Your world reflects you. That simple sentence is so richly profound that it can serve as the foundation for a Godly philosophy. Letís restate it in some other ways in order to get a better feel of its meaning. The world which you perceive is a direct consequence of your beliefs. You can only perceive something that is knowable to your soul. You are the creator of whatever you perceive. The faults of the world reflect your own faults. The living creatures of the world serve you as a picture-book of lessons from which you can learn about yourself. Whatever you dislike in another person is an expression of your dislike of that characteristic in yourself, hence when you correct that flaw in yourself it will no longer exist in the other person who is your mirror.

        I can imagine you responding to the above with this argument: just because I can profit from seeing my reflection in others doesnít require that I have created them! But you have! Yes, you are responsible for whatever you see in your world. And, it is only when you acknowledge that responsibility that you can effectively do something to improve it. If you are a powerless victim of a birth not of your choosing, and of a society not of your design, and of physical laws not under your control, and of events that are caused by others, then you are like a leaf carried downstream through rapids. Then you can claim to be inferior to nearly everything, just an unfortunate creature who survives by accident, or by the whim of others. Is that the kind of offspring which the Almighty God would design to represent Himself? Is that a person whom the Almighty would love and select to inherit His Kingdom? Is that person a member of the body of Christ? Sadly, that is the kind of person preachers see before them, paying to have their worthlessness reconfirmed. "poor miserable sinners!"

        Warning! This article speaks ONLY to those who are true children of God, members of the body of Christ, branches of the Jesus Vine, who are genetic descendants of Jacob, namely the twelve tribes whose emblems still today identify the people of northern Europe, Scandinavia, and England. It was to these lost sheep that Jesus came, and to no others.

        VICTIMS! You, me, all. Peas in a soup being stirred by someone else. Always someone else! The power belongs to someone else. It has to, because if you claim any of it, then you are no longer a victim. And God knows that you think you need that excuse to elicit His sympathy. Like a crying baby elicits its motherís tender love. Sorry! Youíve probably developed a personal skill at being conspicuously Sorry. Iím using the word, sorry, in the sense that American southerners use it, meaning despicable and worthless. Youíve been taught by preachers that God loves Sorry. Good thing, because with your lack of self-esteem, that might be the best you can offer Him.

        In the above description, Iím trying to say something that isnít supposed to be stated in words, but rather is to be expressed through your life without lifting your eyes to see what you are actually doing. You are supposed to smile and be charitable (self-sacrificing) and pretend that this is what God wants of you, and that He will love you for it. The more self-effacing you are in your performance of life, the less threatening you will appear to fellow church-members, and that is very important to group acceptance. Perhaps you can give a testimony of Sorry that will have them all wanting to hug you. Yeah, now thatís love!

        No, friends, thatís just Sorry. Such sheep arenít just lost; theyíve made a religion of wallowing in emotional muck. They sure arenít following a Lord who calls them to be a nation of Kings and Priests and a Holy Race. And what kind of King would want to be represented by one who has eyes downcast, shoulders slumped, and no self-esteem? Is that how our Father is? Is that the kind of representative who stepped forth against Goliath saying, "Iíll show you there is a God in Israel."? In Revelation 19, we read, "Then I saw heaven opened, and behold a white horse, and the One sitting on it being called Faithful and True, and in righteousness He judges and makes war. And His eyes are as a flame of fire, and on His head many diadems, having a name written which no one knows except Himself, and clothed with a garment dipped in blood, and His name has been called the Word of God. And the armies in heaven were following Him on white horses, dressed in fine linen white and clean. And out of His mouth goes forth a sharp sword, that with it He may strike the nations and He will shepherd them with a rod of iron and He treads the winepress of the fury of the wrath of God the Almighty."

        Now, I ask you, are the armies behind Jesus sitting upright or are they a Sorry lot? Are your preachers preparing you to be warriors for God? Or are they content with a religion of Sorry? What about you, yes, you personally? Are you ready to get up, out of the Sorry pew and ride for the King? Will you go into battle to kill or to hand flowers? I suspect that most of our people would respond to those questions with a hesitant, "well, Iíd like to be strong like that, and to be one of whom He would be proud, but I donít know how, or where to start." If that describes you, then I say, Hooray for you, at least you looked up when you heard the call. Perhaps you will ride with Him.

        The truth is that you are so much more than your preachers have told you. Godís children have been beat down and lied to, not only by our enemies but by our own Christian leaders who donít know any better than they were taught. Now, the end time is here, and we arenít ready to win the victory and inherit the Kingdom of God. Time to wake up, beloved. Today, we go to war. Youíll learn quickly!

