The subject of race is probably the single most important issue in the world today. Modern political trends and the globalist movement are a result of racial dynamics. Television is focused on the promotion of racial tolerance and race-mixing perhaps equal even to its focus on sex and violence. Nearly every commercial and sitcom showcases the black race in proportion far in excess of their actual percentage of the populace.

I just caught the latter part of a PBS program about DNA and Race. Very interesting! The scientists illustrated by colors on pie-charts many many different racial combinations. Each racial group, and even the sub-racial groups, could be identified by DNA markers. Of course, they emphasized that an infinite variety of combinations was possible. And because of that they concluded that there is no such thing as race. The word should be deleted from language usage because it is meaningless. They admitted the commonly observed racial differences, like skin color, hair color, eye shape, and eye color, but declared that those were so superficial that they were irrelevant. Here are some of my thoughts regarding this non-problem which occupies the attention of the non-racists so intensely.

First, since they are all evolutionists, I would ask them why any racial distinctions even exist after millions of years of race-mixing? If the evolutionary process does anything at all, it surely could have eliminated the few meaningless, superficial, and irrelevant differences! That these differences still exist proves to me that the evolutionary process doesn�t work; I believe that it never has worked!

Secondly, the liberal scientists, who have made race-homogenization the primary value of their lives, are like kindergartners who draw conclusions after seeing only a few pieces of selected information. They are claiming that a few physical differences are meaningless because they are so few. Meanwhile, there are other anthropologists who argue that the differences between races are so great that it is impossible that we came from the same source. I would point out that both groups of scientists are looking only at physical characteristics, and ignoring the emotional instincts, the rational/logic/intellectual abilities, and the spiritual mind. So, they are concluding there is only one universal-race after studying only one aspect of it. Sure, humans share more than ninety percent of DNA sequences in common. We all have similarly shaped bodies with two legs, two arms, and a head; we all have hearts and other organs in common, along with blood and five senses. Now, my question is: since we all have so very much in common, why does every child, at least those not yet re-programmed by PBS, possess such a powerful instinctive aversion to others who differ in racial ways from himself? I�ll tell you why? Because children express natural instincts without inhibitions, and what they are doing is natural to ALL creatures. Wolves and foxes are natural enemies in spite of the fact that their DNA sequences are nearly identical. They CAN interbreed, but it is only under extremely rare and unnatural circumstances because of their natural hatred of each other.

NATURE! It is the laws of nature which determine the success or failure of creatures. Nature is ABSOLUTELY determined to improve the genetic strain of any species. The method of achieving this is for the strong to survive and the weak or defective to fall. Strong wolves produce strong offspring. A wolf which mates with a fox will produce a smaller and weaker pup which will die in the dynamic struggle of growing up with larger and more fierce cousins. In such ways nature protects each species, permitting a grand diversity of creatures on this planet. Nature operates the same with the varying human species. One law of reproduction is that after a few generations of breeding, the organism reverts to its original type. Hybrids and mutants are not sustainable, not among the plant kingdom, nor in the animal kingdom. Evolution is effectively disproven by this one law which states that "mutants revert to type." It has only been by extreme effort that corn hybrids have been sustained for several decades. Scientists are worried that they may no longer be able to prevent corn from reverting to its original type.

All members of the animal kingdom, including humans, share a powerful instinctive revulsion against the weak and deformed and those who appear distinctively different, such as with different skin colors. This instinct is nature�s (God�s) method of maintaining the purity of each species, along with enabling it to grow stronger. If weak or defective members were accorded equal rights with the strong, enabling them to infect the gene-pool with their debilities, then succeeding generations would be weakened until that species ceased to exist.

