by Roger Hathaway, October, 2004

God is now awakening His white Adamic/Aryan race to the Truth. That knowledge which was hidden for so many centuries is now being revealed. White supremists know by instinct and by common sense that they are superior to other races, but they don�t understand exactly why. This article is the good news of why you are God�s special race. That knowledge has been obscured by so many lies that few were ever able to find it. Now, the fog is clearing, and we are preparing to stand as the inheritors of the grand vineyard which God has prepared for His own true children, namely the white European race.


Since so many Christians think the Jews are true Israel and God's chosen ones, we need to correct that error. We need first to know who the Jews really are. They are the race of Edomites, of the race of Cain, the counterpart and enemy race against the white race of Adam who are Christ�s sheep. While most traditional Christians have been taught that modern Israel is the same as ancient Israel, that is not true. I will use the word "Jews" for today�s Israelis. Jewish scholars today admit that Jews are the Khazar people from southeast Russia, and that they have no lineage from Jacob (Israel), the son of Isaac. (See Arthur Koestler�s The Thirteenth Tribe, & Khazar websites) But they do descend from the line of Jacob�s brother, Esau, whose name was later changed to "Edom," a word meaning red, which is a color that still identifies them today. It is their Khazarian legend that they came from Mt. Seir in Edom.

In order to trace their history, let�s start with Esau, born 1936 BC. Christians fail to understand Jesus� message because they know neither the Old Testament history or the culture and thinking of true Israelites at the time of Jesus. The following synopsis will help you understand the theme of God�s program. Esau was a twin of Jacob, being born first and therefore the rightful heir of the birthright when their father, Isaac, dies. But Esau sold that birthright to his brother Jacob for a meal, and then later tried to get it back by attempting to murder Jacob. But God protected Jacob. Esau/Edom left home and married wives of the darker Aramean race (Cain race), outside the Israel tribes, something forbidden by God. His descendants became the Edomite race, who eventually settled in the region south of the Dead Sea, called Edom. It�s capital was Petra, a city in a deep canyon through which trading caravans must pass. The Edomites robbed caravans until they were finally conquered and evicted from that region by the Nabateans about 321 BC. So, they migrated a short way to the northwest into southern Judea where their ghetto was called Idumea. From there, the Edomites became such a problem for the Judeans that in 132 BC the leader of Jerusalem, John Hyrcanus, coerced them into joining the Judaic religion of the Jerusalem Temple, which was Babylonian Talmudic Phariseeism and had almost no relationship to the ancient religion of the Hebrews of the time of Kings David or Solomon. Talmudic Phariseeism originated with the Israelite captives who lived in Babylon from 586 BC, and was then carried back to Jerusalem when they rebuilt their temple about 510 BC. It was a religion of magics which used fifty four different names of Aramean gods, such as Yahweh, El, Elohim (plural), Adonay (earth's master, equiv. to Satan), Shaday et al., to obtain worldly desires. (Note: the God of Israel never gave any personal name for Himself because He has no peers from whom to distinguish Himself. The only name He ever gave is "I AM," which identifies Him as the essence of all Being, and was often called by the descriptive term, "God of Israel") The Edomites enthusiastically adopted the Talmudic religion, and within a century had taken over the city of Jerusalem, the Temple, and the region of Judea. An Edomite Herod was appointed by Rome as governor of Judea in 47 BC, and then king of Judea in 39 BC. Under Edomite tyranny, the Israelites were pushed gradually toward the edges of the city and to impoverished towns like Bethany and Bethlehem. What�s more, the Edomites had become "Judeans" as residents of Judea. The name, Edomites, for this people was then lost to history, for they had usurped the name, "Judeans," which is translated into English as "Jews."

Jesus went to the Jerusalem Temple and confronted the Edomites directly, telling them that God was not their father, but that they were offspring of the devil, and that their nature was to do their father�s will of lying and murder. Jesus defined the nature of that race which still is their natural instinct as Jews today. Jesus said He came as a Shepherd to lead His sheep away from there, to be called by a new name, which eventually became "Christians." He said that His sheep, the true Israelites, hear His voice, recognize their Shepherd, and follow Him. And they did. Never to be called "Judeans" again, and certainly never "Jews," the true Israelites became Christians.

