Crusade for Christ


May 14, 1999

Senator Tim Hutchinson, U.S. Senate
Rep. Asa Hutchinson, U.S. House of Representatives

Dear Hutchinson Brothers:

This serious letter is being written to you two men, because I trust you most of all our public servants in Congress. I have voted the Republican ticket for over sixty years now, but on the basis of what has happened in Congress, in recent months, I must make a serious re-evaluation of my political stand.

It is a fact, known to any intelligent American, and I'm sure to you men in Congress, that we are engaged in an illegal, futile, "no-win" war, and that if we get engaged in ground warfare, we will be whipped worse than we were in Korea and Vietnam. We lost both those wars, not because of lack of military expertise on the part of our fighting men, or because of inferior equipment, but because of the immorality of our governmental leaders, who sent our men overseas to die in a political war they had no intention of winning, and then left our P.O.W.'s to rot in enemy prisons when we withdrew. Our military leaders KNOW that we are in no position to fight a war of any kind, as we are at our lowest military ebb since before Pearl Harbour. Because they fear to lose their prestigious positions, or are "bucking for another star," this means more to them than their "oath of office." Where are our military leaders with the moral character of Patton, Mac Arthur, and "Chesty" Puller, now that we so desperately need them?

If we become engaged in a ground war, it will be an open invitation to Red China, Russia, North Korea, Cuba, and other nations who "hate our guts", and who have been patiently waiting for just such a chance. As early as 1946, a Russian U.N. diplomat named Dmitri Manualisky said: "When they (the Christian West) have let their guard down and gone to sleep, we will SMASH them with our clenched fist." Our leaders and President Clinton know this danger and are playing into the enemy hands. The sad thing is that you men, who are the "watchdogs of America", are doing nothing to curb this madman. Instead of putting a halter on him, you have given him the funds necessary to finance his private war. While speaking hypocritically about "balancing the budget," you are pouring billions of our tax dollars down the "rat hole" of war.

As veteran with infantry combat experience in World War II and Korea, where I filled every leadership role from Pfc Squad Leader; to Captain, Company Commander, with some Field Staff experience, I KNOW as do many other ex-service personnel that we are fighting a futile war, not to help America, but for the benefit of the Internationalists who always start them and are the only ones to profit from them. The humanitarian pleas of the President fall on deaf ears, when we realize that he is killing thousands of innocent civilians, to protect others. Who is the worst war criminal, Clinton or Milosevic?

I KNOW that Asa took a strong stand on impeachment proceedings, and honor him for his integrity. But I also know that the Senate "let him off the hook," by charging him with "lying and sexual misconduct," when you KNOW he should have been tried and convicted for TREASON. Yet he is doing the task he was trained to do as a Rhodes scholar, and that is sell the sovereignty of America into the hands of the New World Order.

Our top military leaders know we have no business in this war, as we are: at our weakest military strength since before 1941 and would be defenseless in the face of a Red Chinese attack.

Recently I came across this interesting analogy in the Old Testament of the Bible, 1st Kings 2~:25, written about an Israelite king named Ahab who ruled about 899 B.C. If you were to bring this verse forwards 2900 years to 1999, it could well read like this: "And there was no president in the history of Christian America, like unto Bill Clinton, who sold (prostituted) himself to work wickedness in the sight of the Lord, who Hillary his wife stirred up." Interesting, isn't it?

The tragedy at Littleton, Colorado, that received so much attention and publicity from the President, where he hypocritically plead with American youth for moral standards, when he has none, said nothing about the government HARP experiments which have been going on in Alaska for several years, and which are used as a tool for "mind control." haven't spoken about them and neither has the controlled media. Could it be that the two young murderers at Littleton were victims of this experimentation? Several knowledgeable men have wondered why all the violent attacks have taken place in mostly conservative White schools. While Blacks who have been scientifically proven to be more prone to violence have not been touched? Something is dramatically amiss here?

Gentlemen, a "day of reckoning is coming," as the American people begin to realize how they have often been mis-represented by the men we have placed in Congress to run our country. I trust and admire you both, and would not like to see you hurt when America gets angry and wakes up.

In Ezekiel 33:6, we are told that when the WATCHMAN warns his people of dangers they face, and they refuse to listen to his warning, if they get hurt as a result, their "blood will be on their own head". I am an old man now, I have served my country faithfully in three wars, and my "oath of office" means as much to me today as when I took it in 1942 - [or some reason, unknown to me, God has made me a "watchman for America," there are times when I don't like the job, as it can become most unpleasant. But it MUST be done and I trying to fulfill it to the best of my ability. I have told you the facts. What will you do about them?

