by Roger Hathaway, January 2005


        Who are our people? When a White Anglo Saxon Protestant (WASP) asks that question, answers are not quickly offered. Our heritage is not taught in American schools. Scholars, professors, and theologians are quite unconcerned with our ancient roots. Sure, everyone knows that we came to America from Europe in recent centuries, but we did not originate in Europe. Friends, there is a reason that our true origin is ignored, but that knowledge is politically unacceptable. We are the white race, and our history is the history of civilization in this world, while the other races were always tribal primitives who did not make progress on their own. We whites have reason to be very proud of our history, but such pride is forbidden by scholars and religious leaders who insist that all races are equal and that the white race bears guilt for most of the evils of the world. Anyone who studies our history will quickly realize that the truth is just the opposite from what our schools are teaching.

        The words Anglo-Saxon mean English and German. The peoples of Germanic race include all the northern European groups, including Scandinavians and French and British and northern Russians. Over a thousand years ago, the Greeks, Spanish, Portugese, and Italians were also white. Except for southern Russia, nearly all of Europe was white race. But, the question of importance still hangs; where did we come from before settling Europe? Anthropologists have traced our origins back to the Pamir Plateau, a high mountainous region just north of Pakistan. Many consider the Pamir to be the Garden of Eden. From there we migrated eastward into the Tarim Pendi Basin of western China, a huge basin surrounded by high mountains. To the north are the Tien Shan mountains where hundreds of perfectly preserved mummies have been found that are many thousands of years old and are white race, blond, blue-eyed, and had woven plaid clothing and felts that were sophisticated beyond anything known to exist at that time in history. China had kept these mummies secret from the west for many years, along with the presence of a white race people in that area who speak Tocharian which is an Indo-European language, like ours. It is likely that our people were nearly eradicated from this basin about four thousand years before Christ when God saved Noah and his family because they were the only family that had not bred with neighboring races: "being perfect in his race." (Genesis 6:10) Their world was flooded and most of the people perished. However, we must keep in mind that the Cain race (the evil counterpart race to Adam) had already migrated from that basin to settle in Sumer (later called Chaldea, then Babylon, and now Iraq).

        After the flood, Noah�s descendants settled in the Punjab region of northwest India where the ancient Sanskrit Vedas and Upanishads are their legacy. Next, it was about 2,600 BC that our people migrated to Sumer where Cain�s race had already settled. Besides the archaeological evidence, much of this history is also confirmed by the study of languages and their origins. The white race has always had languages of the Indo-European language tree, which includes Sanskrit and then Phoenician and then Greek and then the Latin and German/English dialects. [Sidenote: the so-called Hebrew language is of the Afro-Asian tree, developed since 800BC as a mongrel mix of Aramaic with Phoenician; it was never a language of the Adamic family or Abraham or Jacob or Jesus. It never had an alphabet until just before Jesus was born, and there was no Hebrew Old Testament until nearly 1,000 AD!] It was from Chaldea that Abraham migrated westward to the Palestine region, and that is where the Bible starts to give us more details of our history.