The Edomite Judeans/Jews were clever, shrewd, aggressive, and troublesome. Already at the time of Jesus they had a population in Rome of about 50,000, just across the Tiber from the complex of the Roman Senate. They became influential in Roman politics and were even favored by a series of corrupt emperors. Nero married a Jewess, Poppaea, who encouraged him to persecute the Christians, whom the Jews hated. But, some of the temple Jews of Jerusalem caused continuous trouble for Rome. Between 67 and 70 AD Rome had to quell several uprisings in Judea. Finally, under Titus, Jerusalem was sacked by Rome and all Jews expelled. Their eviction was completed in 74 with the fall of Masada. Their purge from that Palestine region is called the Jewish Diaspora, whence they migrated to southeastern Russia, Italy, and Spain. Those of Russia became the Khazars, today called Ashkenazi. Those of Spain became the Sephardim. And those of Italy became active in Roman politics. And then after Constantine made Christianity the state religion of Italy in early 300's some became active in the newly formed Roman Catholic Church. Some in later centuries even became Popes.

Other Jews did continue to maintain their Judaic religion, and by 1,000 AD had created a Hebrew text of the Old Testament Scriptures (the Masoretic Text of the Leningrad Codex), which they presented to the Roman Church as the original language text of the ancient Hebrews. (Note: the eastern half of Christianity still today rejects the Hebrew text as valid, using the ancient Greek Septuagint for the O.T.)  Jewish influence was a powerful factor within the developing Roman Catholic line of Christianity. It is important to understand that the first appearance of their Hebrew language Old Testament, which is used for our English translations today, was only 1,000 years ago. Critics of the previous sentence will refer to Aquila�s attempt to create a Hebrew text in the second century, which was a literal translation of a kaige Greek text, and which came to nought. The reason there were no prior texts in Hebrew is because the Herodian-script alphabet for the Hebrew language was only created during the century prior to Christ. The only Bible available for Jesus, His disciples, Philo, or Josephus, or anyone else was the Greek Septuagint of 285 BC. There is absolutely no evidence of any Hebrew Old Testament text prior to the time of Christ. Actually, the language known as Hebrew only developed during the Assyrian (8th C. BC) and Babylonian (6th C. BC) captivities by the captive Israelites who lived in the Babylon region when they were forced to learn the Aramaic language. By mixing their native Phoenician language with Aramaic, the mongrel language, now known as Hebrew, resulted. The language which Moses knew was Phoenician, not Hebrew! So, the claim that Hebrew was the language of our O.T. ancestors is fraudulent. That language did not exist prior to 700 BC. There is hardly any single instance of Jewish influence or work which is not fraud, deceit, lies, cheating, victimizing the innocent, stealing, or murder.

Anyway, the non-religious Khazars of southeastern Russia, in the 7th C. AD, were being pressured by Muslims to convert to Islam. Their other choices were Christianity or Judaism. Under their King Bulan, about 700 AD, they chose Judaism and brought Sephardic rabbis from Spain to teach them. Then it was as Jews, during the following centuries, that they pushed into other regions of Europe such as France and Germany. They were expelled from most countries of Europe during the following centuries for their usurious loan practices and shrewd exploitation of the people. Time after time they were welcomed into countries where people did not know their wicked nature, only to be expelled after badly damaging the economy. In the early 1800's the Jewish (Khazar) Rothschild family of bankers took over the economies of France and England. The name, Rothschild, means red-shield. It is the same Edomite red that would later identify the Jewish political system of communism.