Your servant in the service of God and Country,


Gordon (Jack) Mohr

Senator Hutchinson's Response to Jack Mohr's Letter:-

United States Senate
June 2, 1999

Jack Mohr
Napa Valley Road #197
Little Rock. Arkansas 72211

Dear Col. Mohr:

Thank you for contacting me to express your opposition to U.S. military involvement in the former Yugoslavia. I would like to thank you for your kind words of support, and I appreciate opportunity to familiarize myself with your views.

As you may know, Kosovo, a region in southern Serbia, has been the focal point of bitter struggles between Orthodox Serbs and largely Muslim Albanians for centuries. Many Serbs see Kosovo as the cradle of Serbian civilization. The province is dotted with Serbian religious shrines and historical monuments.

In 1990 Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic revoked Kosovo's autonomous status, putting it under the control of the Serbian-dominated Belgrade government. In response, an armed resistance movement led by the "Kosovo Liberation Army" developed in the 90% ethnic Albanian province. The Belgrade government has responded with Yugoslav military ground units and aircraft destroying villages, and executing civilians suspected of supporting the insurgents.

On February 23, rival Kosovo Albanians and Serbs conditionally agreed to a partial accord Which called for an end to open hostilities and increased autonomy for the Kosovar region. They resumed negotiations on March 15 to address unresolved issues. Though the Albanians assented peace agreement, the Serbs refused to do so. As a result, a NATO bombing campaign commenced against the Serbs on March 24, 1999. The decision of the nineteen NATO member nations to attack an independent country represents an important departure from NATO's historic mission as a defensive alliance to defend against Soviet aggression.

On March 23, 1999, just prior to the commencement of the NATO bombing campaign, the Senate considered Senate Concurrent Resolution 21 to authorize the president of the United States to conduct military air operations and missile strikes against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. Though I voted against this measure, it passed by a vote of 58 to 41. While I remain strongly supportive of our troops in the field, and will continue to support efforts to ensure their safety and well-being, I am interested in seeing lasting peace in this region and am wary of any further U.S. military intervention. I voted against the use of air strikes because I did not think it was in the national security interest of the United States to conduct an act of war against a sovereign nation in an attempt to mitigate centuries-old ethnic hatreds. Further, with history as a guide, it seemed equally obvious to me that an air war alone was unlikely to yield the political results needed to protect the victims of Milosevic's violence. It seemed equally the limitations of an air campaign could lead us to committing ground forces into a non-permissive and hostile environment, where the lose of American lives would be likely.

With these serious concerns in mind, earlier this month I traveled to Aviano Air base, NATO headquarters and to Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE), where I met Defense Secretary William Cohen, U.S. Ambassador to NATO Alexander Vershbow, U.S. General and NATO Supreme Commander Wesley Clark and other U.S. military leaders who were directly involved in planning and executing the air campaign. In touring Aviano, I met with a variety of American service members, from bomb makers to pilots. As misguided as I believe the Administration's current policy in Kosovo to be, I support our troops and was extremely impressed with their capability, dedication and morale. However, my first-hand exposure did nothing to lessen my skepticism about the effectiveness of an air war to achieve the unclear objectives set forth by NATO.

While we have fought a war from the air, Milosevic has engaged in a brutal effort to drive ethnic Albanians out of Kosovo. Regretfully, while we are winning the air war, he is win war against his own people. I am well aware that many have died in this conflict, primarily hands of Milosevic. It is heart-wrenching to see the plight of the refugees fleeing Kosovo, and I have consistently advocated humanitarian aid to the region: There is no simple solution to securing peace in the Balkans, and there is no easy way out. However, all good intentions aside the shedding of American blood is too high a price to pay for a perhaps futile effort to bring peace to Yugoslavia.

It is my hope that Congress will engage in extensive debate on the merits and future of military action in Kosovo. I have serious concerns about the wisdom of sending in American ground forces, and I have vocally advocated a thorough debate followed by a vote of the Congress before sending in troops. The American people must understand that if we invade Yugoslavia a potentially bloody and costly ground war is likely to be followed by the deployment of U.S. soldiers in Kosovo as "peace keepers" for a decade or more. This is not a commitment we should make lightly, if at all. For these reasons, on May 4, 1999, I voted to table a resolution offered by Senator McCain which would have authorized the president to use any force he deemed necessary in the Balkan conflict. The resolution was tabled by a vote of 78 to 22.

Again, thank you for the benefit of your comments. Please be assured that I will keep your views in mind in the coming days.

With kind regards,


Tim Hutchinson
United States Senator