In order to know the identity of our people, you must learn a little bit of Bible history, for we ARE the descendants of Jacob who was born about 1936 BC. The white race European nations are the lost tribes of Israel of whom Jesus spoke when He said: �I came not except to the lost sheep of the House of Israel.� We are the true Israelites! Most Christians mistakenly believe that the Jews of today are the true Israelites and the chosen ones of God, but they are actually descendants of Jacob�s brother, Esau, who married into the neighboring Cain races. We will discuss their history, also, because they are major players in this history.
        Jacob�s name was changed to Israel, and he had twelve sons who became the Twelve Tribes of Israel. While Jacob was still alive, his family moved down into Egypt where they would live for the next four hundred years until Moses led them back to Palestine, their Promised Land. Now, here is where the history of our people gets meaningful. It splits into two lines. One of Israel�s sons was named Judah, who fathered the tribe of Royalty from which God would get the kings of the Bible record, and even to this very day. Judah had two sons, Zara and Phares. Somewhere about 1750 BC, when Israel�s family was going to Egypt, Zara took his family and settled around the Aegean Sea (Greece). The Phares line would stay with the other tribes and provide the kings of the Bible history, which would lead to the birth of Jesus who was of the Judah tribe. Zara had two sons, Calcol and Darda (who founded Troy about 1500 BC). Calcol�s line would lead to the Scotia people of what is now northern Ireland. Darda�s son was Erichthonios, whose son was Tros, whose sons were Ilos, Assarachos, and Ganymede. These names are important because the Nordic and French lines came from Ilos, whose son was Laomedan, whose son was Priam (of Homer�s Iliad), whose son was Hector (made famous in Homer�s Odyssey). The ancient British line came from Assarachos, whose son was Capys, whose sone was Anchises, whose son was Aeneas (of Vergil�s AENEID), whose son was Brutus (who settled Britain in 1103 BC, and named it after himself). The line from Ganymede is unknown, except that he appears in Greek mythology as a cup-bearer to Zeus. Alright, those are the ones of the Zara line who settled Europe and Britain over a thousand years before Jesus was born.
        We pick up the Phares line after the Israelites had settled in Canaan and each tribe had its own allotted area. After Joshua led them across the Jordan and they got settled, they were governed by Judges who represented God�s laws which were given to them while they were in the Sinai desert with Moses. The people tired of that Theocracy and wanted kings like the other races had. It was about 1020 BC that God gave them their first king, named Saul. After Saul was the great King David, and then his son Solomon. With Solomon�s two sons, the kingdom was divided into the northern Kingdom of Israel, whose capital was Samaria, and the southern Kingdom of Judah, whose capital was Jerusalem where Solomon�s grand Temple had been built. With a series of kings, things went from bad to worse. The people built golden idols and went to other gods under kings who were very wicked. The northern Kingdom of Israel, often just called Israel, adopted the religion of Paganism which is the mother-goddess religion of Tammuz. God sent many prophets to warn the kings and the people of God�s anger, but they wouldn�t listen. In Leviticus 26 we can read God�s threat to essentially divorce the entire nation of Israel and to scatter them to distant lands where they would forget their God and their origins. It was during the eighth century before Christ that God sent the Assyrians against them, to conquer and defeat them, and send them scattering in many directions. Many were taken captive to Assyria where they lived in the area of northern Armenia at the southern edge of the Caucasus mountains. They eventually crossed the Caucasus mountains to settle in Europe where they were known as Caucasians because they came from the Caucasus. Under the Assyrian assault, many of the Israel tribes had also migrated to Asia Minor, to Greece, to Italy, to Spain, and to Britain where they were at one with the Zara people who were already there. Ancient British historians, like the venerable Bede, Geoffrey of Monmouth, and others tell some of these stories.
        Evidence of OUR people�s origins still waves in our faces as the flags of European nations, but Christian historians turn their blind eyes toward that direction so as to not see them. The English sovereign, right now Queen Elizabeth II, flies the flag of the Lion of Judah to proclaim her as the one who sits on the throne of David which God promised would never be vacant. Germany also uses the emblem of the Lion of Judah, along with the Eagle of Dan, which is used in America, too. The Bull of Ephraim signifies the English people. The Man of Ruben has long been Greece�s symbol, also that of Iceland. Those four, the Lion, the Man, the Bull, and the Eagle were the emblems of the Brigade tribes of Israel. Dan�s secondary symbol of Serpent was used by England, Scotland Netherlands, and the Saxons. The Goblet of Asher was used by England and Scotland. The Olive Branch and Arrows of Manasseh were used by England, Scotland, Holland, and America (our Eagle holds arrows in one talon and olive branches in the other). The Sword of Symeon was used by Britain, Ireland, Scotland, Sweden, and Denmark. The Ship of Zebulun was used by Holland, Denmark, England, and Scotland. The Lion of Judah, besides representing the one who sits on David�s throne, was also used by Ireland, Scotland, Netherlands, Sweden, and Denmark.
        On a wall in Westminster Abbey, in London, there is a genealogy chart which shows the direct lineage of England�s kings and queens back to King David.
        An interesting story is that of Jeremiah the Prophet, who, about 586 BC, left Jerusalem with Nebuchanezzar�s permission, carrying several important items. First, let�s look at the situation: Nebuchadnezzar was king of Babylon, and had conquered Jerusaelm in 586 BC, whereupon he destroyed the grand Temple of Solomon and pillaged the gold and other values from it. Because King Zedekiah, of Jerusalem, had defied Nebuchadnezzar (against Jeremiah�s warnings), Zedekiah�s eyes were put out just after his sons were killed in front of him. But, King Zedekiah�s two daughters were allowed to leave with Jeremiah, who took them first to Alexandria, Egypt where they caught a Phoenician ship to go to Spain. One daughter was left in Spain, while Jeremiah took the other princess, named Tea Tephi, by ship to Ulster Northern Ireland (then Scotia). Now, get this: Tea Tephi was a princess of the Phares line of Judah. In Ulster, she married King Eochaid who was of the Zara line of Judah, thereby reuniting the two royal lines. Tea Tephi�s grave is still maintained in northern Ireland today. There is also an ancient statue of Jeremiah near there. Jeremiah also brought from the Jerusalem Temple a stone which represented the Throne of David; it was Jacob�s pillow. Every king or queen of Scotia, Scotland, and England since that time has been crowned while sitting on that stone. Since it was stolen from Scone, Scotland in 1296AD by England�s King Edward I (the same as in the Braveheart movie), it has rested in the coronation throne in Westminster Abbey in London. But, in 1996 it was returned to Scotland, on condition that it can be borrowed for the next coronation in England. You can now see it on display in Edinburgh. Another interesting note is that Ireland has long used as flags, one which shows a hand with a scarlet thread around it, depicting Zara Judah�s hand at his birth, and another flag which has David�s harp as the emblem.
        So, you see, the history of our people is not really hidden. It is just ignored! Do you ask why it is so ignored? Simply because so many of our people want to believe 1) that the Jews of today are really God�s chosen people and 2) that WASPs are outsiders who must be grafted in or sneaked in the back door by the false teaching of universal gospel. I�ll try to be brief in addressing this subject.
        One is understandably reluctant to give up a belief that the Jews are true Israel in the world today unless there is information about who the Jews really are. Well, they are the Edomite race, descendants from Esau, Jacob�s hateful brother. It happened like this. Esau had sold his birthright to Jacob, and then he married women of neighboring Cain races. Throughout his life, he tried to kill his brother Jacob in order to reclaim the birthright, but he failed. God�s divine pageant on this earth stage is a contest between good and evil, played by two races, one which is born with Godly instincts of kindness and justice and the Golden Rule. The other race is born with wicked instincts of lying, murder (see John 8:44 where Jesus speaks to the Edomites at the Temple), exploitation, fraud, cheating, aberrant sex practices, and violence. Edomite individuals are born with those Satanic instincts, and it is their war against the white race of Israel that makes the pageant. Edom�s descendants settled a region south of the Dead Sea, whose capital was Petra, and whose famous mountain was named Mt. Seir. About 312 BC, the Nabateans evicted the Edomites from that region, so they migrated not very far to the region of Idumea (named after Edom, also) which was in southern Judea (the land of the tribe of Judah). The Edomites created such problems for the Judeans that in 132 BC, the king of Judea, John Hyrcanus, compelled them to be circumcised and join the Jerusalem Temple religion of Judaism. They responded enthusiastically. In less that a century the Edomites had taken political control of Judea under their own Herod (appointed by Rome in 47BC), and they took over the Jerusalem Temple. They oppressed the Israelite Judeans and forced many into suburbs of poverty and small nearby towns. When Jesus was born, it was Edomites who ran the Temple and the priesthood and the entire political scene.
        It was the Edomite oppression that the true Israelites from Galilee (Jesus� home) and Samaria complained about. The word Judean is translated into English Bibles as Jews. The Edomites became the Judeans, and by following Jesus, the true Israelite sheep became Christians, never to be called Judeans again. The Edomites held onto their name of Jews even after they were kicked out of Jerusalem in 70 AD, and again in 132 AD, as they moved to Italy, Spain (as Sephardic Jews) and to Khazaria in southeastern Europe (as Ashkenazi Jews). Today you can buy a book by an Israeli scholar, Arthur Koestler, titled The Thirteenth Tribe, in which he details the history of today�s Jews, claiming that more than 90% of todays Jews are Khazarian; the rest are Sephardim. It is the legend of the Khazars that they came from Mt. Seir, Edom. In the 1925 edition of the Universal Jewish Encyclopedia, vol. 5, p. 41, it reads: �Edom is in modern Jewry.�
        It is certainly not for lack of information that most Christians believe the lie of the Jews that they are God�s chosen ones. Billy Graham, Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson and others have climbed to pinnacles of fame on Jewish owned TV stations because they promote that lie so effectively.

