by Roger Hathaway, October, 2005

Races other than Israel were created by God for the purpose of destruction, in order to demonstrate His Glory to His own people.

Well, did that statement perk you up?

In this paper Iím going to expound on an issue where Jesus held back. He made Himself clear enough for those who are open to understanding Him, but He didnít give details of what I am going to tell you in this article. Whatís more, God has permitted religionists to be misled for two thousand years, and there was probably good reason for that. But the end times are now upon us, and it is time to make some things clear that have never been stated before. There are actually several radical truths that Jesus did not make explicit even to His disciples. This is just one of them. Iím anxious for the day when more of them can be told. This issue has to do with the different races of humans on this planet. Jesus did NOT come for everyone as the church falsely teaches. He only came for one small racial family of people who have descended directly from Jacob (Israel) to this day. He stated this information clearly enough for those who accredit His words, but not clearly enough for Christian religionists who hold false medieval beliefs which over-ride Jesusí words. Jesus said, "I came not except for the lost sheep of the house of Israel." (Mat. 15:24) The truth could hardly be stated any more clearly than that! He didnít come for anyone else.

But, that simple truth is not the subject of this paper. But it is necessary for you to accept Jesusí statement as correct if you wish to understand the Truth. Perhaps it is worth a very brief explanation of what Jesus meant by His simple statement, since most Christians believe just the opposite. The Old Covenant (Testament) was a contract between God and His people of Israel, given at Mount Sinai, that required the Israelites (and no one else of the world!) to obey certain rules or suffer a death penalty. You can look it up in the book of Exodus; the contract was ONLY with the Israelites. No other racial or family group or nation on the planet signed that contract, hence no one else can ever be accused of violating it, hence no one else is guilty of breaking Godís laws, hence no one else needed any "repairer of the breach." ONLY Israel needed a redemption from the death penalty which resulted from breaching that contract! Jesus saved the violators from their penalty. That was the Good News which Jesusí disciples understood, consequently, they didnít go to any other than Israelites with the news.

Modern Christians can NEVER know the God of Israel until they understand the Old Testament history that led up to Jesusí birth. The New Testament is nearly meaningless unless you know the culture, values, and background of the people to whom Jesus spoke. Since modern Christianity cannot resolve its conflicts with Old Testament history, it just ignores them and interprets the N.T. as it wishes. Even for N.T. Christians, most preachers couldnít tell you where our New Covenant (our current contract with God, the most important fact in the Bible!) is written, nor what clauses that contract contains. No, preachers simply teach the simple kindergarten lessons they learned in Sunday Schools where our contract with God was never taught. In light of that abysmal ignorance, how can even God expect them to get beyond the milk and into some mature understanding of difficult questions?

Okay, Jesus made it clear that He came ONLY for the twelve tribes of Israel. We know that those twelve tribes migrated into northern Europe where their tribal emblems are still today used on flags and official insignia, identifying who these white race people really are. The white European Israelites who established America used the Eagle of the tribe of Dan and the arrows & olive branches of Manasse. It is no accident that we still fly our ancient emblems! It is also no accident, but is deliberate, that modern Christianity ignores this information in order to support the idea of a Universal Gospel that began with the ancient Roman Catholic Church over a thousand years ago when it became a political power and thereby claimed that all people of the world are guilty of violating Godís laws. That was a lie which Protestants have never yet addressed or refuted.

Secondly, letís look at Romans chapter 9 and learn something about the Potter and His right to make pots (races of people) as He wishes. From verse 21. "Has the potter no right over the clay to make out of the same lump one vessel for honor and one for dishonorable use? But what if God wanting to demonstrate His wrath and to make know His power endured with much longsuffering vessels of wrath that were prepared for destruction, so that He might make known the riches of His glory on vessels of mercy which He prepared beforehand for Glory?" Paul is writing to the Christians at Rome about races of people and tribes in these chapters. Paul knew that the people of Rome, Greece, Anatolia, the Iberian peninsula and even Europe were the Israelite tribes of the northern kingdom of Israel. Paul was part of the southern kingdom, called "Judah," and he deeply resented that he was sent to those apostate northern tribes who had left the ancient Hebrew religion many centuries earlier. Paul often referred to himself and the southern kingdom as "Israel" or as "Judeans" (translated into English Bibles as "Jews"), in order to make the point that he also was a true Israelite as much as those diasporan residents to the north. Paul most often referred to the northern kingdom people with the Greek word "ethnoi," which meant the Israelite "ethnic group." English versions translate "ethnoi" as "gentiles" which has come to mean "non-Jew," just the opposite of what it meant to Paul. Sometimes Paul called the northern Israelites "Greeks" or a pejorative term, "Samaritans." Anyway, Paul is making the point to the Grecian white race Christians at Rome that they are Godís elect chosen people while other races were created for different purposes, perhaps even for destruction. Paul states that God has endured with longsuffering patience the attacks of non-Israelites against His own select children in order that He might reveal His own Glory to His children by destroying their oppressors.