So it is that nature is one great battle; it is a struggle for existence, for life itself. Death is the means by which nature cleanses itself. The laws of nature which make the wild jungle so dangerous for every creature in it are the same laws which are designed for the human races. This racial contest is everything. Today, our world is dominated by politicians and news media who despise this animating contest of nature; they want peace and security at any cost. They hate true "diversity," yet they have adopted the word as their noble goal, for which the white race should accept its homogenization with all other races, thereby mongrelizing itself until there is no more diversity. Such liberals, frightened of the contest, flood the TV with ads against "hatred," by which they mean that Whites should not hate the inbreeding of their race with other races. Such liberals hate the laws of nature so much that they are willing to sacrifice the various racial strengths of the world in order to have one resultant mass of meek and weak blobs of flesh who contest against no other person, especially them. Fortunately, nature will never permit them to succeed.

A couple days ago (July 7, 2005), the heads of powerful nations met Scotland for a G8 conference where they chose to solve the problems of Africa by saving the lives of children, and thereby achieve an unnatural, excessive, and exponential birth rate. They also will spend obscene amounts of money for pharmaceuticals to thwart nature�s method of population control. On top of those two insanities, they will send our food to feed the exploding population. True liberals weep over nature�s methods of solving such problems, but our educated political leaders know they are really working at Marx�s goal of redistributing the wealth from those who have earned it to those who haven�t, until all people of the world are equally poor and easily governed by a totalitarian dictatorship. Whatever their motives might be, they share in common the belief that they must defy and deny nature in order to satisfy their lusts for total power. Those leaders have no utopia in mind for the people of the world; rather they envision a population that is totally subjugated under their control. While this notion is inexplicable to most people, it is satisfying to those who are working Satan�s program of hatred and destruction. While nature reveals the positive design of God which would result in a kingdom of heaven, the "liberals" work for just the opposite, which is resulting in a nightmare.

Let�s get back to the PBS programming for the masses that racial differences are so few and meaningless that the word should be deleted from the dictionary. Just compare the racial societies of northern Europe with those of Africa. What are their track records? According to the politically correct teachings, the black African race is the original. The black race has been functioning for millions? more years than the more recent White race. What is wrong with this picture? The race with the longer history has a track record of nothing beyond tribal warfare and sex-mania: savage primitives! The White race of northern Europe has a written history of many thousands of years during which they enacted laws that protect the rights of others, and they esteemed marriage and fidelity. They created civilized societies; they never lived as savages, anywhere. I think we need to stop arguing the few physical differences, and start looking at other qualities that explain races more effectively.

For those who are familiar with my website,, you know that I discuss the four natures (minds) of God as being expressed through all creatures. The four are Physical (common to all living creatures and plants and organisms), Emotional (limited to the higher animals and all human races), Rational/Intellectual (limited to the two races of divine origin, the Christ race and the Satan race, along with some remnant in the Oriental race from seven thousand years ago when the Cain people mixed with them), and finally the Spiritual Mind (limited to ONLY the offspring of God in the Adamic, and later the Israel, White race.

Scientists who work only with the Physical attributes are ignoring the more meaningful natures which define creatures and races. The White race has created civilizations because it has minds which are designed to do that, while the dark races are designed for an animalistic, primitive kind of society. Should the dark races be despised because they lack certain natures? No, not any more than the bear should be despised because it doesn�t philosophize. Each has its place in this world, and a purpose. Nature is God�s design and works perfectly if it is permitted to do so without interference. Population numbers of creatures cycle naturally. For instance, when the rabbit population cycle is at its peak, its predators, like foxes, also peak in population. If the foxes overdo their predation and the rabbits are gone, then diseases will reduce the fox population to a number that the region can easily sustain. So, with the human population, too. If Africa has more people than can easily sustain themselves, then nature will function to solve the problem by starvation and diseases to reduce their numbers. For anyone to think they can save all the children, cure all the diseases, and feed an explosive-growth of population, that is not just contrary to nature; it is stupid. The only word to describe such nonsense is "stupid." Nature will not permit that kind of idiocy to doom its long-term goal of improving each species and making life more happy, successful, and wonderful for its vibrant, healthy, and dynamic creatures, all of which reveal the handiwork of God.