        Above, we have covered the history of the white race from Adam, and later from Israel, so we know that the white European race is really true Israel. Does that mean that a Swede or a German or a Brit is absolutely one of God's children? Regrettably, no. Europe has largely rejected Christ to become a secular-humanist society. Very few go to any church. Also, as they have welcomed race-mixing, there are fewer and fewer who are still pure Israel. Britain is only slightly better, with some who do know the truth. America is still regarded to be a Christian nation, but we are rapidly drifting away from Christ as our Lord. Race-mixing is being promoted by preachers across the land, and is the primary presentation on television. The Jewish influence, through the media, school textbooks, the ACLU,  and other anti-Christ groups, is boldly trashing our Christian culture Godly values. Truly, God's field of wheat is so full of tares (weeds) that one cannot judge who might be a true Israelite child of God. Those of white race, blond hair, and blue eyes are decreasing in numbers. And even at that, the Satan race of Jews is producing many blonds. Perhaps the only criterion for making a judgment is Jesus' statement, "by their fruits you shall know them."

        During this end time period, I am reluctant to attempt judgments regarding white race individuals. I feel strongly that I should not condemn any one, because I can't know how God might be expressing Himself through that person. I simply watch for any person who expresses goodness in relationships with others. I look for a good heart, regardless whether his life is a shambles or not. And I refrain from crusading for Christ because Jesus did not do it; He simply made His information available and then let the Holy Spirit lead others to it. He responded to individual needs, but never pushed Himself on anyone. He let His light shine, and then permitted the Father to use that light as He might wish.

        Lastly, Jesus told us to come out from among the unbelievers and be separate from them. In America, racially segregated communities are not permitted. So, it is a real challenge to be an active Christian, today. It may be that this is part of God's plan, whereby the weak get culled from the family and only the strong inherit the Vineyard that is prepared for us. My prayer is that many will stand strong in this faith, to enjoy the victory and the new Kingdom ahead.

Many other articles of greater detail on this subject are available at my website of:

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