What I have just stated is radically opposite from what most Christians believe with their teaching of Universal Gospel. American Christians get some of their religious beliefs from our Declaration of Independence which says "All men are created equal." Well, the Bible disagrees. More of their beliefs come from their Sunday School song, "red and yellow, black and white, they are precious in His sight; Jesus loves the little children of the world." That pretty much sums up the depth of knowledge which preachers get emotional about. And so it is with religions which care not what the Bible is really saying! If anyone can read the Bible without such erroneous pre-programming, it becomes extremely clear that the entire book is the story of one particular family that is a genetic lineage from Adam to Noah to Abraham to Jacob to his 12 sons/tribes. God cared nought about any other people, slaughtering them at whim whenever He chose. Other races and nations called our God the "God of Israel" and nowhere is it ever hinted that our God is their God also. He is not! When Jesus was talking to Edomite Jews at the temple in Jerusalem, he told them that God was not their father, but that the devil was their true father. Whatís more, He said that to Edomite "Jews" who believed in Him! Look it up for yourself. Itís pretty clear that ancient and modern church politics promotes a belief that contradicts the Bible. Israel (meaning the white race European Christians) today is a body of people (not a country in Palestine) who are Godís beloved ones, and to whom His promises have been given and will be fulfilled!

God has permitted many centuries of oppression and genocide against us because that is essential to His designed overall plan. During the past 12,000 year kingdom of World, Satan was lord over the earth. Now, at the end of that World period, that negative energy lord will be overthrown and the positive energy of Christ will reign in order to create a Godly kingdom of Heaven. In order for this transition from negative to positive to happen, all of us positive energy foreigners (Godís children of Israel) must die to this lower kingdom of World and be renewed in the next kingdom. Jesus personally demonstrated that sacrificial path and said it must happen to the rest of us also. So, the other races which continuously attack us are serving Godís purpose by killing us. And by so doing, they are also earning a huge measure of Godís wrath which will be demonstrated more and more in these end times. And so it is that other races are "vessels of wrath that were prepared for destruction." This is Godís design.

Keep this in mind when you see cities of sin being wiped out, or Muslims being destroyed by tsunamis or earthquakes or wars. By the way, if you think Muslims arenít our anti-Christian enemies, then you havenít been listening to them very well.

Clear? Do you see how special you are to God? Can you accept that His plan is perfect just the way He intends it to be? When you witness God destroying other people by the millions do you suffer anguish at their plight or do you recognize the Glory of God being revealed? We sheep were born with instincts very different from those of other races; we are filled with compassion and love and benevolence and charity and mercy because those attributes of God are expressed through us. When a disaster like that of New Orleans happens, one wonít see the black race groups stepping forth to help or contribute. Rather, you see just the opposite. When you see America warring against Iraq in order to protect Israel, you donít see the Edomite Jews of Israel participating or even contributing. Rather, you see them exploiting us even more mercilessly while we are helping them.

Hopefully, you have been jarred by the above paragraphs. The end-times are here, and soon we will have to stand up and recognize who we really are, and quit all this nonsense about other races being our equal. They are not, nor have they ever been, nor can they ever be. Most races (the theria of Genesis) are expressing only two of Godís four natures, the physical (Lion) and the emotional (Bull). The Edomite Jews, being our brothers who descended from Esau (Israelís eternal enemy), have also a third nature of God, the intelligent mind (Eagle), which we Israelites share, too. But, ONLY Israelites possess the Spiritual nature/mind (Man) of God, which is the only nature that never dies when the flesh dies. We donít merely have a spiritual talent, but we are part of God Himself. We are members of the body of Christ, of whom Jesus is the head (He the vine, we the branches), so we are Godís direct offspring, His children, and therefore the only people who have any value to Him. The other races are mere props (opportunists) on the stage. We offspring were created before the world began, and we have performed in Godís divine pageant many times before. In each 24,000 year cycle, we are spirit-being foreignors during the half-cycle kingdom of World where we are disciplined and strengthened and trained and prepared to inherit the kingdom of Heaven. In order to do that we must die to this World; we canít have the World and Heaven, too! We must let the World go, despise it, hate it, separate ourselves from all its attractions, and hate even our own lives here. Satanís offspring, the Edomite Jews, provide us a great service by persecuting and killing us as is necessary to Godís plan.

Now, I want to mention a model for our end-time scene. It was in Egypt, between about 1850BC and 1450BC, when Israelites were in a foreign land (Egypt is always a symbol of World) and they were persecuted and oppressed, much like we are in America today. At the end of their bondage, when Moses gave ultimatums to the Pharoah, God sent some plagues upon the Egyptians/World, but those plagues did not affect Godís Israelites. Today, the World is confronting many plagues. Right now, we are ominously watching the development of the Bird Flu which has a potential to mutate into a human threat. I see the hand of God in this. For the Pharoah, the plagues served as a message to let Godís children go. Today, the plagues will be an ever-more-powerful message that will demonstrate Godís wrath against a World which has oppressed His children. King Solomon mentioned birds as carriers of messages to expose the wickedness of wrongdoers in Ecclesiastes 10:20. "for a bird of the air shall carry thy voice and that which has wings will report thy speech." (LXX) Might we see the birds bringing a message from God as they migrate across the world? If this thought terrifies you, perhaps you should consider re-evaluating your religious beliefs about who you really are, and recognize your valid claim to being a true Israelite child of God whom the plagues will not affect. And further, instead of sacrificing your money and your self to help our enemies whom God destroys, perhaps you should face the truth which the Bible teaches, that Jesus did not come for them, and that God prepared them as vessels for destruction in order to demonstrate His wrath and His Glory to us!

