Conrad Gaard

Selected Books & Lectures

  •  Spotlight on the Great Conspiracy (Full Book; 1955)

  • An expose of the Satanic plot to destroy our Christian heritage.
    •  Satan builds a mongrel serpent seed race; Cain, the human progenitor of the serpent race; Abraham's progeny mongrelized; Esau defects to Satan's serpent race; the seed of the Woman; Nimrod, the first post Flood world dictator; the great Babylonian conspiracy; anti Christ Illuminati organized; racial background of Jewry; Judaism of Babylonian origin; various usages of the term "Jew"; the revival of pseudo Jewish nationalism; distinction between the pseudo Jews and the true Jews; origin of the Babylonian financial system; Zionism and Communism; the great Day of Jehovah; time of Jacob's Trouble; the Sabbath age to come; &c.
  •  Studies in Genesis
    •  1 - Was Adam the First Man?
    •  2 - The Two Seed Lines
    •  3 - Who Was Cain's Father?
    •  4 - Sons of God and the Fallen Angels
  •  He Hath Prospered Our Beginnings

  • A review of Biblical and historical evidence as to the identity of modern Israel.
  •  God's Kingdom Plan
  •  The Abomination of Desolation - In the Holy Place
  •  National Israel - In the World Today
  •  The Israel Identity is Important