The importance of knowing the history of this wicked Edomite race is first, to know that they are NOT the true Israelites, nor the chosen people of God. Secondly, it is valuable to understand that their wickedness is their natural innate racial instinct because they are the genetic race of Satan. Jesus told them that truth to their face (John 8:44), and that got Him killed. In Genesis 3:16, God said to Satan, "I will put enmity between thee and the woman and between thy seed (spermatos) and her seed." God is using the word "sperm" for the seed planted in Eve by Satan. Traditional Christianity has denied this clear statement because it still clings to the doctrine of universal gospel which the Roman Catholic Church promoted when it sought political power over lands and peoples that were not true Israelites. The great Reformers corrected a few egregious errors of the Roman church, but did not correct the outrageous lie of universal gospel. And still today, the church dares not address Jesus� statement, "I came not except to the lost sheep of the house of Israel." Nor does the Christian church acknowledge the many Old Testament prophets who foretold the complete annihilation of Edom at the end-time. The Jews have attempted to usurp the position of God�s-chosen-race by fraud, but Jesus spoke about that to John in Revelation 2:9 and 3:9 when He said that those who say they are Jews and are not but lie, they are the synagogue of Satan. No, God knows His children, the lost sheep of Israel for whom Jesus came, and they know Him. And they know their Shepherd, just as Jesus said. The true Israelites certainly are NOT that race of Jews which plagues the world with their evil!


Israel is a race of people who descended from Jacob, son of Isaac. Jacob was born 1936 BC and lived for 147 years, until 1789 BC. He was a twin brother of Esau. From the25th chapter of Genesis, the rest of the Bible is about this one ethnic lineage from Jacob/Israel, who are proclaimed by God to be His own children. They were known by all their neighboring races to belong to the "God of Israel," who guided and protected them alone. About 1420 BC, at Mount Sinai, God made a special covenant with His Israelites and gave them His Law. They agreed to the contract which obligated them to obey those laws perfectly, under penalty of death. No other people on earth were part of that contract, so no other people can ever be accused of violating it. But the Israelites did go on to violate it, and their religion was a practice of sacrificing animals on God�s altar as symbolic of their own death penalty. When Jesus came, as the repairer of Israel�s breach, He said, "I came not except to the lost sheep of the house of Israel." Of course, there was no need for Him to come to anyone else, for only Israel needed redemption from their contract penalty. Jesus� disciples understood this clearly, and went ONLY to those lost sheep of Israel, the white-race people around the Aegean Sea, the Greeks, and those of Italy and Spain and the British Isles. The Bible writers referred to their Israelite tribes as the ethnoi (pl) or singular Israel itself as ethnos. The word ethnos (root of English "ethnic") is translated in English Bibles as "gentile," which most of the time really meant the ethnic tribes of Israel, but which has come to mean in our day anyone who is not a Jew. As we learned above, the true Israelite ethnoi left Judea to follow Jesus, while the Edomites retained the label of Judeans (Jews) unto our modern age. So when you read the Bible word "gentile," most of the time the context warrants a proper interpretation as "ethnic Israel," though in some instances it is properly translated as "nation" or "nations." Ancient Greeks and New Testament authors NEVER understood the word ethnos to mean "non Jew." When St. Paul was sent by God to the so-called "gentiles," he went to the white-race Israelites who had settled the Aegean region in the 8th C. BC from the Assyrian purge of Israelites out of Palestine.

And that information helps us to learn who the true Israelites really are. After God established the kingdom of Israel under King David, about 1,000 BC, and then centered them around the Temple built by Solomon, David�s son, the kingdom was split by Solomon�s successor sons into the northern kingdom, called "Israel," and the southern kingdom, called "Judah." The northern kingdom built their own temple at Samaria, placing in it a golden calf. The kings of both kingdoms who followed, were mostly corrupt, wicked, and rebels against God. Finally, during the 700's BC, God divorced the northern kingdom of Israel and let the Assyrians expel them from Palestine. Many migrated across the Caucasus mountains into Europe, being called "Caucasians." Many settled around the Aegean, where Zara (a son of Judah) had settled long before, and whose people are recorded in the writings about the battle at Troy, by Homer. Other Israelites migrated to Italy, Spain, and Britain.

Today, many of the modern nations of Europe still fly the flags and use the emblems of those Israelite tribes who settled there. The Lion of Judah represents the sovereign of England. The Bull of Ephraim is a flag of England. The Eagle of Dan is used by Germany and by the United States. The Man of Reuben is a flag of Greece. I won�t list all the others here, but cannot neglect the Olive branches and arrows of Manasseh (the 13th tribe) held in the talons of the Eagle for the United States. According to the prophecies, it seems most likely that the two sons of Joseph, Israel�s favorite son, Ephraim and Manasseh are identified as Britain and the U.S. respectively.