Nature is the foundation and the infrastructure of our pageant. Being true to nature is being true to God. It is His will that is revealed through His design. The liberals, including the environmental radicals, the eco-wackos, the "greenies," and any others who claim they adore nature and its living creatures, all really despise the natural plan which we see in the wilderness around us. Actually, they even despise the plan of their own lord, Charles Darwin, who described nature�s program as "survival of the fittest." The liberals work to subvert that plan, wishing to save all the weak and defective that are born. They work to sacrifice the lives of the strong for the sake of those who can�t survive otherwise. Their demonic plan is accomplished by the most pernicious of methods: by calling upon the compassion and generosity of the strong. They call the strong to sacrifice themselves on the altar of worship for the weak and defectives.

Liberals hate the Bible because nature�s plan is confirmed in its passages. Jesus said, "Don�t think I came to bring peace on the earth. I have not come to bring peace but a sword. For I came to divide a man against his father, and a daughter against her mother, and a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law, and the enemies of the man will be the members of his household. The one loving a father or mother more than me is not worthy of me . . ." (Matthew 10:34-39) What? Jesus said that??? He said that He CAME FOR THE PURPOSE of dividing family members against each other. Does that shock you? It should, for you have probably never heard that preached from any pulpit. The Christian ideal family is just the opposite from what Jesus said. But it is nature�s design that Jesus confirms, because offspring must turn away from their parents in rebellion as they strive to become even stronger. As for the holy mantra of the liberals and the Christian churches, namely "peace," Jesus does not march in their parade! His followers must be prepared to fight evil at the cost of their lives. It is a battle that Jesus calls us to, not a church picnic. It is nature that Jesus directs us to heed. The song, Onward Christian Soldiers has become not a battle call, but a children�s song without any real meaning.

I named my rooster Cogburn, and he was magnificent with gold feathers against black ones and a rooster-tail. Oh, how he watched over the hens, standing guard, and calling out commands which they all responded to quickly. We loved to watch him at work. Cogburn had a son, whom I named George, and who looked just like his father. One day Lisa called me, saying something was wrong in the chicken yard. I walked down to a brush pile to see Cogburn covered with blood and nearly dead with George standing strong and still pecking at him. I carried Cogburn to the chopping block and finished the job. George became the new king of the yard, and he is just as magnificent and good at his job as the mentor from whom he learned. Someday, George will be conquered by a son of his. That is nature�s way. Most people say that nature is cruel, merciless, unforgiving. Yes, it is. There is no pity. The fox doesn�t grieve over the rabbit he kills and eats. A chicken shows no sympathy to a sister chicken who has a spot of blood from some small injury; rather the chickens will peck at the injured one until it is dead, and then they will peck at it to eat it.

Some might read this and think I am suggesting that humans act like chickens or wolves. No, those creatures live according to their physical natures because that is all they have. They don�t have minds for reasoning or for spiritual understanding. Yet, it is essential for us to understand how physical nature reveals God�s design in this kingdom of World. Nature is a textbook for us to learn from; it is not something to despise. We are called to understand the design of God by learning from His creation, and then to welcome our own personal demise as we leave this World kingdom behind us. We are called to follow Him up the hill to the cross and to yield up our own lives in service to our Father, just as He did. It does not negate the Truth or the value of God�s design of nature that we, for a special spiritual reason, are called to die to this World.