        Lesson One. You need to know who you really are. To think of yourself as a child of God is not enough because you donít know what that means. A child might see himself as weak. You are much more than that. What I am going to tell you next is something that has not been known until this end-time period. It is in the Genesis account, [in the Greek Septuagint of 285BC, slightly different from the 1,000AD Masoretic Hebrew text used for English Bibles] but it wasnít understood, and it is there that we must start. [For a detailed explanation of this, see Greek Genesis.htm] The first chapter of Genesis tells an account of six days of creation. Everyone knows that, but the second chapter seems almost like another creation account. In a way it is. Chapter One describes a perfect creation as a DESIGN in the Mind of God. The earth-stage was set-up by the Father, but as it says in Genesis 2:5, "there was not yet a man to cultivate it." The next step was to form Adam from the dust of the earth (2:7). Then, AFTER Adam was created, we read in 2:19, "God formed yet farther from the earth all the animals (theria) of the field and all the birds of the sky, and brought them before Adam, to see what he would call them. . ."(LXX) The word theria is a Greek word that is usually translated as beast, but that is sometimes wrong because the word is used in two ways; the animal beasts were the quadrupeds created in the first part of the sixth day, while Man was designed in the second part of that day. Then in 2:19, we see that the theria who were formed later are of the field, making them different from those of the sixth day which were of the earth. Those men of the sixth day creation were the two races of divine origin, namely those from Adam and those from Satan. Later, in 2:19, the theria of the field can only be the other human races of darker skin, created to serve Adam. The dark races were not pre-Adamic, but were manifested AFTER God thought Adam should have help. So, God designed yet farther some more races whom Adam then brought into being by naming them into existence. Now, here is where the pieces of the puzzle come together.

        Adam was not the name of an individual, but of a race from God. We should think of them as the body of Christ. While the Father was the designer of the creation, His offspring Christ was the instrument of creation, the one who brought the living creatures into being by "naming" them. He, the Christ, acted as the WORD which brought the living creatures into existence. Hang on now.

        Who is the Christ, this offspring of God who was created before the foundation of the world? This anointed body of whom the Head is Jesus? Answer: it is that one special race of Man, first from Adam and later from Israel who live today as the white race of Europe and America. We are the body of Christ, a membership of spirit-beings who have lived from the very beginning, and who have created our perceptible world by "naming" (believing) it into existence. We are the creators of our world. The Father did not make the creation manifest; the Son did, and we are that Son. The Spirit of the Father lives and moves within His Elect ones. So, in conclusion, you are one of the Creator-team who makes our world what it is, simply by believing it to be whatever we (as a corpus) choose to believe. Instead of being victims of a world that is greater than us, we are the actual creators of it, and therefore responsible for it. Got it? It turns out that you arenít Sorry at all, contrary to what your preachers tell you! You have the power of God behind you and you continuously create the world that you see before you.

        Oh, oh! But, this world is a mess! Itís really bad! Thatís right, and you made it that way. With empowerment comes responsibility. Ainít this fun? Ooooh, Lord, have we screwed up, or what? Looking at it that way really does fill me with sorrow. Sorry, ashamed, remorse-filled, contrite, repentant, humble, and hopefully finally yearning to know how we can correct what we have bungled.

            All of a sudden, having a car which expresses your vanity doesnít seem so important, does it? Worldly satisfactions seem so trite, now. Yesterday you just cared about your homelife and some personal pleasures. Today, you know you are one in charge of the world! Yesterday, you saw yourself as a sheep; now you see yourself as that Rampant Lion of Judah standing on two hind feet with forepaws reaching forward for serious business. Well, that Rampant Lion is the symbol of the Royal Tribe of Juda and is the insignia of the King or Queen of England, the one who sits on the Throne of David until Jesus returns to assume that position. Yesterday, your personal insignia was your style of clothing, now it is the emblem of Royal authority as an extension of our God and King. Yesterday, you were a victim of forces you thought were superior to you; today, you realize you were in charge of those forces all the time.

        Ooooh, groan, wail, grieve, anguish! How dare I even speak to our Father again. I want to crawl in a hole and pull the dirt on top of me. I just want to die. Iím so ashamed of the mess I made of things. How could I have been so stupid? So blind? So arrogant? So - so - so - so???

        Well, you canít do any good down in that hole. So, get up, and think about yourself being an extension of God, empowered by Him, representative of the Almighty King. Stand up. Lift your head up. Eyes bright. Courage. Youíve lived forever, and will always live as an offspring of Him, so death isnít something to fear. Thatís just a temporary condition, no big deal.

        Perhaps now you can see yourself more clearly as a David, who dares to challenge Goliath with, "Iíll show you thereís a God in Israel!" Perhaps now you can see yourself on one of those white horses in the army behind Jesus, the guy with a bloody uniform and with a sword in His mouth. Perhaps now, instead of a rapture escape, you might feel charged with His Spirit and willing to bring this wicked world of Babylon to a violent end. Perhaps now you can hear the cheers of the angels in heaven rejoicing to see you in action against our three enemies: the Beast (Edomite Jew materialist system), the False Prophet (Islam, and others, like Joseph Smith), and the Dragon, (Orientals).

        You helped make the World into the anti-God mess that is our hell. So, now, help correct the mistakes you made. Stop believing Satanís lies that you are not a special race, that you are but one on a long list of creatures who have no special powers, that you should sacrifice yourself for the sake of enemy races who want to destroy you and take your inheritance from you. Donít fret over the past; itís past! Stand up. Move forward. Be strong. Take on the whole armor of God, and be one of His warriors. Stop apologizing for the past and get on with the future. Youíve got a new Kingdom to establish and develop. Itís gonna be great. Itís no wonder Godís angels rejoice at the new you.


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