Further indication of our white European race being the true Israelites is found in the story of the stone-of-Jacob which represents the throne of David. In 586 BC, when the Babylonian king, Nebuchadnezzar, conquered Jerusalem and destroyed Solomon�s Temple, he permitted the prophet, Jeremiah, to take a few things from the temple along with two daughters of King Zedekiah. Jeremiah took the princesses and a few items to Alexandria, Egypt where they got on a Phoenician ship to Spain. There the prophet left one of the daughters with the king of Iberia (Hebrews), and then left by ship to arrive in Ulster, northern Ireland. There, the Princess Tea Tephi, of the Phares line of Judah royalty, married King Eochaidh, who was of the Zara line of Judah royalty, thus uniting the two royal lines of Judah which had been separated since about 1,800 BC when Zara left to settle the Aegean and found the Hellene (Greek) civilization. One item that Jeremiah brought was the pillow of Jacob. It was used as a coronation seat and represented the continuation of the throne of David, which God promised would never be vacant until the very end of the kingdom of World. That stone eventually went to Scone, Scotland, where it served as a coronation seat, and then in 1296 AD it was taken to Westminster Abbey at London by King Edward I, to be placed in the coronation throne there. Every English sovereign has been crowned while sitting on Jacob�s stone, the throne of David, including Queen Elizabeth II in 1952. In September of 1996, seven hundred years after it was taken out of Scotland, it was returned to Edinburgh where it now sits on display. Scotland holds it under the agreement that the next king or queen of England will be able to use it at that coronation. Also, in Westminster Abbey, there hangs on a wall a genealogy chart showing the direct lineage of the Queen of England back to King David.

For anyone who wishes to learn more of the history of the white-race Europeans as the true Israelites there are many books available. In ancient literature, Vergil�s Aeneid tells the story of Aeneas, from Troy (where Zara settled) to Britain. Then there is Br�tus who settled in England about 1,100 BC. English historians like the venerable Bede, Gildas, et al, make it clear who these people are. St. Paul came to Britain as a missionary. Jesus very likely accompanied his uncle, Joseph, the Decurion of Arimathea, to England on one of the merchant trips. Joseph was an importer of tin from England to Palestine. English historical records indicate that it was Joseph who built the first Christian church in the world, at Glastonbury (AvBlon) about five years after the crucifixion.

Setting aside all the historical records, let us ponder what people in all the world have an attraction toward Jesus as their Shepherd. He said His sheep hear His voice and recognize their Shepherd! Certainly those sheep are not the Edomite Jews, whose nature is described by Jesus as lying and murder. They are, of course, the white race Europeans. Our people claim Jesus as their own, even in spite of erroneously believing they are not His true sheep, and that they must be adopted or grafted in. They find verses about adoption and grafting which they twist a little in order to include themselves. And they claim the doctrine of universal gospel so that they can be included in Jesus� redemption. America was founded as a Christian nation because of our powerful connection with our Lord. The wonderful gospel truth for our day is that we no longer have to twist scriptural passages so that we can be included, but that we are in fact the lost sheep of Israel for whom Jesus came.


Now you know the Jews from the Israelites. You might keep in mind that Israel is the name of a people, a race, and is NOT the name for a country. Israel is wherever the true Israelites are! But, there is more to this story than just two races. God set up these two opponent races for a purpose. It is a contest between good and evil being played by them, each with opposing instincts. God�s children, the sheep of Christ, are born with instincts of love, goodness, the golden rule, justice, compassion, morals, ethics, innocence, charity, and the noble virtues of honor and integrity and honesty and righteousness. These are the natural instincts which motivate our lives. We might stumble and fall a lot, but no matter what depths of depravity we might sink to, there is still within each of us a spark that can be renewed into a flame when these values are recognized by others or confirmed by them. Our opponents in this arena of World are people who are empowered by hate. Their powerful instincts are compulsions to cheat us, enslave us, defraud us, steal what we produce, injure our health, imprison us, kill us, and to exterminate our race through wars, culturicide, revisionist history, sex & violence, and their promotion of race-mixing. Jesus said their nature was that of lying and murder.