It is not for the sake of this physical World that we yield up our lives, nor for those creatures who cannot survive without our sacrifice. But we are to yield up our lives by standing boldly for God�s principles, ideals, commandments, and values. Wild animals live according to their physical natures without any concept of mercy. The dark races live according to their emotional natures without any concern for others. The despotic schemers and political strategists and economic exploiters live according to their rational natures without any mercy for their victims. We of the white Israel race are to live according to our spiritual natures, and we should defend our God-given values uncompromisingly, boldly, and by stating them clearly, without any mercy for our evil opponents. We might have to give up our physical lives, but we must defend our spiritual values just as fiercely as a fox defends its babies. Ours is not a physical, emotional, or even intellectual battle, but a spiritual one. We can learn from nature something about battle itself, that the fearful and weak lose. We can learn from the birds to be ever-vigilant, for Satan walks the earth seeking whom he may devour. The flesh life is nothing, but the spirit is everything! Jesus said that. The foxes and rabbits live and die in a physical arena; we live and die in a spiritual arena, in a battle just as fierce and merciless. The animals work to survive physically. We are to work to survive spiritually. Unfortunately, while caught up in worldly affairs and working for the "good life," we usually fail to develop our spiritual minds. So, we read the Bible without understanding its spiritual message. Preachers glorify themselves by pissing insipid inanities from vacuous minds. Their listeners accept the loud ranting and raving as authoritative.

So it is that race is the factor which determines one�s purpose and destiny. Only the white race has the Spiritual nature (mind), so it is our destiny to realize it and to perfect it. For it we live and for it we die. The Bible teaches us that it is inappropriate for us to devote ourselves to any other values, not physical world, emotional satisfactions, or rational strategies. We can and should use all four of our natures to support our spiritual efforts, and thereby to glorify our Father who has expresses Himself through all four natures. A flower glorifies its designer by expressing the beauty of God�s Physical nature. The Emotional nature is expressed best through happiness, contentment, and love, along with hating anything that might harm the healthy. The Rational nature is best expressed through forming civilized societies which are based on justice, and by executing opponents of such justice. The Spiritual nature is expressed through less tangible values like honor, honesty, nobility, reverence, and the fruits of the spirit listed in Galatians 5:22: love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faith, meekness, and self-control. St. Paul goes on, after listing those fruits of the spirit, to say, "Those of Christ Jesus have crucified the flesh with its passions and desires. If we live by the Spirit, let us also be guided by the Spirit." It is the race of Christ who should live according to its spiritual nature.

An understanding of racial differences is essential to knowing one�s purpose of life and his destiny. Non-Israel races cannot be expected to live by spiritual influences which they do not have. They can, and should, know and honor the true God and Jesus as Lord because it is in that way that all creatures can glorify their Creator. The dark races can worship the true God and can obey His laws, and their lives will be happier, more fulfilled, and more satisfying than otherwise. It is by being true to its own nature that a flower succeeds in its destiny to be beautiful, and that a rabbit succeeds in its destiny as a meal for a predator. It is by being true to his own nature that an Emotion-natured black African achieves fearful respect from his peers, along with breeding his strengths into many women for future generations. It is nature�s plan that the strong get to influence future generations, while the weak die off. For any modern politicians and liberals to thwart nature�s design is to defy God and nature. Their stupid efforts will make life more difficult for God�s children, but will admittedly also serve to strengthen the few who stand fast against them to be the overcomers (of Revelations) whom God ultimately rewards.

This article cannot be complete without emphasizing again that each race must struggle in fierce battle in order to strengthen some and cull the others. Such struggle is more than just necessary, it is the very theme of God�s divine pageant. It should, therefore, be no surprise that God�s enemy, Satan, works to prevent such individual struggle for survival by forming a totalitarian dictatorship where wars and battles will not be permitted. Peace is the goal of those idealistic tyrants, and by peace they mean one that is enforced by their own power. It should be no further surprise that such "peace" lovers despise our Bible and align themselves with Satan. Can you imagine such a peace being enforced throughout all of nature? Predator animals would no longer be permitted to attack prey, but carnivores would be forced to live on corn based feeds. Rabbit populations would not be held in healthy balance but, along with mice and rats, would soon become a carpet over the land. Human populations would increase without any natural controls until all resources are consumed and most life comes to a catastrophic end. That is the kind of scenario which modern liberals work toward by trying to eliminate all battles of life. They just don�t understand the racial nature of God�s divine plan, that Jesus did not come to bring peace, but to bring a sword!

Roger Hathaway, July 2005

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