this way: "The Jew is not satisfied with de-Christianizing, he Judaizes and destroys the Christian faith, he provokes indifference, but he imposes his ideals on the world of morals and of life, upon those whose faith he ruins, he works tirelessly at his age-old task of annihilating the religion of Christ."

1 don't understand why God commissioned me to be a WATCHMAN on the walls of Christian America, and it's a task I don't much like, as our people detest anyone who warns them of unpleasant things to come. But to paraphrase (Ezekiel 33:3) "If the WATCHMAN see the sword (danger) come, and blows not the trumpet (does not warn the people), and anyone of them is harmed as a result, their blood will I (GOD) require at the WATCHMAN's HANDS. By like token, once you have received the warning, it immediately becomes a personal matter between God and you and He will hold you accountable for the TRUTH you have heard whether you want to accept it or not. So in closing may I say with the Apostle Paul: "Am I therefore become your enemy because I tell you the TRUTH?"

Wishing you God's richest blessings and protection for the stormy days ahead.

Gordon Jack Mohr, Lt. Col. AUS. Inf., Ret.