So, it is a contest, designed by God, with opponents of opposite instincts. The contest began in 5508 BC with the birth of Cain and Abel. Cain killed Abel. The Adamic race typified Godliness, and the Cain (Satanic) race typified evil. Adam�s second son, Seth, carried Adam�s lineage onward. The two seed-lines contest was renewed with the births of Jacob and Esau. This contest is what I call God�s Divine Pageant. Our planet is the stage. The acts of a complete drama are twelve, according to the twelve zodiac ages of about 2,000 years each. Each age is a drama with its own unique theme. At the beginning of each age, a significant person is born who will keynote that 2,000 year period. Let�s look at some of those themes.

Right now we are ending the age of Pisces, the fish. Jesus keynoted it by selecting fishermen as His followers, by using fish as symbols in parables, and by using the fish symbol to signify the new Christian movement. It is at the end of the age of Pisces that His description of end-times catastrophe will be completed. So, Jesus is the significant person for the age of Pisces, the fisher of God's elect Israel.

Jesus� birth also coincided with the end of the age of Aries, the Lamb. It was Abram who inaugurated the age of Aries about 2,000 BC, by instituting a religion that venerated a Lamb on God�s altar. At the end of Aries, God supplied His own Son as the lamb of sacrifice. Most of the Old Testament is about the 2,000 year age of Aries, for whom Abram was the keynoter.

The age prior to Aries was Taurus, the bull, beginning about 4,000 BC. We know little about our ancestors' veneration of the bull, except that God�s stubborn children were reluctant to give it up after Taurus ended. It was a bull, (also called "calf") that the Israelites made at the foot of Mt. Sinai. Later, it would be a son of Solomon who built another golden calf idol in Samaria, an act which brought to them God�s wrath. Noah, and the flood, happened near the beginning of Taurus. God�s Adamic race was nearly wiped out in that flood, which was in the Tarim Pendi basin of western China and did not affect other existing races of the world.

The age of Gemini preceded Taurus. Gemini means "the heavenly twins." Adam and Eve appeared after the start of Gemini, at 5508 BC, living on the Pamir Plateau, a high elevation region north of present day Pakistan. Even though Zoe (Eve) was twinned from Adam, the real twins of Gemini were Abel and Cain, and they were the start of a struggle for God�s children to climb upward toward their Father over the next 12,000 years. They went astray and mixed with other races against God�s will, so the great flood wiped them out except for Noah and his family who were "pure in their race."


Each grand play on this stage lasts for about 24,000 years, which is one precession-of-equinoxes, which is one cycle. The cycle is divided, like any cycle, into two halves, one half being negative energy and the other positive. If you plot this cycle of twelve ages onto a sine-wave curve, we are now ending the negative half cycle, which has been the kingdom of World. When we transition across the neutral line into the positive half cycle, that will be the kingdom of Heaven for the next 12,000 years. (Note: in the Bible, the Greek word aion means "during ages." It is translated into English as "eternity," and we are wrongly taught that it means an unending timelessness off in the ethers somewhere.) If you plot the zodiac ages onto your sine-wave, the negative half-cycle consists of the ages of Leo, Cancer, Gemini, Taurus, Aries, and Pisces. Coming next are the ages of the kingdom of Heaven, namely Aquarius, Capricorn, Sagittarius, Scorpio, Libra, and Virgo. Just for your interest, note that on your diagram, Noah�s flood occurs at the very nadir (bottom most point) of the negative period. If your cycle was to define one day, Jesus appears at the time of the morning star. Also, at the end of Virgo and start of Leo was the transition from Heaven into World. It was at that time, about 12,000 years ago, that the Sphinx was built to symbolize the virgin and the lion. If you play with your diagram of history, you can find many more interesting correspondences.

So, here is a plot of God�s grand program. The negative period is the kingdom of World, which is ruled by negative, finite, material energy. The World period is lorded by Satan, the arch-deceiver, and his race of children from Cain and later from Edom, being primarily the Jews of today. They were given a period of dominion by Esau�s father, Isaac, on the death bed after Jacob had already been given the inheritance of the kingdom of Heaven. Esau begged for something, anything. So, Isaac gave him dominion over Jacob for a time. Satan's children, the Jews, are nearing the end of their time of dominion, and they have used it badly. It is not for their exercise of their rightful power that God will vent His wrath upon them, but for their terrible injustice against His Israelite children. They did not have to be unjust, but they chose to be, and their consequences were prophesied by many of the Old Testament prophets. They will be nearly annihilated. And then Israelite members of the body of Christ, with Jesus at their head, will inherit the kingdom of Heaven and will have dominion over all the other races of the planet, and its other living creatures. Then we will have a kingdom of justice and peace where everyone of any race who will practice Godliness will have joyous and fruitful lives. God�s elect Israelites will be immortal for about six-thousand years, until there is another fall from perfection in the age of Scorpio, the serpent of the fall.