How should you view the other peoples of the world who worship alien gods? One hint was given in the writings of that precious find at Nag Hammadi in 1946, in The Book of Thomas the Contender. It contains notes taken during discussions with Jesus about various topics. Jesus had some interesting things to explain to His friends. One of those is as follows: "Thomas answered and said, "What have we to say in the face of these things? What shall we say to blind men? What doctrine should we express to these miserable mortals who say, 'We came to do good and not to curse,' and yet claim, 'Had we not been begotten in the flesh, we would not have known iniquity'?"

    "The savior said, "Truly, as for those, do not esteem them as men, but regard them as beasts, for just as beasts devour one another, so also men of this sort devour one another. On the contrary, they are deprived of the kingdom since they love the sweetness of the fire and are servants of death and rush to the works of corruption. They fulfill the lusts of their fathers. They will be thrown down to the abyss and be afflicted by the torment of the bitterness of their evil nature." Of course, the ancient Roman church rejected this writing of Thomas, along some others that are truly wonderful, from its New Testament list, but Jesusí words are consistent with the rest of the Bible for those who are willing to read it objectively rather than through the filters which modern religions have used to obscure the truth.

For you that actually read this far, you have now been confronted with the idea that God is a racist. God is also Truth. What you do personally with this knowledge is up to you, isnít it? Will you ever become so bold that you will stand up as an heir to the kingdom and claim it? If you read the Bible, you will find countless promises that God will one day vanquish the enemies of Israel, even annihilating Edom (Jews). Think about this. As God sends destructive forces upon them, will you cry over them and run to their aid and try to thwart Godís will? Will you continue to defer to those who exploit you and oppress you? Or will you finally admit your unique relationship with our Father, and rejoice with the angels in heaven over the defeat of our enemies? Keep in mind that you canít claim the special inheritance without admitting that you are special. Are you up to it?


            All that said, a footnote is very much in order. We are never encouraged to treat other races unjustly, or even to hate them. They are creatures whom God placed on this planet because they have a role to play in the pageant. Being opportunistic, the other races become pawns to be influenced by both the race of Israel and the Satanic race of Edom (Jews) who are in eternal struggle against each other. Other races (the theria of Genesis) are not evil by nature; they simply respond to events and circumstances according to their physical and emotional instincts. All negroes are not evil; many of them have excelled and acted more Godly than Israelites. Many of them have performed in ways that should make our people envious. And many of them recognize the true God, and look to Jesus as their Lord. They should be encouraged. Those who follow God's laws will be greatly blessed for that. We might consider that it is even more difficult for them to adopt Godly practices that are in conflict with their general racial group. We can even love them for their Godliness and their talents, some of which are exceptional. I am thrilled at the genuineness of Mahalia Jackson and Odetta, and at the voices of Kathleen Battle and Paul Robeson. There have been hybrid mixes of blacks with whites who have excelled in professions with brilliant minds. What we must keep in mind is that hybrids (super-achievers, exceptions) are common to all living organisms, plants, and animals, and people. Hybrids are rare exceptions because most offspring are either average or mutants. I mention this because we must not let an occasional rare hybrid, like Colin Powell, lead us to think that all miscegenation offspring can be like that. And there is another law in biology that is worth knowing: All mutants/hybrids revert to type. That means that within only a few generations of offspring from the same racial group, the mongrel qualities will have disappeared and the offspring will have reverted to their original pure racial type. So, the utopian dream of creating one grand blend of races in the world is just a political fantasy which is not even possible.

            Hopefully, you can see that I am not promoting any kind of racial hatred with the above article, but I am discussing what the Bible says about the different vessels which the Potter creates. It will only be when it is acceptable to be honest about race that the conflict between races can cease. We are not all equal, and it is not fair to demand that Eskimos or Africans deny their natural genetic instinctive natures in order to compete in a white-race culture. We would be most happy in separate societies. In Africa, blacks have lived successfully for countless thousands of years with their natural culture of sex and violence (emotional nature). We can see that blacks in America cannot deny their deeply rooted genetic instincts in order to adapt to our culture which holds sex and violence in check. Even today, the FBI crime statistics reveal that blacks (less than 15% of the nation) commit the vast majority of crimes and they are huge majority in prisons. (Those FBI statistics include hispanics with whites in order to make the white numbers higher.) Blacks are denied the fulfilling satisfaction of living according to their own nature in America, so it is no wonder they are so angry and hateful. They would find Africa much more satisfying. Abraham Lincoln recognized this fact and initiated a plan to send all blacks to Liberia. Unfortunately, he succeeded at only letting wickedness out of the bottle, never to be restrained successfully again.

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