The end of the age of Pisces has arrived. Jesus warned us about the end time catastrophe in Matthew 24. Prior to that geophysical magnetic-field reversal, there will be God�s great battle of Armageddon. The Armageddon sequence is already underway. You can read the details of these events at

Isaiah 49 says, "It is a great thing for you to be called my servant, to establish the tribes of Jacob, and to recover the dispersion of Israel: behold, I have given you for the covenant of a race, for a light of the tribes, that you should be for salvation to the end of the earth." It is my hope that the above article might contribute to the enlightening of our race to whom we really are: God�s children of Israel and members of the body of Christ.

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Four Minds of God:   The four minds of God which make up all perceivable reality are the Physical, Emotional, Intellectual, and Spiritual. All living things are empowered by God�s Physical mind. All animals and primitive earth races (theria) are additionally empowered by God�s Emotional mind. The two races of divine origin, from Satan and from Christ, also possess the Intellectual mind. ONLY the descendants from Israel possess the Spiritual mind, that part of us which continues after the flesh body dies. So, it is the Spiritual mind of God which is unique to God�s offspring, and which makes us superior to all other living creatures. Here is a key to understanding God�s end time revelations.


Who is it that says any single group must yield up its culture and adulterate its race against its will? America is famous for funding the preservation of third-world cultures, even within our own country. Any immigrant group, legal or illegal, can come here and express hatred toward our people while openly exalting its own race as superior, as does the Mexican group of La Raza (The Race). They can spit in our face and demand that we cater to their language rather than they learn ours. They demand that we educate their children in our schools but in their language. They demand welfare and medical care and social services. They even demand the right to vote their people into our government. They want nothing of our culture except our money and free services while they defiantly spit at us (figuratively). And, what do our elected officials do in response to their open assault against our nation, our people, and our culture?

They prosecute any white American who criticizes the admitted enemy. They give our enemies whatever they demand, and then compete with each other as to who can give them more. Whatever is going on in the halls of our Federal, State, and local governments is inexplicable. Why would any politician ever think he was elected to sacrifice his constituency to its cultural and racial demise? Yet, the pattern is consistent at all levels! Some people suspect a huge conspiracy. Certainly, there is a conspiracy at the national level by the Jews who control our politicians by their complete autonomous control of our economy. But, I doubt that most politicians are aware of the puppeteers behind the scenes. I have concluded that politics is so totally rotten and corrupt that only that kind of people choose that career. They choose it, not to represent anyone but themselves, and their simple goal is to get wealthy. For some, there is an added bonus: power over the masses, and that is not to help the people but to buy their souls by promising them largess at the expense of others. I cannot imagine any more destructive evil than modern politics. It is the crowning Jewish accomplishment, a materialistic nightmare that has overwhelmed the spirits of so many of our oppressed white race. The sum total of establishment politics, finances, and injustice comprises what the Bible calls The Beast.

It is the Beast which oppresses our people and forces us to yield up our culture and to adulterate our race. It is the Beast which opens our borders and offers welfare and an easy life to all the foreign races who want to come here. President Bush says that anyone in the world who wants to work should be permitted to find a job in America. Satan could not achieve any poison more fatal to our culture and our people.

It is still several weeks before the November election of 2004, and the Iraq war dominates the news. Never, in the campaign of either candidate, Bush or Kerry, has there been any mention of the immigration flood. The news media fill their broadcasts with inane drivel and never mention the most serious threat to our existence as a culture and a race. The obvious truth is that it matters not which of the two Bonesmen brothers gets elected; they both have the same agenda and globalist goal! Either of the two fraternity brothers will do the bidding of the same puppeteers. It seems more clear every day that the Armageddon sequence is under way.

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